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VICTORIA. : ? Melbourne, August 29.

: The .Bishop; of Melbourne has delivered a sermon against the craving for religious ex; citement. . A fine Tjanorama of the Ecvntian War has

been painted by George Gordon and E. JR. Ashton. The Argus asserts that ita work manship is equal to anything of the kind that could be produced by the scenic artists of London or Paris. The list of exhibits to be Bhown in the Victorian Court at the Calcutta Exhibition now comprises eight thousand exhibits, from 262 exhibitors. Not a single exhibit has been bought ; all have been voluntarily con tributed. Monsieur J. Grassies, a member of the Agricultural Society of La Gironde, has addressed a letter to Mr. L. L. Smith, in which he comrrents upon the bad manner in which colonial wines as a rule are made, and strongly urges the necessity for greatly improved cellarage accommodation. In the action in the Supreme Court this morning, Stewart v. the Bank of Aus tralasia, to recover damages for the dis honour of a check for £34, a verdict was given for the plaintiff for £174. A number of reports as to the railway collision last night have been received. They show that the signalman at Newmarket Junction was most to blame in mistaking the passenger*train for a cattle train and shunting it on to the wrong line. The driver is blamed for not noticing the error in time to stop the passenger train without accident. The guard states that he made every effort to signal to the driver to stop when he found they were on the wrong line. The doctors sent by the department to the scene of the accident state that no passengers are seriously injured, and therefore they have ceased to visit them. The Titles Office Enquiry Board took further evidence to-day, which went to show that the delays complained of were in part owing to the numerical weakness of the office staff. Considerable interest was taken at the Sandridge Pier this morning in the shipping of horses by three steamers for India at the same time. The Gulf of St. Vincent took on board 360, including some remarkably good horses, bred by the Hon. W. Pearson, of Gippsland. The Newcomen takes a fine lot, including some thoroughbreds well known on the Victorian turf. From Bushy Park, Gippsland, a lot are being sent by the Pathan. Altogether nearly a thousand were shipped to-day. The horses were all led on board in accordance with a plan invented by a Mr. Warren some years ago. ^

In the a''niVI competition for prizes for Greek and Latin composition at Trinity College, the second prize has been awarded to C. W. Power, late of the Brisbane Grammar School. The Solicitor-General has dealt with the case of Mr. O'Keefe. J.P., of Sandhurst, whose conduct on certain occasions has been reported on by a Board, which found that it would be improper for him to retain his commission. The Minister, whilst agreeing that there had been improper conduct, does not consider it necessary to cancel the com mission. A large deputation has made a renewed application to the Minister of Mines for a liberal vote to the Creswick Disaster Relief Fund, in order to make it the nucleus of a national accident fund. The Minister pro mised to recommend the application to his colleagues. The Metropolitan liedertafel intend during next Cup week to give a complete rendering of the music of Wagner's opera 'Lohengrin.' Inspector Secretan, who has for along time been head of the detective police, has re signed. The Minister of Railways, Mr. Gillies, is confined to bia house by illness, and will be unable to open the St. James's Railway to morrow. At the Hamilton Court to-day a stock owner named McCarthy was ordered to pay £30 damages for thrashing a schoolmaster at Condah for. not teaching to defendant's satis faction. ;. The Premier to-day promised a deputation from the Harbour Trust to reserve the land required for a direct cut from the Yarra to the sea, and expressed the desire of the Government to assist in carrying out Sir John Coode's scheme. William Sloane & Co. report the sale of Brunette Downs Station, in the Northern Territory of South Australia, for £10,000 cash. The station comprises 2,000 square miles. The Bishop of Melbourne delivered the sixth of his lectures on the Apocalypse in St. Paul's Cathedral to-day to a crowded congregation. He dwelt at considerable length on the evils of city life, deducing warnings from the decay of Rome and the Communistic and Nihilistic movements in European cities. A boy five years old named Webb fell into the Murray, near Echuca, to-day. His mother, who was unable to swim, jumped in, but was Baved by her clothes from sinking. She saved her boy, who was insensible, but who eventually recovered. r A very; fine Camellia Show of the Horticul tural Improvement Society was opened by the Governor this afternoon. ' A man who called himself Lieutenant Gordon, and who claimed to be the nephew of Sir Arthur Gordon, has disappeared, and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. He hired albuggy and pair, and went' out for a drive. One of the ponies returned hurt, and the buggy was found damaged. The other pony has not been heard of. Canon McCullagh, of Sandhurst, lectured this evening 'in reply to Mr. Higinbotham's recent deliverance. The Ballarat Coursing Club Champion Meeting commenced to-day. The first ties were run off. . A conference of the Irrigation Leagues was held to day at Echuca, at which various pro posals fn favour of carrying out local irriga tion' schemes were adopted.