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ying Sir George Syme.

HI« Km eilt net (ho (¡otcrnoi (Lord Stradbroke) recen ed tcsterdai a eablc message from the Secretar) of State for the Colonies, announcing that the follón mg hirthda} honours baie boen conferred by Kia Majesty the King.



Mr. Goorge A. Symo, of Melbourne.

Bom in nottingham, England, Sir George Symc was brought lo .ttistiaha hy lu« parents when he was four «culb ot age He is the only son of the late Mr George Sime, foi man) .tonis editor of the

'Leader," who was a brother of Mr. Datid fe}ino. Hi was educated at "Weslet Col- lege, and g mied soteral prizes, including


exhibitions for arithmetic 1 ntlish and 1-rcnch In 1870 he entered the Melbourne rmicrsit) and ti initiated 111 18S1, i btnm ing sei eral exhibitions and passing in his final }e-u with hrst ii iss honours Vftci being in lesidincc st tin Melbourne His pital for i brief period Sir (.corte Si mi went to I until n and wirket! in muons

?ul hospital« but cluelli it the KIHI, s tollij-i .10 lhere he gunetl i 1 CIIOWBIIIP of the College

of Sur|,i min 1 ntl ind-the highest qualin cition in 1- ntl ind--uni n turned to Vus tinhi iftei in absence of fun ic-irs Hi recoil id the appointment of honorai i demonstrator if -untom) followed shortli after«arils 1 A the appointment of surgeon to out I aticnts at the Melbourne Hospital

and ins suuor smgion to in patients when In in Juli, lil!) Inn mt lett ht d tin age limit

Hit wonderful sueics«, of the recuit iiudical congi iss m Melbourne ninth AI as attended li distinguished medic ti men from all parts tf the world w is due in i larte niensuri ti the will» of Sir C.corii SA mc us pn «nhill Ills nddrtss to tilt uniéronte w is i ni) able tin Ile has IIAAIOS bein prnmiiieiitli associated with Hu wuk if tht tontit-.«, nu 1 was tin hrst, ns-iistnut Bttntii! in ISIS Sum thin lu Ins Idled almost el cr) other p sition Hi his also bun Hine tunis | rimduit of Hu Vutorinn braiuh ot tin Iliitisb Muht ii Vt>»ociation and li Atna in that ( inaut! tint lu iss sted in sctthnt tin disputi with tilt tri« ?? 11% suntu«- lor mam )i us he w i« in tin inuiinittei it the ïissuciittou mil Alben In ntinnel fri m

1 utland he e litcil the Viistrahan Medical Tournai ' He was nisi | ris dent ti tilt Mullid Delinee Arnon it on

bur (.corge Si mc took his pnrt in tht On it \\ ii W'lth the lank nt heulen n t

toloiitl lu left Viistrnlia in 1114 as thitf of the sing ill stuff in No 1 (.mern! HOB I Ita! anil is mi sultn g surgeon wint to (.lillipilli in tin lint »li hos| Hil ship tin Gaston, buln, prisint ut Hit liudint Hi returned w th a .-¡lupin id of senujsh woiinlul sol hers suff,iing from II joisonctl hnnil In was ini.iliileil to 1 nt Iniul winn In hlh I tin losition tf ton suiting surgeon ti the Vustrilinn Impend lone at llu he i I pi u tu, m 1 min He rituuntl ti Vu-liulii in Pilli uml At is thin attieliul to tin IHse Hnspit ii in st

killi und mil Hu ( ullin 1 I II «mt ii as sinM«ui li. is it irisent ton-ultint sin

mini uni im mill tf tin nins ii) mt tilt ii toininittti tf the Iíc¡ ntrutioii deiuit


Sir (iiorgt Sum was sttrctiii nf tin Kital (.nnimiss n if Hi tit It (of windi Sit Ham Vllen ni» dum m III I windi lui to the ail iption if tilt sewcrigi »ilium foi Melboun i He was aln medí -il nUiici to the | lue ft ice mil winn i | liccmnn was shot it Sunn Hill icictitl) he was lim I ntl to the stelle in au ncroplnne to I erform in o|tritiui Su lîctigi Siinc

his pract sed a« a surtcoti for mnnv ictus

and is one of the li-idus of his pitfcssion In 1000 whih t ii u AIS t to I ntlund he it

pn st ntid the proprutnis of titi Vgt al the Impon il Pus« (onftriiiu He is pre mildil nf tin Mu mai I lulu tot A Sonet!




Mr Geornc Edwin Emery t.. m r il mina j

gil ol Hit \ moilun stati SHA nits

II ink j

Mi (? 1 I inirt tom ludes KI }iiis

stiAiii with tin State Saints Dink this'

mimili lu tint tim, lu his sun Hu tunk trow ti in II lu am lu» that lull

de| «its amuiiiitint to liss linn i.1 000 000 i

Mr. G. E. EMERY C.M.G.

-Oartiii\, MtIUmrnc, pliulu )

lo Us prisent prosperous paasition, with lllfl In uiul,, H und deposits um..nut lin, lo C.WOOO.OOO Mi Lui» it na« binn in Casllciiiauu-, ami entered tin« senne of the bulk lhere. After hu« toals' scinto he- nn« tiiiiisii-rretl to Melbourne, anil made rapid pin-gross,. Ile was made gi'iioiiil liiaaagei 'JS »cms ago, uiul has tilled (lie position u,t|, j;!,.m ilislnu inni

His llxe ellem} the tiiiteinut-Genoial (Lend Purster! recoin d n cable mossnge intlmiitiiig Hint (he follonuig bonum« had

boon millen edi


Sli Ainlui Cliapmnn lins bt,eii it nielli her of tin« House of Hepresonlalites suite IVdi'iutum Thi'ie won« n idctipi end ei piession« ol regret wlion ill health toned him to lesign the porllolio ol Trado mul Customs on Mu» 'JO. The lint that Su Austin nialiitaiiiod lu« great populan!»' nhill, the polititul luiiil ni » teiv un- popular ili'p.u Hueñi is the ini'sl striking lustilium,» lo lu« norsniinl qualities. \\P begun his piihliial i.ui'ci m ISlll, »»lion ho was elected to the No» South Wale« Legislative Assombl) us meinbei lol Hi aul- wood. Ho held the »oat until Fodeiution, when bo ni.« electuel to the 1 louse ol Heprt-fli'iiliitiies n« member for laden Monai«h at th« (lut Feilet al noll in WOl. Sinco then he has lopicsented the »locloa ruto continuous!), und waa given tim com- pliment of a naiko»ci m 1003 ami 1010. Id« »ms Minlstoiial Whip fruin 1001 to 11X1.1, und (lispln.»ni K't'iil oiieigy and iibilit) du)lug tlio «ticunnii« dil}« of the Hrst tai Iff session. lin nus one of the «tniinoliest udvotiite« of Hornbilla n« Iho bite foi- tho Föderal Capital, lia ot

tinned Cabinet rank in the first Donkin Ministi), being Miinstoi foi JJofeuce from 1903 to 1904. From 1900 to 1907 he tin«

| Vostmnatcr Genera! m the second Donkin Munnin, und icpieseutcd Australia nt the International Postal Contention in Rome in 1900 Ile succeeded the late

I Sir William L.t ne at the Customs depart

ment in 1107, and administered the depart


-(T. Humi>!ifc> and Co. pluito )

ment until the defeat of the Ministr) m 1008 lor man) tears Sir Austin sat as n pmite member until he joined the Composite Muustri in 1923 '



Sir Mark Sheldon l< B, foi mer \ustrulian

Iride Commissioner

Su Mai I 'sheldon is one of the ouUt ind ing lieim-, of tiistrihan commercial lift, anti timing the ti u as a ad tisti htir i« ellan urn, of the Ripatiia tion hoard of \en South W ales, and then as \iisli ih in Indi ( ommiHsionor m thi. I iiilul Stitts tu \muiio he hw muli led nnpoitunt su ins tn the tountit

He ins horn at \rnndile (N s ti I, but roi en ni his i u li ediitation m Durham (Liiglaud), and latu attended the S)dne)


I'liiAcrsitA He began his eoiimierual i.ireer in 1S90, and rose rapidl). Ho speedili beiame than mau ut se! era! Iinuuuul and miiiiiiiuiiil tonierus lu 10111 be it as appointed Australian Trade ( omtm««ionet to the United Stales. At that time his eniiniute in the unliniert ni world inn) be judged from the fuit that lie was prcsnluit nt the .SAIIIII) ( liambei uf Collin.cue, di.urmiiii ol the Kcpatriu turn Hoaid of Neu South Wales, and n member of the touncil of the I oniinon Aieallh Unrein of Commerce and Imlilstii

.Su Mark Sheldon returned from the United Stntos m P'2-J and i centered nimmel uni ¡iii lie mis inatle a Knight línchelo! shoitl} nftir his return.


Mr. John Sulman, architect, of Sydney).

Sir John Sulman, of Messrs Sulman and Power, architects and consulting en- gineers, of Sydney, is one of the most distinguished architects in Australia, and   is a world known authority on town plan- ning He was born at Greenwich (Eng-   land) in 1849, and was educated at the Greenwich Proprietary School, after which he was articled to a London archi- tect. He won several scholarships, and practised in London from 1870 to 1885. He began practice in Sydney in 1886, and     his firm designed many of the city's finest buildings. Sir John Sulman was the first   president of the Town Planning Associa- tion ol New South Wales, and maintains keen interest in the mocement. He was lecturer in architecture in the University   of Sydney, and he is now chairman of the   Canberra advisory committee.



(Civil Division.)

Mr. George Henry Monahan, Clerk ol the


Mr. (!. H. Monnlun is ('lui, ni the Si nut.- Ile nppmiitid In Hu- ileruul stulT nt the Lcgisliittie As«cmbl) ni New Smith Unies m 1S00 ¡nul tontiniicd m the


son ice until, in lliOl, lie »»ns appointed to the stall ol the Kennte as Hu- hist ilu I, uf tina papers und accountant. He na« pimiioted to be IM.ei ni the Rod, i brit ni st lut uiinmittei's, and ben clan of ilu «liuiil lintis.« ('oiniiiiltte in IDOS Ho In tame ( lu I, assistant ot the Sonate in lOll, awl t» is appointed to hi-, pit HI tit piibitiou in 1U20 upon Hu- ii'tiii'inuit m Mi. I. G. Duff», CMC.

Lleut-Colonol Percy Novillo Buckley, the

I'm nu i militai» nihisci to tin High t'omnilssinui r in I.onahill

tulumi l'en.» Neitlle Uiuklt» biglin Ins militai v » in i-e-i in the Impeiiiil \iuii in the Ro.uil Ihigintei«, leioumg his lust ap- pointment in ISIIJ. lu April, IIKU, he re tot»ed Ins lu«l apptiinlmcnt in tim Austin lum folies, being itiiplu}i'tl in the »mik« In um li ol the 1.lignum«, illino be nu« iliroilor of muk« foi «onie )euis. lu Fob mar), 1010, he »»cut to Lnglund ns null tar» lcpiiat-ntatiic on the High Cominis sloiiei'« «tall, und ri nunnett m that posit mu till lu« letucineiil, During the «nil Ina miule lus ni» n bome mallabie us a um tutest out lloma' foi Aiistialiuu nllln'is Hi was iieentl» in Ausliallu, ii ii« I left lau Lug liuiil n Ion »ti ok« ngo. Coloiu I Hut kio» i« i elated to print ipals of Hie lum ni Huckle» ami Nunn Ltd.

Mr. William Honry Barkley, eollcitoi ul

Mi. W'lhiuii lleniy Rai kin nu« up. pointed «.ustiulian lepiesontiitlU' to the Kiiipire Custom«' Conforoiue hold in Lou- don, the ubjoit o| ulm h nus to nach gie-iilei iiiilfninuti III tilt, tnllci linn ul customs duli!s Im gnoilb wUllin tin«


A nnliic ol \lbui.i, .Mr. lliirkle jiiiiud tlu- Ko»» South Wales Customs mont at the age of 14 .u-ius. liefen e lit« bet anio collcctoi ol tijiisti-im» III St duet-, bo »in» chief clerk id the conti al udniuilstu tmn, liispi-cttir ol the» Customs House, S)due) and i'olli'ctor ol customs m Quean«. Iniul. Ho leprnseiited the llepaitment of Customs lu Loudon ii mu 1910 tu 191'.'.

Mr. R. C. Oldham, ihnf eleetoiul olllioi

of Hu, ( minnon«»ciiltli.

Mi. It. C. Olilluiui wa« horn ut North- li toil i ote and attended school at lticlimoud, and main hitor in Taumaiuu. Ho enterad the public 'mid

service us a tieri« in tin TiiMimiiiiiii lin-

ton]« department at Launceston, and his lirst exeuitiAO position was enllcctor of iiiHtoms foi the North Wist Coast Liter he was nindi' lollcutor of i ustoms ut Jlo bart, and ut Keilet allon became a Common- wealth public sériant In 1900 he was appointed Commomiealtr electoral om ici, and has Idled the important post with