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"Bush Christmas"

YORK.— Both children and adults cannot fail to enjoy "Bush Christmas," a perfect gem about the Australian out-

back, which has had a tremen dous reception in England. It has a natural appeal which comes from its true atmosphere, heart-warming characters and delightfully exciting story. Written, directed and pro duced by Ralph Smart for the Rank Organisation, it was made completely in the Queensland outback, and shows the advan tage gained by the producer's experience of "The Over landers." Tbe group of children who fit so perfectly Into the picture are Helen Grieve. who b the eldest of the Thompson family, which includes John and "Snow." Michael, an English evacuee, who live* with them, and a black- boy named Nesa. Prom the tune when we sec them riding home from their little bush school and begin their Christmas holi day adventure, we become completely absorbed in tbelr tracking down ot the horse thieves. John McCallum narrates the story pleasantly, and Chips Rafferty. John Fernside and Stan Tolhurst give the right touch as the horse thieves. The magnificent scenery in the Warrlgal Ranges has been well photo graphed, and the deserted mining town in tbe Wolgan Valley gives the right setting for tbe dramatic climax 'Sinbad The Sailor' REGENT.—More than enough action and color to satisfy any child's imagination is contained in "Sinbad the Sailor," even U it differs widely from the ac cepted Sinbad stories. Douglas Fairbanks, jun. makes a stirring return to tht screen in the type of part made, famous by his father, particu larly in "The Thief of Bagh dad." As a spectacular achievement with its Arabian Nights background "£ih bad" must have cost a terrific effort, and every phase of galley slaves, hidden treasure and the like has been laid on with a heavy band. Walter Slezak, Maureen O'Hara. Anthony Quinn (a villainous Emir) and other picturesque figures add to the attractions of this purely escapist entertainment. "Tarzan And The Huntress" REX.—The usual jungle thrills associated with Edgar Rice Burroughs' 6 Tarzan films are again featured in Tartan and tbe Huntress," the 23rd of the series. Johnny Weissmuller is again the personification of Tarzan, while Brenda Joyce as Jane, and Johnny Sheffield as Boy, com plete the trio, whose appear ances seem to be hailed with delight by masses of children. Tarzan and his friends have their work cut out to frustrate their enemies, who this time are greedy despollers of Jungle life. In addition to the three stars the east includes Patricia Lane as the huntress, and Barton Lane as the ex pedition leader. Dotted with extraordinary shots ot vast herds, the film Includes more animal personalities than the past tew dramas, not forgetting Cheta. the Tarzan family Chimp. Newsreels Highlights Iran the newsreels at the Savoy News-liuxe today Include the Australian team at Worcester, the King and Queen's silver, wedding anniversary, Adelaide's film "Christ mas Under the Sun," latest American arms, and occupation forces cele brating Anzae Day. The Show Goes On Metre.—"Oreen Dolphin Street," shorts. Wests.—"The Swordsman," "The 13th Hour." Civic. —"Relentless," "Blondle's Big Moment." Revivals Marfalr.—"The Adventures of Tom Sawyer," "Cowboy Blues." Liberty.—"Great John V "Silver Queen." Stage Shows m,,^!. — "M"" Guardsman," Doris Fitton Coy. - : atoraL—"Annie Get Tfour dual. .