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mk STARS of "Bachelor of Heart»," Sylvia

Syms and Hardy Kruger, go punting 'M on the River Cam. Kruger is a German

exchange »ludent al Cambridge Univer- sity in this, his tecond British film.


it Hardy Kruger, German star of "The One That Got Away," has himself got away to an

early start in British films.

AFTER seeing him as the

Luftwaffe P.Ö.W. in his first British film, audiences gave established British stars a nasty jolt by voting Kruger into second place in a recent popularity poll.

Only Dirk Bogarde, long estab-

lished in the affections of British

filmgoers, beat the blond, 30-year

old German newcomer.

As soon as Kruger had com- pleted "The One That Got Away," producers Julian Wintle and Leslie Parkyn hurried him into "Bachelor of Hearts," and have signed him for another film to be made in England during the second half of this year.

In the first half he will star in

"S.O.S. Pacific" for Sydney Box.

In "Bachelor of Hearts," direc- ted by Wolf Riller, the 5ft. Hin. newcomer plays a German ex- change student newly arrived at Cambridge. Fast-rising English

actress Sylvia Syms and Ronald

Lewis are his co-stars.

Kruger, a blue-eyed heart- fl throb, is a veteran of 22 German fl films and one of Germany's top

ten actors.

He exudes an arrogant mascu- linity that gains impact from his extraordinarily boyish appear-


Married to former actress Ren- ate Denso w, he has an ll-year old daughter, Christiana.

In 1952 he made a quick trip to Hollywood to play the William

Holden role in the German ver son of "The Moon Is Blue."

Kruger achieved his phenom- enal one-film success despite a

near boycott by the British Press j

during his first four months in fl England.

But once the Rank film hit

the screen ticket sales proved that this former enemy could be cold-shouldered no longer.

British film-makers had found

the most exciting masculine screen personality in years.



FASHIONABLE undergraduate Jeremy Crichton-Hughea ( Peter Myers) in an old taxi he rebuilt to look like an English cottage.

KRUGER, over a beer on the Mill Bridge, tell» Sylvia about the diffi- culties of adjusting himself to English life. This Rank Organisation release is photographed in Eastman Color.


GERMAIS star Hardy Kruger tit the wheel of his car in "Bachelor of Hearts." Producers are rushing him because of the overnight popularity he won with his first British film.


THE ANNUAL Poppy Day Rag al Cambridge finds Kruger, hands lied behind him. being led in a tumbrel to Magdalene Bridge by cloaked Dodo Club members.


LIGHT-HEARTED student trio Ronald Lewis. Sylvia Syins. and \ Jeremy Burnham - drive their

battered Bentley through the i grounds of Cambridge University.