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MEDICAL ftfrik^ THE GREAT ^m\l CERMJUpEDY. WHAT IS ST. JACOBS OIL? WHERE CAN YOU CET IT? Read and you will Enow. ST. JACOBS OIL IS THE GREAT GERMAN REMEDY FOB THE CURE OF RHEUMATISM, SCALDS, NEURALGIA, SPRAINS, BACKACHE, SWELLINGS, BURNS, BRUISES, CORNS, BUNIONS. DIPHTHERIA, CROUP, ASS ALL KINDS OF HOUSEHOLD ACCIDENTS, &c. ST. JACOBS OIL. ST. JACOBS OIL ST. JACOBS OIL THE GREAT PUZZLE. The expression is daily heard concerning some one or another— 'he is a great puzzle to his friends'— and it generally applies with special fitness. And as with men, so it is with things and events. There are thousands of circumstances con stantly occurring, and substances, the effects of whose use are daily before our eyes, which puzzle the keenest-vritted and farthest-seeing of mankind. Chief among these mystifying agents is ST. JACOBS OIL, the Old and EVER-POPULAR* GERMAN REMEDY. The universal conundrum is — 'What is St. Jacobs Oil? And the answer from myriads of the earth's grateful inhabitants is —St. Jacobs Oil is the most wonderful and healing remedy the world has ever seen for the immediate relief and cure of Rheumatism, Neuralgia, and all painful diseases. PUZZLED DOCTORS.— Its remarkable action has mystified the doctors more than any remedy which has come under their observation. It has been a new experience to see cases given up by them to years of hopeless sufferiny»and torture and even tual death yield at once to the almost magical influence of the St. Jacobs OH. And it has been a most serious puzzle to them to discover the virtues of that potent remedy which ha3 rescued their patients from Rheumatism and other specie3 of painful diseases, without leaving a single ill-effect behind, whilst they themselves could do next to nothing. PUZZLED PATIENTS.— Not the less puzzled and delighted are the sufferers themselves. A nun or woman bedridden for months or years, it may be, with a painful complaint, as Rheumatism and Neuralgia, is naturally incredulous concerning any ' new thing' recommended for their ailment. They hesitate, feeling they will get no better by the old routine of treatment, and fearing the ' new thins' will not do the thing promised. St. Jacobs Oil has passed through this ordeal of hesitancy; but in every case has achieved a triumphant success, and has had its virtues praised in consequence by the puzzled and now rejoiced sufferers. Sudden and acute attacks and the chronic and desperate cases have alike yielded to its mystifyirg but soothing and rapid influence. Thousands who have thus stood between the desert of strong medicine and the deep sea of suffering have chosen a medium of deliverance in the adoption of St. Jacobs Oil, and never in a single instance with regret. PLEASED PEOPLE.— Nor are the people them selves slow in endorsing the St. Jacobs Oil, on account of their observation of its wonderful Tenievlial virtue in the cases of their friends and acquaintances who have used it and been benefited thereby. They see in it a remedy for the prevention of sickness and suffering, whose power and efficacy stand proved, and which doe3 not call for needless and wasteful expenditure of time and money to establish whether or not it is the medicine for the ailment. And this idea of the prevention of disease, by promptly removing the cause of it in the beginning, is taking very serious hold on all classes of people ; and quite pro perly, for thereby time and money are saved, and frequently life itself. Among medicinal agents none can hold so high a claim to the successful preven tion of Rheumatism, Neuralgu, and aU painful diseases as the St. Jacobs OiL It is certainly a simple means of averting sickness and suffering, and easy of use. Thousands urton thousands are follow ing this very safe plan, and' the pleasant paragraphs we are constantly receiving from such convey the liveliest and truest expressions of gratitude and satisfaction resulting from the frequent use of St. Jacobs Oil. PRAISES OF TIIE PRESS.— Never before has it been the enviable fortune of any medicinal pre paration to be so widely noticed by the Press of the country as has been St. Jacobs OiL Not on'y have thousands of papers of local influential bearing given unqualified mention of its remarkable efEcacv, but the representative journals of the land have honoured the Great German Remedy by the ex tended editorial expressions of its rare worth, and the bestowal of their influential endorsements as tr- its wonderful pain-relieving and healing qualities. Among the very large number of such we would mention the Chicago Tribune, Times and Inter Ocean; the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Leader; Peck's Sun, of Milwaukee; Louisville Commercial; Washington (D.C.) Critic; the San Francisco Demo crat, and very many others of like merit and in finence. Among its upholders we select at random a very few representative cases, and a sentence or two from their extended testimonials as to the efficacy of the remedy :-rr . . -.,??.. iThe Right Rev. Bishop Giuiocr,! Cleveland, Ohio :— 'Excellent for Rheumatism and kindred 'diseases. It has benefited me greatly.' :Prof. TlCE^tie renownea Meteorologist, Si. Louis, Mo. :— ' Almost instant relief from excrucia ting pain.' The ailment was Acute Neuralgia of the Chest, and looked upon as well-nigh hopeless by the attending physician. Remembering St. Jacobs Oi lead served *'»' splendidly in Ricum:disin, the Pro ifssor had the remedy applied to his chest on a upth, and was cured in ono hcur. The ruiief was ?nstantaneous. Captaix Paul Boitos, the renowned Swimmer — ' I do not see how I could'get along without St. Jacobs OIL' WSi. H. Wareixg, Asst General Superintendent N«wYcik Post-Office:— 'Proved equal to all that is claimed for the Oil, and found efficacious. Ready relief for rheumatic complaints.' Hox. Thojias L. James, while Postmaster of New \crk City, in referring to Superintendent Wareing's report concerning St. Jacobs On, says : ' I concur.' Peof. C. O. Dcplessis, Manager of the Gvin ruiMura, Chicago, DL:— 'Our professionals and Mcateurs use it in preference to everything we tnow »f or have ever tried.' * ^AiM-Ct4 U- GlVE-v- Es-«- Chief of PoUce- Phila delphia, Pa. :-' Csed St. Jacobs OU in my family for various painful ailments with excellent iVssnW' nX?' v^' x- lHiSG- ^1' Superintendent of Police, N ew \ ork City :-?? Member of this Depart mtct relieved of Bheumatism by its use.' p»n;\?7 -s 1L^ ^fi* Mt' Aukurn Inclined Plane ££&£ES»Ohio --?' ™-'*ted!y it is a N^V^t^iS^cfr^r^b^ remedy of the kind I have ever fc-own^^ tte be5t - S'reJ*^^ a' representatives of a constituency justly to be proud of. There remains but one thin^ for If the reader be a sufferer mS would surprise and puzzle himself, or anv of bis suffenrg fnends, he should at once procure a bottle of St Jacobs Oil, and by its o»e experience a reTeS tk'n of enmfort, test, and relief which the (Md German Remedy at once ensures, with cure as the certain outcome. St. Jacobs Oil is for sale by Druceists and Dealera in Medicine everywhere at 2s. ed. a bottle. Direc tions in eleven languages accompany each bottle. Do not let any one substitute sorce otber prepara tions under the plea that they are similar or just as good, but insist upon havin? ST. JACOBS OIL. Wholesale by all the leading houses in South Aus tralia, and by P. FALK & CO., 244-73 GAWLEB-PLACE, ADELAIDE.

? Axrcnctta ABSTRACT of SALES by ATJCHaHT THIS DAT. Matters & Co.— At TJnley, at half -past two Land. : ? Baixamine & Smith.— At Burnside, at three Land. : Towssekd & Son. — At their Mart, at eleren— Pot Plants, Poultry. D. W. Melvik.— At his Hart, at eleven— Miscel- laneous Goods. J. Poet.— At Goueer-street, at two— Building Materials, Timber, Tools, Furniture, -fea E.1 Lacghtos & Co.— At the Hide and Skin Market, at half -past ten — Sheepskins, Hides, -fcc ? ABSTRACT OF SALES BY AUCTION ? BY mOWNSEND & SON. SATCBDAY, September 23.— At the Mart, at 11 o'clock — Choice Pot, Climbing, and Border Plants, Flowering Shrubs, Bulbs, die., &c, Choice Prize Poultry. MONDAY, September 25.— At Mr. J. OXearys Melbourne Boarding House. Tavistock Buildings. Bundle-street, at 11 o'clock— All the Household Furniture and Effects. TUESDAY, September 26.— At Messrs. H. Muecke and Co.'s Free Stores, Port Adelaide, at 11 o'clock —40 Cases Orb Corrugated and Queen's Head Flat Galvanized Iron, just arrived per Cambrian Princess, from London. At the Mart, at 2.30 o'clock p.m.— Gippsland Ferns, Fern Vases, Fem Baskets, &c, &c, &c WEDNESDAY, September 27.— At Jthe Mart, at 12 o'clock— Charming Eesidence at Unley Park, known as Mr. Hatt's property. Valuable Business Sites and Dwelling-House in the centre of the Important Corporate Town of Unley. Valuable Allotments of Land at the corner of the Unley road and Hughes-street in the Township of North Unley, 1} miles from Adelaide. First-class Nine roomed House, with Outbuildings, &c, &c. Also, Vacant Allotments of Land fronting California Street, Nailswortn. At 2 o'clock— Splendid As sortment of Glassware. THUBSDAY.'September 28.— At Mr. Arthur Bean's Residence, St. Jlary's, South-road, at 12 o'clock — Horses, Cows, Pigs, Poultry, Wagonette, Buggies, Drays, Harness, Acricultural Implements, House hold Furniture and Effects, and SO Acres Growing Crop of Wheat. FRIDAY, September 29.— At the Mart, at 2 o'clock Valuable Allotments in the Township of Parkside South. MONDAY, October 2.— At the Mart, at 11 o'clock Household Furniture, Miscellaneous Goods and Sundries, Books, &c. WEDNESDAY, October 4.— At the Mart, at 12 o'clock— Land, Dwelling-Houses, and places of business, all situate in Goodwood West, offered to the Public in one Lot as a grand investment and speculation. Properties in Hyde Park, Albert Park, Port Pirie West Extension, Lucindale, Fulham, Pinda, Plympton Park, Glanville, Alber ton, and other places. Land and Houses in Hyde Park, 2 miles from Adelaide. ON EARLY DAYS TO BE NAMED.— At the Mart — Grand Business Sites in the centre of the Go ahead Country Township of LobethaL Highly Valuable Block of Land at Glenela. At the Port, Shipment of Cross Keys Galvanized Iron. For full and detailed particulars refer to Adver tisements which appear from time to time in the daily newspapers {Register and Advertiser), or apply to the Auctioneers TOWNSEND & SON, Auctioneers. THIS DAY (Saturday), September 23. AT THE MAET, AT 11 O'CLOCK. t& CHOICE POT, CLIMBING, AND BORDER PLANTS, FLOWERING SHRUBS. ?§& TO GENTLEMEN PLANTING, FLORISTS GARDENERS, AND OTHERS. TOWNS E~N D & S ON are favoured with instructions to sell, at their Mart, as above — ! A Choice Collection of POT PLANTS, including Climbing and Border Plants and Flowering , Shrubs. i ? For sale to the highest bidder. . THIS DAY (Saturday), September 23, ' at 11 o'clock. AT THE MART. HIGH-CLASS POULTRY. TOWNS E?D & SON are instructed to sell by auction, as above About 30 Pens of First-class POULTRY, com prising— ? Dark ana Light Brahmas : Partridge, white and Buff Cochins Dorkings, Dnckwing Bantams, &c ? ? On MONDAY, September 25, at 11 o'clock. AT MR. J. OXEARY'S MELBOURNE BOARD ING-HOUSE, TAVISTOCK BUILDINGS, KUNDLE-STBEET. CLEARING-OUT SALE. ALL THE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS. TO LODGING-HOUSE-KEEPERS, PARTIES FURNISHING, FURNITURE DEALERS, AND OTHEKS. TOWNSEND & SON have received instructions to sell, as above— AU the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS. ?-..-_ Entirely without Reserve. On TUESDAY, September 26, at 11 o'clock. . AT MESSRS. H. MUECKE & CO.'S FREE STORES, PORT ADELAIDE. ; UNDER INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE IMPORTERS. JUST ARRIVED PER CAMBRIAN PRINCESS, FROM LONDON. ? ? 4:0 CASES- - ? OBB CORRUGATED AND QUEEN'S HEAD FLAT GALVANIZED IRON. TO MERCHANTS, BUILDERS, IRON MONGERS, AND OTHERS. TOWN S I~N~D '..'A'' SON are favoured with instructions from the importers to sell by auction, at Messrs. H. Muecke and Co.'s Free Stores, Port Adelaide, on Tuesday, September 26, at 11 o'clock—* ' ~~ , A Quantity of GALVANIZED IRON, as , under: — ?-'?? -???_[' ORB CORRUGATED. 24-Gange. ?- ??? ?'??-'' 26-Gauge. i 1 case, 5 feet. — 2 cases, 5 feet. 3 do., 6 do. 6 do., 6 do. - 3 do., 7 do. 6 do., 7do. - ? 3 do., 8 do. ? 6. do., 8. do. 2 do., 9 do. ? - i do.; 9 do. * ? QUEEN'S HEAD FLAT. : 2 cases, 6 x 24 x 28 ? --?-- ? 2 do., 6x30x28. Es Cambrian Princess, just arrived from Lon'Ion. On TUESDAY, September 26. AT THE MART, AT 2J0 O-'CLOCK, P.M. JUST ARRIVED PER S.S. SOUTH AUSTRALIAN, GIPPSLAND FERNS, GIPPSLAND FERNS. FERN-TREES. FERN VASES. FERN BASKETS. STAGHOEJf FERXS. FERN-TBEE ORNAMENTS. &c, &c, &c TOWNS END' & SON are favoured with instructions from' Mr. Joseph Sands to sell by auction, at their Mart, on Tuesdav, September 26, at 2.30 o'clock p.m-— A Choice Assortment of GIPPSLAND FERNS, Fern-trees, Fern Vases, ;Fem Baskets, Stag horn Ferns, Fern-tree Ornaments, &c, &c. Just arrived direct from Gippsland. ? On view at onr Mart. - On WEDNESDAY, September 27. : AT THE MART, AT 12 O'CLOCK. SPECIAL AND IMPORTANT NOTICE TO CAPI TALISTS, SPECULATORS, EJVESTOaS.PAfi TIES ON THE LOOK-OUT FOR A SPLENDID BESIDES CE IN EVERY PARTICULAR,, AND OTHERS. K3' THE MOST CHARMING AND DELIGHT tCL RESIDENCE IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA. '51 KNOWN AS MR. JAMES HATTS PROPERTY. SITUATE IN THE MOsT PICTURESQUE POR TION OF UNLEY PARK, IMMEDIATELY BETWEEN THE EXISTING AND PROPOSED LINES OF TRAMWAY. T0WNSE~N~D & SON are favoured with instructions to sell, at their Mart, on Wednesday, September 27, aS 12 ° All that VALUABLE CORNER BLOCK of LAND, being Allotments Nos. 16, 17, and. IS of Portion of the Subdivision of Section No. 236, Hundred of Adelaide, situate at ? - j UNLEY PARK, ' ' having a frontage together of 347 feet to Avenue road by a depth of 170 ft 3 in., together with the REALLY .. . SPLENDID - 1 . . . . DWELLING ! ???- - HOUSE of Six Rooms, besides Bathroom, Cellar, and Verandah : also, .- ? — - ! STABLES, ' ' . ) COACHHOUSEr - ! -..: :-?::. '.:i:S. ?..'. .andother: I ??? : . W OUTBUILDINGS . erected thereon. ? The Auctioneers unhesitatingly describe this Properlv as, without exception, the MOST CHARMING and DELIGHTFUL RESIDENCE ia South Australia. There is a small but NICELY LAID OUT GARDEN at the side and front of the House. WA7EE is laid .on. A CREEK, which almost incessantly flows, winds through the Land at a- convenient distance from the 'House, over which a SMALL BRIDGE has been constructed, which gives a EEAUTIFCLLY RUSTIC AP PEARANCE to the Grounds. The whole of the Land is THICKLY COVERED with TIMBER, and several riist-class houses, the residences of Messrs. Charles Farr, Simon Harvey, Michell, Minchin, and others are to be seen through the trees. Any body unacquainted with its position while stand ing on the land would not know but that the property was situated far into the country. THE DISTANCE FROM ADELAIDE TO THIS PROPERTY IS, AS NEAB AS POSSIBLE, 2J MILES. The Adelaide, Unley, and Mitcnam TRAMWAY CABS run to within about 500 yards of this Pro perty, and ere long TRAMWAY CABS -.. WILL RUN . ' DIRECT - ? o FBOM - ADELAIDE TO THIS LAND. A Company for this purpose has been formed and coated some time. ?' AU the adjoining Land has been taken lip at Tery nisnpnecs ly parties who most probably will erect snhstantial and sightly Houses in the locality. As A MGRE TRULY LOVELY SPOT COULD NOT , FOSSIBLY BE FOUND. site Acrtioreeis desire that any who may be in

APCTI0B8 search of a really charming Property which, 'while' possessing ALL THE ADVANTAGES that accrue to land situate in the CENTRE of an IMPORTANT CORPORATE TOWN, has also all the rharma which belong to the best of Country Residences may view the Property, and they CANNOT FAIL TO BE CHARMED by the inspection. Capitalists, Speculators, Investors, and Others would also do well to take a look over the Property. CARDS TO VIEW MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE AUCTIONEERS. TITLE— REAL PROPERTY ACT. VERY T.TKKKAT. TERMSCAN BE ARRANGED ALSO, ! At the same time and place — A Very Valuable ALLOTMENT of LAND, portion of Block No. 29, of the same subdivision, immediately at the rear of the above (100 x 194). LITHOGRAPHIC PLANS are now ready, and may be obtained at our Mart. On WEDNESDAY, September 27. AT THE MART, AT 12 O'CLOCK. EXTREMELY VALUABLE ALLOTMENTS OF LAND AND HOUSE PROPERTY. SITUATE IN THE VERY CENTRE OF THE IMPOR TANT CORPORATE TOWN OF UNLEY. FRONTAGES TO THE UNLEY-ROAD AND SYMON'S-PLACE. SURROUNDED BY DWELLING-HOUSES, SHOPS, AND PLACES OF BUSINESS. THE ONLY LAND IN THE CENTRE OF THIS IMPORTANT TOWN THAT HAS NOT BEEN SUBMITTED IN ALLOTMENTS. PARLIAMENT HAS JUST VOTED THE LARGE SUM OF £11,500 FOR THE PURPOSE OF WIDENING AND THOROUGHLY MAKING THE UNLEY-BOAD. WATER LAID On! GAS AVAILABLE. EXACTLY TWO mtiyrr FROM ADELAIDE. TELEGRAPHIC COMMUNICATION. POSTAL DELIVERY. . POLICE PROTECTION. ALLOTMENTS FRONTING THE UNLEY-ROAD AND SYMON'S-PLACE. VALUABLE HOUSE AND OUTBUILDINGS SITUATE ON LAND, 150 FEET X 138 FEET FRONTING SYMON'S-PLACE, KNOWN AS THE RESIDENCE OF THE LATE PETER JEWELL. THE HOUSE IS OLD, BUT VERY SUB STANTIAL; THE INSIDE IS COMFORTABLE, CONVENIENT. AND THOROUGHLY DRY THERE ARE FIVE ROOMS, VIZ., TWO LARGE ROOMS, KITCHEN, SMALL BED ROOM, AND CHTLDBEN'S BEDROOM, BE SIDES LOBBY, HALL, AND PASSAGE. THERE IS A VERANDAH AT FRONT AND SIDE OF HOUSE. WASHHOUSE AND DAIRY AT THE BACK: ALSO, LARGE SIZED WORKSHOPS AND OTHER OUT ? BUILDINGS. THE LAND IS PLANTED. THIS HOUSE IS AT PRESENT LET AT 203. PER WEEK TO A VERY GOOD TENANT; IT WILL CERTAINLY ALWAYS COMMAND A GOOD RENTAL. THE AUCTIONEERS DESIRE THAT INTEND ING PURCHASERS WILL INSPECT THE HOUSE PRIOR TO THE SALE. TRAMCARS PASS THE PROPERTY EVERY HALF-HOUR, AND WITHIN A FEW WEEKS WILL BE DOING SO EVERY FIFTEEN MINUTES. THESE ALLOTMENTS ARE SITUATE OPPO SITE THE CREMORNE HOTEL. AND NEARLY OPPOSITE THE UNLEY TOWN TTATX. THE MUNICIPALITY OF UNLEY NOW ENJOYS EVERY ADVANTAGE THAT THE crry of Adelaide does, and conse quently LAND SITUATE WITHIN ITS BOUNDARIES IS ABSOLUTELY DAILY IN CREASING IN VALUE. IN A VERY SHORT SPACE OF TIME THE UNLEY-ROAD WILL BE THE SAME AS THE PARADE AT NORWOOD, INASMUCH AS THERE WILL NOT BE A VACANT BLOCK OF LAND ON EITHER SIDE OF THE ROAD FBOM ADELAIDE TO UNLEY PARK, AND WILL SURPASS THE PABADE IV THE RESPECT THAT IT IS MUCH NEARER TO ADELAIDE. IN A FEW MONTHS BUSINESS SITES IN THE CENTRE OF THE TOWN OF UNLEY WILL COMMAND FICTITIOUS PRICES. BUY - BEFORE THE INEVITABLE RISE TAKES PLACE. , UNLEY IS NOT A MERE TOWNSHIP. BUT A FLOURISHING TOWN. TITI.T8 — TCT!AT. PROPERTY ACT TERMS— 20 PER CENT. DEPOSIT; THE BALANCE BY ACCEPTANCES AT 3, 6, 9, AND 12 MONTHS, BEARING INTEREST AT THE RATE OF 7 PER CENT. PER ANNUM. LITHOGRAPHIC PLANS ARE NOW READY, AND MAY BE OBTAINED AT OUR MART. TOWNS E~Wj) & SON are favoured with instructions from the Proprietors to positively sell by auction, at their Mart, on Wednesday, September 27, at 12 o'clock — The above-mentioned VALUABLE ALLOT MENTS cf LAND and HOUSE PROPERTY. On WEDNESDAY, September 27. AT THE MART, AT 12 O'CLOCK. TIRST-CLASS NINE-ROOMED HOUSE, WITH OUTBUILDINGS, &c, SITUATE IN CALI FORNIA-STREET, NAILSWORTH. FIVE MAGNIFICENT ALLOTMENTS IN NAILSWORTH. TO CAPITALISTS, SPECULATORS. PARTIES IN SEARCH OF A REALLY FIRST-CLASS HOUSE IN A CONVENIENT SUBURB, IN VESTORS, AGENTS. AND OTHERS. TOWNSEND & SON are favoured witn instructions to sell, at their Mart, on Wednesday, September 27, at 12 o'clock — : Lot i. AH that Valuable BLOCK of LAND, No. I, being portion of the subdivision of Section No. 346, Hundred of Yatala, situate at . ? NAILSWORTH, having a frontage of 150 feet .to California-street by a deptb of 103 feet, with a road at the back, on which is erected a first-class Nine-Roomed House, also Outbuildings. Tank, Cellar,- &c Water laid on ; wall in front of House, and fence all round. -This property is situate only 615 feet from the main ? North-road. Note. — This is known as Fuller's Property. Title-Real Property Act. £400 can remain on mortgage for two years at 7 per cent. - This Property would command a splendid rental Lot 2. All those Valuable ALLOTMENTS of LAND, Nos. 2, 3, and 4, portion of the same subdivision, each having a frontage of 50 feet to California street by a depth of 106 feet, with, road at back ; immediately adjoining Lot 1. Title— B.P. A. Terms— 20 per cent deposit ; the balance by acceptances at three and six montb.3, bearing interest at 7 per cent, per unnnny Lot 3. AH those Valuable ALLOTMENTS of LAND Nos. 5 and 6, each having a frontage of 57 feet to California-street by a depth of 106 feet. Title— B.P.A. Terms— 20 per cent deposit, the balance by acceptances at three and six months, bearing interest at 7 per cent per annum. Note.— Lots 1, 2, and 3 win either be offered together or separately, as intending purchasers may wish ; and the whole property will be sold entirely free from encumbrances. THE TRAMWAY BILL HAS PASSED THE HOUSE, AND THE CARS WILL BUN WITHIN A FEW YARDS OF THIS PROPERTY. ? ?, A Plan showing the exact position of the various Lots for sale may be inspected at our Mart For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers On WEDNESDAY, September 27. AT THE MART, AT 12 O'CLOCK. IMPORTANT TO CAPITALISTS, SPECULA TORS, INVESTORS, PERSONS REQUIRING A SPLENDDO RESIDENTIAL SITE, TRADES PEOPLE IN ANY LINE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR AN ELIGIBLE BUSINESS SUB, AND OTHERS. GRAND LARGE-SIZED BLOCK OF LAND AT THE CORNER OF THE UNLEY-BOAD AND HUGHES-STBEET, IN THE TOWNSHIP OF NORTH UNLEY. . . ; li MILES FBOM THE POST-OFFICE, i ; - ADELAIDE. TOWNS E~~N~D & SON .-. are' favoured ?with instructions from the owner to sell by auction, at the Auction Mart, on ?^Wednesday, September 2T, at 12 o'clock— AU those exceedingly Valuable ALLOTMENTS of Land. Nos. 76, 77, and7S (FOBMING A COBNER BLOCK), situate at NOR7H UNLEY. 1J MILES FBOM THE G.P.O., ADELAIDE, having a frontage together of 207 feet to the Unley road and the Mitcham tramline, and a frontage of 200 feet to Hughes-street, with a 20-feet road at the back. ? KM Water laid ori. Gas available. A MAGNIFICENT BLOCK OF LAND IN EVERY PARTICULAR. NOTE.— Blocks of Land of considerably less depth and no back roads, situated the samo distance from the city, Norwood way, are realizing something like £20 per foot frontage. — Title— BJ.A. Terms can be arranged. A Plan showing the exact position of the Allot ments may be inspected at our Mart. On WEDNESDAY, September 27. AT THE MART, AT 12 O'CLOCK. THE GREAT TOWNSHIP OF NORTH UNLEY, which must surpass Norwood before many years. ALLOTMENTS NOS. 103 AND 104 SITUATED THEREIN. TO CAPITALISTS, SPECULATORS, INVES TORS, PARTIES IN SEARCH OF MAGNI FICENT BUILDING SITES WHEREON TO BUILD A SUBUBBAN RESIDENCE, AND OTHEES. TOWNSEND & SON are favoured with instructions to seH, at tbeir Mart, on Wednesday, September 27, at 12 o'clock— ALLOTMENTS Nos. 103 and 104, situated in Nei wood's rival, THE TOWNSHIP OF NORTH UNLEY, having a frontage together of feet to Hughes *t« et l.y a drpth rf feet, with a 20-feet road at tte Urk. ?Within a stone's throw of the Tramline. Title, R.P.A. Terms at Sale. A FisDthowiEg xte tract position of the Allot ntMs E-sy te inflected at ? r Hart.

ATTCTIOgS On WEDNESDAY, SeDtember 27. 7 ? AT THE MART, AT 2.30 O'CLOCK P.M. A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF GLASSWARE. TO GLASSWAREMEN, COUNTRY STORE KEEPERS, PUBLICANS, STAFFORDSaiHE WAREHOUSEMEN, AND OTHERS. * — I , TAKE NOTICE. TOWNS E~N D & SON have received instructions to sell, as above, at ,2.30 o'clock p.m. — : A Splendid Assortment of GLASSWARE. Samples on view at our Mart   On THURSDAY, September 28, at 12 o'clock. AT BLEAK HOUSE, THE RESIDENCE OF ARTHUR BEAN, ESQ., ST. MARY'S, SOUTH ROAD (Nearly opposite the fifth milepost and the St. ; Mary's Post-Office). GENUINE AND BONA-FIDE CLEARING-OUT SALE, IN CONSEQUENCE OF EXTENSIVE ALTERATIONS. HORSES, COWS, PIGS, POULTRY, DOG. WAGO NETTE, BUGGIES, SPRING-DRAY. SILVER MOl'NTED HARNESS, SADDLES, BRIDLES, &c, MOWING MACHINE, SUPERIOR-MADE PLOUGH, CHAFFCUTTERS, DOUBLE BARREL BREECH-LOADING GUN. ALSO, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS, AN IMMENSE QUANTITY AND VARIETY OF MISCELLANEOUS GOODS AND SUNDRIES, AND 50 (ABOUT) ACRES GROWING CROP OF WHEAT.   TO EVERYBODY         TO EVERYBODY   'TO EVERYBODY.   TOWNS B~N~D & SON are favoured with instructions from Arthur Bean, Esq., to sell by auction, on the premises, St Mary's, South-road, on Thursday, September 23, at 12 o'clock— The Whole of his LIVE and DEAD STOCK, comprising — 1 Bay Horse, first-class in everything; cannot put him wrong 1 Bay Pony Cob, good in single and double har ness and in saddle 1 Black Mare, a fine animal ; cannot put her ont of place 1 Colt, 20 months old ; will make a splendid horse Pair Iron-grey Ponies, very strong, good and free goers, capable of standing any journey, especially good in uphill travelling Several other Horses 3 first-class Cows, in full milk, as good as can be got 2 do. do. do. shortly to calve A number of Pigs Large quantity of Poultry, Geese, Ducks, Tur keys, Fowls, -fec Large Newfoundland House Dog Family Wagonette Very first-class Hooded Buggy, by Duncan and Fraser . 2 extra Buggy Poles Set Snver-mounted Double Harness Set superior Single Harness Several sets and part sets Harness 2Side-Saddles, 3 Gents' Saddles Mowing Machine, very superior Double Plough Chaffcutters, Grindstones, -&c Garden and Stable Tools Double-barrelled Breech-loading Gun, with everything complete ' ASD An immense quantity and variety of Miscel laneous Goods and Sundries. ? ALSO, ? HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS, including — 2 Pianos Drawing-room Suite H.H. Dining-room Suite Bookcase Large Quantity of Books Bedroom Furniture ' Mangles, Glassware, Platedware Kitchen Utensils &e.,&c, &c. AND ? r SO (about) Acres GROWING CROP of WHEAT THE WHOLE TO BE ABSOLUTELY AND POSITIVELY KNOCKED DOWN TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER. TERMS— APPROVED ACCEPTANCES AT THREE MONTHS ON PURCHASE OVER £30. Luncheon provided. NOTE.— On Thursday, September 28, on the Pre mises, of Arthur Bean, Esq., St Mary's, South-road, at 12 o'clock. ? ? ? ? On SATURDAY, September 30, at 3 o'clock \ in the Afternoon. ON THE GROUND. rtO CHOICE BUILDING ALLOTMENTS IN 55O THE NOW FAVOURITE, WELL-KNOWN, AND POPULAR TOWNSHIP OF PARKSIDE SOUTH. TO THE WORKING CLASSES AND OTHERS. TO W.N S E'lf D & SON are favoured with, instructions to seH by auction, on Saturday, September 30, at 3 o'clock hi the afternoon, - ? ? — ' ON THE GROUND— 23 Choice BUILDING ALLOTMENTS , in the now rising, favourite, and well-known Township of PARKSIDE SOUTH. Title— 1LP.A. Terms such as to come within the reach of the' working classes. . ; ' Full particulars, Plans, -fec, &c, in due course. On MONDAY, October 2. AT THE MART, AT 11 O'CLOCK. ' FOR POSITIVE SALE. TO COVER ADVANCES, CLOSE SALES, AND ' ? . . CLEAR THE STORE. . . . j ; ACCTJMBLATIONS ET THE MART. . ... HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS, MISCELLANEOUS GOODS, AND SUNDRIES. - ] . TO THE MULTITUDE. TownseITd & son - have .received instructions to sell, at their Mart, on Monday, October 2, at 11 o'clock — A Large Quantity of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE ?- ! and EFFECTS, MISCELLANEOUS GOODS, : and SUNDRIES, which have accumulated in . ' 'the Mart ? FOB ABs'oLUTE SALE. On MONDAY, October 2. ? ? AT THE MART, AT 11 O'CLOCK. j BOOKS. BOOKS. BOOKS. '? ' ? TOWNSEND & S ON will seH, as above — . .' ? ', A Quantity of Useful, Valuable, and Instructive i BOOKS. ........... On WEDNESDAY, October i. . AT THE MART, AT 12 O'CLOCK. ESSENTIALLY IMPORTANT TO CAPITALISTS, SPECULATORS, INVESTORS^HOUSE, LAND, AND MORTGAGE COMPANIES, AGENTS, AND OTHERS. t3- A GENUINE SPECULATION. A GRAND INVESTMENT. 'SJ VALUABLE PROPERTY AT GOODWOOD WEST, CONSISTING OF LAND, HOUSES, AND SHOP PREMISES. m: ALLOTMENTS OF LAND IN GOODWOOD . WEST. '531 IS' DWELLING HOUSES AT GOODWOOD ???-?'- WEST. *SS ear store at goodwood west doing GOOD BUSINESS. 'SS O' OTHER BUILDINGS AT GOODWOOD , WE'T. *5J *♦» THE WHOLE TO BE OFFERED TO THE »?* V PUBLIC IN ONE LOT AS A GRAND, V »% SAFE. SURE, AND PROFITABLE »J, V SPECULATION AND INVESTMENT. ?.* TITLES.— REAL PROPERTY ACT. » TERMS ASTONISHINGLY LIBERAL AND EASY. TOWNS E~N~D & SON are favoured with instructions from Mr. G. W. HatsweU to offer, at their Auction Mart, King William-street, Adelaide, on Wednesday, October 4, at 12 o'clock — ? £g- FOR PUBLIC COMPETITION -^1 THE FOLLOWING VALUABLE PROPERTIES IN ONE LOT AS A GRAND, SAFE, AND GENUINE SPECULATION AND INVESTMENT. Lot 1. AH those very VALUABLE ALLOTMENTS of LAND, Nos. 59, 60, 61, 62, and 63 (being the subdi vision of the eastern moiety of Section No. 7 of Hundred of Adelaide), situate at GOODWOOD WEST, each having a frontage to Hampton-street of 60 feet by a depth of 120 feet (about), with a Rightof way of the width of 12 feet at the side and rear. Erected on these Allotments are FOUR FOUR ROOMED and THREE THREE-BOOMED HOUSES, with Verandahs and other improvements, well finished in every particular. These Houses are all detached, and each oneisfenced-in separately. The roofs of the Three-Roomed Houses are ex tended to allow of additions to the Houses. The Four-Roomed Houses readily let at 12s. per week, and the Three-Roomed at lls. per week. Lot 2. AH that very VALUABLE ALLOTMENT of LAND, No. 69 (portion of the same subdivision) situate at GOODWOOD WEST, Having a frontage of 50 feet to Hampton-street by a depth of 165 feet, on which is erected a SUB STANTIALLY BUILT DWELLING-HOUSE of Five Rooms, also STOBE and CELLAR, STABLE, COACHHOUSE. &c There is a Verandah in front, and the whole Property is replete with improve ments. The Store is doing a flouriihing business, and the House and Stor« together are now bringing in the nominal rental of £2 per week. Would com mand a much higher figure. The Stock comprised in the Store may or need not be taken by the Pur chaser at a valuation. Lot 3. AU those very VALUABLE ALLOTMENTS of LAND, Nos. 189 and 130, portion of the same sub division), situate at GOODWCOD WEST, each having a frontage of 50 feet to Essex-street by a -it-pth of 1E5 feet, on which are erected 2 pairs of .^Eill-DETACHED THREE-ROOMED HOUSES (£-?-, four Houses), each let at a weekly rental of nulve schillings. K 07 E.— Lots 3, 2, and 3, as mentioned above, wiH 1-e fuI niitted for public competition IN OSE LOT. in the Erst place, and if n-t sold will there and tfctn be (ffered SEPARATELY. All rates, taxes, txd irnpoEtiiEa -will te paid to date o' sale, and

AUCTiOSS ? the PROPERTY WILL BE SOLD SUBJECT TO A MORTGAGE of £3,300 for years from at' per. cent per annum, and LIBERAL TERMS will be fixed for payment of the amount of purchase-money whica the property realizes above the Mortgage. These Allotments are situate in the VERY BEST PART of GOODWOOD, just outside the portion so thickly studded with the Buililini Society Houses. S'hey are within a few vards of the'cjlenelg and Ade- ' laide RAILWAY STATION. The TRAMCARS wUl in a f e * weeks be running within a few yards of them. WATER is laid on. GAS is available. STORES and SHOPS of all descriptions exist in the Locality. CHURCHES, SCHOOLS (both Government and private), HOTELS, and an INSTITUTE alse figure in the vicinity. The Uouses erected on these ADotroents are most SUBSTANTIALLY BUILT in every particular, no labour, expense, or care having been spared in their erection, and they will always READILY LET AT GOOD INTEREST ON THEIR VALUE. The Auctioneers desire that Capitalists, Speculators, Investors, House, Land, and Mortgage Companies, and any who may have monev for Investment, will make a point of WORKING OUT THIS INVESTMENT in the ordinary way, putting down the rentals at the VERYTLOWEST that the Houses wUl bring in, and they will find that tven by buying the Property at a very considerable amount above the Mortgage THE PURCHASE WOULD BE A SPLENDID INVESTMENT. IS1 THE VENDOR INTENDS SUBMITTING THE PROPERTY SUBJECT TO THE MORT GAGE BEFORE REFERRED TO, AND AB SOLUTELY QUITTING THE SAME. 'Ei V NOT MUCH CAPITAL IS NEEDED TO V GO IN FOR THIS INVESTMENT. The Auctioneers invite the Public to GO AND INSPECT THE HOUSES. Two of them are not quite finished,'; they will be, however, prior to the Sale or shortly afterwards. If not, the Auctioneers give a guarantee as to completion. TITLES— REAL PROPERTY ACT. . TERMS ASTONISHINGLY LIBERAL. A LARGE PLAN showing the exact position of the Properties is now open for inspection at our Mart On WEDNESDAY, October 4. ; AT THE MART, AT 12 O'CLOCK. VALUABLE HOUSE PROPERTIES ANC ALLOTMENTS OF LAND IN HYDE PARK. VALUABLE ALLOTMENTS OF LAND IN WESTBOURNE PARK. TO CAPITALISTS, SPECULATORS, INVESTORS, AND OTHERS. TO W N S EN D & SON are favoured with instructions to sail, at their Mart, on Wednesday, October 4, at 12 o'clock Lot l. Two First-class Semi-detached HOUSES, each containing Three Rooms, with Passage, situate in Bayswatei-road (the continuation of King William road), HYDE PARK, bringine in a weekly rental of 22s. together. The Hand is Allotment No. 33, 50 feet x 105 feet Lot 2. A First-class HOUSE of Four Rooms, with Passage, Workshop, &c, &c. (immediately adjoining Lot 1), situate in Bayswater-road, HYDE PARK. at present occupied by owner. Would command a good rental. The Land is Allotment No. 34, 50 feet s 105 feet Loi3. Two Valuable HOUSES, each containing Four Rooms, with Passare, situate in Westall-streeti HYDE PARK. Each House is let at 13s. per week ; worth 16s. The Land is Allotments Nos. C5 and 63, each 50 X121. Lot 4. ALLOTMENTS Nos. 63 and 64, each 50 z 21, situate in WestaU-street HYDE PARK. ? Lot 5. AH those Valuable ALLOTMENTS of Land, Nos. 134 and 13*. situate in WESTBOUBNE PARK, GOODWOOD-ROAD, having a frontage together of 250 feet by a depth of 160 feet. Lot 6. . AH that Valuable ALLOTMENT of LAND, being Ne. 2 (portion of the Subdivision of Section 237, Hundred of Adelaide), 50 feet by 125 feet, j HYDE PARK. Titles— R.P.A. Terms Cash. Plans of the Properties may be seen at our Mart For fuH particulars apply to the Auctioneers. - ?--- On WEDNESDAY, October 4. ? — ??-? AT THE MART, AT 12 O'CLOCK, f. LARGE AND IMPORTANT SALE OF PROPERTIES IN HYDE PARK, UNLEY, ALBERT PARK, ; PORT PIRIE WEST EXTENSION, LUCTNDALE, FULHAM, PINDA. ? ? PLYMPTON PARK, GLANVILLE, ! ALBERTON, f AND OTHER PLACES. TOWN S E~N D & SON will offer for sale, at their Mart, on Wednes day, October 4, at 12 o'clock— A Large Number of Valuable ALLOTMENTS and BLOCKS of LAND, as f oHows :— Lot 1. All that Magnificent Corner Block of LAND, No. 50, situate in HYDE PABK, TJNLEY, having a frontage of 71 feet to Park-street and a frontage of 130 feet to WestaU-street This Block of Land is situated in the very centre of a large and thickly populated district, and is the very site for the erection of a General Store and large Bakery Business, which, if established, would supply a great want long felt in the district for miles around. A certain fortune would be the result of this undertaking, and the Auctioneers therefore un hesitatingly recommend all who have it in their power to carry it out not to lose this opportunity, but to embrace it at once. AU that Valuable AUotment of LAND, No. 58, situate in HYDE PARK, UNLEY, immediately adjoining the above, having a frontage of 50 feet to Park-street by a depth of 130 feet Lot 2. Those Two-Valuable ALLOTMENTS, being Nos. 217 and 218, each having a frontage of 40 feet by a depth of 100 feet, in PORT PIRIE WEST EXTENSION. Lot 3. Those Two Valuable ALLOTMENTS of LAND, being Nos. 15 and 16, each having a frontage of 45 feet by a depth of 119 ft 6 in. situate in THE TOWNSHIP OF NEW GLANVILLE. : - Lot 4. - Those Two Valuable ALLOTMENTS of LAND, being Nos. 207 and 20S, each having a frontage of 100 feet by a depth of 160 feet, situate in ALBERT PARK. Lot 5. That Valuable ALLOTMENT, No. 16, having a frontage of 100 feet to the main road to the Henley Beach by a depth of 270 feet, and being in thah&irt - of , ? FULHAM. Lot 0. Ten Very Valuable ALLOTMENTS, situate in the GOVERNMENT TOWNSHIP of CINDALE, being Nos. 68, 69, 70, 71, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, and 141, situate near to Bail way-terrace North.and Railway Line from Kingston to Narracoorte. i Lot 7. Those Valuable ALLOTMENTS of LAND, being Nos. 26, 27, and 28, having a frontage of 60 feet by a depth of 182 feet, in the TOWNSHIP OF PINDA. - ' : ? ' LotS. Those Valuable ALLOTMENTS of LAND (138, 45 feet by 140 feet, others 40 by 140 feet), being Nos. 13S, 139, 140, and 185, in ! PLYMPTON PARK. Lot9. That yen Valuable ALLOTMENT ol LAND, No. 179, ? ? ? . TOWNSHIP OF ALBERT PARK, haying a frontage of 100 feet by a depth of 150 feet Those very Valuable ALLOTMENTS of LAND, Nos. 36, 37, and 38, TOWNSHIP OF YATALA, adjoining Alberton Railway Station, having a frontage together of 202 ft 0 in. by a depth of 103 feet - Also, ALLOTMENTS 21, 22, and 23, having frontage together of 222 ft 3 in. by a depth of 109 ft] 5 in. The Auctioneers invite the special attention of - CAPITALISTS AND OTHERS to the above important Sale, which gives Investors, Speculators, persons in search of Sites for Suburban Residences, and others a RARE CHANCE of purchasing Land in nearly every Suburb. : Title— Torrens's Act Terms— 20 per cent, deposit ; the balance can remain for three years at 7 per ceat Plans of the above may be seen at onr Marti ^ P E C I A L NOTICE. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. KS' LOBETHAL. 'SI l& LOBETHAL. 'SS tST LOBETHAL. *S* SALE BY AUCTION OF ALLOTMENTS SITUATE IN THE CENTRE OF THIS GO-AHEAD COUNTgY TOWNSHIP, NOTE.— QUABTER-ACRE ALLOTMENTS IX THE CENTRE OF THIS TOWNSHIP ARE FETCHING, AND RIGHTLY ENOUGH TOO, VERY HIGH FTGUBES. LOOK.— THESE ALLOTMENTS 'ARE ABSO LUTELY TO BE SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER. TITLE.— R.P.A. TERMS TO BE AGREED. plans and full particulars in future annsunce ment*. TOWNSEND 4 SON, Auctioneers. PRELIMINARY NOTICE ON AN EARLY DAY TO BE NAMED. HIGHLY VALrABLE LARGE-SIZED BLOCK OF LAND, SITUATE IN SOUTH AUSTRA LIA'S FAVOURITE WATERING - PLACE GLENELG. situate between the two lines of railway. all fenced, veby high land. important to capitalists, specula tors, investor:*, lovers of the sea side, akd others. TOWNS END & SON are favoured with instructions to sell by Lection, bt their Accticn Mart, King William street,

Adelaide, on an early day to be named, due notice of which will be given— The above very VALUABLE BLOCK ol LAND' ? ~ ' Title— R.P.A. Terms easy. Plan and foil particulars in due course PRELIMINARY NOTICE. ON THE ABRIYAL OF THE VESSEL. PER BYDALMERE FBOM LONDON. A i\ CASES 26-GAUGE CORRUGATED GAL 4U VANIZED IRON, CROSS KEYS BRAND. UNDER INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE IM- ' PORTERS. ' . TO MERCHANTS, IRONMONGERS, BUILDERS, AMD-OTHERS. IN O W N S E~N D & SON L are favoured with instructions to sell by ? auition, at the Port, on the arrival of the vessel— 40 Cases 26-Gattse_Corrugated GALVANIZED ? IRON. OnwaKevs Brand— 6Cases5ieet ' I lOCasesSfeet 10 ' 6 ' 6 ' 9 ' 8 ' 7 ' | 1 ' 10 «? : / ;, i To arrive per Rydahncre from London. ? On MONDAY, September 25, nt 2 o'clock. STUBT-STREET WEST P (Opposite Star and Garter Hotel). AKE, JAMES H., has received in structions from Messrs. Thomas Bros, to sell - at 2 o'clock — HORIZONTAL ENGINE, 4-horsepowcr, with Vertical Boiler by Tangye Brothers ' Saw bed and Saws (complete), 3 Spring-Drays, ? 2 sets Harness, 3 Horses (suitable for Tram car), Hand-Cart, 2 Wheelbarrows, Machine Scales, Scoop Scales, Grindstone and Gear, Bench, Vice, lot of Carpenter's Tools, and a qnantity of Sundries. Sale— Monday, September 25, at 2 o'clock. On MONDAY, September 25. AT TWO O'CLOCK (very punctually), MESSRS. FORMBY 4 BOASE'S BAZAAR, FOR MESSRS. FISHER & HILL. - 200 HEAD OF COLTS AND FILLIES of the well and favourably known O03) and [ BRAND. E07J PARE, J A M B S B., WITH FORMBY & BOASB, has received instructions from Messrs. Fisher & Hill to sell, as above, on Monday, Sep tember 25, at 2 o'clock (very punctually)— AAA HEAD QUEENSLAND COLTS AND /5i)\J FILLIES. This Mob will absolutely be sold without reserve, and not being in very good condition nothing will pay the graziers and others better, as they area clara of Horses which lias always given satisfaction. On MONDAY, Septemlier 25, at 1.30. AT THE CORPORATION YARDS. SPLENDID FAT CATTLE. BARKER & CHAMBERS will seU, as above— 100 Magnificent Fat COWS, from Comongin Station, the finest yarded for years. Prompt attendance of the Trade is requested, as the Sale commences at 1.80 sharp. ? . TUESDAY, October 8, at 2 o'clock. STURT BAZAAR. HEAVY AND MEDIUM DRAUGHT HORSES. BUGGY PAIRS, HACKS, AND PONIES. BARKER & CHAMBERS are instructed by Mr. J. Burdett to bbU by auction, as above — 120 HORSES, comprising Stanch Heavy Draughts, superior Brood Mares, Unbroken Colts and Fillies, Trolly, Spring-dray, Tram, and Light Harness Hones, Butchers' Cob», 4c., 10 Broken and Unbroken, and 4 well matched pairs Ponies. Terms— Approved bills. On THURSDAY, September 23, at 11 o'clock sharp. AT THE HUNTSMAN'S HOTEL, CCONNELL STREET, NORTH ADELAIDE. UNDER INSTRUCTIONS FROM MB. 3. COCKBURN. ON ACCOUNT OF EXPIRATION OF LEASE. SI SOLOMOlT& CO. will sell by ' ? auction, as above, on Thursday, September 28,' at 11 o'clock— AU the FURNITURE and EFFECTS. BAR FURNITURE, comprising— Beer-engine, Shelving, Counter, Cedar Forms. Spirit Kegs. , Jars, Clocks, Funnels, Pewters, Tubs, Bottle , Baskets, Pictures, Decanters, Wine, Ale, and i Soda Glasses, Barometer, &c, &c. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, comprising— Long Cedar Tables, Dining Tables, Chairs, Cedar Sofas and Fittings, Engravings, Vases, Ornaments, Poles and Rings, Curtains, Blinds, Fenders, Fireirons, Hearthvups, Chilfonniereg,. Registered Grates, Cedar Forms, StuffedBirds in Glass Cases, H.H. Couches, Carpets, Oil cloths, Mats, Piano, Tablecovera, Anti macassars, &c., &c. BEDEOOM FURNITURE, comprisingBea steads, Palliasses, Mattresses, Pillows, Bed Linen, Blankets, Quilts, WushstamlH, Looking Glasses, Dressing Tables, Chaire, Pictures, Cedar Wardrobe, Chests Drawers, Toilet Services, &c, &c. KITCHEN FUENrriTRE-Range, Copper, Cupboards, Tubs, Crockery, Meatsafe, Cut lery, Dresser, Chairs, Table, and usual' Kitchen Utensils. BILUARD-ROOM FURNITURE (If not pre viously disposed of)— Blackwood Billiard. ? Table (byAlcock), Cues, Billiard, Pyramid, and Pool Balls, Marking-boards, Brushes,.- ? Rules, and all requisites complete, Forms* Lamps, &c ? also, ? ? Gasfittines and Globes ?? Iron Tank and Piping , Shower Bath / - - Flagpole, Outside Lamp. ' also, .... Wagonette ? Tilbury . . ? - , ? ?- ??' ?- ' AND ' ' ' '' A large quantity of Sundries. ? , . , . , , . I : ' ? Without Reserve. 206,0,71 .. , . . IMPORTANT AUCTION SALE; . ON THE LAND, ON,. THE LAND.' ' ' SATURDAY AFTERNOON, September 30 atao'clockV ; ; MAYLANDS. MAYLANDS. MAYLANDS. ??.' ? - - ^g ALLOTMENTS, ? ?'-?' ' EACH ALLOTMENT OVER A QUARTER OF ' : ' t .AN ACRE. T'ONG, C, will sell by auction, as;,, . J-J above— - . ? BLOCKS 180, 181, 186, and 187, Maylamls, which : ? have been subdivided into 28 LARGE ALLOTMENTS ' ' ' '? with frontages to WELLINGTON-ROAD and ? PHILUS-STREET. . ' . This is about the last opportunity of securing Blocks of this size, and the Auctioneer is confident ' , that the simple announcement that the Land will be offered is sufficient. Maylands is well known ' : asa SAFE AND SURE INVESTMENT, .. ; ? : ; and will commend itself to every person who goes to look at it The whole of the land is situated in the ' hiehestand best part, and possesses excellent views. The Tramline is being laid down. ' ' 'i : '. . Water is laid on. ' Post-Office is opened. . ..;..; y; Schools and Churches are there. Terms— Only, one-fifth' cash is. required, and' balance in two years with 6 per cent, aided. . . ? ? ? ? ? Plans are ready. ' ' ' . ? Remember— Saturday Afternoon, September 80, ' ' . ! at 3 o'cloflk. i . C. LONGTAuctioneer, ' 262,4,63,70-8 ? ! . Waterhonae Chambers. ' ?? . GAWLEB MONTHLY MARKET. , T- EYNELL, COLLEY, & CO. XV will hold their next Sale on Thursday, ' * October 5, at the Victoria Hotel Yards, WiUoston. . ? Early entries will oblige, , ?-.?,. Address — ?? ' ? - - REYNELL, COLLEY & CO., . 265c ? Cnrrie-Btreet, Adelaide, or'Gawler. . ; ? ; : On MONDAY, September 26, at 1.80 p.m. . , , . , ' AT THE CORPORATION YARDS. WM. DEAN is : instructed by , . , the Proprietors of Cowarie Run to sell by' ' ' auction — . ' ' ?-.?..... 70 Head Prime FAT BULLOCKS, the first draft' - of the season. ? 2C6-8V , ? . - REYNELL, COLLEY, & CO., ! AUCTIONEERS ! and . ? ; STOCK AND STATION SALESMEN, UNITY CHAMBERS, V CUBRIE-STREET, ADELAIDE, 'ft HOLD WEEKLY SALES : — . op .-'7r ? **T, STOCK, * TUqj '?' ''?-'' at the r*4 CObpobatios xARBs, Adelaide: j4i£sof Station properties and store'! STOCK negotiated ' ' Stock IbspMted and Sales held is any part of the '?? Colony. ? ? ; PROMPT CASH SETTLEMENT 90gr ' : W'lLLlAM DEAN, STOCK AND STATION SALESMAN, AUCTIONEER AND COMMISSION AGENT 05, KING WILLIAM -STREET, /DELAIDE, Holds Weekly Sales of Fat and Store Stock at the Corporation Yards, Adelaide. Account Sales promptly rendered, with Cash Settlement. G2cvd WI L L I A M t- E A N begs to notify that on the 1st of October, 1882. bis SON GEORGE HENRY will be AD MITTED into PARTNERSHIP. The Business will thereafter be carried on under the style of ? W. DEAN & SON. ? 249ct73 EM. B A G O T, 0 STOCK, STATION, AND COMMISSION AGENT, FBEARSON'S EXCHANGE, King Williamstrf.kt. Sale* of all kind* «-f Sterk cojutanUj held, wttb tmrmvt rrttitmmt* iSSinie* (For remainder of Auctions see Eighth Paqe.)