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Canberra Decision Announced STATE'S "VALUE TO WORLD" From A Staff, Representative CANBERRA, January 28.

The Australian Government had decided to give full recognition to the Government of Israel, the Prime Minister announced late tonight.

Mr. Chifley said that the new Stale had come to stay and the Australian Government believed that it would be a force of special value in the world com munity. Australia would now support the admission of Israel to the United' Nations when the Israeli application came before fhe General Assembly.

Mr. Chifley said that the Australian action derived in the first place from the basic UN Assembly decisionof November, 1947, adopt- ing the plan for partition of Palestine, as recommended by the Special Palestine Commit- tee of the Assembly, presided over by the Australian Minister for External Affairs (Dr. Evatt). In principle, that decision re- mained fully effective, and it included an Assembly recom- mendation that Israel's appli- cation for membership of UN should be sympathetically con- sidered.

adopt-policy was to give unwavering support to the decisions of UN. Since the Assembly decision, the State of Israel had come into formal existence. A Provisional Government had been formed and democratic elections had recently been held. ' The Australian Government looked confidently to Israel to assist in carrying out a UN de cision declaring the special in- Iternational status of Jerusalem las the Holy City. The decision will open the way for the exchange of diplo matic and consular missions between Australia and Israel and for trade between the two countries to be placed on a firm basis.

of November, 1947, adopt ing the plan for partition of Palestine, as recommended by the Special Palestine Commit tee of the Assembly, presided over by the Australian Minister for External Affairs (Dr. Evatt).! In principle, that decision re-; mained fully effective, and it included an Assembly recom mendation that Israel's appli cation for membership of UN should be sympathetically con-: Bidered. The Australian Government's

.British "Inquest"

AJUT. Sat Oar Special BepresenlaUvelj LONDON, January 28.-4; __s an immediate outcome of (the Government's majority;! |bei_g reduced to 90 in the* no-confidence vote on Pales 'tlne i-c*-ei_pltated by Mr. - rC_arch_i in the House of Com mons on Wednesday night, Mr ? Attlee summoned a full Cabinet , meeting yesterday. < Mb—sters questioned after- 1 -trards were unusually uncom- ' Unimk__ tie, almost chorusing, ? "Ho comment," but the general I I—npression in the lobbies is that)' .there is no question of resigna t—on for tbe moment, though the "inquest-* has not yet been con cilia—_ - Advices receTved by the Cabinet are said to be that there is more support for its Pales—lie policy among the public .than was r?_lecled in i the Hoase. I Virtually the entire British i

press,- except the "Daily Herald," criticises Mr. Bevin and the Government. ? '"The Tunes," however, puk the view that though Mr. Bevin has not emerged unscathed, he stands* more firmly now than a I fortnight ago. Many people question this be lief. It is now known" that several Labor MP's who voted for the Government have, indepen dently, sent letters to Mr. Att lee saying that they voted this way, not because they agreed with the Government's Pales tine policy, but solely because it was a non-confidence vote. The Labor Party, with a general election approaching, certainly presents a spectacle of political disunity, deeply disturbing to the Government, ] especially with Mr. Chnrohfl] on the warpath. The Lord President of the Council (Mr. Morrison), as party boss, is striving to close i the ranks. I

U.S. Token To Task

NEW YORK, January,' 27.—1f Mr. Bevin made'a, -poor showing defending his < Palestine policy, Americans! can _ardly permit them-1 selves any smugness over - the result, says the "Herald Tribune," J A thrust by Mr. ChurchOl at j Mr. Benin's "retirement in a j cloud of inky water and vapor like a cuttlefish to tome obscure i retreat" could, it comments, ap ply with equal force to many 'American administration pro nouncements on issues in the Holy la_od. "The possibility that Mr. Bevin, as a -result of his Pales-: tine polky, may not be Foreign', Minister much longer is being [j openly discussed in London."j; the paper adds. I ?"If he should resign over this j"

issue, the British people would ihave a fairly precise idea of the, I reasons, but shifts and changes of American policy have been accomplished by unchanged personnel (until the resignation of Mr. Marshall and Mr. Lovett) and with no explanation. "This suggests that the tech niques of American diplomacy could stand considerable im provement and that liaison be tween the Government and the people is, to say the least, far from perfect.** RHODES, January 28.—A UN official is quoted by Brit ish United Press as saying that only a miracle can save the Israeli-Egyptian peace talks. The Acting UN Mediator (Dr Bunche) met the two delega tions separately yesterday, and I would meet them together to day, the official said. I "The two sides do not merely differ on details but on basic principles." the official added. [?They will not make conces sions!"