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New serial is warm-hearted story of a happy marriage

OUR new serial, which begins in next week's issue, is  

"THE COUNTRY OF MARRIAGE," the latest      

novel by the Australian author Jon Cleary, who wrote

"The Sundowners," the book of the film.  

"The Country of Marriage" is a story of a happy marriage, but yet a marriage which was to know its moments of conflict when Adam Nash and his wife, Belle,

were faced with a momentous decision.  

The decision was should the Nash family leave Eng- land, where they had lived for their seventeen years of marriage, and go back to Belle's own country, Australia, where they had met during World War II.

Adam is aware that whatever decision is made it has to be the right one, for it is one that will change their whole future life and that of their young children.

But Belle and Adam do know that whatever way of life is chosen it will never affect the happy climate of their own country of marriage.

Jon Cleary, well known for such outstanding novels as "The Green Helmet," "Back of Sunset," and "North From Thursday." again tells a superb story.