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mHE Friends of Mr. W. D. Aixott are L respectfully informed that the REMAINS of Lis late WIFE will be Removed f mm his Residence, Durham-street, Glenelp, This Day (Tuesday), the 17th instant, at 11 o'clock a.m., arriving at Weat tenace Cemetery at quarter-past 12 o'clock. ax ? S. MAYFIELD -fc SONS. mHE Friends of the late Mr. THOMAS A HENDERSON are respectfully informed that bis BEJIAINS wflJ Leave his late Residence. Bose-Btreet, Adelaide, This Day (Tuesday), at 3.30 p.m., for Interment in the EQndmaralrCemetery. ax OUET HAPPY HOME, A.O.F.— Members of the above Court are requested to Meet at the Conrt-reom on TUESDAY, the 17th inst, at 130 p.m., to attend the FUNERAL of the late Brother THO3. HENDERSON. By order, x CHAS. GREENWOOD, Secretary. RELIGIOUS NOTICES THE SYNOD OF THE CHURCH OF A ENGLAND. IN THE DIOCESE OF ADE LAIDE, INCORPORATED. A SPECIAL MEETING of the SYNOD will be held at the Chnrch Office, Leish-street, Adelaide, on TUESDAY, the 24th day of October, at 2 o'clock p.m. Agenda : L To reconsider the followin; resolution of Synod passed March 7, 18S2 :— ' That this Synod is of opinion that the Consecration of the Bishop should take plaee in Australia or Tasmania ; if possible, in Adelaide.' 2. To make all necessary arran3ement3 in con nection with the Eeception of the Bishop. A. STUECKE, Secretary. Adelaide, October ie. ? xv_ SPECIAL EVANGELISTIC SER VICES THIS EVENING, and EACH EVENING during the Week, by Mr. ISAAC and W. B. HIDDLESTONE, in BENTHAM-STREET CHAPEL, at 7.30. ? 239c W'ESLEYAN CHURCH, NORWOOD. ANNIVERSARY SERVICES. TEA and PUBLIC MEETING on TUESDAY, J7th inst, 6 p.m. Chairman, Eon. John Dunn, M-L.C. Speakers— REV. DR. STEPHENSON, Sera. B. BoTke, P. O'Donnell, and others. 239-QOz rnHE MINISTRY OF FLOWERS, X A NEW SERVICE OF SONG, By X Guest, London, will be given in the LECTURE HALL, BHOUGHAM-PLACE CHURCH, ? on THUBSDAY, OCTOBER 19, 7.30 p.m., by the Church Choir and Scholars of the School. Beader— The Rev. 0. COPLAND. Conductor— Mr. H. G. Nash. Admission— Is. ; Boots of words sung, 3d. 2S7-92 PUBLIC NOTICES   EXTRA PRIZES AT FLOWEK SHOW. TOWN HALL, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 26. ' Offered by ' HIS ?wffflSfTTP THE MAYOR OF ADELAIDE, FOE * GROUP OF PLANTS. Space allowed, 30 square feet. First Prize ? 3 Guineas. Second Prize ... 2 Guineas, - ALSO, FOB BEST PUNNET OF STRiWBERKIES, Half-Guinea. To he Grown in Private Gardens on the Plains. 290.2'* w. HACKETT, Hon. Sec THE SEMAPHORE INSTITUTE BAZAAR will be OPENED by HIS WORSHIP THE MAY0B OF ADELAIDE, at 3 p.m. on THURSDAY, the 19th October, remaining open till 10 p.m. Adelaide Orchestra Band. ? 230,2 SEMAPHORE INSTITUTE BAZAAR. Under the Distinguished Patronace of His EXCEL LENCY THE GOVERNOR and LADY JER.VOIS. His Worship the Mayor of Adelaide and Mrs. Smith. GRAND 'BAZAAR. ADELAIDE TOWN HALL, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, and SATURDAY, 10th 20th, 21st OCIOBEB. Large and Varied Assortment of Work prepared by the Ladies. Works of Art and Novelties. Japanese Goods, splendid collection, imported direct from Yokohama. Indian Goods, choice shipment, specially selected ? at Bombay. English Goods, selected from Silber & Fleming's large London House. CHBBTMAS-TBEE. FLOWER STALL. ADELAIDE ORCHESTRA BAND. Admission, Is ; Children under Twelve, Half price. ? 2S0ths94 A. CALEDONIAN SOCIETY.— The ? First of a Course of AMBULANCE LEC TURES in connection with the Literary Club will be delivered in the Caledonian Hall, 50, Bundle street, on TUESDAY, October 17, at 8 o'clock. Lecturer, Hon. Dr. Campbell, M.L.C. ; Subject, 'Drowning.' Admission Free. Ladies invited. 2S7.90 QTBIAN COLONIZATION SOCIETY. SOOTH AUSTRALIA WOMEN'S AID ASSOCIATION. A MEETING of the COMMITTEE will be held on MONDAY, 16th inst, at 3 o'clock p.m., at the FLINDERS-STREET PRESBYTERIAN VESTRY. Ladies willing to assist are respectfully invited to attend. ? 2S3thaS0 YM.F.— A SLEETING of Persons ? interested in FORMING a COMPANY of INFANTRY at PORT ADELAIDE will be held at the Railway Hotei, Port, on WEDNESDAY EVEN ING, October 18, at 3 o'clock. 289-91 ? W. J. MASON, Convener. ?pASQUIN, P A S Q U I S. HE-ISSUE NOW READY. Snbscribers can obtain their Copies on application to the tmdersigneA Nbn - Subscribers deiirimr Copies should apply early ; price, £2 2s. LAWRANCE & BROOK, Melvin Chambers, King William-street. A. G. BURT, Gilbert-place. October 12,1882. ? 236-334v DUBLIC NOTICE. As many ol onr Friends would ISe during the summer months to take either BICKFOBD'S RASPBERRY YINEGA3 QUININE WINE, LBiEJUICE CORDIAL, GINGES WINE which are known to ba the best in the market), y-e have made arrangements with tee Retail Trades to supply en demand. SWc 'XTOTICE TO THE PUBLIC— The _Ll undermentioned ESTABLISHMENTS will be CLOSED on THURSDAY, October 13 :— No. 10, Bundle-street, 250, Rundle-street, O'Coanell-st-reet, North Adelaide, and Gleael^. sSSO-i ? ' II. ^Y00DC0CK? r*T the Matter of the PATENT ACT, 1S77.— NOTICE is hereby Riven that RAPHAEL JOS1A, of Certaldo, in the Kingdom of Italy, has APPLIED FOR a PATENT for ' Improvements in the Manufacture ef Artificial Stone and Marble and in Colouring the same,' and that the Specification of such Invention may be inspected at the Patent Office, Adelaide. CONIGRAVE & COLLISON, Patent Acents, 281'QO Santo Building3, Waymoath-street. IN the ESTATE of the late RICHARD HAYLEY, late of Bowden, Tanner and Currier Deceased.— NOTICE is hereby given that, all parties indebted to the Estate of the late Richard Hayley are requested to pay their ACCOUNTs forthwith to Mr. Charles Edlin, of Gilbert-place, Adelaide, Accountant to the Executors, and by whom all Accounts if correct will be paid. L B. MATHEWS, 287-93 Solicitor to the Executors.   IN the Matter of the ESTATE of WTXUAM GUILD, of GrenfeU-street, Ade laide, Deceived —NOTICE is hereby ciren that all CLAIMS against the above Estate are to be sent in to the undersigned on or before the 19th instant. & CRAWFORD PEARSON, Hdon Chisibers, King WillUm-street; Adelaide, October lg, 1882. S93.e m RICHARDS, late of 57, Rundle JL ? street^harinRJ5iien.all his OU3STANDING ACC0UNT5 into the bands of Mr. J. Thome Martin for Collection, tbej must be paid forthwith to him; erat t, Birks Ctanbers, Gawier-phct! ?. ? -?'?: ? ?- .-.- i' 257thsc TnUTTJEITT-;— Write, - enclosing age, JO birthplsee.'i5 rtamps. Doctor Mentoa, A?:c jocer, lEHflgf^-F*'^ ^'rh^nnff^i ilelboarae. i30*3

PUBLIC H0TIGB8 PRESENTATION PORTRAIT OF THE RIGHT WORSHIPFUL THE MAYOR OF ADELAIDE. E. T. SMITH, ESQ., M.P. At a Meeting held in the Town Hall, Adelaide, on Thursday, October 5, the following gentlemen were appointed a Committee to receive Subscriptions for the purchase of a life-size Portrait of E. T. Smith, Esq., M.P., to be presented to him in recognition of his services during the three years lie has tilled the office of Mayor of the City of Adelaide. Sub scriptions of any amount not exceeding one guinea will be received by the Honorary Secretary and Treasurer, Jame3 T. Tumhnll, 4, Currie-street :— GENERAL COMMITTEE. The Honorable S. J. Way, Chief Justice. The President of the Legislative Council (Sir H. Avers, K.C.M.G.) The Hon. the Chief Secretary (J. C. Bray, M.P.) The Hon. the Treasurer (L. Glyde, M P.) The Hon. the Commissioner' of Crown Lands (A. Catt, M.P.) The Hon. the Attorney-General (J. W. Downer, M.P.) The Hon. the Commissioner of Public Works (J. G. Ramsay, M.L.C.} The Hon! the Minister of Edncation (J. L. Parson3, M.P.) The Hon. the Speaker (R. D. Ross. M.P.) T. Atkinson, M.P. C. C. Kingston, M.P. A. Abrahams, J.P. T. Ttw, J.P. J. H. Angus, J.P. A. H. Landseer, M.P. F. Basedow. M.P. E. Lipsett, J.P. D. Bower, M.P. Sir TV. Milne. J. H. Bacster, M.P. The Hon. A. B. Murray, W. H. Beaelehole, M.P. M.L.C. J. L. Bonython, J.P. The Hon. C. Mann. Q.C. W. J. Back. Hon. D. Murray, M.L.C. The Hou. John Colton, W. E. Mattinaon, M.P. M.P. W. R.Mortlock, M.P. . The Hon. John Crozier, S. Newland, M.P. M.L.C. The Hon. T. Playford, The Hon. J. Carr, M.P. M.P. J. Coles, M.P. W. B. Rounsevell, M.P. G. H. Catchlove, J.P. Rowland Bees, M.P. The Hon. J. Dunn, Ven. Archdeacon Russell M.L.C. Councillor Roberts H. E. Downer, M.P. Hon. M. Salom, M.L.C. Colonel M. F. Downcs. J. H. Symon, M.P. M. H. Davis, J.P. J. L Stirling, M.P. Sir Thomas Elder R. Barr Smith, J.P. The Hon. T. English, J. P. Stow, J.P. SI.L.C. Percy Stow W. Bverard, J.P. S. Tomkinson, M.P. H. Fraser, M.P. A. Tennant. M.P. L. L. Fumer, M.P. C. Todd, C.M.G. Major John Adam Fer- The Mayor of Port Ade cus=on, Rifie Brigade laide, H. W. Thompson, J. Fisher, J.P. J.P. J. H. Finlayson, J.P. The Mayor of Edith W. Gilbert, M.P. burgh, J. Day, J.P. W. Goocb, J.P. The Mayor of Gawler, H. J. Graves, J.P. Dean, J.P. The Hon. A. Hay, M.L.C. The Mayor of Wallaroo, The Hon. G. C.' Hawker, D. Bews, jun., J.P. M.P. James T. Turnbull, J.P. A. Hardy, M.P. R. K. Thoma3 B. W. E. Henning, M.P. P. Waite, J.P. H. H. Hoare Thomas Worsnop. T. Johnson, M.P. ? EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE : Sir Henry Ayers, K.C.M.G. (Chairman). : A. Abrahams, J.P. Thomas Pla.yford, M.P. J. C. Bray, M.P. E. D. Rosa, M.P. H. Fraser, M.P. Rowland Bees, M.P. J. Fisher. J.P. James T. Turnbull, J.P. Honorary Secretarysnd Treasurer: JAMES T. TUKJTBULL. i, Carrie-street, Adelaide, October, 1SS2. ? vr2S0,3,7,9Q ADELAIDE EYE IKETRMARY.— Queen's Hospital for General Diseases. Private Residence for Married Ladies daring con. Hnement. These are private and distinct institu tions under the Management of Dr. John F. Joyce, assisted by an efficient Staff of Consulting Physicians and Surgeons. Suites of Rooms can be had, and arrangements are made for the friends of patients staying with them. Terms moderate. 217thscv GEO. BARLOW, Sec MR. CHARLES CROSS wishes the PUBLIC WHO HAVE ANY DOUBTS whether his INDIGESTION DROPS will CUBE INDIGESTION to BEAD HIS ADVERTISEMENT in another part of this paper. 192thscv DR. NORMAN, Surgeon Dentist, desires to intimate, in consequence of nut residing on North-terrace, his Hours of Attendance at his SURGERY, Rockville House, North-terrace, will for the future be from 9 till 5 p.m. ; Saturday, 9 till 2 p.m. Other hours by special appointment Bockville House, North-terrace. 157thso ADELAIDE SEWERS ACT. NOTICE TO HOUSEHOLDERS. Clanse 16-17. Eules and Bejsilattons— ' At the head of every house-drain a proper ven tilating pipe shall be provided and carried up above the eaves of buildings, &c, &c In order to awist the natural current set up by the diBerence between the temperature of the air inside and outside the drain an efficient form of cowl ahould ba fixed on the top of each ventilating pipe.' To comply with the above the 'PATENT VACUUM VENTILATOR' is the most effective known. A working model can be seen and the ' Ventilators' (of any size) obtained at GRAY'S, Gawler-place, where a Sample-room of SANITARY WARES can be inspected and orders taken for any work in connection with same. 42thsc XN the Matter of the ESTATE of ALEXANDER McBAIN, late of Monster Station, Slount Monster, in the Province of South Australia, Stockholder, Deceased. — Pursuant to 'The Property Act of 1SG0,' NOTICE k hereby given that all CREDITORS and other Persons having any Claims or Demands against or upon the Estate of the said Alexander Mctiain, deceased, who died at Mount Gambier, in the said Province, on the 9th day of July last, and whose Will was proved in the Supreme Court of the said Province on the 28th day of August last by Margaret Ann McRiin and Andrew Dunn, the Executors therein named, are hereby required to SEND in FULL PARTICU LARS of their CLAIMS, with a Statement of their Accounts, setting forth therein the nature of the security (if any) held by them, together with their respective Names and Addresses, to the said Mar gatet Ann McBain, at Monster Station aforesaid, on or before the 31st day of October next, at the expi ration of which time the said Executors will be at liberty to distribute the Assets of the said testator, or any part thereof, amongst the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the Claims of which they shall then have notice ; and the said Executors will not after that tune be liable for the Assets, or any part thereof, so distributed to any person of whose Claim they shall not then have had notice. Dated this 4th day of September, ISSi W. D. SCOTT, 33, Exchange Buildings, Adelaide, 24S,69,90 Solicitor to the slid Executors. TVTOTICE.— Persons having CLAIMS _Ll against the ESTATE of the Lite JAMES HAWKEN, of the Royal Oak Hotel, Hindley-street, wi] please forward particulars of same immediately to the undersigned. ELIZABETH HAWKEN, Executrix. 237,90,2 MIKING NOTICES HAMLEY MINING COMPANY, LIMITED. FOURTEENTH DIVIDEND. NOTICE is hereby given that a DIVIDEND of TWO SHILLINGS per Share has been declared by the Directors, and' will be payable on the 31st October instant to registered Shareholders. JAS. S. SCOTT, Manager. Alfred Chambers, Currrie-street, October 16, 1S32. The Books of Transfer will be Closed from 23rd to 31st October. 290-2,6,9,30iv3i 171 CHUNG A GOLD-MINING COM JOj pany, limited. NOTICE is herebv given that an ORDINARY GENERAL MEETING of this ConrDany will be held at the Reristered Office of the Company, Eagle Chambers, King William-street, Adelaide, on TUESDAY, the 2-Sth day of October, 1SS2, at 12 o'clock noon, to receive the Reports and Balance sheet, and transact such other business a3 may be necessary. W. L. WARE, Secretary. Eagle Chambers, King William-street, Adelaide, October 10, IBS! £90,3,7v WITTABRLNNA GOLD -MINING COMPANY, NO LIABILITY. The SECOND ORDINARY GENERAL MEET ING of SHAREHOLDERS in this Company will be held at the Exchange Arbitration-room, Pirie street, ol MONDAY, the 30th day of October, 1882, at 3 o'clock p.m., for the purpose of receiving the Directors' Report and Balance-sheet for the past 3ix months, and transacting any other business which an ordinary general meeting is authorized to transact. T. S. HORN, Manager. BeaconsSeld Buildings, Kinc William-street, Adelaide, October 30, ISSi 230,4,303 T ADY ALICE GOLD-MINING COM JLJ pany, limited. NOTICE is hereby giten that an ADJOURNED EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING of the above Company will be held at the Exchange Arbitration-room on TUESDAY, the seventeenth day of October, 1SS2, at 12 o'clock noon, to consider the propriety of wimling-np the Company, when it will be proposed to wind the same up voluntarily, to appoint a Liquidator, and 8x his remuneration. Dated the sixteenth day of October, 1SS2. By order of the Board of Directors, x T. S. HORN, Secretary. nnHE PROPRIETORS OF THE JL MOONTA MINES. FIFTY-EIGHTH DIVIDEND. NOTICE is hereby given that a DIVIDEND of Tf.n Shillings per Share has been declared by the Directors, and that the same will be payable at the Offices of the Company, Grenfell-street, Adelaide, on or after Tuesday, the 17th day of October next. Certificates of Shares must be produced when the dividend is called for. Books of Transfer will be clojed from the 9th to the 17th October next, both days inclusive. By onler of the Bcr.rd, ROBF.RT HUGHES, Secretary. Moonta Mines Office, Adelaide, September IS, 1S=2. 262tf90 THE ALMA AND VICTORIA UNITED GOLD-MTNING COMPANY, LIMITED. NOTICE is heTeby given that a 17th CALL of ONE Shilling per Share has been aereed npon at a meeting of the Directors on the tsth day of Sep tember, 1SS2 ; and all Shares in the said Company in respect of which the said Call remains nnpaid after the '4th day of October, ISSi will be subject to forfeiture. W. L. WARS, Secretary. Eagle Chambers, King William-street. Adelaide, September 23, 1SSL 276&90vS4

BJUHICIPAL CQTOCTLB niTY OF ADELAIDE. PRIVATE SLAUGHTER-HOUSES.- NOTICE TO BLTCHEUS. Pursuant to the powers contiineil in the Muni :inal Corporations Act, 1SS0, Part 7, Section 140, and ill other powers them thereunto enabling, the City Council wiU, on the 1st (lay of November now next ensuing, sit in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Adelaide, as a Conrt for hearingand determining on the advisability or otherwise of issuing licences, or renewing licences already issued, to anv person to keep a Slaughter-house forslaugbteringSmall Cattle or l'ig- at any place within the City Municipality. Notice of application for a licence, or for the renewal of a licence for this purpose, must bo delivered at the Town Clerk's Office, Town Hall, not later than noon of Wednesday, October 25th instant. By order, THOMAS WORSNOP, Town Clerk. Town Clerk's Office, Town Hall, Adelaide, ? October 11, 1S82. ? 290,2,4 mOWN OF PORT ADELAIDE. private slaughter7houses-noti;eto BUTCHERS. Pursuant to the powers contained in the Muni cipal Corporations Act, 1SS0, Part 7, Section 149, and all other powers them thereunto enabling, the Town Council will, on the 1st day of November, 18S2, at 12 o'clock noon, sit in the Council Chamber, Iown Hall, Port Adelaide, as a. Court for hearing md determining the advisability or otherwise of issuing licences, or renewing licences already issued to any person to keep a slaughter-house for slaughter ing small cattle or pigs at any place within the town. Notice of application for a licence or a renewal of a licence for this purpose must be delivered at the Town Clerk's Office, Town Hall, not later than noon of Wednesday, the 25th October, 1882. By order, B. H. LAKER, Town Clerk. Town Clerk's Office, October 13, 1832. 290,2,0z SMALIN, Esq.— Sir— We the under © signed, Ratepayers of East Ward in the Town of Port Adelaide, respectfully request that you will be pleased &Q allow .yourself to be nominated for Councillor io nejuesent East Ward in the Corporation of the 'GTown -df Port Adelaide. We have watched your proceedings in the Council during the past four years, .and .from ihe manner in which you carried out the duties as Councillor we feel confident that yon will '.faithfully represent the interests of East Ward Should you accede to our request we pledge ourselves to use t-ur utmost endeavours to secure your return. We are, Sir, yours faithfully, David Reid T.B. Sbepley W. Crooks Charles Piers William Brookei L. M. Tier William Omond Wm. King.jnn. J. M. Stacy, J.P. A. E. Sawiell S. J. Hamlyn, J.P. H. C. Ford Alex. Saunders W. C. Stow E. Rio W. Packer C. Ziesing Edward Formby Jas. H. Sinclair Geo. Hills W. Morgan & Co., per J. Williams J. B. Butterworth C. Schnltze T. A. Brock Z. H. Jones E. H. Derrington, J.P. V. Y. Jones Thos. Heming John Neill, J.P. W. A. Paqnalin George Haines W.S.Jones Jno. Wallace, J.P. James Mitchell Alfred LeMessurier A. S. Neill, J.P. Wm. Begg Harrold Brothers, per Thos. Coombe James Mitchell G. W. Dempster Theo. Hack, J.P. Robert Charlick George Shomey, J.P. John Stoart Sanderj Bailey & Co. per M. Morgan George A. Farr . H. C. E. Muecke,.J.P. T. J. Matters Charles Hains W. J. Mason A. Taylor Philip Hains Josepn Hains ? . Henry Graves T. D. Pyne Alex. Anderson Thos. J. Jelly Geo. P. Hodge J. Legoe John Bickers, J.P. John Murphy John T. Toll, M.D. A.Quin R H. Wigg & Sons, per T. Smith W.W.Betts A. C. Evans B, Cleland & Sons John N. Birks J. M. Sinclair C. L. Gardiner William Neill Charles Watts Jas. R. McColl T. Kanake John Appleby G. Crocker Smith ' Thos. Michelmore J. C. Addison Chas. D. Aston E. W. Lowen H. J. Wicksteed Alfred Kitson Jas. E. Dempster, J.P. Singer Co., per E. A. John Omond Webb Charles Allington Burton & Shorney Joseph Fuji J. H. Hannay J. Rofe S. Blackney J. Moore Geo. Willimott A. P. Hall, J.P. J. Darling & Son Joshua Evans John Formby Geo. Bridcman W. Bindley Webb D. Bower, M.P., J.P. H. Owen B. Davies W. C. Rowell R. H. Allen W. R. Cave. Wm. Russell Poit Adelaide, October 12, 1SS2. Gentlemen— I beg to thank you for the influential Memorial requesting me to oner myself as one of your Councillors for East Ward, and in response I shall have much pleasure in allowing myself to be nominated accordingly. Should I be elected I will use my best ende\vours for the benefit of the Ward in particular and the Port in general. There are several matters connected with the Ward to which my attention will be directed. Amongst others are Asphalting your Streets, Drainage, Lights (in Roads abuttinc on the Wharfs, placing St. Vincent-street and Commercial-road on the Schedule nf Jlain Roads, and making-up several streets. I think it necessary that the Port Corporation should be brought under the Act, so that any gentleman offering himself for Mayor should first serve as Councillor or Alderman. Again thanking you for the numerously signed requisition, I remain, yours, &c, S. MALTN. East Ward, Port Adelaide, October 16, 1&2. 231-1 TTNLEY CORPORATION. RATEPAYERS' LIST. NOTICE.— The Ratepayer -' List has been pre pared. Copies of same are on view at the Unley Inn, the Hyde Park Hotel, and the Post-Office, in Unley Ward ; the Town Hall, the Waverley Hotel, and the Post-Office, in Parkside Ward ; the Foun-' tain Inn, the Post-Office, and Bigg's Store, in Fol larton Ward ; the Goodwood Hotel, the Post-Office, and Greer's Store, in Gooihyood Ward. Any person whose name has been omitted from aforesaid list may claim to have it inserted thereon, and any person whose name appears on aforesaid list may object to any other person as not being entitled to haye his name retained thereon. Notice of claims to insert names, and of objections to names, must be lodged in the Town Clerk's Office ; as regards claimsnot later than the Ist.andasregardsobjections not later than the 3rd of November next. Claims and objections must be in the form prescribed by the Corporations Act ; copies of such forms may be obtained at the Town Clerk's Office Notice is further given tliat the Town Council will ait in the Town Hall as a Court to Revise the Ratepayers' List on the 15th of November next, at 7 o'clock afternoon, 'and will hear and determine upon any claims or objections lodged in the Office of the Town Clerk as aforesaid. By order, JOHN MILLER, Town Clerk. October 11, 1832. 2S71»z COHPAUIES AJTD SOCIETIES mHE ADELAIDE STEAMSHIP JL COMPANY, LDIITED. EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING. NOTICE is hereby given that an EXTRA ORDINARY GENERAL MEETING of the Ade laide Steamship Company, Limited, will be held at the Company's Registered Office, on North-terrace, in the City of Adelaide, on THURSDAY, the second day of November, 1SS2, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon precisely, for the objects of considering and sanctioning an increase by the Directors of the Company of its Nominal Capital, and of deter mining the extent to which, and the conditions upon which, such increase may be made, and of considering the advisability of increasing the number of Directors, and of altering the Articles of Association and making a New Regulation bo as to enable the number of Directors to be varied from time to time without a special resolution on each occasion, and of considering and (if bo determined) of passing the intended Resolutions of which a copy is subjoined, and which it is intended to propose at the meeting, and to have confirmed at a subsequent meeting. First. — The Directors of the Adelaide Steamship Company, Limited, may and they are hereby em powered to increase the nominal Capital of the Company from the sum of £100,000 to the sum of £300,000 by the issue of 20,000 New Shares of £10 each upon the conditions that thoso Shares shall be issued without any fixed or preferential Dividend over the original Capital of the Company, and that 6,700 of them may at the discretion of the Directors be from time to time issued at par as fully paid-up to such persons or Corporations and for such valuable considerations as the Directors shall ap prove, and that tho remainder of such new Shina may, at the discretion of the Directors, be from time to time issued to such persons or Corporations and for such valuable considerations as tho Directors shall approve, and as paid-up fully, or in part, and in other respects npon such conditions in conformity with the twelfth of the Articles of Association as the Directors shall from time to time determine. Second.— The Company hereby directs that, not withstanding the fifteenth of the Company's Articles of Association, all, or so many as tho Directors shall intbeir discretion think proper, of thesaid new Sharps may be offered in the first instance to persons or Corporations other than Shareholders of the Comcany. Third.— New Regulation—' 72a. To the exclusion from henceforth of the seventy-second of its Articles of Association, the Company may by resolutions passed at any General Meetings prescribe from timo to time the number of its Directors, and their num ber shall, until altered by some such resolution, be eight. Whenever tho Directors shall, by casual vacancies, or a casual vacancy, become fewer than the number for the time being prescribed, it shall be lawful for all or any (not being fewer than three) of such smaller number of Directors to transact, until such vacancies or vacancy shall have been duly filled up, all such business as the full prescribed number of Directors, or a quorum of them, might have transacted. Three of the Directors shall form a quorum.' D?.ted this icth day of October, ISSi Bv order of the Board of Directors. ik ' ? JOHN TURNBULL, Secretary. mHE SPENCER'S GULF STEAJI JL SHIP COMPANY, LIMITED. The THIRTEENTH ORDINARY GENERAL MEETING of SHAREHOLDERS in this Company will be held at the Company's Office, North-terrace, Adelaide, on the thirtieth day of October current, at 3.30 o'clock afternoon, to receive the Directors' Report for the past half-year, and to transact any other business wnich an Ordinary General Meeting is authorized to transact. The Books of Transfer will be Gcscd from the 24th to 30th current included. By order, JOHN TURNBULL, Secretary. Lipson-stroet, Port, October 13, 1SS2. 237,90,2 WOTICE.— ADJOURNED GENERAL JJI MEETING OF SHAREHOLDERS OF GRANGE RAILWAY AND INVESTMENT COMPANY, LIMITED, to October 30, 1SS2, at 12 o'clock. NOTICE is hereby given that at the General Meeting o! Shareholders held This Day it iras resolved that the Meeting be adjourned to October SO, 1SS2, at 12 o'clock. ABTHUB HARVEY, Commercial Chambers, Gilbert-place. October 16, 1SS2. 2903t301

COMPANIES AflD SOCIETIES nnHE ADELAIDE, UNLEY, AND JL MITUIAM TRAMWAY COMPANY, LIMITED. NOTICE is hereby yiren that at Gen» Meetings of the members of the above Company held on the 25th September, 1SS2, and on the 12th October, 1S32, the Directors were authorized to increase the present capital of the Company by the sum of £25,000, and for that purpose to ISSUE TWELVE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED NEW SHARES of Two Pounds each. Acting under this authority the Directors have resolved to at once offer the New Shares at par to the present Members on tho Register in the pro portion of one Share for each Share already held. The amount of Two Shillings and Sixpence a Share is payable on application. Applications must be made to the undersigned, at the undermentioned address, accompanied by a cheque for Application fee, as aforesaid, on or before the second day of November next, otherwise the cfer will be deemed to be declined, and the Shares will be disposed of in such manner as the Directors may think most beneficial to the Company. Forms of Application may be obtained from the undersigned. JAS. S. SCOTT, Secretary. Alfred Chambers, Adelaide, October 16, 1832. ? 290-1 ,3,6,8,300,4,6v mHE TOWN AND COUNTRY BANK. NOTICE is hereby given that the HALF YEARLY GENERAL MEETING of the SHARE HOLDERS will be held at the Town Hall Buildings, King William-street, Adelaide, on THURSDAY, the second day of November next, at 12 noon, to receive the Directors' report, and to transact all other matters that are necessary or the occasion may require. JOHN G. PITCHER, Manager. Adelaide, October 14, 1SS2. 2S9 91 DELAIDE AND GOODWOOD TRAMWAY COMPANY, LIMITED. NOTICE ia hereby given that a CALL of 6s. per Share has been this day_ made by the Directors of the above Company, and is payable to the Secretary at the Registered Office of the Company on or before the 25th day of October, 1SS2; and all Shares' in respect of which the said Call remains unpaid at or after the said date will bo liable to be absolutely forfeited to the Company. Dated the 11th day of October, 1S82. JAS. S. SCOTT, Secretary. Alfred Chambers, Currie-street. 2So,7,00,3,0,8v87 HE HOUSE, LAND, AND MORT GAGE COMPANY, LIMITED. Capital, £200,000. Subscribed Capital, £100,000, DiREcrons— S. D. Glyde, Esq., J.P., Chairman. W. Hamilton, Esq., J.P., Vice-Chairman. G. Howell, Esq., J.P. ; W. R. Cave, Esq., ? r W. HOI, Esq., J.P. Deposits received at Call or for Fixed Periods. At call, 6 per cent At 3 months, 5i do. At6 do., e do. W. G. P. JOYNER, Secretary. Gladstone Chambers ? . ? 282c CITY OF ADELAIDE LAND AND INVESTMENT CO. (LIMITED). Starters : William Everard, Esq., J.P., Chairman. T. Graves, Esq., J.P. I S. Newland, E q., M.P. - Hon. John Crozier, J.P. | WaIterReyneH,Esq.,J.P DEPOSITS RECEIVED~AT CALL OR FIXED PERIODS. AT CALL ? 4j PER CENT. '3 MONTHS .. ?? 5 ' ' '6 MONTHS ?? ?? 5l ' ' '12 MONTHS .. .. 6 ' ' H. Y. SPARKS, Secretary, . Ko. 10, Exchange. EDUCATION ? HERR R. T. WEIL, Teacher of the Pukofohte, Obgan, and Si.ngwg. Address Hurtle-square west. Terms moderate. 287thstll ANCLNG. — Professor WTVELL'S Instruction Classes in Town and Suburbs :— MONDAYS— Private Pupils and Classes. TUESDAYS— Glenelg, Misses Hanton's, at 3 p.m. ; E and 7 p.m., lecture Hall. WEDNESDAYS-Art Gallery, JUVENILE CLASS, 3 p.m. ; Waltz Class and Dansanto, 7.30 p.m. THURSDAY— Kent Town, Misse3 Tilly's, at 4 p.m.; Instruction Clas3, 7.30, Art Gallery, Bundle place, North-terrace. FRIDAY-Glenelg Institute, 2.45 p.m. SATURDAY MuRNING— Art Gallery, Class for Ladies in all Fashionable and Modem Dances, 9.30 a.m. Special appointments required for private lessons. Professor Wivell in attendance from 10 till 12 a.m., Art Gallery and Academie de Danse, Rundle-place, North-terrace. Professor Wivell's ' Ballroom Companion and Pupil's Self-Help,' price One Shilling. 287thsc ? IP?RCHAin)I8E ? Q N £_ A L E Offley's Port and Sherry Bead Brothers' Bulldog Ale ? ? ' Lager Beer— Ram's Head, Norwegian '' ' Bass's Ale, by Ihlera & Bell ' A Gninness's Stout, various bottlers Brandy— Otard, Texier Gerard, Merutts ?????' Whisky— Royal Blend, Bed Deer, Kilmamock . Burnett's Old Tom Gin .' \ i Whisky (Irish), Rye Vale . ' ' Stein Brothers' celebrated Wines, Ac. , . Heddle's Limejuice Cordial ? ! . . Champagne and Claret, varieus brand* Bell's Hams . . . ; ,?- Woolpacks, &c - : '.': , ; , ' ! : Lea and Perrin's Worcester Sauce , Paints, 4c . .?'?,]:'[? ?' .-??r- ? ? - -,??:?? Indents Executed. ; . ' ?:;?:; lBSthsc ' JOSEPH STTLLlrfa A CO nnHE Undersigned have' ON SALE, aa -*- Agents, now landing and to arriTe— Whisky (Moonlight Blend), in case and balk ?'?''? Brandy (Dubois, Fils, & Co.), in bulk Ale— Bass's, bottled by Griffin Stout— Guinness'?, bottled by Griffin. J PaiBts ' i Dried Cod Champagne— Camnset's , ~ Bags— All descriptions. , ? - Indents Execute! W. DUJbilELD &CO., ., IQlthse ? Cnrrtestreet, Adelaide. *.' JOHN WEBSTER & CO. Have ON S A L E— Whiskies (Scotch and Irish) of various brands, In bulk and case. Cement, Eesne's Superfine and Coarse. Comsacks. Branbags. ? : : ? ? Galvanized Iron (Emu), 54 and 28 G. Canvas. Yellow Metal (Muntz's,) ? &c, &c, &c 245c CATTO'S CELEBRATED SCOTCH WHISKY. In Bulk or Case. Prize Medal, Paris Exhibition 1S78. JOHN WEBSTEE & COY., 245cv ? Sole Agents for Australia. IP EORGE ROE & COY.'S HUSH O' WHISKY. In Bulk or Case (1 and 3 Stars). JOHN WEBSTEB & COY., gjBcr ? Agents. - ON SAL 11.'. Woolpacks, large, and Box Press ? : Wire, Drawn, Ncs. 8, 9, and 10 Cement, Brooks & Shoobridce's Do. Victoria or Crossed Trowels Galvanised Iron Corrimony Fencing. Strychnine New Zealand Hematite Paint ? Glacialine and Butter Preservative Zoedone : Pianos. Indents for all classes of Manufactures executed ? on reasonable terms in all parts of the world. . GEO. WILLS & CO., !J33thsa ? 27, Grenfell-street. TDISQUTC, DUBOUCHE, & CO.'S JLP SUPERIOR BRANDY. ON SALE by the undersigned Hogsheads Dark and Pale Qr.-Casks do. do. Cases One, Two, and Four Star Flaska and Half-Flasks Glass Barrels and Crystal Yats. ELDER, SMITH, & CO., 253thscvd Adelaide, Agents. TSLAT BLEND WHISKY.— Ship- JL ments of this fine old Whisky just landing. Customers can now be fnlly suppliei W. B. EOUNSEVELL & CO., Agents for South Australia, WM. McEWAN & CO.'S GLOBE BEER.— Shipments of this superior Alo now landing; guaranteed perfectly bright and in splendid condition. Undoubtedly the finest Ale In ihe market. W. B. EOUNSEVELL & CO., 166thsc Agent3 for South Australia. f\TTO SILENT GAS-ENGINES, Ah. p., HJ' I h.c, 3$ hj-., 6 h.p., and 8 h.p. Fencing Wire, Wire Nails, Capsules White Lead, White Zinc, Varnishe3 Dried Fruits, Candied Peel, Maizena Brandv— Jules Robin's and other French brands Hall k Son's Blasting Powder and Compressed Blasting Cartridges. Special Agescies. Ransomes' Machinery. Bostock's, Fl3tan*3, and Snow & Bennett's Boots and Shoes. 271thsc ? JAMES HILL, Grenfell-street. EOR SALE, Johnson's FENCING WIRE, Nos. 6 and 8 drawn iron, and No. 10 drawn steeL i62the ACEAMAN, SON, A CO.

LIMITED. HEAD OFFICE: GRMFELL-STEET, ADELAIDE. CAPITAL l;SioO5OOO, :, WITH POWER TO INCREASE. DIRicTORS: W. B. ROUXSEVELL, M.P., Chairman F. E. BDCKNALL, M.P. JOHN HILL, ESQ. ROBERT DARLING, J.P. W. K. SIMMS, J.P. SETH FERRY, ESo! WM. WHINHAM, ESQ. W. H. BEAN, Manager. WOOL SEASON 1882-83. We bee to announce that vre are prepared to receive consignments of the new clip of Wool either at onr Adelaide Warehouses, Grenfell-street, or Port Adelaide, Public sales will be held every week during the Eeason ; these sales are made for cash only, and account sales will be rendered with cheques immediately after the warehousekeeper has veighed the Wool. VALUATIONS. Prior to offering Wools for sale, either by public auction or privately, valuations will be made by experienced and competent valuers, and all lots, regardless of the size of the parcel, will be protected up to the full market value ; and where prices are not reached to the satisfaction of the owner, he can elect to ship to London, and obtain a liberal cash advance against the same. SALES ON COMMISSION ONLY. Growers are particularly requested to note that this Company do not buy Wool, bnt act as Agents and selling Brokers on commission only ; owners may therefore depend upon their interests being strictly looked after. INSURANCE. All Consignments to the Company will be fully insured, under open policies, on their arrival at the Warehouses. CASH ADVANCES. The Company will make cish advances on Wool and other Produce at any time of the year, free of commission; also on Farms and other Landed Properties. Will likewise advance Moneys to assist farmers to buy Land, Stations, Farms, or Pastoral Leases. CARRIAGE AND FREIGHT. We pay freight, carriage, and any other charges, on all Goods consigned to us, and take delivery either at Adelaide or Port Adelaide. SHEEPSKINS, HIDES, TALLOW, BARK, AND OTHER PRODUCE. Sales by public auction will be held each week throughout the year, and special attention, will be directed to this branch of their business. SHEARING AND OTHER REQUISITES. We Supply Woolpacks, Cornsacks, Twine, Fencing Wire, Galvanized Iron, Sheep ? shears, and other Shearing Requisites, at the Lowest Current Prices. SALE DAYS WOOL Every MONDAY, at 3 o'clock. SHEEPSKINS Every FRIDAY, at 10.30 o'clock. HIDES, TALLOW, fee., Every MONDAY, at 10.30 o'clock, .The Receiving Charge of Jd. abolished. All CHARGES SAME as LAST SEASON. BEAN BROTHERS, LIMITED, WOOL AND PRODUCE BROKERS, GRENFELL-STREET, ADELAIDE, ^.m^M VVUUL nnu niUUUuE yflLEg. COMPANY, LUTED. ? o ? '.:'? We have much pleasure in informing Woolgrowers, Batchers, and pthera that we have determined to give up the increased charges which were this Season agreed to by the Adelaide Woolbrokers, and to return to . ? ; . ;??'', '. OUR LOW SCALE OF LAST TEAR, being less than half the Melbourne rate. ...'..'''*?;? Rebate will be made to those who have already had Account! Sales at the higher rate. , . 7 ]'.'.'.- ?-' \ : FOR ELDER'S WOOL AND PRODUCE COMPANY, LIMITED; ^ S. R. WAKEFIELD, Manager. NOTICE TO WOOLGROWERS, BUTCHERS, AND OTHERS. LUXMOORPS WOOL WAREHOUSE UwlllII VW IlL ^s? 11 \J) %9 Om H ¥ I IB 1 Gail 1 %j) %& W iLaB ; In consequence of the great dissatisf action expressed by Woolgrowers at the ,? increased Scale of Charges lately adopted by the Adelaide Woolbrokers, we have ? decided to SELL all WOOLS and PRODUCE consigned to us for Sale on ! the Toasis of our OLD SCALE OF CHARGES. !-? LUXiSr& CO, LIMITED, j ,. J. ». SIBLING, Secretary. j 'NOW- READY THE HELM! STANDARD WINDMILL -K Is the CHEAPEST and MOST RELIABLE SELF /*M3 REGULATING WINDMILL EVER OFFERED. v m fa. ,.rPV ? Amongst the varied nse3 to which it can be profitably e- m f gr ~— s \ pnt besides the all-important one of raisuig water **ti) i ''^ ? » from any depth up to 300 feet is that of DRIVING P^ — \ C ;, *r- CHAFF MACHINES, GRIST MILLS, THRASHING V V-^kiiLa ** MACHINES, and, in fact, any ordinary light ' ^' jrM^ Machinery. The HALLADAY is perfectly safe in T*-'1 ' ?Ai'**~Sv~V *^e s'r0DSes'; f=ale- kfld always goes at the same Xu £ ' *- ' ||eV / speed. P^ ' ' JIrv *~l Approximate Capacity of 10-feet MilL «-?-- , ? - -r|S\ cf 500 350 200 galls, per hour jjs','-' . 'Ira1 ' S^ 25 feet 50 feet 100 feet elevation. ' ' w:'a, sole agents, A'. iKS MgLM br6s, eie, & co, Y -?- ''*\r^ ^^i 8I' 86- 88- 90- Htadley-sireet, ^£,-~^^^^s-toJ* ADELAIDE. 23Gthsc W- PENGELLEY, 130, RUMBLE. MB TA¥IST§€E OTIEETS. FCifEBALS PERFORMED E? TOWN OR COUNTRY on the Shortest Notice and Most Reasonable Terms. Price-list on application. USthacv HEARSES aad COACHES .LET co EIRE, COFFINS all sizes always on hand. ? ? ? ??' ' ?' '?'??' . . ' : ? ?

? TEHBBB8 ? ^ 110 WN OF PORT ADELAIDEv TKNDERS aro invited by the Town Council nntf o'clock p.m. on Thursday, tlie 10th day of Octcr -r, 1SS2. BaWnp Kerbinc ia CoTnmercialroad. Closet, Urinal, it, at Cemetery. Specifications and all particulars obtained at the' :own Surrevor's Office Neither the lowest nor any Tender necessarily ccepted. Tenders to be addressed to the Town Clert, ondl narked 'Tender for ? ' By order, B. H. LAKER, Town Cleifc. Town Clerk's Office, October 13, 1882. 2S7,00,2z rO SAND-CARTERS.— LOCKLETS. RIVER SAND.— TENDERS will be receite* 111 noon on Monday, October 23, 18S2, for— First AU the SAND in half tho Bed of the. Porrens on thenorthof Sections No. 97 and eastern :ortion of 144, being opposite to Sections 391 and. ;S2, on the Northern Bank of the Torrens. f-econd. All the SAND in the Bed of the Torrens. ictween western portion of Section 144 on tba jouth Bank and Section 411 on tho North Bank. ' All Sand to bo removed by 1st of May, 18S4... Farther particulars at ray Office No Tender necessarily accepted. E. SI. BAGOT, !DOthsc Frearson's Exchange, King William-streefc. SJOUTH AUSTRALIAN CRICKET O ING ASSOCIATION. TENDERS will bo received by tho undersigned in to noon on Thnrsilsy, October 19, for tho sole*. JIGHT of CATERING on tho OVAL for all Cup1 Hatches daring the eca?on. The largo and commo-. lious bar under the neir Grand Stand will be avail Ale for the Reserve, find the successful Tenderer rill be reqeired to provido a Booth for tho unra ;erved portions of tho groand. Highest Tender not lecessarily accepted. O. S. LEADER, Secretary, 2S5'§2 Imperial Chambers. . *? O BUILDERS.— TENDERS will W received by as until 12 o'clock noon of Monday,. ;he SOth inst., for the ERECTION of Eight WABB aOCSES in 1'IRIE-STREET, Adelaide. No Tender necessarily accepted. Drawing, &c, at our Office. WRIGHT & REED, Architects, Imperial Chambers, Kin; William-street, Adelaide*' ? October 16.' 1SS2. ? 29Q-S03 : THO BUILDERS.— TENDERS will be JL received up to noon of Saturday, 2Sta instant* 'or the ERECTION of a PARSONAGE in eoaneo ;ion with ST. JOHN'S CHUECH. Plans, Ac.,, ivith undersigned. No Tender necessarily accepted. FRANK H. CARTER, 280,2,4 Penn Chambers, 81, King William-street. I\O BUILDERS. — TENDERS re . quired up to tho tulh of October for the* ERECTION of two Fivo-Roomed VILLAS, FUL LARTON-ROAD. Plans and Specifications at C. J» Chester's, Freeman-street, Adeleide. N.B.— No Tender necessarily accepted. 2301 TO BUILDERS.— TENDERS are in vited l'ntil noon of Thursday, tho 26th, for BUILDING a RESIDENCE on PENMNGTON rERRACE, North Adelaide. Plans and Speciflca- , tions may be seen at this Offiie. Neither the lowesfc nor any Tender necessarily accepted. D. GARLICK, Architect Register Chambers, Adelaide, October 10, 1SS2. ? . ? £55ths89 npENDERS will be received at th& JL Office of the undersigned (where Plans and ? Specifications may be seen) until noon of Saturday, October 21, for the ERECTION of a VILLA at BRIGHTON. No Tender necessarily accepted. THOS. H. SMEATON, Architect, SS3thsS2 Marshall Chambers. Bundle-street. EXTENSION OF TIME, REPAIRS TO GLENELG BATHS. TIME for receiving TENDERS for above is hereby EXTENDED until noon of Tuesday, the 17th inst W. F. DE MOLE, C.E. Torrens Chambers, Victoria-square west. 287'SO TENDERS for ERECTION of RESI DENCE and Stables in ANGAS-STEEETfpr C. B. Hardy, Esq., will ba received at our Office till coon of Saturday, October £1. No Tender necessarily accepted. HENDERSON & SIARRYAT, Architects and Surveyors, 287'M Insurance Chambors, No. 2, Pirie-stTeet. EXTENSION OP TIME.— TENDERS- JCJ for tho Solo PJcht of CATERING, witb Bight of Publican's Booth, to the AMALGA MATED CATHOLIC SOCIETIES' PICNIC on. November 9, 16S2, will ba received up to Tuesday,. October 17, 18S2. No Tender necessarily accented. P. A. ENRIGHT, Hon. Sec, 287 '90 ? Freeman-street -' O BUILDERS.— TENDERS will be ? received until noon of Saturday, tho 21st, for the ERECTION of Four-Roomed COTTAGE neat Convalescent Homo, SEMAPHORE, and Building ADDITIONS to COTTAGE at MELLORPABK. Plans and Specifications at our Office. No Tender necessarily accepted. SMITH, DOSWELL, & CO., 289-93 Eagle Clumbers, Adelaide. ? ITHENDERS are invited until noon of X Monday, the SOth instant, for BUILDINGS KITCHEN, largo DINING-ROOM, BEDROOMS.. Two OVENS, TANK, &c, &c, at CANOWIB STATION. Plans and Specification can be seen at the Bon Accord note!, Aberdeen, and the Globe Hotel, Jamestown ; and at my Office, where Tendera will he received. No Tender necessarily accepted. W. H. CAMPBELL, SEN., Architect, October 11, ISSi Pirie-strett, Adelaide. - ? 2SGtf3C0y8£_ ? . mENDERS are invited till tho 24th JL inst. for PAINTING, &c, to be done at tho LADY FERGUSSON HOTEL, CURRIE-STBEET. Specifications at Kent Town Brewery, or the Hotel. 2S7thst» mENDERS are invited up till Saturday, Jl October 21, for MAKING ADDITIONS to~ RESIDENCE at Fullarton for Mr. E. Williams. Plans and Specifications at Hyde Park Hotel,. Unley. 2S7.90.2 O FARMERS AND OTHERS.— TENDERS aro invited until Wednesday, 18th. ' inst., for the CUTTING, CARTING, and STACK ING at the Mitcham Dairy Company's Farm, of about SO Acres of HAY, now growing at Springfield,. Upper Mitcham. Full particulars on application to ? 284-01 HARDY &IRVTIN, Upper Mitcham. TO BUILDERS, CONTRACTORS,. AND OTHERS.— The undersigned are me pared to supply first-class BLUE BUILDING— r STONE and KERBS at their Quarry, closo to the Mitcham Dairy, Upper Mitcham. Apply to Hardy' and Irwin.Lpper Mitcham; or the Foreman at the Quarry. ? 209c TO ARCHITECTS, BUILDERS, TIMBER MERCHANTS, AND OTHERS. . The Undersigned, bavins erected the most com plete plant of WOOD-WORKING MACHINERY in South Australia, are novr prepared to execute orders for DOORS, SASHES, FRAMES, MOULD- - Hf as, &c, and all kinds of JOINERY, at LOWEST BATES. Estimates unpplied on application for the- whole of Woodwork prepared ready for fixing iof any description of Buildinfr, &c WILLIAM PETT & SON, KENT TOWN STEAM SAWMILLS AND JOINERY WORKS, Bundle and Cappbb Siseets, ? KENT TOWN. ? 182d mo THE CONTRACTOR OF PAR. ? IIAMENT HOUSES. tm BONUS £600 ' X£00 BONUS £&Wr V ft TO THE CONTRACTOB ' '' '. - , that oses the . I ,- CHOICE WHITE FREESTONE ,T^~ ( Jrom my Quarry in the . ' -^1& , j PABLIAMENT H0USE& '-v r ' — i \ STONE SUPPLIED ON THE WOBKS, ,' ; / _ Any dimensions, 'i. ! ''''?? ' *-&* TWO'SHtLLrNGS AND SIXPENCE A OTBSS?*' -\~ FOOT. ? ^»'- S. V. PEEY, MAGIIX qUAEBY CO., ZSOthse ? MAGItt MACLEAN'S PATENT COLUMN* for VERANDAHS, BALCONIES, Mil* other ersenonfl. Possess strength, darabHfty, high finish, an»i ? OvirTTr^Si00^8^1538^^^- ' E3tiiO3t«3 given nsd costrscij taSen ANGUS MACLEAN, Ironfounder Bole Pai«n&» In Victoria n=d South Austr Eo!o Arent : ISSthso GEO. E. FULTON. Petl-street CABEHBB, Co. ' Wfl. icGULLOOil & C(L' LEIVSED, . ??..?-?:.? : GENERAL CARRIERS, 'V INSURANCE & SHIPPING AGENTS, PROPRIETORS OF THE UNIVERSAL ' PARCELS EXPRESS. Agents for Murray, Mnrrciahid209, and Darlirer' Biver Steamers, »«*?». Goods and Parcels forwarded to all parts ol ti» ' world. ..;?? Adelaide Office— Greafell-rirest, threo doors weifc - of Freeman-street. fa -; _ TRELEAVEH & 00811, \:- RAILWAY & GENERAL 0ARKIEItl5- At all STATIONS on the POET PIEIE and TEBOWnt EATLWAY and at the BUHBA. — - Gooaa Carted to or froa various pato cf tho HorUi.'s oy Teams.. . ?-,,.'-- Superior Wharf are and EtoH^a tsxcamoSsilkg*''* at Port Pirie, affording ertry facility for ths shin- '' pine Duaneas. - ?? . diSafched? CCtmBtea '' °ar ^ ^ b3 &**?&* , Adelaide Agency, W. BEADLEY & CO. Port Adelaide Agency, W. L. DICKSON.