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    One substantial column not scanned for OCR. Could this please be redone?
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    The text from Column 1 has been incorrectly placed after the text for Column 2 by the electronic translation process. The text corrections for these lines need to remain in their original (incorrect) order, and the breaks in the flow of text have been marked with || symbols. As per advice in Trove forums:
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New Councillors In Two City Wards

The Woodville Ratepayers' Protest Association had a sweeping victory in the Woodville Council elections on Saturday when its nine representa- tives, including the mayoralty nominee, who are

pledged to vote for a rate reduction, were elected to the council vacancies. ||

|| Toorak Gardens—P. R. Claridge, 502; W. E. Hardy, 438. NORWOOD For Councillor.—Kent ward—J. H.   Jepson, 178; G Salotti, 39. CAMPBELLTOWN For Councillors (one required in each ward).—Brockside- J. O'Leary. 144: V. E. F. Fromen. 82; F. T. Hans- rord. 32: W. C. Slape. 63. Gorge—O. H. Atkinson. 168: H. J. Walker. 163. Woodforde—R. Grivell. 147; E. R. Barr 88 WEST TORRENS For Councillors (one required in each ward).—Keswick—E. J. N. Sou ter 367: M. M. Bowering, 325. Hay hurst—T. C. Stott. 617. R. O. Crick. 549 GLENELG   Far Councillor (one required) New Glenelg ward - H. H. Handby, 194; H. H. Wilson 17 MARION For Councillors (one required in eacb ward).—No. I—L. P. C. Whit- fleld, 185: P. W. Tipping. 75. No. 2 —R. Oliver. 167; P. N. Webb. 132 HENLEY AND GRANGE For Mayor—G. T. Gurner. 718: L. B. Hughes; 661. For Alderman (one requiredi—V. Harvey. 747: A. B. Northey. 640. WOODVILLE I *?* ?Uyar.—P. M. Rvan. 4.K84: E. P. Stones. 1,724: A. H. Harris. 153. For CooncUlor lone required in each wardl.—Albert Park—A. E. Os- 1 born, 465; J. E. F. Pidock. 219; J. L. ? Hi 58-.. 10!; Cheltenham—B. J. Gray. 613: F. B. Morria. 363. Beverley— ' F. L. Oameau. 828: s. J. Bourn. 304. ! ftndon—P. F. Green. 1,005: J. T. I McCann. 132. Semaphore Park—L. , H. Lewin. 277: P. *H. Miller. 208.1' Woodvuie-^B. Smith, 748: R. M. Shearing. 421. Extraordinary vacan cies—Albert Park—R. R. Butler. 584; C. A. Burbidge. 212. West Croydon COUNTRY RENMARK For Councillors.—North waTd (two requixedi-G. Rledel. 63; R. G. Law ton. S7; F. J. E. Rosenberg. 40. West (two required)—a. A. Grosvenor. 68: B. E. Cock. 53; H. L. Clark, S3. South [one required)—G. B. Hamlater. 71; W. O. Hobbs. 27 Renmark InigaUon Trust.—-Tour required—C. S. Rnston, 182; F. w. Story. 178: J. L. Shovel], 173; L. Pedler. 128; G. B. EatonTsS. PORT LINCOLN For Mayor.—H. H. Bascombe. 445: A. K. Mullner. 229. For Councilors.—Winders ward— B. B. Baker. 104: J. Harris. 67. Cod —W. A. Trigs. 113: t. P. Jones. 66. JAMESTOWN For Mayor.—E. T. Daly. 169: J. R. Thomas. 136. v For Councillor.—Leamington ward —J. R. Rosie. 56: A. Skelton, 49. BALAKLAVA For Councillors.—Town ward H E. Bowden. 99; E. T. Simons. 66. Halbury—c. Crawford, 42; G. A. A. Simons. 35. YANKALILLA For Councillora.—lnman ward— H. L. Lash, 96; H. Mitchell. 24. TankalflU nrd <supp:ementary elec tion)—R. Dinnlson, 49; C. 3. Cooper B; R. James. 21. EUDUNDA For Councillors (two required!— JulU ward—A. H. W. Byles 79; G. C. w"*£ui£:if: H- b**- 4t *?H PORT AUGUSTA For Councillors.—First ward—D. 3. Allen. 106; J. M. Bemers. 63: B. ilullen. 19. Second—H. Nicholson, 39; E. Miller. 57. Third—J. F. Wood [oroe. 55: E. J. McQuold. 33. Fourth —A. J. Brooks. 49; A. E. Cook, 20; I. C. Paul. 3. Fifth—W. B. Mort .ock. 159: J. H. Aster. 98. PORT BROUGHTON For Councillors (two required).— Mundoora ward—A. S. Oswald. 102; W. F. Schmidt. 96: P. Rerecicb. 88. MILLICENT For conncaiors.—Central ward— ft. C. deOarls. 126; 8/ G. Woodforde. 106. Mt. Muirhead—J. W. wnilams. 77; H. R. Butchesson 35. Sfangu'ii— D. O. S. Brookes, 29; 8. Crowe. 24. Far Councillor.—Bews ward—E. A. 3chlller. 77: A. V. Ivett. 62. NOARLUNGA For Councillors—Port Noarlunga ward—F. H. England, 191; Miss E. E. Wache, 175. McLaren Flat—C G. Dowdell, 69: A. T. Herbig, 12. EAST TORRENS DISTRICT COUNCIL For Councillor—Marble Bl] WBrd —A. Bungay. 118: L. J. Treloar. 112. MENINGIE DISTRICT COUNCIL For CctuncUlors.—Albert ward—R. H. James. 137. B. N. Mincham. 86. Atenndrina —A. MeFarlane. Jun., 80. W. M. Irvine. 20. Coorong—B. M. Ftucu, 13: A: W. C. McCarthy. 2. ROBERTSTOWN DISTBICT COUNCIL For Coancillors-—English ward— F. E. Keller. 47: A. B. Farley. 43. Bundey—B. T. Kritger. 13: D. H. Farley. 12. STIRLING DISTRICT COUNCIL. For Councillor.—Mylor ward—w. Nlcholls. 108; R. a Coventry. 72. SADDLEWORTH DISTRICT COUNCIL For ComdUor.—Saddleworth ward -?. W. B Draner 74: P. G. Aud i diet -45. SNOWTOWN DISTRICT COUNCIL J For Councillor.—?v?rard ward— J B. Kbcbner. 22; SL. C. Hentschke, 16: M. V. Stevens. 3. MURAT BAY DISTRICT COUNCIL For Cbtmefl'or.—Merghiny' ward— ' P. a Morrison, 2?; A. G. Marchant. 18; L. C. Watson. 10. i KADINA DISTRICT COUNCIL _ For Councillor. —Wallaroo watroV- H. L. j. Tremelllng. 119; T.> B. Tamblyn. 46. - SALISBURY DISTRICT COUNCIL For Councfllors.—Pooraka ward— A. G. -Wooldridge. 73; W. A. Tough, S3. Virginia—A. T. Johns. 65: B. G. Brooks. 60. WILLUNGA For Councillor.—Willunga ward— B. R. Watt. 126: J. P. Ayll?e. 31: J. W. Uddlard. 14. KAPUNDA For Councillor.—Ward 5—C. J. H. Schape^ 34 (elected): P. c. Giles. 26 FREELING For Councillor.—Light ward—J. W. Kernich, 69; J. E. Neldner, 30. ||

|| Local government elec- tions were held throughout the State.     The Lord Mayor (Mr.   McLeay) was re-elected un- opposed for a third term of   office and five new suburban   mayors will take office.   The new mayors are Messrs.   R. W. M. Johnson (Campbell- town), G. T. Gurner (Henley and Grange), P. M. Ryan   (Woodville), R. G. Symons   (Mitcham) and S. Gild (Unley).   Messrs. Symons and Gild were elected unopposed.   City Council Changes   Two new members were elected   to tbe Adelaide City Council,   In Grey Ward, Mr. A. A. Ed- wards (Ind.), retired hotel keeper, defeated tbe Laoor   candidate, Mr. E. McDonnell, and in Robe Ward, Mr. H. R.   S. Newland (Ldb.), a clerk, will replace Councillor C. W. Lloyd,   who has held the seat for 10 years. Scrutineers at the city elec- tion had to cope'with a record number of 536 postal votes and the declaration of the poll on Saturday night was delayed. Tbe Lord Mayor, who moved a vote of thanks to tbe returning officer (Alderman A. M. Moulden) and bis stall at the declaration of the poll, said that, because of .{the record number of postal ! I votes cast at this election, fol lowing the introduction of no Saturday work, tbe council should consider changing its polling day from Saturday to Friday or some other week-day. There was a record poll at Woodville. where 21 nomina tions bad been received for the nin?? vacancies Mr. V. Harvey defeated tbe retiring Mayor of Henley and Grange (Mr. A. E. Northey) as alderman. A record poll was recorded at Renmark. in the newly-consti tuted West ward, Mr. G. A. Grosvenor had a clear lead, but Mr. H. E. Cock and Mr. H. L. Clark tied with an equal num . her of votes. As only two coun ' cillars were required, Mr. Cock > was elected by lot. ; METROPOLITAN ! COT OF ADELAIDE Far Co??c?tora (one required for ? each ward).—Hindmarah—H. E. Bol ' land iUb.i. 1.111: B. G. Wyatt (Ind.). ' 227: informal. 6. Gawler—A. E. W -1 Ktaorl <?b.i. 689; A. A. Weir (Ind.). 97: informal, 13. Grey—A. A. Ed ; wards <Ind.). 684: ?1. McDonnell ? (Lab.). 376: informal. 42. Young— P. C. IJord (Lib.). £67; L. M. Wright (Lab.). 61; informal, 12. Robe—H. R. 8. Newland lUb.). 394; C. W. Lloyd (lad.). 383. informal, 18. VOBT ADELAIDE ? For M?yM—G. M. Mackay. 1.791: W. H. Gilbert. I^4o. For CaaneUlsra lone required In each ward).—East—P. W. Whicker. i 397; R. J. Huidell. 303: H. Q. Dig ance. 129. West—A. C. O. Samnew. ' 490; T. EL Carmody, 286. North— > N. L. Lewis. 218: E^DarUng. 188. P. Johnson, 611: j. V. Tierney. so. ?I nasPEcr 1 Far Canae?lw <bne required)—U I .. W^/ieo^B^^tea. 84. For AHna (two . required)—A. ? L. Langdon. I]2S2; A. C. Way. 1,026: ,C. O. T. Sbsarlns. 1,014. For Ooun -1 cillon (one requlreO far each wardi- S —Stransways—J. MeC-Clee. 302: J. r Loader, 245. Torrens—L. h. Bender. > ?84: S. D. Jones. 189. vushvilu r?r Camnc>llaT (one requiredi— [H. H. Dayman. 165. O. J Treloar. ? ' ' OWLET Far C???eflUr? (one required In ' each ward I.?—tJnley—C. R. Ounnase. 432; L. C. Erleg. 142. Goodwood South—C. F. Page, 536; C. A. Baker, 243.   BURNSIDE     For Councillor.—Rose Park and ||