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LAHD AITD HOUSES WANTED at once, Three or Four ' Boomed HOUSE. neaTWeWierrace.BenT not exceed las. Immediate, BflroffirVl 18490 T\f ANTED to Purchase, HOUSE, Six' T T Booms, Kitchen, Bath, and Cellar, in the Suburbs ; must be near train. SUte price and par ticulars. W. De Vamey, Peel-street, Adelaide. ? 181th38 CHARMING YIEWS FROM THE HILLS— Not to be excelled in the World.— Wo one should neglect to visit thia enchanting place, as it cannot fail to give great pleasure. Rail way Station close by. Blocks from Half Acre to trie Acres. Plans and particulars from H. M. ADDISOV, Auctioneer and Surveyor, 184thsc ? Waterhonae Chambers. QJ ALTRAJVI - EOAI-, GLENELG.— TO k3 LET, Furnished HOUSE, Eight Booms, &c, for nine months. Apply lira. Ingleby.- 183c TO LET, at MARRY ATVILLE, HOUSE, Ten Booms, Coachhouse, Stable, detached 'Washhoase, Man's Boom, and Paddock about Two Acres ; close to Tram. Apply JA5. S. SCOTT, 183-s ? Alfred Chambers, Cntrfe-str^tr 0' LET, at PAEKSrDE,'Three- Boomed Stone COTTAGE, in Robsart-street east. Stephen Parsons, Waymouth-rtreet' 18Q-J FOR IMMEDIATE SALE, a choice Eight-Boomed RESIDENCE. land 70x400. Fashionable suburb. Tramway. Easy terms. BATES & WiTHALL, 7S-3 ? Qrenfell Chambers, Greniell-atreet TT\O be LET, in Harrow-road, COLLEGE A PABK, VILLA BESIDENCE of Seven Booms, Bathroom, Kitchen. Pantry, and Cellar: Verandah back and frost, with Coachhouse, Stables, &c 'Garden weH planted with Oranges and Lemons, all quite new. For particulars apply to J. B. Samuel, Marlborougb-street, College Park; or A. Witt, German Printing Office, Adelaide. 170c TO LET, handsome modern RESI DENCE of Fourteen Booms, Stabling, Coachhouse, and every convenience, STRANG WAYS-TEBBACE, North Adelaide. 165c F. w. BULLOCK, FranKHn-gfaeet. TO LET, in MORFHETT-STREET, HOUSE of Seven Booms, Bath, &c. Apply to H. L. Wbittell, Solicitor, Victoria-square west. ? 165c 'VTEW Stone COTTAGE FOR SALE, .Li very easy terms. Apply to Henry J. Stewart, Florence-street, Goodwood, or WM. PADDOCK, Paddock's Chambers, 66c Bear of New Government Offices. OUNT LOFTY STATION.— Well- built VILLA, Six Eooms, Bath, and Pantry, FOB SALE or TO LET. Early possession. Apply CONIGRAVE & COLLISON, 347twhfc ? Waymonth-street. TO be SOLD, in the ESTATE of J. PRINCE, Lower Mitcham, convenient HOUSE of Fourteen Rooms ; Garden, &c, about half-acre ; also extensive Premises next the Waverley Brewery, 290 feet frontage to tramline ; particularly suitable for manufactory or business purposes. Apply E. N. Gamble, Agent, German Club, Pirie-street. 13Stfc TO LET, a Seven-Roomed HOUSE, with Bath ; Bent, 18s. Apply Mrs. Hawkes, Harriet-street, off Halifax-straet. 179,81,4 O be LET or SOLD, Furnished or Unfurnished, HOUSE of Eight Booms, Part ridge-street, near Miller's Corner, GLENELG. Apply Bonnin & Muirhead, Solicitors, Adelaide. 181,4,6 TO LET, Six-Rooined HOUSE, opposite St. Bartholomew's, Beulah-road, NORWOOD. Apply next door. ? 1S1,4,6 WOODSIDE HOUSE, FULLARTON ROAD, TO be LET, lately in the occupa- tion of Bev. W. H. Mudie, containing about Fifteen Booms, with good Stabling, and about 20 Acres of Land, Garden, &c. Apply KNOX, GWYN-~E, & HAEGBAVE, Windsor Chambera, Victoria-square, Adelaide. ? lSlthac PROSPECT, near Tram, FOR SALE, cheap, Six detatched, well-finished Four, Five, and Six Boomed HOUSES. Apply T. H. rrevaill, Prospect. ? 174th3C TO LET, very convenient Six-Roomed HOUSE, FIXNISS- STREET, North Ade [aide, well finished, and almost new. Tram passes door. Bent, 25s. per week. JNO. H. LUXM0QRE, 174thsc Unity Chambers, Carrie-street TO LET (Furnished or otherwise), a New Two-story HOUSE of Nine Booms, &a, occupying the most commanding Sea frontage on the SEMAPHORE ESPLANADE, and withinthree Enra^S* walk to Jetty and Railway Station. Apply Mr. Xorris. Semaphore ; or Hon. J. Dunn. 125t3cv BURNSLDE EAST.— Some of the Best LAND still remains unsold, and can be offered in Blocks of Sis Acres or less. Thia Pro perty adjoins the residences of Messrs. Newland, Nankivell, and Black, and affords every facility for forming a delightful Suburban Home. JNO. H. LUXMOOBB, SlSthw ? Unity Chambers, Adelaide. DUBNSIDE SOUTH. Only EIGHT ALLOTMENTS being left UNSOLD, these are to be disposed of at LOW KATES, in order to close accounts. JNO. H. LUXMOOBE, 313thsc Unity Chambers, Adelaide. TO LET, a Seven-Roomed HOUSE in MOONTA-STEEET, with every conve lience. Apply Thomas Wood, Jun., Bloonta-street, arest Central Market. ? 172c MARKET GARDEN. — TENDERS invited up to June 6 for PURCHASE or LEASE of GARDEN, containing about 12 Acres, situate at UBAIDLA, formerly known as Lawrence's Apply F. Sanderson, Grenf ell-street ; or, C. Johns, Eagle Chambers. ? 146thsa TENDERS are invited up to Thursday, the twelfth day of July next, at 12 noon, for the Purchase of the following valuable FREEHOLD PBOPEBTIES :— SECTIONS 2063 and 2065, HUNDBED of BBEMEB, containing together 89 Acres orthere ibouts, now let at £20 per annum, the tenancy^! piling on the 31st December, 1883. Also, SECTION 82, TOWNSHIP of MHANG, containing 1 Rood and 89 Perches, or thereabouts. Title— Real Property Act. No Tender necessarily accepted. Address to MATHEWS -fc BEYER, Solicitors. New Exchange, Pirie-street, Adelaide. ? 177tb86.90-lV HUNDRED OF NARRID'Y, FABM.FOB SALE. First-class FARM for SALE, eight miles East of CRYSTAL BROOK BAIL WAY STATION, con taining 616 Acres, well fenced and subdivided into seven Paddocks.. Improvements consist of Stone HOUSE, Five Rooms, Dairy, Stable, Sheds, &c, Tank 6,000 gallons, Dam, Permanent Water. The whole Farm can be cultivated. Can be sold with or without Crop of 320 acies. . For particulars apply to FBEDK. WEIGHT, 181thsSv209 ? Gresham Chambers, Adelaide. THOR SALE, the following PROPER X TIES, on the easiest terms, with small deposits : — New Five-Boomed COTTAGE (Detached), Passage and Bath, PARKSIDE. ? Two Neat Three -Boomed COTTAGES, near WEST-TEBBACE. Four Three-Roomed COTTAGES, with Passage and Bath, NORWOOD. Good investment About SOOfeet Frontages in 'i-e of the prettiest suburbs dose to the City. 5Icu«y Lent to build, or Houses built to suit purchasers. One and a HiifrJAcres, EAST MABDEN, cheap. Seventy feet fiCntaee, Torrens-street, MITCHAM. Two Hundred and Forty Feet splendid BUSINESS FRONTAGES, Parade, NORWOOD. MONEY LENT on personal and other security in sums from £5 to £5,000. Security Wanted for £200 Trust Money. ' BOSISTO -fe SON, I43.'56thsc Opposite Union Bulk, Freeman-street FO R S A L E, or WODiD BARTER FOR COTTAGB PRO- - PERTY, ? . a 1 SEVERAL ALLOTMENTS in the Townships of ... EVENDALE, ; ' :' . . _2L ? : ?.'. SWAKSKAi' ? ? '.r '? ??' ;-' * ' X-- ?;.:: -^v^EOBBTCy, ??,',;/?? :,'., ','? .... ART* ?''. '['.'' ~- —-?—_ ? ^ALEXANDRIA Apply to ' ' '' 'r \''\'- '?--_ ' ' : ' : BAILEY, FARRANT, 4 CO., Land Agents and Architects, liethsc ' Victoria Buildings, Grenfell-atreet. T 1ST OF PROPERTIES FOR SALE XJ by WALTER D. Bpirn. ADELAIDE.— HOUSE Five Booms, Bain, Pantry, HALIFAX-STREET. NORTH ADELAIDE.— HOUSE Seven Rooms, Bath, Pantry, Cellar, Outkitchen. nice Garden, CHILDERS-STBEET. HOUSE Six Booms, &c, BARTON-TERRACE. HYDE PABK.— HOUSE Four Rooms, righ^of ?way at side, Verandah front and back, EDGE Wabe-boad. ? . GUiLES-STB.EEr,-LAND, 45 x 90. Comer Block. HALIFAX-STREET.— LAND, 115 x l(Ji Beau tiful sites. The above Properties are for Sale on exceptionally easy terms, which with full particulars can be obtained from WALTER D. REED, Auctioneer and Land Agent, 163thsc 6, Mutual Chambers. -4? ft A A— ELIZABETH - STREET, 3&OW NORWOOD (Opposite BdsaU-atxeet), HOUSE of Seven Booms, Bath, and Cellar. Oft A A' PARADE, NOBWOOD Stt/Vll (Opposite Charles-street), HOUSE of Six Eooms, Bath, and Cellar. For terms apply MORTIMER STUCKEY, Branch Office, Parade, Norwood. 170thsc (Second door east of Osmond-terrace). /GENERAL AGENCY COMPANY, ^^ AUCTIONEERS AND HOUSE AGENTS, 87, KING WILLIAM-STREET. Houses For Sate, from Three Ro«ma to Sixteen Booms, hi City and Suburbs. Houses To Let land for Sale in City, Suburbs, and Country. 1 Mortgages negotiated. IWthac

LAVS AWD XOtTSXS TH*r-P,tfcttJP6f tMID AMD7E8TATE i AQEBT^f MONEY to iEND at Current Bates. ' - - i CAPITAL INVESTED on good Freehold Security: TBANSFEBS, MOBTGAGES, and LEASES Prepared. . ASSISTANCE given to Farmers to complete the Purchase of their GOVEBNMENT SELECTIONS. BEAL PROPERTY ACT Business of all kinds transacted. N.B.— Persons having PROPERTY FOR SALE in the CITY or SUBURBS will do well to place it in my hands for disposal, as I am constantly having applications for LAND AND HOUSES, and can generally sell quickly and satisfactorily. Address— J. C. PHILIPS, HOWELL'S CORNER, KING WILLIAM-6TREET. 183c R W. BULLOCK, LAND AND ESTATE AGENT, YORK CHAMBERS, WMmUR-mEBI. TO LET. .WAREHOUSE, Ktt-street, Three Floors, each 25 x 60 feet ; Stabling, ic, &c HINDLEY-STHEET— SHOP and BAKEHOUSE, near Galatea -HoteL --? - - ? FBANKLUff-STBEET, near G.P.O.— HOUSE, Nine Booms, Stabling, ic, and nearly Waif an Acre of Land. .:??.:?.'? ?, FBANKLIN - STBEET — COTTAGE, Three Booms. .'.-..',: SlUBT-STBEET— Four Booms and Kitchen, lfls. LTVERPOOL-STBEET, eff North-terrace west-^ COTTAGE, Three Booms, 9a. 6d. - COMPTON-STBEET, opposite Central Market—: HOUSE, Five Rooms. - -FOB SALE. Several fine ALLOTMENTS in STEPNEY. LAND ORDERS PURCHASED. 131e OR SALE, ALLOTMENTS In WEST ADELAIDE and HIGHBURY. Apply to H. D. O'Hailoran, Waymonth-street * Wr SHOPS, STOREB, OFFICES, de. WANTED to RENT, PREMISES in or near Currie-street, suitable for a work shop. Apply, stating t€rms, to G. E. F., this office. ____^ ? ia-4 - TTNITY CHAMBERS, CURRIE \J STREET.— TO LET, several roomy and commodious OFFICES, on the ground and first floor. !S4ths98 ? W. D. GLYDE. 1\/f ESSRS. JONES BROTHERS are -Lt_L prepared to BUILD first-class BUSINESS PREMISES in best part of POET ADELAIDE ; reasonable terms ; principals only. -._..-.. JONES BROTHEBS, Drapers, &&, ISlthsc Port Adelaide. TO LET, those large and commodious STOEES just vacated by Stephens and Ambrose, Confectionery Manufacturers, together with extensive Stabling and Yard, situated in WAY MOUTH-STBEET, within a stone's throw of the Post-Office. ALSO, BLACKSMITH'S SHOP in WAYMOUTH STBEET. .. For particulars apply M. J. SOLOMON & COMPY., . . ? , 177c ? Auctioneers, 63, Hindley-street GENERAL STORE for SALE, known as Smith's Store, situated Kent-terrace, KENT TOWN, large Shop, Four Booms, Kitchen, Cellar, Tank, Stable, Counter, and nearly 400 feet of Shelving. Fine opportunity for speculators to buy and to rent to good business man and wife. Lease expires in August next. Also COTTAGE, Five Rooms and Bath, at rear of the allotment, facing Angas-street, KENT TOWN, now let to good tenant. ' The whole to be sold on easy teems. AppJy ^^ A. CHAPMAN, 178-8ths88 Angas-street. Kent Town. HEDMEADES & CO., IJMITED, ? having PUBCHASED those EXTEN SIVE PREMISES known as the KANGAROO BBEWEBY, HINDMABSH, are now prepared to receive OFFEES for SALE or T.F.ASF. of their pro; sent PBEMISES in MOBPHETT-STREET. for ^erms and particulars apply to L73cr H. EDMEADES, Manager. riTHE undersigned being about to JL EBECT a large BLOCK of BUILDINGS in ;he best position in KING WILLIAM-STBEET, - invites the attention of Merchants, Agents, Photo jrapherS, and Others requiring Office or Stop iccommodatioH. For further particulars apply al34c IHOS. JOHNSON, North-terrace. TO MERCHANTS, COMPANIES, AND OTHERS. TO LET, large and commodious OFFICES, on pound, first, and second floors ; also, splendid dry ind well-fighted BASEMENT. BEST POSITION IN CITY. JOHNSTON & DAVIES. 158c Land Agents, -&c., Gilbert-place. AGLE CHAMBERS.— OFFICES TO be LET, on first and second floors, including some large Booms suitable for' a Company or a Society. 136tfc HENB-Y SCOTT. TO LET, OFFICES on Ground Floor* GBENFELL-STBEET. . T. L. COTTBELL, 13c ? Coachbnilder, Grenfell-sjraet. T- TINDLE-STREET.— TO LET^SHOP* JL\j and DWjailNG^HOUSE. G. Wood.' Chemist, Bundle-street ; or*CharIesVFisher, Wakd BeM-ateet, Kent Town. -#'« ? 184tc' TO 'LET, large . well-lighted' BASE? MENT, 16, Bundle-street Apply 14. 130thsc ? TKOJESSIOJAL WAttllR D. REID, LICENSED LAND BROKER ?* and'^uctioneeb. Money to Lend, ^oans Negotiated.. ? - . ? GovemmTOt'Land Sales at^fted. ; ' ??? No. 6, Mutual Chambers,' King.Wiliiani-street, ' . ? _,,.. ***' Adelaide. 184thscv ' C. FtiLLERTOM CLffiAND &«a, .GENERAL MEBCHANTS, AND COMMISSION AGENTS, Frearson's Exchange, No. 3, King William-street * ? ? 184thscv FREDK. WRI4SH-T, LAND, LOAN, and FINANCIAL AGENT. TRANSFERS, LEASES? MORTGAGES, and all . Business .under the Real Property Act promptly : prepared and attended to. MONEY TO LEND, with option of payment by . Instalments, and corresponding* reduction of Interest. . Offices— GRESHAM CHAMBEBS, Adelaide. :__ ? xk STEPHEN PA R S O NS LICENSED LAND BEOKEB, ESTATE AND COMMISSION AGENT MONEY TO LEND. , ' Government Land Sales Attended. ~ ~ All Real Property Act Business transacted. Offices— Santo Buildings, Waymonth-street^ _ : ? 130thac SMITH, DOSWELL, & CO., LICENSED SURVEYOES & LAND BROKERS (Under R. P. Act), DRAUGHTSMEN, &c . , LAND, LOAN, AND HOUSE AGENTS. Baa Boundaries and Mineral Claims Surveyed i ;. 82 AND 83, EAGLE CHAMBERS, PIBXE-STBEET, ADBLAIDB. *' ; . ??:....? flethgerd r l)HpiiS& DffllES ? fjm-ipnn^nTAT. rrn AMTtTnw^ njr.taaift Yt,irn ; AH Real Property Act bnrtMM taatettf. OoTennat land Sales attended. bSSmS tsken up. Instructions WtnBp&f tnmHiH %Ok La&d-mHoQaaaforSAl«mjOUy,&aoKt%«aAla - MONET TO LEND. . JAS. C. HAWKER & SOU, LICENSED LANS BROKERS, SURVEYOBS1 STOCK. STATION, AND COMMISSION AGENTS. Purchase ci vOiii .?«]?rtio5a eoopletod. Land Sales attended. AH Business under Real Property Act transacted. Surveys and Subdivisions made. Plans prepared. MONEY TO LEND AT CURRENT RATES. Gresham Chambers, KfeurWHEam-Btreei. ? - - ? ? -- - siethacrd DAVID LINDSAY (Late Government Surveyor), ? LICENSED SURVEYOR. R.P.A., «~T3 LAND, STOCK, AND STATION AGENT, _ PORT DARWIN AND ADELAIDE. Csi3l Bef erencea kmdlypermitted to Hon. J. L. Parsons (Minister *» the 1IferritOTy), Hon. W. D. Clyde, M.L.C., L. L. Fumer, Esq., M.P. Adelaide Agento— Messrs. Sanders A Paakarf Grenfell-etreet 123tfaae C. W. PRIEST, LICENSED AUCTIONEER. -— Printed Terms, 4c, on appBcatio& East side Victoria-square, Adelaide. Has large Experience in Land, Hoosas, Ssauboift . ? ? ? *{? y -B6eu-Bc N. HARDY, ICWjcttob, Bldon ? CHiMBERS, King William-street. Money to L«nd on Freehold S«curity. 132ttu231

? . PBO?B88ieJAL , „ 1 ? MMWaEO-J:-, Dr. MAHONY mar be CONSULTED DAttY~ atbis~Besidence, BEYNELLA (late Dr. Maurau's) . He studied his Profession at'KinVs College, London (Dr. Jelfs time), under the late Sir William Per gusson. Dr. Rolierfc BenUej Todd, Dr. WHBam Budd, Dr. Arthur Farr, 4c. Member of the Rotunda Lying-in Hospital, Dublin. In distant calls an accurate description of the Patient's complaint is requested to be forwarded by messenger. Registered by the Medical Board of South Aus tralia. Begiatered Government Vacdnator. ?m ? 170ths85 DR. MACLACHLAN has COJt MENCEDthe PBACTICEof his prof ession at STTBLING EAST. FBEE VACCLNATION every TUESDAY, from 2 to 3 p.m., at his Residence, known as Bradley's Cottage, Stirling East. 156ths84 E. R E N N E R, M.D., ? HAHNDORF. Villa of Rev. Canon Green. 183*8 BOSISTO & SON, ? (Opposite Union Bank,) ? - ? - FREEMAN STREET, - HOUSE, LAND. AND GENERAL AGENTS, VALUATORS, SHABEBBOKEBS, 4c. MONEY LENT in large and small Sums on Freehold, Leasehold, and Personal Security. BILLS DISCOUNTED. ~ Clients desirous^ of building can bave'advancea made as building* progress. Advanoes^made on Property placed in their hands for sale. ' .. BusmeBBM Bought and Sold, and assistance given to persons desirous of goinc iato business. ' Agendea for . tha. Country rand the Colonies accepted; ' ? u Fire and Life Insurances effected. . 142-23? . BTAS8 & PERKINS: LAND AMD ESTATE AGENTS 8AKIOS BVILDLNGS, WAYMOUTH-STRSET. MONEY TO LENS. Land Sale* attended, Kortgager^ Ttaaafen and Leaaea pnprutd. ? H. D. O'HALLORAN. LICENSED.LAND BROKER, ALBION CHAMBERS, ' WAYMOUTH-STREET, ADELAIDE. AH business transacted undsr Real Property Act * Government Sales attended. Accounts *n-Htwi. : Share* Bought and Sold on commission. - Money to Lend at current rates. Stvd COTTON & OPIE, LICENSED LAND BROKERS, LAND AND ESTATE AGENTS, QPPPS CHAMBERS* ? ADELAIDE. MONEY to be LENT on Freehold Securities at Lowest Current Bates. Government Land Sales and other Sales attended - tnd Selections takes up. . \ . Mortgages, Leases, Transfers, &e., Ac, prepared Immigrants' Land Orders purchased. 63cvd ~ - ' A. T E S S 0 P. : INSURANCE AND GENERAL AGENT UNTVEBSAL BUILDINGS. - GBENFELL-STBEET, ADELAIDE. CHE UNIVERSAL MARINE INSURANCE cratrPATry,;t» ? Head Office, 35, CornhUI, London. CHE OUEEN FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF LONDON AND LIVERPOOL. rHE SOUTH BRITISH FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY, UNLIMITED. Subscribed Capital, £1 000,000. Paid-up Capital, £100,000. ' S20e - HATHL OLDHAM & SOU, LAND AND FINANCIAL AGENTS. ~ ESTABLISHED 1860. .ICENSED LAND BROKERS Under the Real Property ActloflSfflU SEVERAL THOUSAND POUNDS ; . . TO LEND Lt 6J and 7 per cent-Interest on First-class Freehold s ' Mortgagee * . . ' Seccnd-dftBS SecuritieBv 7J to 8 per Cent Sections tokenlnp or purchased from Government Money. Advanced. to Selectors to pay. their interest nst&hnents and to complete their purchases. Loans arranged under the 'Mortgagciljof Selec dons Act' Mortgages, Transfers, Leases, and an Document! inder the Real Property Act prepared jpromptfy. ISurveys undertaken. Lande^Properties Sold and Purchased. ? - » -'Agents for Absentee Capitalists and Landed Proprietors. ?- , ?? ... ? ? ?; * Offices— Imperial Chatrters, King WDHam-Btreet Ldeljiide. ; ,. ?-? 119ffiscrd BALLANTYNE & SMITH AUCTIONEERS, LAND, LOAN, AND ESTATE AQENJTS, 89, King WilHam'Street. ? ; i «lOO*'td) «1O,OOO - - I TO L.END .. . ...... .. 1 AT^CURREMRATES.^ ' l(Mo' ' ED, 1»A R t- LI * SfE-^p; - - ACCOUNTANT, ' LAND, ESTATE, AND FINANCIAL AGENT, 14, REGISTER CHAMBERS, ADELAIDE.. Accounts Audited, and Partnership, &c, Accounts adjusted. ' ' : ? -??...?: Tradesmen's Books made«up. . . - , ..' Mortgages, Transfers, Leases, &c, prepared. ~ ' Sections Purchased from the. Government. -for - Selectors. : ? - ?.??-?: Deeds of Assignment, Ac, prepared. . Large Sums of -Money to Lend at Corrat Rates. ' ? ' ? 163th3e HERBERT R. SMYTHE, LAND AND BOUSE BROKER, LOAN ANDES T AT B AQ E NTT cbntbal chambb-bs, . Wathouth-sthkbt. Land Sales attended. Real Property Act nsh»es» transacted, and MOney abrafi to Lend. Moderate eharges. ? . . . If 9thsc A. A. & P. T. SCOTT* LICENSED LAMD_BROKERSf __ ACCOUNTANTS, FINANCIAL AND ESTATE AGENTS, ALLOTMENTS in the rising Township of PARKSIDE SOUTH, two miles only from General PostOfEce, on easy terms. T. Also in COLLEGE PARK, GOODWOOD, PROSPECT HILL, NORTH KEN6JNGTON, MAGHL.R0AD.4c . MONEY To LEND; -;???????? - ? - ? i30thae: H^W. HARGRAVEi ENGINEER AND LICENSE© SVBTETOB, : MORIALTA CHAMBERS, -VICTORIA-SQUARE WEST. Surveys made under Real Property Act Surveys and Reports made for Baflway3r Roads, Waterworks, JettieB, 4c, and their constructioa qgriedont ? UZihac , OFFICES :— ; TICTORIA^QUARE, ADELAIDE. ; LIPSON.STRBET, PORT ADELAIDE. . COMMERCIAL-ROAD, PORT AUGUSTA. Money MATTERS & CO. Money to MATTERS 4 CO. . to Lead. MATTERS & CO. Lend.. . Money MATTERS ft CO. Monty to MATTERS ft CO. to .: : Lend. MATTERS ft CO. Lend. ' Money MATTERS ft CO. Money to MATTEBS ft CO. to ' Lend. MATTEBS ft CO. Lend. Monej MATTEBS ft CO. Monej to MATTERS ft CO. to .: Lend. MATTEBS &CO. Lend. j Money' MATTERS 4 GO. Money ' 1 to MATTEBS 4 CO. to - ' Lend. MATTEBS ft CO. Land. Hooey MATTEBS ft CO. Momj to MATTEBS ft CO. to Lend. MATTERS ft OC^lend. AUCTIONEXBS, LAND AGENTS, Ac . AUCTIONEERS, LAND AGENTS, ftc AUCTIONEEBS, LAND AGENTS, ftfe R. E.KIPPIST, LAND AND ESTATE AGENT, PARADE, NORWOOD, . HAS FOR SALE WeH-flnished Substantial VILLA of Nina Booms, Bath, Pantry, Cellar, Stable, Coachhouse, Tanks, Garden, ftc ; beat position i» Kewftigton Park. LAHGhHTON & CO.. ? STOCK AND STATION COMMISSION AGENTS, ADELAIDE. ; ' Sales of Fat and Store Stock of all kinds' con stantly nekL Prompt Accounts and Cash Settle ments, ftcvd ' ? '!?? ?; ? ? ' ?'??

HOUSE, WND,& MORTGAGE COMPANY (LIMITED). f ««t,o«™ .c^iSAFISAfc^S0'000! SUBSCBIBBD CAPITAL, £100,00(1 . - - i«ff^g?^^g?^^^pllJ-~Caafa-AdTam»a aajrnrfc rmgmwMW . MONEY ADVANCED— lOy^TOBTOXGE—The Morteagorpayin|c off the p^rfpalW interest by periodical paymenta : jaccoramgtothefbnowingtab^whichij&ialoanof £1OO-- . - *-«*»«???-. - ? . - Tears. FortniRhtly. Monthly Quartefly. HaU-Teariy.' ? . Thref „ 1 .. 77' £1 08 £346 £9 15 0 £19 14 0 S'' - -.- 135 . 2109 7 13 3 1596 lire , ? 0197-226 684 12190 |i* -' ? ? : 0' 1 117 6 5 1110 11 5 8 ? IS'S ?? ?? ?? 2J5 * 1U 3 fl ° 2 10 2 1 i Eight.; .. .. 0 14 O 110 4 4 11 0 9 4 0 - - Nine .!...u .... 018 O 18 8 4 6 0 8 11 1 ? £!?, ' ' ?? 012 3 10 5 819 8 8 0 6 - Twelve.. .... 0 11 2 l 4 0 3 12 0 ? 7 5 0 tcths «5^£°J^^N-?^P-a^TOKPTOCH^MFOBCI™!rrs. MONEYRECEIVED ON DEPOSIT either at call or for fixed periods. Pamphlets and faHparticulars on appliaSonto Gladstone Chambers, Pine-street. W. G» P. JOYNEJL secretary* FOOL AND NOVELTY STORE. W. R. SMI LY, ; IMPORTER )F ENGLISH, FRENCH, SWISS, AND AMERICAN TOOLS, AMERICAN AND OTHER NO VELTIES, SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS, WATCHMAKERS' AND I JEWELLERS' REQUISITES, FRETWORK TOOLS AND MATERIALS, / ': ' : ? Will open at 128, RUNDLE-STREET ? ; ? - (Oppoeite Blither's BuildingB), ?;?? ON SAlfEDlY, jf ^f B 3 0. I —DEPOT FOR FLETCHER'S GAS-STOVES AND COOKING APPARATUS, -ATENT WATCHKEYS TO WIND ANY WATCH, DARLING, BROWN, AND IHARPE'S AMERICAN TOOLS, MORGAN'S PATENT CRUCIBLES, CHESTER 1AN.'S,STEEL RULES AND STRAIGHT-EDGES, ELECTRICAL APPARATUS, JENTENNIAL STRATEftA (Yankee Cement), &c, &c. - . 183'4thso j AGENT FOR BALMAIN'S LUMINOUS PAINT. imam peters & fuller, VI \H\ COACHBUILDERS, *c, ft ^ . W\J PIRIE-STREET, ADELAIDE ;iK| ' 0^ J6^ar^ (opposite syme and sison's), VX^^^^^H^^^P. /^V We respectfully call the attention of our Friends. r\f^SS tTJ^^b ^*\ an(^ *^e P11^^ to our Large Stock of Baggies, ^*^i^*T f I ?-Kar 1 Wagonettes, Spiders, Turnovers, Express Wagons, ^?K^l ^ \x--^rVfc^-J-*;o?» ??Mcn we are offering at very Low Prices. K/\S V / \ y Repaibs pbommly Executed at Modeba^e Peiox. X/ ^/ \rV ? 107tf94 r^ ? W. G. FULLER, AGENT AT BOOLEROO. I RETIRING FROM BUSINESS. i STOCK MUST BE CLEARED, I ,-.--? AS THE LEASE EXPIRES SHORTLY JHOICE GOODS AT LOW PRICES FOR GASH . ARE STILL BEING SOLD AT j; MORGAN'S BOOT WAREHOUSE, u 104j ItUNDLL STREET, I .'.:;; H'.J ?'?; .WHERE THE SALE' IS GENUJNE.- - | }rn NOTE: THE ADDRESS- 10^ /RUNDL&StREEi^y^^ I ; ; .; ';; ^ j ;; ^ ';;;; ^ j ;? '? '; /?;? ?' . \ r,\ i ??-..:??? . .... -... ? a X.--'' I ... ment- ta *'**# /^^^L \; j ana tmaeb eccfieitenceot manaaeriiwJ. ^wvety ' ' ! ? \ ? *f * ' s / j '-' ' ; ffiit 0 maate & emuie me eonwrtj ana \ j ?-- convenience of vudfymeto vuitina. #£§ | v?ifarffo4ment, anc£ vv4an aJ6dfaa' oenfafont | ^XZZBWktXS -ana'iJ&tofan& can /e dent, fo \ . r.' an-u /fait e/' Me 'ffify (^neai^iiwn^it^, : ? . *& W&nJt Zia&etTidj awe edemata, ieceiwe vn- . '' j -' - afouctiondj and ' iencdU evebu feuiifte attujfanoc. . j \sn m0 S$£/ia,itments6v&bu atticfe teguilec/ . 1# J i /m tSmwlmna a deAt leacfo. mcJtic&na^- - : lr ^a r , I . ? S . (f. _ ,./, .... i *-?-?? - ''- ^??jF---- -: ???'?? ^.-i- ? . | - Wtttufatf JRo»rninr|. ' I Jamfln fflontnins. ~:. ^: ',? ! -ih'-' f^osferg.. -i;' - - - . (Slates. -?? -= - - ^- ^. *-?? 1 i'-u- fflBtottg.. -'--^- Set&ants' ^otttnf^''^ ;; ''? '; : ' y': :: ana* a// ct4el r^n^U^^ \ -.'KcwwiUKo V., ! : '^K* 'r.,;^:f{uMM Miili, King William Street. a :. ; '* I-iCB^C5LO8EaATiJb^E O'ctpCK ON SCTURDAYS. ? ? -, - -* i :i-.. -j»TajioT u:srj:i ns.r. -r/iroonui: j - ? ' '?'? ' ''~ i .:.?- ...:-:-x,i:'.l-:-;../ -?????!: ? ???,.! 'i;i:;aM \ .:-j.iOHiic .r-u: . / .?.'aXilzil'?' r.\ ; ft.:;:* tit ,w!.7: -,rf Ui ./ICO! '!-i -.-'U. i);-i~' ., ?:.? | ..y-nio'j it, K.'-ij-.;*. £?:'.-;.:; at, .f i, — — ,Tr., ,. .. I PIANO& DMA N S. PI A N (*a n ' - OK TEEMS '4fi!Uft BVEETBODY, VIZ., . i I ?:.-. :.:...- ^ f By JSMontHP* By 18 Monthly By 24 Monthly - ? rayawe ?- inatalmenti toatalments. InstalmentB. - ? ; .: ;;~ -£sa £s o o £2 2. 0 &i is 0 per;Montb, ??? ? A PIANO |'£42 £3 10 0 £2 10 0 £2 0 0 ' ' nil /**8 £4. 0 0 £2 17 0 £2 5 0 ' 'OB ^£54 £4 10 0 £330 £2 86 ?? OBGAN. I £60 £5 0 0 £3 10 0 £2 IB 0 ' \en £600 £4 40 £350 ' | . MAGNIFICENT-.8TOCK TO CHOOSB FEOM. i BEATTY'S GOLDEN-TONGUED ORGANS. [ OEGANS, 14 STOPS, 2 KNEE-SWELLS, STJB-BASS, AND OCTAVE COCPLEB, £30, 7 : W, G. RENDALL & CO., Limited, 193, Bundle-street, ; . , .. OBGAN BTJTXDEBfi, MUSIC WABEHOUSHrfBN,-IMPOBTEBS,--*c ? 13&-9tbsc ggyij--^ — M*ng»*i i finwa s. an 'a ? ^^^^^R9Sfli^^feM :'; ' CELEBRATED JuhH8t Engines and Machinery. ^^^^^^^^^B PORTABLE ENGINES, ? I^^HJI^^^H^I^^^^^^K' i 4« 6« % 10, 12, 16 horsepower. - ? - :^^^^E^^R:- . i VERTICAL ENGINES, ^^^^^^R|^9B^|mB^R# Wit?1 ^^d jnthcnrt^Boiler, 2J, 3, 4 horsepower^ ^?HHHhBUk {horizontal engines, ^^^WBiMUM^PHBPHi^^^^ ?'. * 6 to 12 horsepower. I ' SOLE AGENTS FOB SOUTH AUSTRALIA— / : McLEAN BROTHERS, RIGa & CO., 84, 84, 8^ 90b Hlndley^treet, -r. - : Machinery Warehouse, Victoria-street. 32thw Three Prizes Adelaide Exhibition of AIT Nations. .1882. W. H. RAY, CARRIAGE-BUIli'DER, ! O'CONNELIrSTilEET, NORTH ADELAIDE. ; MAECH. 1883. ? ; First Prize Victoria Pony PhMton. F&st Prize Batcher's or Baker^B Carta, ? ? Pirrt Prize ^?rmer'a Bnzsy. _ __ '. Sole Patentee of the NEW EUREKA SHAFTLUGQLnD COUPLINOPreoommended ? ? Fart Prize March Agrjeoltnral Show. ? 15gtc ' L R. PJRIESTLY & COL i-^malleejpirewood. * WODI1BKOKES8. CiHManeeMrfOrt Boots, 24a. per Io« for Oi*h WABXHOUBBS-84, rTTtt^Tg^fflCTT, S^'0^ ' ^^™* V' P™ ^ TrnTTi^^Pr^r^KT* All weighed ont br GoTermnent Ordon ty poat HOLD AVCnoxbAIM Terypr^tdisprteo CoalatlowertMtes. ITOOLutdSHIEPSKINSeTerfjnDinSDAT WM. SUTHERLAND, BZDE^KAKGABOO. XX WALLABY mq RAILWAY WOOD YABD, uSRSviSanvMCmii: «»'' KOBTH-TXteAOl SASB ADYAKCES made on 'WOOL foe AneMoa J£W for 1,000-GALLON TANKS, or Shipment. am § bait Material! and Workmanship. Also, — 408-GaIkn da, at £3 10b. AH with strong Tap and 'Wool and Produce coastwise recafred by on OrerSowKpe complete, and delivered. Save the Igente, H. Clelaxd A Soss Port. IQTci preeioaa Baut-aothiM Bke it lor ddaking, HHANCE'S PICKLED WAiNUS*,, WMl^orpott^-^AMiSa; KJ are the best and cheap*;*. Pickles made, Sffi^ O/ComelMne^ HbrUi Adelaide, arsnperioi to asy imported. U6ths20*-l 86c, . HottTramStaHea

XBDICAL MAIN &~SQNr UEMTRAt DISPENSARY, ! 56, King William-street, desire to draw the attention ot their Friends and the Public to the fact that the above is their ONLY ADDRESS, and whilst soliciting a continuance of past favours -would remind them that they are constantly importing from best English Booses all the Newest Drugs, Patent Medicines, Perfumery. Ac., besides making a -SPECIALITY of the DISPENSING of PEESCBIPTIONS as hitherto. Sole Manufacturers of MAIN'S PEOPEIETAEY AETICLES. Note the Address— MAIN & SON, CHEMISTS, *c, 66, SING WILLIAM-STREET, opposite Bank South Australia. 179thsc GEYER & CO., Hi£. HIHDLEY-ST. DISPENSARY, ? KSTiBT.lSITgn J840L THEIB 'INDIGESTION POWDKBS' ' ; . . The Universal Remedy of the Day. ? Facketa, la. each. See Testimonials. ARE PREPARED ONLY BY GEYER & CO., CHEMISTS, &c, ADELAIDE. ! MB. F. E. GEUNDY. leothsc Office : No. 9, Hindley-street -?TrlilHiwi^ii 1 ^V*^aff*r^aL'^^A!flpiaP^Ba^a^fc5y#A ? ? ( The lAon, Net, and House.) LOWELL'S BALSAM OF ANISEEDS -OWELL'S BALSAM OF ANISEED. Sure (remedy JOWELL'S BALSAM OF ANISEBD. f against I Cough. JOWELL'S BALSAM OF ANISEED. 1 ' 'DEAD,' Sufferers from Cough and Bronchitis, XV the following letter from the Rev. Horace Roberts, D.O. :— 'Dear Sir— A few years ago I addressed a letter to you in commendation of your famous old cough remedy, and having since known its efficacy as superior to any other preparation, I consider it to be merely a public duty to certify, as the experience of my own family and friends, to the value of the Balsam of Aniseed as the cheapest and best remedy for Coughs and Colds. — Yours faith fully, H. Bobeets, Olney, Bucks.— To Mr. Thos. Powell, Albion-place, Blackfriars-road; London.' EXTRAORDINARY CURE OF A COUGH. ' H.M. Gunboat Netley, 'Wick, Scotland. ' Dear Sir— Having had a most distressing and severe cough, which caused me many sleepless nights and restless days, I was re ? commended by His Lordship the Earl of ? Caithness to try your most valuable Balsam ^ of Aniseed, and I can assure you with the first dose I found immediate relief, even without having to suspend my various duties, and the - first small bottle completely cured me. There 1 -fore I have the greatest confidence in fully recommending it to the million. i ?-?... - (Signed) ? ' W. LlNZELL.' POWELL'S BALSAM OF ANISEED. ' : ' Sir— I have for a long time suffered from , a severe cough, and tried all manner of reme i dies. Dr. Liebrecbt advised POWELL'S _ ' BALSAM OF ANISEED. It cured me after a few days. You are at liberty to use this letter in hopes that others may benefit by it '?? ' I am, Sir, yours, &c, f* London. ? albeut Count Potocki.' /TtOUGHS, BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, &C. /71OUGHS, BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, Ac. /ROUGHS, BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, &C /ROUGHS, BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, 4a OWELL'S BALSAM OF ANISEED. DTJC DE MONTABOB WBITES :- ' Chauteau de Montabor, Aveyron. ' Sir — Having suffered for some time from an obstinate cough, accompanied with fever, continuous headache*, and sleepless nights, I resolved, after having vainly tried several -other medicines, to have recourse to your , -BALSAM OF ANISEED. I cannot resist. Sir, the desire of making you acquainted with the really marvellous results which I : derived from it. From the first dose I felt great relief, the bad symptoms grew feebler, : the irritation of the throat was calming down, : ~ 'and I' recovered the sleep which nearly left me. The third dose delivered me completely, i and I am now completely restored to health. 'Receive, Sir, with the expression of my ? gratitude, the assurance of my distinguished ? sentiments.' i 'DUC DE MONTABOR.' tToosens^the phlegm immediately. The Dean of Westminster's Verger writes:—' I waspdvised to try the BALSAM OF ANISEED. I did, and have found very great relief. It is most 'comforting in allaying irritation and giving strength to the voice.' 'oLionerBrough, Esq., the eminent actor, writes s— 'I thin* it an invaluable medicine for members' of my profession, and have always- recommended it to my brother and sister artistes.1' ? TIHE .-EFFECT/ OF' ONE. TEASPOONFUL taken . in- ^little water! on going to' bed is Extra [ORDikabt. No family should be withoat it rdOLD BY ALL CHEMISTS, ' WHOLESALE AGENTS- INTHE AUSTRALIAN .AND NEWVZEALAND; COLONIES.- Sydney— iFJUott' Brothers. Melbourne— Felton, Grimwade,' .and Co.; P. & S, Fali; Rocke, Tompsittj &Co.: Bosenthad — Hoffnung* Co.; Hemmons, Laws, and . Cd. Brisbane— Elliot* Brothers ', Berkeley, Taylorv and Co. Adelaide— Faulding & Cor- New Zealand) — Kempthorne, Prosser, dfCo., Dtutedini Auckland; ?Cbristcnurcb, and Wellington V, and of Pharmacien3 [in' moat of\ tie chief' towns of Europe.; and of all) respectable* Chemists' throughout the World, at Is. ljd. Kid^gs-Sd^eaeh. «T ' ' Propriefcr : ....... THOMAS POWELL,, Blaokfriars-road, London. Ofiierve— The words 'Thomas Powell, Black iriarar-road, London,1' are (by permission of Her 5*ajesty's Honourable Commissioners-; of Stamps) engraved in white letters upon a' Ted ground 'in* the .Government Stamp affixed 'over', the top of each 'bottle, without which they cannot' be genuine ; also Trade Mark— i LION, NET, AND MOUSE, ; . on the outside of the wrapper. ASK FOR POWELL'S BALSAM OF ANISEED. T-0WELL'S BALSAM OF ANISEED. OWELL'S BALSA^M^OF ANISEED. 'POWELL'S BALAAM O*F ANISEED. POWELL'S BALSAM OF AN^EED ? 138tf226 I t^lVERSALLY PRESCRIBED BY \J THE FACULTY. ? A laxative and refreshing ' FRUTTLOZENGE. ffiAMAB for X CONSTIPATION, Hemorrhoids, Bile, Headache. ? . Cerebral Congestion, TNDIEN. Prepared by B. GRLLLON, JL ? Sole Proprietor, ' Pharmadea de Ire claase de la MJ&6 de Paris, 69, Qneeoptreet, City, London. G BILLON Tamar, unlike Pills and the usual purgatives, is agreeable to . . '. . take, and never produces irritation. - - , Sold by all Chemists and Druggists. . ; 2s. 6d. A BOX, STAMP INCLUDED. ? 177tU63vl73 KEATDfCS COUGH 1OZEXGES. i .'-.-. : COUGHS, i ASTHMA. ! BRONCHrns, ACCUMULATION OF PHLEGM. Composed of the purest articles. These Lozenges -contain no opium nor any deleterious drug, therefore the most daiicate.caa take them with perfect confi dence. Their beneficial effect is speedy and certain. Thia old unfailing family remedy .1b daily recom. minded by the most eminent physicians. (In use neaily 80 years.) » i medical Testimony. - July SS. 1877. 22, Cold Harbour-lane, London. ' Sir— Yonr Locenges are.excalleot, and their bene ficial effect most Miiable. I strongly recommend them in. cases of Cough and Asthma. You are at liberty to state this as m; opinion, formed from many yean* experience. J. BB1NGLOE, M.B.C S.E.. LS.A., L.M. Mr. T. Keating. Indian Medical Service. Dear Sir— Having tried your Loienms in India, I bave much pleasure in testifying to their beneficial effects in cases of Incipient Consumption, Asthma, and Bronchial Affections. I bave prescribed them largely, with the best result*. W. B. G., ? , Apothecary, H.M.S. HEATING'S COUGH LOZENGES are sold by all Cbemiits in tins of various sizes, each baring the words 'Rkati jig's Cough Lotecgss' engraven on th^Govenoaent stamp. . . KEATIWS WOKM TABLETS. A PUBELY VEGETABLE SWBBTMKAT both In appearance and taste, furnishing a most agreeable method of administering the only certain remedy for INTESTINAL or THREAD. WORMS. It is a perfectly safe and nOd preparation, and is especially adapted for Children. Sold in tins by all Chemists. ^Proprietor, THOMAS KEATING, LONDON, Export Chemist and Druggist. 93tf272t ASTHMA, CATARRHS, OPPRES SIONS, and every afiection of the respiratory organs areiiSAantly relieved and cored by the .-?- LEVASSEUB TUBES. NEURALGIA and all NERVOUS DISEASES are instantly enred by the DR. CRONTER'S ANTX-NEURALGIC FILLS, Sold by Levasseur, Cbtmist, 23, Rue de la Mormafe, Paris. Agent in B. C. BuasTAix, «5 Wilfiam-street ' 262t»2M

—- - FAULDING'S -~ COUGhLELIXIR. WHO WOULD BS WITHOUT Faulding's Consb Elixir f WUch wrea nine cues out of ten,preTenta Ctsdu and Colds when taken in time. It U a moat reUawi remedy in Asthma and Bronchitis, of which «? attach one twttmnnlal out ot «*vt tbat bate reached u. Copt, To F. H. Fauldlng ft Co.— I waa a ?offerer for many moatbi from mm S°^wa«d?,w-d wafladvwedtotryyoia OaaSk Blixlrjaf tor I had triedjeveral others whkh wm^ do serrlce to me. From two doaea of Faoldinrt b^i^£saiari *'' ^o^^s Yours trdy, Wholesale, F. H. FaTjldthq a Co . Adelaide. tt*k Adelaide, and Gawier; and retail everywhere? lMetd E RUNGE, DISPENSING AND FA3IILY CHEMIST (NBAS SUPREME COURT), AJS&AS - STREET, VICTORIA-SQUARE. lllthso ~ GOUT AND RHEUMATISM CUBED BY THE USE OP DOCTOB LAVILLE'S LIQUOR AND PILLS. Approved by Doctor Ossiax Hejoit, Analytical Chemist of the Academie de Medicine of Paris. The Liquor to be used in acute state of Gout or Rheumatism ; the Pills in chronical state. All who Buffer from Gout or Rheumatism should read Doctor Laville's Treatise. Post free to all parta, id. Wholesale— COMAB, 28. Rue Saint Claude, Paris. Adelaide, Faulding & Co. ; Melbourne, Felton, Grimwade, &Co.; Sydney, Elliot Brothers. Sold by all Chemists and Druggists. 177ttl69vl73 A RNOLD'S BALSAM OF H0RE S\- HOUND. ARNOLD'S BALSAM of HOREHOUND! ARNOLD'S B-iLSAMof HOREHOUND ARNOLD'S BALSAM of HOREHOUND. The BEST REMEDY for SHORTNESS of BREATH. Nothing so quickly cures Coughs, Bronchitis, Asthma, Loss of Voice, Influenza, Hoarseness, ana Weak Chest as this 'Rn.iaa™ Where children having Whooping Cough or are liable to Croup, always keep it in the house. A single dose quietens and gives relief. A small bottle often cures. This is the best expectorant now in use; rapidly relieves the bronchial tubes by dissolving the congealed phlegm. Carefully observe name of sole proprietor ana manu facturer on label and wrapper. JAMES BRINSMEAD, Chemist, ST. Hilda, Melbourne. ARNOLD'S BALSAM of HOREHOUND. Ask for 'ARNOLD'S' and get it. Spurious imitations are sometimes offered. ARNOLD'S BALSAM of HOREHOUND A PURE VEGETABLE EXTRACT. Sold by all Chemists, Is. 6d., 2s. Cd. . Wholesale Agents — A. M. BickfORD A SON. Adelaide. 121-U20 11 FOB TEE BLOOD IS THE LIFE.' _ WORLD F/WEC^ '.' THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER AND RESTORER, HAS THE LARGEST SALE OF ANY MEDICINE IN THE WORLD. For cleansing and clearing the blood from all Iffl* purities, cannot be too TSghly recommended. For Scrofula, Scurvy, Skin Diseases, and Sores ot all kinds it is a never-failing and permanent cure . It Cures old Sores. Cures Ulcerated Seres on the Neck. ; Cures Ulcerated Sore Legs. Cures Blackheads, or Pimples on the Face. Cures Scurvy Bores. Cures Cancerous Ulcers. Cures Blood and Skin Diseases. Cures Glandular Swellings. Clears the Blood from all impure Matter. From whatever cause arising. ,. As this mixture is pleasant to the tarte, and war. ?anted free from anything Injurious to the most Tielicate constitution of either sex, the Proprietors solidt sufferers to give it a trial to test its vame. Thousands of Testimonials from all parts. WONDERFUL CURE OF ABSCESS. ' Eagle Barsdale, near Newaafc. M Sir— I feel it my duty to thank you for the won derful cure of my child. He was a ereat sufferer. I took him to three different doctaw for advice, besides many other medicines I Sj5a, but he still kept getting worse. One arm was a complete mam, and his left ankle so bad as to prevent him from walking when be was two years and a half old. He bad many other abscesses about him. bnt be verj soon began to walk after we began to give him the Blood Mixture, and I am thankful to say be is now ' quite well. 11 With many thanks, ' To Mr. Clarke.' ' ESTHER FOSTER. Sold in Bottles. 2s. 6d. each, and in Cases, con taining sis times the quantity, lls. each— sufficient to effect a permanent cure in the great majority of long-standing cases — BY ALL CHEMISTS and PATiOTVMEDICZNE VENDORS throughout tbe world. Sole Proprietors— THE LINCOLN AND MIDLAND COUNTIES DBUG COMPANY, LINCOLN, ENGLAKD. Trade Mask—' Blood Mixture.' ante ?flpSE BOX OF CLARKE'S B 41 PILLS \-f is warranted to Cure all Diseases of the JJrinary Organs, acquired or constitutional, Gravel, 2nd Pains in the Back. Sold in Boxes, 4s. 6d. each , /By all Chemists and Patent-Medicine vendors. Sole Proprietors— . . THE LINCOLN AND MIDDAND COUNTTHS DBUG COMPANY, LINCOLN, ENGLAND. EXPORT AGENTS: Burgoyne, Burbridges, & Co., Coleman-BkreeV London. Newbery & Sons, 87, Newgate-street, London. Barclay & Sons, 85, Farringdon-street, London. Sanger £ Sons, Oxford-Street, London. ; .And all the London Wholesale Houses. ADELAIDE AGENTS: FauldinR & Co., Wholesale Druggists. A. M. Bickford & Sons, WtWlesale Druggists and Importers, Adelaide and Kadina. South Australia I MELBOURNE AGENTS: Roobe, Tompsitt, & Co. Hemmons & Co., Wholesale Druggists. Fitch & French. SYDNEY AGENTS: Elliott Brothers & Co., Wholesale Druggist*. Ed. Bow & Co. BRISBANE AGENTS: Berkley & Taylor, Wholesale Dmggigts. Elliott Bro. -fe Co., Wholesale Druggists. ? Mfrj ' DR. ROBERTS'S CELEBRATED OINTMENT, CALLED 'THE POOR MAK'S FRIEND,' Is confldentally recommended to the public as an ' unfailing remedy for wounds of every description, a certain cure for ulcerated sore legs, even if of 20 years' standing, cuts, boms, scalds, bruises, chil blains, scorbutic eropUiw, and pimples on the faoe, sore and inflamed eyes, sore heads, sore breastg, - fistula and cancerous humours, and is a specific fox those afflicting eruptions which sometimes follow vaccination. .. Sold in pots, Is. lid.. 2s. si., Us., and 22a. each.' . Also his PILILE ANUSt ROPHtlLE OK ALTERATIVE PILLS, Proved by 60 years' experience to be one of the best alterativSmeaidnes ever compounded forpurlMne the blbojt and assisting Nature in all her operaUoniK Hence they are used in scrofulas, scorbutic com plaints, glandular swellings, particularly those of the neck, &e. They form a mild and snperiojri family aperient They may be token at all times without confinement or change of diet. . Soldin.boxesatl8.lid., 23. Bd., 4s. 6d., Ila., and 22g. Prepared only by the Proprietors, BEACH AND BABNICOTT, at their Dispensary, Bridport, and Sold Wholesale by them : and Retailed by every respectable Vendor of Medicines in the United Kingdom, the Colonies &c 23tl98 : ? CAjntTTTijy, frc. ? ? ;?- HQ R A V E S & OO., ? BAILWAY AND GENERAL CARBXKKS AND FOBWABDING AGENTS 1 to all parU ef the Colonies, 7, Old Kxcbanga, Eigr WBBiun-street, Adelaide andJOaelareB Wharf, Port Adelaide. AjEdet at Melbourne and Sydney— Beoadbkki Baoe., and at all the principal Bailway Stations. Telephonic eommonieauon between Offices. Oar Express Parcel Carts meet every Train and Steamer on arrival 853thstai8 TRaEAVEN&BROWK,. RAILWAY & GENERAL OARBIBSJS At all STATIONS ob t&e PORT PTEIB, 0RB0B00. utA TEEOW11 BAILWAY and at Uw BUBBA. Goods Carted to as from variou* parts of ttie NoitiL by Teams. Superior Wbarfaes and Storage aooommodatto* at Port Pirie, affording every facility for the sbtp ^Jl Goods entrusted to our ean will b« prompt]* dispatched. ▲ddaids Agency, W. BBADLJSY A CO. fort Adelaide Agency, W. L. DICKSON. 809thie wm. mccuuogh & ca;? LIMITBB, GENERAL CARRIERS, INSURANCE ft SHLPFZNG AOENlBi PEOPREKTORS 07 THK ' UNIVERSAL 'PARCELS EXPRESS.', Agents for Murray, Murrambidgee, and Darting : Biver Steamers, Goods and Parcels lorwarded to' all parts of tba world. Adelaide Office— Carrie-street, between White. « Eorse and Barnard's Stables. tm ' i r