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At a special meeting of the Football League last night the disqualification im- <*> posed by the North Adelaide District Foot-<*> ball Association on 3. Warming, who is

included in West Adelaide's training list, was discussed. Wanning iras suspended for 12 months by the association, and the decision was endorsed by the league. At the previous meeting of the league an inti mation was received from the cretary oi the association (Mr. H. G. Stock) ta-t the disqualification had been lifted by the association commissioner. League delegates decided to seek further information iiom the association. Mr. T. !?'. Timmens, tbe commissioner for the association tor 1928, writing last night, said Warming was charged with having struck an umpire, and was disqualified for 12 months iiom August 12. 1926. After reading tie corre spondence, including a Alter from tlie present association commissioner, and a copy of the constitution of the associa tion, the chairman (jAi. T. S. O'Ualloras, K.C.) said there was no provision for appeal in the rules of tbe association. A ?disqualified piarer's only ri^ht of appea. <ras to the league. The association com missioner had no ruht to iift the suspsn [ slon. Mr. A. Kenny (West Adelaide)— Where did the secretary get the authority for saying the disqualification ?aa liltedT The Chairman—There nag none trhat ever. Xeither of the commissioners had poiver to lilt the suspension. Air. Kenny moved, and Mr. J. Knowies (West Adelaide) seconded, that the league resolution endorsing the disqualification be rescinded. In reply to a question, the Commissioner said the league endorsed disqualifications by affiliated associations as a matter of course without knotying tho facte. Sir. K. Kugless (Glenelj) eaid in that case the leasue should also eadorse the lifting of disqualifications by the associa tions. The motion, which required a two-thirds majority to be carried, was iost by nine votes to seven.