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LA3TD ASH HOUSES WANTED immediately. for Summer Months, FURNISHED COTTAGE or APARTMENTS for three, Iwaltby position in Hill*. O . Sealiter Office. ? 339-42 \M7 ANTED. Three-Boomed COTrAGB in T J NORTH ADELAIDE 'WKST. respect able locality. About 12a. Apply Jost, office Bcgisttr paper. ? 337t9.41 ti LANV1LLB— FOR SALE, New' OOT f TAGS. Three Rooms. £30 deposit j balance by weekly payments. Fort Adelaide — Fo Let, Shop and Cellar ; rent ~s. 6d. per week. WoodviHe — To Let, House, seven rooms. Near Exeter Station — To Let, new Cottage, foox rooms. _a34l3 A. C. EVAKS, Port Adelaide. TO £BT, a HOUSE in GOVER-STRBBI1, North Adelaide, containing Five Rooms md Bathroom. J. C. PHILTP3, HoweJl's Corner, King William-street. ? 341mwfc TO LET; Cool HOUSE, for Summer, SOTJTH-TEBRACE, Ten Rooms and Bath room, large Garden with Fruit- trees, and Paddcek. Address Trees, office this paper. . - ? 339 43 TTIO LET, a firat-clasa VILLA RESIDENCE _L of Eight Booms, Bath, Cellar, and Pastry ; : il required, Stable, Coachhouse, and nse of j Paddock. W. Giddings, Family Hotel, Nor- ! good. ? 341.3,13 FOE SALE, WATTLEBURY FAMILY ; RESIDENCE, cootaininc Drawing-room, Dining-room, Breikfast-room, Three Bedrooms, Pantry, Cellar, Kitchen, Larder, Two Bedrootm j For Servants, Bathroom, Coachhouse and Stabling, with Seven Acres and One Rood o£ I Land, situated at LOWER MIICHAiL within | 3C0 yards of Nairce Railway Station. Apply to ' J. T. Martin, on the premise a. 341mwfc i npC LET, a HOUSE of Six Rooms, with~Bath | -L and Cellar. Apply A. Clausen, Eist- I terrace. ? 341,3,5 ! TO LET, Two-Koomed COTTAGE, near j PORT TRAM ; Rent, 5s. 6d. per week. ; J. H. Foster, New Queenstown. ax ! ft OVER-STREET ~ WK3T,~BIEHVENU VJ' HOUSE TO LET or FOR SALE; Bight Rooms, Bathroom, and Pantry. Land, acre deep. Bent, £75. Apply 40, King William street. 339c O LBT, at THEBARTON, HOUSK Foot Booms, three-stall Stable and Hay-house, large yard: well adapted for sand ?carter. Apply to J. Tally, Piinceas Boyal Hotel, North Adelaide, or Squatters' Arms, ThebaxtoB. ? '? - ' ? 339-42 |^1 LBNBLG.— TO LBT ot FOR SALE, at \JT once, Ten-Boomed HOUSE, Bath and Pantry, close to Baths. Terms easy. Apply Hoaee, office of Rtgisler. a336-42 'C^ OB ~S A L F. NEW BRIGHTON.— LOTS 10. 29, 31, Water frontages. NA1LSWORTH-— One Acre of LAND, well situated. Price £100. TEATREE GULLY.— 17 Acres of LAND. planted with Fruit-trees and Lucerne, and divided into two (2) paddocks, with good Stone HOUSE of Five Room* and Cellar. Price low. MATH3WS & COX, Solicitors, 337-41z New Exchange. ffUSttDEBS are invited up to DecembeiTe. X 18S0, for the PURCHASE of PART of TOWN AUKE 42i. ANGAS-STRBBT, 52i feet x 211 feet. Title, R.P.A. Tenders to be ad dressed to Mr. J. Weil, Carrington-street, from whom all information may be obtained. No Tender necessarily accepted. 331-4} O LET, at NORTH ADELAIDE, HOUSE of Seven Rooms, with a large Store or Workshop in an Acre of Ground ; SUITABLE for a TIMBER MERCHANT or a BUILDEK. Enquire of T. Wm, Mitchell, 99, Rnndle-street. ? 330mhc TO LET, FAMILY RESIDENCE of Ten Rooms, Bathroom, Coachhouse, Stables, large Garden and Paddoclr, situated soath-eaat corner of NORWOOD, opposite the residence of His Worship the Mayor of Adelaide. Apply John Kelly, Cnrrie-street. 331 44 TT-INNISS-STREET, NORTH ADELAIDE. JC -TO LBT, HARUNG COTTAGE, Four Rooms and Bathroom. Key next door, Mr. Stace. W. Hooper, 40, Hindley-street ' ? 333c TTWR SALS, convenient FAMILY RESI JC DENCE, Eleven Rooms, Stable, &c, six minutes from N.A. tram terminus. Apply Thos. Mitchell, Gover-street ; or C. W. Priest, Victoria-square east. Easy terms. 317o IMA RESIDENCES] HEATHPOOL, KENSINGTON. Mr. G. L. Reed's two each Eight-Roomed superior detached Villas axe now completed; each House contains Best Room 16 x 24, Dining room 17 x 14, Four Bedrooms, two each 17 x 13, Kitchen 16 x 13, large Cellar, Passage 6 feet, Pantry and Bathroom. All the rooms except cellar are 13 feet high. Architects, Messrs. Reea and Hornabook. Land, 80 x 200. Land — About Twenty Acres subdivided (for Villa Residences only) for Sale privately. Apply on the land, Saturday, after 2 o'clock; or address J. W. Reed, Seyiiter Office. Terms— 25 per cent, cash, balance on mortgage 6i per cent. The -above property is beautifully Bituated and haa never before been offered to the public. ' ? 3227mwfc f-^ LENELG.— TO be LET, FURNISHED, for \JT four weeks from December 20, a com modious HOUSE, near Baths and Seawall. Apply J. Mordey Mitchell, Glenelg Educational Institute. a33Sc T7TVE-R00MBD Stone HOUSE TO LET, X? . KEW, near Semaphore. Apply Jones Bros*., Drapers, Port. 335o TO LET, OFFICE, limmediate possession), FRBABSON'8 CHAMBERS, King Wil liam-street. Apply Berens Brothers, Stephens place. ? 327o 'BT*OB SALE, on easy terms. Two Semide JC tached COTTAGES ; one ready for occu pation. R. E. Tapley, Secretary S.A. Insurance Company, 93, King William-street. 336c ITIO be LET, at the SEMAPHORE, for the X Summer months, HOUSB of Niue Rocms, with Bathroom and Pantry. Good position, close to the Railway Station. Rent moderate. NATHi OLDHAM & SON, 330o Imperial Chambers. O LET, after 5 o'clock' Large BOOM, suit able fot Lodge, Evening Glasses, &e. Mons. Maxval, Randle-place. Also, piece vacant Land, Corner Block, North-terrace and Tavis tock-street. 329c ART TOWN ACRE 969, FISNIS3 8TREBT, 157 x 213, FOR SALE, Very Cheap. St.Barbe-MUIer&Smythe. 332c TO LET. Six-Roomed HOUSB, City. ST.BARBE-MILLER k SMYTHE. ? 321c SAVK YOUR RENT.— A Four -Roomed HOUSB, with Land 50 x 145, for £10 deposit and 10s. per week for 10 years; situation about one mile from Semaphore or Port Ade laide, close to Beach. THOS. F. MELLOR, Adelaide Exchange. ? 199mwso _4-*-£_41) wiU P^enwe a good Three -Z& «WV Roomed COTTAGE in the CIIY. J.O.PHILIPS, Howell's Corner, King William-street. :T ? -333mwfc C^i LENELG.— TO LET, comfortable HOUSE I' of SeTen Rooms, five minutes from train, for a few months or a term. Apply Charles M. Mnirbead, Solicitor, &c, Adelaide, 333,41 mwd~Tbree-Rooraea COTTAGE3 TO LET X at WBST THEBARTON. Apply W. White, SoHth-terrace, Thebarton. 336.8,41 FOB SALE, in HALIFAX-STREET, corner of Regent-street, HOUSE of Four Rooms, Kitchen, Passage, Bathroom, and every con venience. Gas in every room, and Water laid on. Apply on the premises, or to Mr. Penman, Greaham-street. ? 333.S.41 TO LET, WALKKRVILLE, Eighfc-roomed HOUSE. Apply to Wm. Borce, Walker ville. ? 322mwf43 SEASIDE, GLENELG. 74 YEARS' LEASE of an EIGHT-ROOMED DWELLING-HOUSE in the best part of GLENELG. nominal ground rent, FOR SALE. For particulars apply to GREEX & CO., S34mh53 Ezchaage Land Mart. Pirie-street. TO LET. T*o Spacious SHOPS, PIats«laas Fronts, opposite Kailw%y Passenger Station. Asricoltaral Implement Company, Ncrth-terrace. 323mhc O~be LET or SOLD, at USLEY PARS, H0U3S. lately occupied by J. Motile, Esq. Nine Booms, with Fire Acres 'of Land. 316mtc HENRY SCOTT, Adelaide. LAND FOR S A L~E, as under : — East Adelaide, North Udey, Glenelg, Nen Glenelg, Brighten, Woodviile Park, Glanviile, Semaphore (opposite Station), Port Augusts,, asd Boekecaa. STATION PROPERTIES in QUEENS LAND. Full particulars on application to Horn & Warburton. HORN k WARBUBTON. SlOmwfcr North-terrace. O LBT, Largo STORE and OFFICES, Divett-street, PORT ADELAIDE; im mediate pcaenico. 284e W. E. CAVB & OO.

LAITD Ain) HOUSES A KKAT.LT GOOD INVEa'TaEMT. ' 'We have a TEBBACB OF SEVEN HOU3E3 FOR SALE, Situated in CHARLES-STREET, NORWOOD. Wonnanship and Material First-class. ALL WELL LBT, And prodncinga rental of over £1 per week. For further particulars apply to LETCHFORD & LANE, Next Commetcisd Hotel, Grenfell-stieet. ? 339mwf66 TO be LET or SOLD, all that excellent PROPERTY, lately belonging to Mr. William Bonnin, situate in Northgate-street,* UNLEY PARK. The Residence comprises lofty Drawing-room, Dining-room, Billiard-room, four large Bed rooms, two Kitchens, large Washhouse, excel lent Loft and dry Cellar, Outbuildings, with two extra laige Galvanized Tanks on brick stands and fitted with taps complete. The Land comprises about an Acre and a Half beautifully laid out, no expense having been spared in so doing. There are two roada round the property, and it is within a few yards of the Mitcham Tramway, and midway between the Unley and Goodwood roads. Title^ — Torrens's Act. Terms Easy. For further particulars and cards to view apply to 217c TOWNSEND tt SON. T^ -5 & 8 A L B. STORE, with Bakehouse and Dwelling-House, &c, in BLACKBURN-STREET. GnXES-STBEET -Three COTTAGE3. Land 42x90. Price, £525. NORWOOD, Benlah-road— Nice HOUSE, Four Booms, Hall, and Verandah; Land, 42 x 150. Cheap. TO LET. PARKSIDE. Stamford - street — Detached VILLA of Five Booms, 4c. Bent, 20a. HOCKING-PL ACE— COTTAGE, Three Rooms. Bent, 11 per week. DAVID TWEEDIB, 309a 12, Currie-street. SALE BY TENDER—TENDERS will be re ceived up to December 15, 1880. for that splendid FARM, situated near COLLINS FIELD, known as Mr. Wm. Patereon's, being Sections 14. 15, 16, 17. 18, 19. 20, and 21, Hun dred Rcdbill, containing 1,006 Acres, subdivided into six Paddocks, all substantially fenced, partly with five wires ; two large Dans and Well of good Water, with every other convenience ; Stone House of five rooms, Cellar, underground Tank of 16.000 galls., &c, &c. '? Tenders to be sent to Mr. Wm. Paterson, Collinsfield, from whom every particular may be obtained. 302c TGX)R SALE— NOR W00D,~ Four' Three JP Roomed COTTAGES. STEPNEY, one Three Rooms. All low price, and on terms to suit buyers. Land taken in exchange if required. LAND, various parts of Norwood, from 30s a foot ; Norwood Park, 15s ; Kensington, 25s.; Kensington Park, 30s. ; Goodwood 8 oath, 9a.; East Adelaide, 50a. ; St. Leonards, 20s. ST. BARBE-MILLER & SMYTHE, 2S9c 12. Currie-street. OUSES. LAND. MONEY. FOR SALE, Six-Roomed House, Stable, and Coachhouse, Dunn-street, Semaphore; Three-Roomed Cottage, Lot 29, Bayswater; Three-Roomed Cottage, Lot 62, Paddington; Three-Roomed Cottage, Lot 69, Paddington: Three-Roomed Cottage, Lot 70, Paddington. Deposit for Cottages, £25 ; balance on very easy terms. Land for sale Woodviile North, at from 5s. per foot; Semaphore, at from £3 per foot; also in Port Adelaide; Glanville Football Ground, at from 25s. per foot. MONEY TO LEND. S. MALIN, House, Land, and Estate Agent, Lipaon-street, Port. Agent for Mercantile Mutual Insurance Com pany. Haj stacks, &c, insured at lowest rates. ? 332c FREEHOLD PROPERTY FOR SALE at PARKSIDE, comprising Family Resi   dence of Sixteen Rooms, with Four Acres of Land, two of which are planted aa a Garden. The Dwelling-House contains Drawing-room (35 ft. long, IS ft. wide; with folding-doors, Dining-room, Breakfast-room, large Nursery, five Bedrooms, Dressing-room, two Servants' Bedrooms, two large Kitchens, Storeroom, large Bathroom, Cellar, and a separate Staircase for Servants. There are two Tanks for rainwater, each holding about 5,000 gallons ; Workshop, large Fowlyard and Fowlhouses ; Water laid on. For plans and further particulars apply to F. W. BULLOCK, Franklin-street ; or JOHN L. YOUNG, Parkside. ? 338.41,3 -O LET, BEACH HOUSE, GLBNELG, Unfurnished. Apply W. Kither, Bundle street, or Matnrin-street, Glenelg. ? 300c O LET on LEASE, PREMISES in OAR RINGTON-STREET, in good business position for a coachbuilder, painter, er grocer. Large vehicle'traffic passes the door. Land ISC feet deep. Apply to W. Paddock, Flinders street ? 288c 'm.J ELB0URNE-3TREET, NORTH ADE JJJL LAIDE.— TO LET, a Four-Boomed HOUSE, Bath, Verandah, Land acre deep. Rent, ISs. a week. Apply H. L. Whittell, Solicitor, King William-street. 325c ?\\T ANTED, a TENANT for a GENERAL TT STORE (without Stock), in the 'best Situation in Ellen-street, PORT PIRIE. First class opening for an energetic man. Francis Gcb3, Saddleworth. 69o EVERAL Detached and Semi-Detached COTTAGES of Three Rooms in good streets in SOUTH ADELAIDE, FOR SALE, Cheap, on easy terms. W. PADDOCK, Flinders-street, 209c Opposite Government Offices. mO GARDENERS. — Rare Chance. — FOR JL SALE or TO LET on long lesae with easy terms, a first-class large FRUIT and VEGE TABLE GARDEN. Tenant takes without charge the growing Crop. Cool climate. Apply early, Mr. Jno. Horsnell, Magill ; or Mr. W. J. Stacy, Old Exchange, Adelaide. 324c HOUSES TO LET.— 5- Roomed House, Lipaou-street. 4-Koomed House, Langham-pl., Portland Estate. 4 do. do., Carlisle-street, Glanville. 2 3 do. do., Paddington. Rents Low. S. MALIN, a331mwf43 . Lipson-street, Port. ARLBOROUGH UHAMBBBS WAYMOUTH-STREET. Commodious Suites of OFFICES, with Strong rooms, TO LET. Water and gas laid on. Early applications for choice are invited. For plans and to view apply ARTHUR HARDY & SON, S04mwfo Marlboroagh Chambers. TO LET, at W00D3IDE, a comfortable Four - Roomed COTTAGE, Famished, situated opposite Commenual Bank. Terms reasonable. Apply C. T., Woodside. ? a336mwf43 EMAPHORB. — TO be SOLD, a Well Fnrnished VILLA RESIDENCE at OLAIR VILLE, north of the Jetty, Semaphore ; or tc be Let, furnished, from date to December 20, 1SS0, and. from February 4, 18S1, for such period as may be agreed upon. Apply O. J. Coates, Register Chambers, Grenfell-street. 292mc /'- LENELG.— FOR SALE, that Valuable VJT PROPERTY close to Miller's Corner, known as M iss Forsayth's. The House is spacious and elegant ; it stands on Five Acre* of Ground, which is divided into Garden and Paddocks, the whole forming a very substantial Family Resi dence. The House can be purchased with only a portion of the land, if desired. Terms easy, For fall particulars and cards to view, apply to LYONS & LEADER, 194mwcr Imperial Chambers. FFI0ES TO be LET, very suitable for~s Professional Man. Apply at Freaxson's Chambers, Kicg William-street north. 222mwfo TO LET, Suite of OFFICES, first floor, COMMERCIAL CHAMBERS, Ourrie street and Gilbert-place. Apply to John John ston, Ourrie-street. 250mwfc mWO OFFICES TO LET, in MONTEFIOH2 JL CHAMBERS, Wavnwnth-street. Applj W. WADHAM & CO., King William-street. ? 245awfa CALTOWIB STEAM FLOUHMILL. TO LBT, the above Mill, now in course oi erection. For particulars apply at the Office ol the Company, Messrs. Laurenti & Basedo* Caltowie. 336mwfo T~O~r.ET, 3, KKT.TK VrTHi RnTTTff.TgR. RACE WEST. Convenient House, Five Rooms and Bathroom. Apply en premises. ' 329mwfc npHBEB-ROOMBD~'COTTAGB at~HYDI _L PARK FOR SALE, -with adjoining Allot ment of Land if desired. JAS. MANNING, i aSSOmwfc Temple Chambers, Carrie-street 1.

? IASD A2JL E0TT5E3 TO CAPITALISTS AND INVE3TORS.— TENDEKS are invited by the under signed, in order to close Partnership Ac 'oddN until January 1, 1831, for the PURCHASE of, either for tb? whole, or part of ths under nwctioned PROPERTIES:— The COMMEkGIAL HOTEL at ORKOROO, subject to a mortgage of £2,U0O at 8 per cent. r*r annum, also an nccipireil lease of about 8$ years at a rent of £12 per week, payable ?wiekly. The Premises known as the NATIONAL BANK at JAMESTOWN, subject to a mort g»ge of £900 at 8 per ceut. per annum, also an unexpired lease of about -J5 years at a rent of £2 10s. per wet-k. payable quarterly, with a right of renewal for a further term of seven ytars at a rental of £3 per week. SECTIONS 355 and 356, the undivided moiety thereof, subject to two-thirds of a mortgage of £rJ50=£433 6s. Sd. at S per cent, per annum ; also an uneipired lease of about 4 jears at a rental of £106' 15s., payable half yearly. This property is le-i»ed with a right of pnrrhP-sirjf: this moiety at £1,067 10s. No Tender necessarily accepted. LEVI-'E & JUDELL, Jamestown. 333mwf35o Money to Lend. ALLOTMENTS FOR SALE, ON VERY EASY TERMS. PORT AUGUSTA, from 12s. per foot, PLYMPTON PARK (near Station), RAVENS WOOD (Goodwood Tramline), GOODWOOD (main frontages, splendid sitea for places of business). Very nice new well-built Stone COTTAGES of Three and Four Koomt, with good-sired pieces of ground ; £5 and £10 depo«it, balance 12s. and 15*. per week ; on Tram and Railway line. No more high rents, bnt have a home of your own. FOB SALE, beautiful Sis-Roomed H0U3E, FIN NISS- STREET, N.A. Also, Beautiful (new) Five - Roemed HOUSE, GOODWOOD Cheap. Easy Terms. TOR SALB, the only WOODYARD in the large and growing district of GOOD WOOD, on very easy terms. Such a chance as this but seldom occurs. SPLENDID FARM of Land FOR SALE, YORKB'S PENINSULA. Terms made to snit is all cases. J. O'CONNELL, Alfred Chambers, Carrie-street, Immediately back of Bank of Adelaide. 338mwfo FAEMS FOR SALE 909 Acres, APPILA. ' ' 583 ' ARKABA. 367 ' BABUNGA. 631 ' OALTOWIE. . 387 « DALRYMPLB. 626 ' JOYCE. 792 « MANN. 376 ' YANGYA. SUBURBAN SECTIONS. KADINA and ORROROO. Bitoney to Lend. AT ????'??? 7 PER CENT. Aim Uhdeb ON APPROVED FREEHOLD SECURITIES. ALSO, MONEY LENT ON DEPOSIT OF DEED3. NO MORTGAGE. Can be Repaid at any time. SIEKMANN it MOULE, ADELAIDE AND CALTOWIE. 309ev TO iBE LIST. GILLE8 - STREET EAST -House Seven Rooms, Bathroom, &c. ; Detached; first-class order. HINDLEY-STREET WEST— House Foai Booms, in good repair. Rent, 12s. FRANKXIN-STKEBT. near G.P.O., House, Hart's Buildicgs, Six Rooms, Bath, &o. WEST-TBBRACE — House, Six Rooms, ground tloor. Rent, 22s. FOR SAXE— LAND. BRIGHTON— Blocks near new Railway. FOE SALE— HOUSES. MELBOURNE-STREET, NORTH ADE LAIDE— Two Cottages, each Three Rooms. Price for the two, £350. HINDLEY-STREET, Harfs Buildings— For Sale, a fine Terrace, Land acre deep; rapidly improving locality. M0NEY~T0 LEND CURRENT RATES. V. W. BULLOCK, 336c Land and Estate Agent, Franklin-«treet. PARSON & HUMS' PROPERTIE S. FOR SALE: At Ovingham, substantial HOUSB of Eight Rooms, with Coachhouse, Stables, &c., and about 300 feet Land adjoining. Two Semi-detached HOUSES, off Carrington street ; very cheap. Two-Story HOUSE, Fire Rooms, Carrington street east ; cheap. Two Three-Roomed COTTAGES, Cardwell-st. VALUABLE CORNER BLOCK LAND, Car rington-Btreet,' T.A. 505. Good site for Hotel. FIVE-ROOMED VILLAS, Mann and Kingstoa teri&ces, N.A. Several Well-finished HOUSES, Parkside, very cheap. At Nairne, [substantial Four-Roomed Stone HOUSE, with half acre Lanl Price, £230. BLOCK LiND, Gilles-strett. ALLOTMENTS, Beachport, Quorn, Pinda, Amyton, Sterenton, Crystal Brook, Kings ton, Lucinda'.e. Four-Roomed HOUSE, Drayton-street, Bowden. Three ? Roomed COTTAGE, Dray ton-street, Bowden. Easy terms. At Kensington, Five and bix Roomed VILLAS, with Kitchens. Five-Boomed VILLA, Kensington. TO LET: Six-Bocmed VILLA, Kitchen, Bath, &c, East parade, Kensington. Splendid position. Will be vacant end of November. Three - Roomed COTTAGE, Dray ton-street, Bowden. OFFICES— WAYMOUTH-SrRBET. 217mwso VICTORIA-SQUARE, West Side. TO LET, COMMODIOUS OFFICES. SHOPS. LARGE ROOMS, saitible for Auctioneers Showrooms, kc. For particulars aDply to 275mwfc PHILIP LEVI & CO. FOR SALE, privately, the MOUNT BRYAN ESTATE, as a whole, containing about 2S,00O Acres, or Block containing 3,098 Acres adjoining Hallett Railway Station, or Block containing 2,723 Acres near Mount Bryan Railway Station. Both of these Blocks are portions of the above Estate. Apply to ? REYNELL & REINECKE, Land Agents, Victoria-square ; or SSOmwfc CHARLES GALL, Mount Bryan. fipEAMWAY ALONG GOODWOOD ROAD. The few remaining ALLOTMENTS at MIICHAM PARK, near the Nairne Railway and Terccinus of the projected Adelaide and Goodwood Tramway, are offered on the follow ing terms:— Lots, £2 deposit and 2a. per week for 3 years. ' £3 ' ' 3a. « £4 ?? - 4s. MATTERS h CO., Sole Agents for the Proprietors, 336inwf50 Adelaide and Port Adelaide. EARE OPPORTUNITY FOR DRAPER.— TO LET on LEASE, large and cotn Eod ions SHOP with COUNTERS and FIXINGS in WAYKOUTH-STREET, between Grocer's \ Shcp acd Ircudcngery »ad Crockery Ware ! cou«e, tnd lately occupied by Horace Dsan. ! Kett low, -with a large Cash Trade already j established. Apcly ! JAMES BROWN, j 292icTvfc ? Waymonth-atrefct, Adelaide. TO LET, BtJXTON-STRSKT, North Ade | Ltide, cew HOUSE, Fire Rooms, Kitchen, j Bath. Apply test door: or F. W. Wood, ! Walkerville. ? ' 317mwfc rTNLEY-ROAD.— TO be LET. COTTAGE U and PADDOCK, next Re-idenco of L, ! ScammeU, Esq. Apply to E 4 F. Rymill, I Exchange Buildings, 254mhfo O LET, WARKHOUSB and OFFICX, with or withomt cellar, »t PRINCESS WHARF. George Young. SOOmwf 0

LA3TB ASH 50ESES FOR SALE cr LET, the Property known as tfce OLD KENT TOWN BREWERY, with (or without) MJthoase, Dwelling bonse, and Garden ; immwlia'6 possession. Particulars apply E. T. Smith, Kent Town. aoMmwfo ?\JAIRNE RAILWAY, near MITCrlAM 1\ RAILWAY STATION.— ALLOTMENTS frontics Tramline FOR SALS, on easy terms. NORWOOD— 12u feet Frontage, near Kent Town Hotel, in one or two blocks, for Sale; | sood investment. j HUGH NORMAN, J03mwfe Licensed Surveyor, North-terrace. HENLEY BEACH.-Seven-Roomed HOUSE j TO LET ; rent very low. Apply Wick steed Brothers, 2-1, Currie-street. 331mwfe CUFF HOUSE, PORT ELLIOT, TO LET j for tbe Season. Apply to P. R. Stow, ?. Solicitor. Wsymoath-street. 324mfc I SHOP and DWELLING TO LET, CORKER ! FLINDERS and FREEMAN STREETS, j 302c H. D. GOUGE, Fine-street. OFFICE TO LET, REGISTER CHAMBERS Greiifell-«tr?et. 209c ? W. K. THOMAS k 00. ? ATJCTI0K8 ? KOTAL HORSE BAZAAR. WEDNESDAY, December 8. PAIR CARRIAGE HORSES (well matched and stylish). CARRIAGE, DRAG, HARNESS, &c S BARNARD & CO. are instructed to sell « by anction, at 2 o'clock — RAJAH ') Pair well-matched Carriage and - Horses, stand over 16 bands, SULTAN J beautiful goers DON, Bay Gelding, a nice hack CARRIAGE, DRAG (Pole, Shafts, and Hood) Sets Single and Doable HARNESS, &c. The property cf a gentleman leaving Adelaid*. Entries received up to hour of Sale. On FRIDAY. December 10, at 12 o'clock. AT THE NEW SALEROOM, VICTORIA SQUARE WEST. VALUABLE FREEHOLD. FOUR-ROOMED HOUSE AND LAND. COJUJNS-STRJSET, OFF GILLES-STKKET, AT TBE REAR OF TEE GREEN DRAGON BREWERY. 10 PERSONS SEEKING A COSIFOKTABLE SMALL RESIDENCE. TO OARTEKS. DRAYMEN, STOREMEN, OR PERSONS EMPLOYED AT THE BREWERY, AND OTHERS. /CHARLES TIDESIANN is instructed to sell V-' by auction, aB above, at the Saleroom — All that Valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY Bitnated in OOLLINS-STfiEET, off Gilles street, opposite Mr. Scott'a General Store, close to Hanson-street, and at the rear of the Green Dragon Brewery. The Ls.nd has a frontage of 30 feet by a depth of about 84 feet. On the tame is erected a substantial Stone acd Brick built FOUR-ROOMED COTTAGS. The Bouse is covered with Galvanized lion, and is in first-class order. There is also a Two-stall Stable and Cart house erected on the land, and an ornamental fence in the front of the house. The Property is being sold on account of family bereavements. A large amount of purchase-money can remain on mortgage at a low interest. Title— Real Property Act. For further particulars, apply to the Ano* tioneer. 339'45z On SATURDAY, December 11, at 2 o'clock in the Afternoon. ON THE PREMISES, GILLES-STRKET, NEAR ARAB STEED HOTEL. BY ORDER OF THE TRUSTEE IN THE ASSIGNED ESTATE O? MR. G. H. LiNG FOBD, BUDLDER, GILLES-STREET. STOCK-IN-TRADE OF A BUILDER. 8PRING-DRAY, HOR3E AND HARNESS, &c. f^HARLES TIDEMANN is instructed by the Kj Trustee to the Assigned Estate of Mr. G. H. Laogford, Builder, Gilles-street, to sell by auction, as above, without reserve — Tbe Whole of the STOCK-IN-TRADE and EFFECTS. No Reserve. Full particulars hereafter. 341,3-8z On MONDAY, December 13, at 7 p.m. AT ORROROO. IN THE ASSIGNED ESTATE OF BRBMNER ANO GROWDEN, OF AUBURN, MACHI NISTS. JAMES W I L K I N 8 0 N has received instructions from the Trustee in the above Estate to sell by auction, at Forsyth's Hotel, Orroroo, on the 13th day of December, 1860 (subject to the approval of the Commissioner of Crown Lands)— The following PROPERTIES, represented by Agreement (Credit Selection) No. 7117, being the 8ection No. 119, situated in the Hundred of Walloway, containing 600 Acres. The said Agreement is dated 5th April, 1876, under sub stituted residence. The said Section contains 600 acres, all well improved, and a considerable quantity under cultivation, and taken up at 20». per acre. Amount to be paid to the Government, £800. The Auctioneer would call attention to this magnificent Farm, which must be sold under the provisions of Division VI. of the Insol vent Act of I860.

Also, ALLOTMENTS in the TOWNSHIP of ORROROO, Nos. 52, «5, 78, 97, 98, 132, and 134, each containing half-an-acre. 334 7,41-2,4 On WEDNESDAY, December 15, at 2 o'clock. AT GLEN FARM. Four Miles North-east of Jamestown, on the road to Yongala. IMPORTANT CLEARING-OUT. SALB OF HORSES, BULLOCKS, IMPLEMENTS, tc, ftc. TO MAKE ROOM FOR SHEEP. JAMES WILKINSON is favoured with instructions from Mr. J. McDonald (who is making room for Sheep) to sell by public auction, as above— 35 Head First-class DRAUGHT 1IARE3 and GELDINGS, comprising Mares with foals at foot, and some one and two year old Colta and Fillies (bred on the Farm), and some splendid workers 4 Teams Working Bollocks (all young and in good condition), Wagons, and lack ling A few excellent Milkers. ALSO, SO tons Chaffed Hay 500 bags Wheat, to be delivered oa the ground as toon as reaped -- ? Lot Farming Implements usually found on a Farm. The Auctioneer weuld call special attention to this important Sale, as the Horses and Bullocks are well known as Al workers. Terms — Approved bills at three months for SHtns over £30. 334mwf50v48 On THURSDAY, December 16, at 2 o'clock. ON THE LAND, OPPOSITE THE MODEL SCHOOL, ANGASTON. VALUABLE ALLOTMENTS, HOUSE AND GAllDEN, SPLENDIDLY SITUATED AND GOOD POSITION. EW. ROBERTS is instructed by the ? Esecnturs of the late Mrs. John Richards to sell, oa the Ground, oa Thorsdiy, December 16, at 2 o'clock — AH those Valuable ALLOTMENTS of LAND, btirg portion of subdivision of Section No. 346, HUNDRED of MOOHOOP.00, in three lots, as follows : — Lot 1.- ALLOTMENTS Nos. 3 and 4, having each a frontage of 65 feet to n:ain road to Truro by a depth oi' 442 feet, with Stone Hoa3e of Six Rooms cow erected thereon, the whole beirog plauted with choice Frnit-trees in fall bearing. Lot 2. ALLOTMENT No. 5, frontage 63 feet by a depth cf 442 feet, with all Erections therecn. Lot 3 —ALLOTMENTS Nos. 11 and 12, having each a frontage of 89 feet by a depth of 330 feet, planted with Vines all in full bearing. For further particulars and Conditions of Sale eppiy to Messrs. Jngleby, Grundy, i: Nesbit, Solicitors, Adelaide ; or to the Auctioneer. ? 341,8v XT SIMONS ±1 ? AUCTIONEER AND SHIPPING AGENT, PORT GERMEIN. COMMISSION AND LAND AGENT. Gccds forwarded to the Areas. Wheat sampled and tallied at current rates. 33S-+50rm59 x*t illiam bean, Yt siqck and station SALESMAN, AUCTIONEER AND COMMISSION AGENT, 65, KING WTLLIASI-STBEET, ADBLAIDE, Holds Weekly Sales of Fat aad Store Stock at the Corporation Yards, Adelaide. Account Sale* promptly rendered, with Cash settlement. 62tvd

? APCTIOHB ? SPECIAL attention is e tiled to tbe sale of a nnmberof Valuable Properties utoated'aV JAMESTOWN, TEROWIE, QUOBN, PORT GEKUKIN, GOVERNMENT GUMS, PINDA, , HORCHARD, LANCELOT, YAEOOWIE, PORT AUGUSTA. UNLEY, and NOARLUNGA, IU THB OLD EXCHANGE, KING WILLIAM STREET, ADELAIDE, OS - THURSDAY, December 9, at 12 o'clock. Full particulars see both dailies of Saturday, December 4. JAMES H. PARR. Auctioneer. On FRIDAY, December 10, at 2 o'clock. AT THE NAPOLEON HOTEL STABLES, KING WILLIAM-STREET, ADELAIDE. THE WHOLE OF MESSRS. JEWELL AND NICHOLLS'S LETTING PLANT. ALSO, LEASE OF THE CRITERION HOTEL STABLES. PARR, JAMES H., has received instructions to sell, as above, at 2 o'clock, com prising— J[CJ HORSES 14 Vehicles (of all kinds; 14 sets of Harness, Saddles, Bridles And lot Sundries. - ixso. The LEASE of the CRITERION HOTKL STABLES. Catalogues may be had on application to tbe Auctioneer on day before Sale. On THURSDAY, December 16, at 12 o'clock. HAMPSTBAD (NEAR WALKER'S ARMS). HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS. 2 HORSES, WAGONETTE, PHAETON,:AND PARR, JAMES H., has received instructions from Mr. G. Shaw, who has sold hi» boose, to sell, as above, at 12 o'clock — ? HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS 2 Horses, Wagonette, Phaeton, and set Harness. On WEDNESDAY, December 8, at 2 o'clock. AT ROYAL HOTEL YARDS, CRYSTAL BROOK. 80 HEAD FAT CATTLE. 1,000 PRIME FAT SHEEP. ECRISPE has received instructions from ? Mr. John Maslin to sell by anction, as above — ' ' 80 Head FAT CATTLE , 1,000 Fat Sheep. Tie above Stock are from Mr. MaslinY Warrakimba Station, and are prime. Terms — Approved bills for three months, x Ori SATURDAY, December II, 1880. v SHERIFFS SALB. FISHER AND ANOTHER V. DAY. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by virtue of a writ of Ji-fa. herein, on tbe Premises of defendant, Comraerci&l-rosd, Port Adelaide, on Saturday, the 11th day of December, at 2 o'clock in the Afternoon — The STOCK-IN-TRADE of a PLUMBER, consisting of Gasaliers, G*s Brackets, Burners, Taps, Lamps, Watering Potj, Galvanized Iron Baths, Rainwater Heads, Buckets, together with a lot of Sundries. WILLM. R. BOOTHBY, Sheriff. 34T6 0. HAIN8, Auctioneer. IN THE EXOHAN3E LAND MART, P1RIE-STREET, ADELAIDE. .O* TUESDAY, 7th DECEMBER, 18S0, J.T KLETBH O'CLOCK. THE TOWNSHIP OF GERMEIN, Being tbe subdivision of Sections 811, 212, and 213, Hundred of Telowie, suburban U- POET GERMEIN. GREEN & CO. are favoured with instruc tions to sell by auction, as above^ — The TOWNSHIP of GERMEIN, consisting of Suburban Sections 211, 212, and 213, Hundred of Telowie, adjacent to the important Township of PORT GERMEIN, which have been laid out ia BUILDING ALLOTMENTS. This Towcship is situated on the MAIN ROAD TO PORT PIRIB. The Baroota Creek runs through the land, end aa the bridge over which all the road traffic oust paas is immediately opposite the centre of this Township its importance as a place of business or residence close to Port Germein It manifest. On the Government Reserve adjoining are the troughs, kc, for watering teams.

The Model School is only distant about fifty yards. Plans are now ready and can be obtained at tbe Hotels at Port Germein, ot from the Auctioneers on application. Libecal Terms of Credit. ? 309mh41-2T IN THE EXCHANGE LAND MART. On FRIDAY, 10th DECEMBER, 1830, AT BLBVEK O'CLOCK FKECISBLT. IMPORTANT SALE OF VALUABLE ALLOT MENTS, SITU ATED IN THE TOWNSHIPS OF OLAIBVILLE, WARDTOWN, PBTBR HBAD, LARGS, SWANSEA, BRIDGE WATER, AND DAVINGTON, ON LB FBVRE'S PENINSULA. ALSO. In Townships of ROSSLYN AND NEW QUEENSTOWN (close to Port Adelaide), ALLOTMENTS AT EDITHBURGH. £ 1 REEN & CO. are favoured with instructions \H~ to sell by auction, as above— OLALRVILLE (Semaphore). ALLOTMENTS 6, 7, 8,' 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 84. 25, 26, 31, 43, 41, and 48, each having a frontage of 51 ft. 3 in. by a depth of 100 ft., situated in the best part of the Township, and are in every way admirably situated for the erection of sfea side residences, being within two minutes' wilk of ths JETTY AND RAILWAY TERMINTJ3. These Allotments will be olfered separately. WAKDTOWN (Lefevre's Peninsula). ALLOTMENT 2, measuring 50 ft. by 223 ft. PETERHEAD (Lefevre's Peninsula). ALLOTMENT No. 57, having 53 feet fronting Government-road by 120 feet deep along Rose-street. DAVINGTON (Lefevre's Peninsula). ' ALLOTMENTS 24 and 25, each having 50 feet frontage to Johns-street by 145 feet deep, situated close to tbe new JERVOIS BRIDGE. EDITHBURGH. ALLOTMENT 56, situated at the comer of Blanche and George streets, containing 1 Acre. ALLOTMENT 53, situated on conjunction of Blanche and Henry streets, containing 1 Acre. ALLOTMENT 31, corner of Blanche and Cross streets, containing about three-quarters of an Acre. NEW QUEHNSTOWN. ALLOTMENTS 65a and 66a of part of Section 425, HUNDRED OF YATALA. One undivided Moiety in ALLOTMENTS 185 and 168 of Sections 1002 and 1033, kid oat ia the TOWNSHIP OF L&EGS (The proposed site of new Ontside Pier) ; both lets have sea frontages. ROSSLYN (on the Dry Creek Loop-line). ALLOTMENTS 96, 97, 03, 113, 114, 115, 178, 179, ISO, and 151. BBDDGEWATEP. (adjoining Birkenhead). ALLOTMENT 7, trcntiDg Victoria-road, 5*3 ft. 9 in. by SO ft. deep. ALLOTMENT 74, fronting Government-road, 44 ft. by 127 ft deep. ALLOTMENT 39, fronting Parker-street, 40 it. by 100 ft. deep. ALLOTMENT 76, fronting Gunn-street, 50 ft. by 100 ft. deep, along Oraigie-street. SWANSEA (Lefevre's Peninsula). ALLOTMENTS 193 and 183, Gerrneia-strwt, each 50 ft. by 165 ft. The Military-road is now made past this Township. The above Properties are for ABSOLUTS SALS to close Accounts. 33imh445

? auctions ? in the exchange land mart, pirie '-????'? ??? ?? ? street., ( . ;, ; Ok FRIDAY, 10th DECEMBER, 1886, - AT BLMTBlt o'CUOCX. VALUABLE BUSINESS SITES OM TH« SEMAPHORE-ROAD, CLOSS TO JETTY AMD RAILWAY TERMINUS. FOR POSITIVE SALE. f^ RSEN& OO. are favoured with instinctioM \DT to sell by auction, as aSove — Those VALUABLE ALLOTMENTS, Not, 5, 6, 7, 8, part of Section 1115, Lefevre's Peninsula, forming a splendid block for BUSINESS PURPOSES FIBST-CLASS RESIDENCE. The Land nas a frontage of 134 ft. to SEMAPHORE-KOAD by 133 ft. along a street at side, which separates it from the residence of George Shorney, Esq. _ Title-Real Property Act S34mh41S IN THE EXCHANGE LANd1iL4B1V~ PIRIE-STHEET. On FRIDAY, 10th DE0EMBEB, 1680, AT HliVRH O'CLOCK. RE PASKINS b HAYES, INSOLVENTS. SUBSTANTIAL SIX-ROOMED DWELLING HOUSE AT NEW THEBARTON. BY ORDER OF THE MORTGAGEES. tiREEN & CO. are instructed by tba ff~ Mortgagees to sell, as above — ALLOTMENT 285, in the TOWNSHD? OF NEW THEBABTON, having 50 feet fronting NORTH-PARADE by 150 feet deep. Together with the HOUSE of SIX BOOKS, nearly new, built of Glen Osmond atone, and roofed with iron. All the work if of the beat character, it having been erected by Mr. Paakins for his own occupancy. Title— Real Property Act ? 334mhJ4-5 IN THB EXCHANGE LAND MABT, a PIRDS-STREET. On FRIDAY, 10th DECEMBER, 1880, . AT XLBVBir O'CLOCK. BY OEDEE OF THB MORTGAGEES. STOBE WITH DWELLING ATTACHED, AND FOUR THRKB-RO0M4D COT TAGES AT NEW THEBARTON. GREEN & OO. are instructed to sell by auction — PART of ALLOTMENTS 222, 223, and 224, in the Township of * NEW THBBARTON, npon which are erected FOUR well-built COTTAGES, each of three rooms ; also, STORE, . with DWELLING-HOUSE of three rooms attached, situated at the corner of ASHLEY AND EAST STREETS. The Land has a frontage of 159 feet by 125 feet deep, witU road at rear. Arrangements can be made for greater part of purchase-money to remaiu on mortgage if desired. ? . ? 334mh44'5 IN THE EXCHANGE LAND MABT, PIRIE-8TREET. Om FRIDAY, 10th DECEMBER, 1850, AT EliVEN O'CLOCK. BY ORDER OF THE MORTGAGEES. - ALLOTMENTS AT KENSINGTON. GREEN & CO. we instructed to sell by auction, as above, ALLOTMENTS Nos. 10, If, and 18, in tb« subdivision of Blocks 93, 94, 101, 103, 107, and 108. KENSINGTON. The Land has a frontage of 103 ft 9 ia. to QUEEN-STREET, by 94 feet deep. Titles— Real Property Act. ? S34mh4t5 IN THE EXCHANGE LAND MARtT' PIBIB-8TRBBT. On FRIDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1880, AT B1BVBM O'CLOCK. VALUABLE BUILDING SITES FRONTING; THB MILITARY-ROAD, SEMAPHOBE, TOWNSHIP OF SCARBOROUGH.

GREEN & OO. are instrncted te sell by auction — TOWNSHIP OF SCARBOROUGH. ALLOTMENT 19, having 69 feet 4 inches to SOUTH-TERRACE by 144 feet deep. ALLOTMENTS 20 and 21, having together a frontage of 144 feet to tbe MILHARY-ROAD by a depth along SOUTH-TERRACE of 141 feet 6 inches. The above Blocks are situated a very short distance from the Semaphore Railway Station, and are known as belonging to Mrs. Ramsay. Title— Real Property Act. 311,5 ~~ IMPOBTAKlTsALE OF ALLOTMENTS IK THB ? TOWNSHIP OF NEWHAVEN, PORT ADELAIDE. AT FORD'S HOTEL, PORT ADELAIDE*. ON SATURDAY, 11th DECEMBER, AT THBBH O'CLOCK IS THE AFTBBMOOK. TO SPECULATORS, CAPITALISTS, MEB OflANTS, AND SHIPOWNERS. GREEN & CO. are favoured with instruc tions to submit to auction, on an early day to be named — ALLOTMENTS IN THE TOWNSHIP OF NEWHAVEN. 8BOIION 2018, HUNDRED OF PORT ADELAIDE, adjoining tbe Township of NORTU ARM. The Auctioneers, in reference to tbe sale, wish to call special attention to the rapid extension of the trade of PORT ADELAIDE, evidenced by the increa»ed wtiarfage accommo dation thereby rendered necessary, and recently erected by the POUT ADELAIDE DOOK COMPANY, SOUTH AUSTRALIAN COMPANY, AKU THE COMMERCIAL WHARF COMPANY. * All these extensions teud towards the TOWNSHIP OF NEWHAVEN, The last addition of the South Australian Company terminating within a quutei ot a mile of NEWHAVEN, and to which poiot RAILWAY LINES ; are laid down. The North Arm was originally selected a* the best site for the PORT OF THE COLONY, as requiring less dredging and haviog deeper water than any other part. These great advantiiRi-a still exist, there being at the present time sufficient water to iloat the largest vessels ever likely to come into harbour. Tbe report of the Marine Board recently published is greatly iu favour of providing accommodation for LARGE OOEAN STEAMERS inside the Port River by continuing the dredging operations. Title-B.P. Act. Liberal terms of payment. Plans snowing positions of the various allot ments are; obtainable on application to tbe Auctioneers. 327mh44,6 mo MECHANICS, BUILDERsT MBMBEB3 X OF BUILDING SOCIETIES, AND OTHERS. CHEAP LAND , In the ' TOWNSHIP OF KEKILWOETH (Adjoining Mr. Young's School, Parkeide). ALLOTMENTS, each 50 feet Frontage by 178 feet deep, at '5i. per foot. Terms— One-fifth cash, balance on long terms at low interest. GOVERNMENT WATER-MAINS are being l&id down. Plans and further particulars from GKEKK & OO., Lead Agents, Pine-street. z33£tawstlrai62 E' LAUGHTON 6 O~6T, 0 STOCK AND STATION COMMISSION AGENTS, ADELAIDE. Sales of Fat and Store Stock of all kinds constantly held. Prompt Accounts and Oasb Settlements. 178cvd (Tor remavrv&r of Auctvms tt* Eighth Page,)

AUCTIONS (Oontmued from Seventh Paae.) ? THE DAY (Monday). December 6, at 2 o'clock. AT THE CORPORATION YARDS. SPLENDID FAT CATTLE, W GORDON b CO. are instructed ? by Messrs. H»rvey, Golly, and others to aell, 8» above — 150 Head Choice Paddock-Fed CATTLE. 33941 W GORDON U CO. HOLD SALES ? of WOOL. SHEEPSKINS. HIDES KANGAROO and WALLABY SK2N3, and T&UUOW, at the CORPORATION HIDE and SKIN MARKET ETEP.Y TUESDAY, THURS DAY, and SATURDAY, at 10 o'clock. For the convenience of Country Lots delivery will be taken at the Booms. Grenfell-atreet. 21cv THIS DAY (Monday). December 6, at 2 o'clock. AT THE CORPORATION YARDS, 80 ttkati EXTRA PRIME FAT OATTLB. Gk H. BENNETT have received instruc ? tiona to sell by auction, as above — 80 Head Extra Prime FAT CATTLE. ? 339-41 THE DAY (Monday), December 6, at 2 o'clock AT THE CORPORATION YARDS.' PEIME FAT OATTLB. EM. BAGOT is instructed to sell by ? auction, as above — - ? ? . 60 Prime FAT OATTLB. 33941 THIS DAY (Monday), December 0, at 12 o'clock. ON THE FARM AT PLYMPTON, NEAR OAMDEN RAILWAY STATION. |'*1EORGE LAUGHTON has received in \JT atroctions from Mr. A. Fisher (who has let bis Farm) to sell by auction, without 18SC1WC The Whole of bis PLANT, STOCK, &c, com prising— About 40 really first-dasa, quiet, and care folly selected Dairy Cows, including some fine M over 7 Co crs One Purebred Alderney Boll, a prizetaker One Purebred Young Shorthorn Bull 6 First-class Draught Brood Mares and Geldings One Splendid Pedigree Draught Yearling Colt A few Draught and Light Yearlings and tight Horses 35 Pigs, including some Pore Imported Berkshire* 200 head of Poultry, including a few pens of high-class Brahmas, Cochins, Houdws Dackwings, Bantams, &c, many being prize takers Pure Aylesbury Ducks 3 stacks of Hay 80 bags of Prime Oats Implements, Diiry Utensils, Pig-troughs Fencing Wire, Posts anrt Bails Drays, Harness Saddles and Bridles, Lady's Sidesaddle ' And a lot of Sundries. The whole for absolute sale, on account of the farm being let. The Holdfast Bay Railway Train leaving North-terrace 11.15 will stop at Farm, and arrangements are made foe returning to town by train after the Sale. ? 335,7.9 41v GEORGE LAUGHTON, AUCTIONEER, WOOL, HIDE, SKIN, AND TALLOW SALESMAN, CURBIE-STREET, ADELAIDE. Holds Sale* of Wool, Tallow, Kangaroo-skins, &c, Weekly : and Hides, Sheepskins, &c, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday throughout the year. Prompt Account Sales and Cash payments. ? 65cvd THI3 DAY (Monday), December 0, at 2 o'clock. THE SALEROOM. LEIGH-STREET. . SHEEPSKINS AT 2 O'CLOCK. HIDES, KANGAROO-SKINS, &c., AT1 230 O'CLOCK. T UXMOOBE& OO. ?I A will sell by auction, at their Saleroom, This Day (Monday)— _ Large Quantity SHEEPSKINS, at 2 o'clock Prime HIDES, KANGAROO-S KINS. K.L WALLABY-SKINS, BARK, BONES, HORNS, &c, at 2 30. Also, 90 toes CHOPPED BARK. WOOL. WOOL. WOOL. On THURSDAY, December 9, at 3 o'clock. NINTH SALE OF WOOL. AT TOT WOOL SALEROOM. OLD EXCHANGE, KING WILLIAM STBEBX, ADELAIDE. TfrlHOOJE k O O. JLi beg to announce to the Woolgrowers and Merchants of South Australia that their NINTH SALE of the present Season's Clip of WOOL will be held in their NEW WOOL SALEROOM, the OLD EXCHANGE, KING WILLIAM-STREET, Adelaide, On THURSDAY, December 9, Commencing at 3 o'clock in. the Afternoon. The bnlk of Wool will be stored is our Ware booses, Towu and Port, and on view two days prior to Sale. ; The WocI -rill be Sold from CATALOGUE, in the WOOL SALEROOM, OLD EXCHANGE. Growers desirous of having their clips offered at this Sale are requested to furnish particulars as soon before the Sale as convenient. LUXMOORB k OO, Woolbrokers, Adelaide. THIS DAY (Monday). December 6, at II o'clock. AT THE COMMERCIAL SALEROOMS, 63, HINDLEY-SrREET. UNREDEEMED PLEDGES. UNREDEEMED PLEDGES. BY ORDER OF MR. O. J. CHESTER, Pawnbroker, freeman-street, to everybody. MJ. SOLOMON k OOMPY. ? will sell, at their Mart, 63, Hundley street, This Day (Monday), December 6, at 11 o'clock, by order of Mr. O. J. Chester — All bis UNREDEEMED PLBDGE3, con sisting of Goods and Jewellery of every . description suitable for everybody. For full particulars, see Register and Adver tiser December 1. 337*41 AT THE COMMERCIAL SALEROOMS, 63, HINDLEY-STREET. On WEDNESDAY, December 8, at 11 o'clock. ENTIRE CARGO OF THE DBUOALION, JUST ABBITED FBOM KAT7BITH73. BY ORDER OF THE IMPORTERS, MESSRS. CHARLES JACOBS k SONS. 9,519 PACKAGES SUGAR, consisting of— WHITE CRYSTALS SNOWDROPS YELLOW COUNTERS YBLLOW CRYSTALS LIGHT BROWNS AND RATIO . TO MBRCHANTS, ' -- GROCERS. - BREWERS, JAMMAKER3, MURRAY TRADERS, UFOOTJKTRY STOKBKBBPERS, AND O1HEU3. MJ. SOLOMON b COMPY. ? are favoured with instructions from the Importers, Mtssra. Ciurles Jacobs & Sons, to sell by anction, at their Mirt, 63, Hindley street.ou Wednesday. December 3, at 11 o'clock— The ENTIRE OABGO of the DEUCALION, just armed from Msuritius, with a splen did assortment of SUGARS, consistLig of White Crystals, Snowdrocs Yellow Crystal', Brewers' Crystals Yellow Counters Light Brown Counters And Superior Rations. ' x On WEDNESDAY, December 8, a: 13 o'clock. AT WM. WHALE'S FARM. HUND5BD OF DUBLIN, NEAR M1LLAIA. UNDER A BILL OF SALE. A LDRIDGE & BRUCE, having received in jljL structions, will tell, a* aoo*e — 100 Acre* URuWINU CROP, iD splendid . condition WsjrooR. Drxyn, &-?-. 10 Farm Horw«, *n excellent lot Fwn'irg Inipleni«-D*-, So. Terms at Sal*. 341'3z

AUCTI0H3 ?; TTTTH DAY (Monday), Decembers. AT THE ADELAIDE AUCTION MART. TO MERCHANTS, OORNFAOTORS, SEEDSMEN, AND OTHERS. 1,979 BAGS OATS. PRIME NEW ZEALAND OATS. JUST ARRIVED EX ELIZABETH, FROM HEW ZEALAND. FJ. BOTTING ? has been favoured with instructions to sell by public auction, at his Mart, This Day (Monday), December 6, at 12 o'clock Ex ELIZABETH— 1,979 Bags Prime NEW ZEALAND OATS— DRY&M. 979 Bags. 4. 253 do. ' 5. 247 do. 2. 500 do. 1,979 Bags. ? Without Reserve. 333 41 '''him DAY (Mopday), December 6. . BY ORDER OF THE LIQUIDATOR OF THE UNITED GERMAN REEF COMPANY, LIMITED. THE FREEHOLD PROPERTY, NEAR NEW BLUMBERG, ABOUT 85 ACRES. ENGINE AND BOILER, 10-HEAD BAT- TERY, MANAGER'S HOUSE, PLANT AND TOOLS NOW ON THE GROUND. F.J. BOTTING has been favoured with instructions   from the Liquidator te sell by public auction, This Day (Monday), December 6, at 12 o'clock— All that GOLD-MINING PROPERTY, known as the German Reef. TOGETHER WITH The Steam-Engine, Boiler, 10-head Battery, Plant and Tools now- on the ground, on view. Large and Commodious Residence, &c List of Plant, &c, can be seen on application to Messrs. Acraman & Turner, Temple Cham- bers, Currie-street, or to the Auctioneer. THIS DAY (Monday), December 6. AT THE ADELAIDE AUCTION MART. BY ORDER OF THE SHERIFF. KELLY V. MUSSON. FJ. B O T T I N Q ? has been favoured with instructions from the Sheriff to sell by auction, This Day (Monday), December 6, at 12 o'clock — All the INTEREST in that Piece of Land, being ALLOTMENT No. £8, TOWNSHIP of BAYSWATER, near Port Adelaide, together with the Buildings thereon. Vide Government Gazette, 18th November, 1880. ? ? Without Reserve. 339 41 THIS DAY (Monday), December 6. AT MESSRS. FORMBY k BOASB'S YARDS, CURRD2-STREET, ADELAIDE. BY ORDER OF THE HON. THE TREASURER. 33 POLI0E HORSES. rriHE GOVERNMENT AUCTIONEER has _1_ received instructions from the Hon. the Treasurer to sell by public auction, This Day (Monday), December 6, at 2 o'clock, at Messrs. Formby and Boase's Yards, Currie-street — 33 POLICE HORSES. Without Reserve. F. J. BOTHNG, 335-41 Government Auctioneer. THIS DAY (Monday), December 6. AT FORMBY k BOASE'S YARDS. BY ORDEK OF THE LIQUIDATORS OF SOUTH AUSTRALIAN CARRYING COMPANY. : REMOVED FROM GAWLER TOWN FOR CONVENIENCE OF SALE. 4 DRAUGHT HORSES 2 TROLLIES HORSEPOWER AND CHAFFOUTIER 1 BOX DRAY SPKING-VAN LOT HARNES3. FJ. B O T T I N G ? has been favoured with instructions to sell by auction, by order of the Liquidators of the South Australian Carrying Company, at Messrs. ? Formby & Boase's Yards, This Day (Monday), December 6, at 2 o'clock— 4 DRAUGHT HORSES 2 Trollies Horsepower and Chsffcutter 1 Box Dray ? - SpriDg-Van Lot Harness Chains, Ropes Tronghing, Empty Bags Wheelbarrows - . Hay Frames, and Forks Quantity of Sundries. ' - Without Reserve. 337'41 TO-MORROW [Tuesday), December 7. - ON THE PREMISES OF MR. FAIR WEATHER, ...,?., CONTRACTOR AND BOII.DER, UNLEY-EOAD, PARKSIDB. TO TIMBEB MERCHANTS, OONTR ACTORS^ BUILDERS, AND OTHERS. FJ. B O T T I N G ? has received instructions to sell by public auction, on the premises of Mr. Fair weather,' Unley- road, Parkside. To-morrow (Tuesday), December 7,'at 12 o'clock— 1 Superior WAGONETTE 1 do. Spring-Dray ' : 1 do. Draught Horse Horse-power ' i ~ - 1 Carpenter's Bench - ??.-.?? - Doors, Sash and Door Frames Window! ?..'?? j Grindstones ' ' . - i. Iron '? ' ''? ? ?' ? ''?' ?': Lead -? ? - . ?? ! Zinc .- Timber of all kinds Palings Ironmongery ? And a large quantity of Sundries in lots to salt purchasers. . * ' .-??-?? ?; Without reserve. For further particulars apply to the Auc tioneer, or Mr. Faixweather, Unley-road, Park side. ? - ? 336mwf48 On WEDNESDAY, December 8. AT THE ADELAIDE AUCTION MART. TO FANCY WAREHOUSEMEN, THOSE ABOUT TO FURNISH, AND OTHERS. CHOICE CHINESE AND JAPANE3B GOODS. SUPERIOR FURNITURE, PIANOS. SEWING MACHINES, &c * OFFICE DESKS, 4c., &c F J. B ~6 X T I N G ? has been favoured with instructions to sell, at the Adelaide Mart, King William-street, on Wednesday, December 8, at 11 o'clock— ; OABINBTS, Writing Desks Tea Caddie*. Glove Boxes, Fans Cigar Boxes, Trays, &c, 4c. Pianos Chests Drawers. Washstonds Tables and Chairs of all kinds . ~ Office Desks Office Furniture. Without Reswve. 3ll'3 On THURSDAY, December 9. AT THE RESIDENCE OF H. E. CHIPP, ESQ., ANGAS-STREET. NEXT MESSRS. ADAMSON BROS.' SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PICTURES, ORNAMENTS, PIANO, AND GENERAL HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS. TO PARTIES FURNISHING AND OTHERS. FJ. BOTTING ? ljas been favoured with instructions from H. E. Chipp, Esq., to sell, .it his Rasidence, .Angss-street,Eeit Adam»oa Bros.', on Thursday, December 9, at 11 o'clock— Handsome large Double PUteglsss Back SIDKBOAKD. Oval Table, 4 claw legs Coach in Cretonne Piergl&ss Handsome Glass Ornaments and Lustres Brussels C&rptt and Rug Marble Clocks Musical Box

ATTCTIOffS ? Engravings and Photographs (framed) Bookcase Occasional Chairs Fender and Fireirons Hearthrug, Indian Matting 1 Piano Bedsteads, double and single Mattresses Tables Washstands Chests of Drawers Cupboards Champagne and other Glassware Decanters and Cruets Roller Blinds and quantity of Sundries. The Auctioneer calls special attention of parties about to furnish, as this is a very superior lot of Furniture, ail of which is nearly new. For further particulars apply to the Auc tioneer. ..'?'??_?.'. Without Reserve. 341-4 WOOL SALE. ELDK3, SMITH, & CO. will otfer by auction, at their Wool Warehouses, Adelaide, Tc morrow (Tuesday), December 7, at 3 o'clock — The following WOOLS, viz.— ASH. 21BalesGreasy3ulkatPort AL over AM. 4 do. do. GB. 24 do. do. Balk at Port CPover— . 18 da. do. AG. 7 do. do. JS over H. 9 do. do. Lakb Etkb. 92 do. do. Bulk at Port. GL 7 do. do. - HDoverOuLKiHA. 7 do. do. . HB conjoined. 15 do. do. AMO over LBS. 8 do. do. : JB. 6 do. do. ' - JB over MR. 67 do. do. Balk at Port. jB. 3 do. do. . J0^SrT}5^ do. : LAX£ AXBEBT. 3 do. do. ,', . ? WF. 9 da. do^ ? *£&''}??» ^^ POHr 11 do. do. JJOoverPV. 10 do. do. Gin diamond. 14 do. do. . XH. 5 do. do. ? «R 7 do. do. in* over W. 4 do. do. DN. 5 do. do. ABM over BPG. 15 do. do. WM. 4 do. do. SH. 40 do. do. Bulk at Port. LHoverW. 2 do. do. LoverRV. 1 do. do. WD over P&KHU. 8 do. do. Bocomcoc. 9 do. do. ; Okiltabib. 50 do. do. Bulk at Port Hubs. 85 do. do. Bulk at Poet. R, 6 do. do. TCW over FB. 155 do. do. Bulk at Fort 88. 2 do. do. Stamdlbt. 27 do. do. AGZ. 8 do. do A in circle. 6 do. do. — over 5. 5 do. do. JS bverS. 2 do. do. DJ. 14 do. do. ' B over KB. 58 do. do. HWr. 87 do. do. Balk at Port HMcO. 4 do. do. Hughbs Gap. 129 do. do. Shipped to England. 0JoB^WHrra}l4 do. do. WS. 13 do. do.' ? PS. 14 do. do. THYR. 23 do. do. , I ovexl. 19 da da ; . J. C. Wocdbubh. 2 do. do J. 9 do. da P. lBitoo. 150 da da Balk at Port JH. 4 do. do. M over — . 13 do. do. AIM), '? ' Sundry other lots. The bul c of the Lots stored at the Port may be inspect id there from 9 o'clock Monday morn ing. Farther particulars may be had on applica tion. Sample Bales of all the above lots will be on view ai our Town Warehouses from 9 o'clock on day of Sale, when Catalogues can also be obtained. 339-42zvl '' ELDER, SMITH & OO. TO-MORROW (Tuesday ), December 7, j sA 11. ADELAIDE 'CENTRAL AUCTION MART. VERY LARGE HALF YEAR'S SALE OF PAWNBROKER'S PLEDGES. BV ORDER OF MR. SAUNDERS, GAWLER-PLACE. DW. M E L V I N is directed to ? sell an nnnsn.uly greit quantity of UNREDEKMKD PLEDGES, including— Magic Lantern, with Gas-bags, Slides, &c. Illustrated Bibles. Sewing Machines Surgical, Musical, and Mathematical Inatrnmenta Ladies' and Gents' Gold and Silver Lever and Geneva 'Watches Diamond Ring!), Pius, Studs, Pencilcsses Gold Brooches, Earrings, Necklets, Lockets, Chains, Ripga Studs, Soiitairea, Pins, Alberts, Rings Dresses, Uresspieces, Shawls, Overcoats Opera and Field Glasses, Telescopes Forks, Spoons, Blanket?, Rifle, Tools Men's, Women's, Youths', Maids', Chil ren's.and Infants' Clothing, &c , &c_, &c For foil list see last Thursday1 Eegisteriud Advertiser. WEDNESDAY, December 8, at 1JL ADELAIDE CENTRAL AUCTION MART. NEW SEASON'S TEAS, I FROM FOCCHOW VIA MELBOURNE. DW. MELVIN is directed by the Con st signee to sell — 161 Half-chests Excellent CONGOU , 107 Boxes do. do. WEDNESDAY, December 8, at 11. ADELAIDE CENTRAL AUCTION MART. FRENCH CLARET, JUST L1NDBD. . SUPERB OLD PORT. BRANDY. CHAMPAGNE, CIGARS, be. DW. MELVIN is instructed by the Cjd ? signees to sell — 100 Cases, Quarts, Lafitte's Bonnes Graves CLAEET, just arrived SO cases, pints, do. do. do. 15 casea Very Choice Matured Port, 14 years old 30 cases Lafitte's T.V.C. Brandy 10 quarter casks Excellent Port 15 quarter-casks Lafittu'8 T.V.O. Brandy 20 quarter-casks A. Faux et Fila Brandy 16 cases, quarts, Champagne 6,000 Havana-shape Cisars, Triehinopoly Dindigul 10,000 Havana*. &c, &c_, bo. WEDNESDAY, December 6, at 12. ADELAIDE OBNTRAL AUOMON MART. BON-BONS. CHRISTMAS GOODS. DW. MKLVIN is instructed to selL in ? lots—' An Invoice of Assorted BON-BONS and other Seasonable Goods. Particulars to-morrow. THURSDAY, December 9, at 11. AT THE MANOORA HOTEL, MANOORA. UNDER DISTRAINT FOR RENT AND BILL OP SALS. 8TOCK-tN-TRADE, FUKNIXURE, PIANO, BEDSTEADS AXD BEDDING, PIGS, POULTRY, AND SUNDRIES. DW. M E L V I N is instructed to ? positively sell — WINES, Beers, Spirits, Cordials, ic, ka. Household Faruiture and Effects Walnut Piano, by Aucher Freres Bedsteads and Beadiag Bagatelle Table, Letter Press Wheat Plitform Weiibing Machine Water Trough. Fore« Pamp Carpenter's Bench, Harness Patent Mangle. Trade Sundries Floorcloths, Cirptts, Matting, Clocks, Pictures Dining, Dressing. Kitchen, and other Tables Washstands, Toilet Seta, Moaicstool, Sofas Toilet Glasses, Cheats of Drawers, Chairs General Furniture, and Miscellaneous Articles Kitchen Requisites, Ornaments, Tools Turkeys, Ducks, Fowls, Pigs, &c, &a, &c, FOR ABSOLUTE SALB. WITHOUT RESEETE. TO-MORRO'W* (Tuesday), December 7, at 2 o'clock. 8TURT HORSE BAZAAR. 75 DRAUGHT AND MEDIUM HORSES FROM NEW SOUTH WALES, For Mr. D. Morrison. BARKER & CHAMBERS are instructed to sell as abore. 75 Very Useful HORSES, suitable for Trolly, Spring-Dray, and Tram work. Bill terms. HORNS. HORNS. ER.PRIESTLY& CO. will oSer by auction. ? at their ?^♦rehouse, Currie-«re€t, on Wednesday, Dt winter 8. at 3 o'clock — ? Several large lots of BULLOCK HORNS, most of them tfie finest that hare ever be*n submitted ?o public coaipetition in thia mirket. 3413 E. R. PRIESTLY & CO- Auctioaeere.

? AUCTIONS ? TO-MORROW (Tuesday), December 7. AT THE CITY AUCTION MART. NEW SHIPMENT OF *4 PKG3. EARTHENWAKE, OHINAWABE. AND GLASSWARE. JUST LANDED. TO STAFFORDSHIRE WAREHOUSE MEN, STOREKEEPERS, GLASS AND CBOKERY DEALERS, HAWKERS, AND OTHERS. MAURICE SALOM & OOMPY. are instructed to sell by auction, at their Mart, To-morrow (Taesday), December 7, at II o'clock— A New Shipment of 64 Pkgs. EARTHEN WARE, 03INA and GLASSWARE. consisting of — Crates Dove Rhine Plates Crates Blue Pheasant Plates Crates Imitation China Caps and Saucers ' Crates Fancy Toy Plates and Slugs Crates Imitation China Bieikfasrwsie Crates Breakfast Cups and Saucers ' Cases Half-pint Cut Tumblers Oases Cut Nobbier Glasses Crates Printed Assorted Breakfast Cnps)»ad Saucers Crates do. do. Plates to match Cases Green Claret Glasses with white stems ' Cases Cut Wines, Ports, and Sherries Hogsheads Lampglobes Cases best Crystal Sherries and Ports Crates assorted Banded Jugs Oases Cnt and Double-cat Stem Sherries Crates Blue Pheasant and Dare Rhine Covered Dishes. TO-MORROW (Tuesday), December T. FOUR COMPLETE SUITES FINE OUr GLASSWARE. TO GLASSWARE DEALERS, PARTD33 FURNISHING, AND OTHERS. MAURICE SALOM & OOMPY. are instructed to sell by auction, at their Mart, on To-morrow (Tuesday), December 7, at 11 o'clock — ' 4 Casks, each containing a complete Suite, Finest CUT GLASSWARE, consisting of— Sherries, Ports, Champagnes, Clarets, Liqueurs Horn Tumblers, Champagne Tumblers Soda Tumblers, Half-pint Goblets, Finger Cups Custards, Jellies, set Decanters, Claret Jog Caraffs and Ups, Oval Dishes, Pickle Jar Sugar Basin and Butterdish. TO-MORROW (Tuesday), December 7. 28 CRATES PATENT SODAWATER BOTTLES. TO AERATED WATER MANUFAOTUREBS, BOTTLERS, STOREKEEPERS, AND OTHERS. MAURICE SALOM b OOMPY. are instructed to sell by auction, at their Mart, To-morrow (Tuesday), December 7, at U o'clock — 28 Orates, each 24 doz., PATENT SODA WATER BOTTLES. TO-MORROW (Tuesday)i December 7. 17 OASES No. 1 AMERICAN SLEDGE HANDLES. TO IRONMONGERS, STOREKEEPERS, AND OTHERS. MAURICE SALOM & OOMPY. are instructed to sell by auction, at their Mart, To-morrow (Tuesday), December 7, at 11 o'clock— ! 17 Oases, each 12 dozen, No. 1 American SLEDGE HANDLES. TO-MORROW (Tuesday), December 7. 380 DOZEN JAPANNED TRAYS AND WAITERS. TO IRONMONGERS, FURNISHERS, AND OTHERS. MAURICE SALOM & OOMPY. are instructed to sell by auction, at their Mart, To-morrow (Tuesday), December 7, at 11 o'clock— 194 Dozen Round JAPANNED TRAY3 and WAITERS, 8, 10, and 12 inch 122 do. Oval do. do, 12 and 14 inch 66 do. Oblong do. do., 14, 13, and IS inch. . TO-MORROW (Tuesday), December 7. 8 LADD3S' AND GENTS' AMERICAN TRAVELLING TRUNKS. 15 RAILWAY TRAVELLING TRUNKS. TO IRONMONGERS, DRAPERS, WARE HOUSEMEN, TRAVELLERS, AND OTHERS. MAURICE SALOM & COMPY. are instructed to sell by auction, at their Mart, To-morrow (Tuesday), December 7, at 11 o'clock — 8 Ladies' and Gentlemen's American TRA VELLING TRUNKS, 26, 23, 30, 32, 34, and 36 inch 15 Black Railway Companions, 16, 18, 20, 24, and 27 inches. ... ' .:': On THURSDAY, December 3. AT THE CITY AUCTION MART. VALUABLE BUILDING ALLOTMENTS ? ? . . nr thb CITY OF ADELAIDE. BEOWN-STREEr AND WRIGHT-STREET, FACING WHITMORE-SQUARE. TO CAPITALISTS, 'BUILDERS, BREWERS, MBMBER8 OF BUELDING SOCIETIES, AND OTHERS. MAURICE SALOM k OOMPY. are instructed to sell by auction, at their Mart, on Thursday, December 9, at 12 o'clock ? All those 12 Valuable BUILDING ALLOT MENTS in the City of Adelaide, being sub division of Town Acre No 460, facing WHITMORE-SQUARE, and having frontages to BROWN-STRBKT, WKIGHT-STBEET, AND PRIVATE ROAD. The above Sale offers a fine opportunity for persons desirous of securing an eligible building site for Business Premises or Private Residence. For Plans and farther particulars apply to the Auctioneers. Terms— 25 per cent, cash, balance at three, five, or seven years at 7 per cent, interest. On THURSDAY, December 9. AT THE CITY AUCTION MART. DESIRABLE BUILDING LAND NORTH ADELAIDE, TYNTE-STRBET AND CURTIS COURT. TO BUILDERS, CAPITALISTS, PERSONS REQUIRING GOOD BUILDING SITES FOR COTTAGES AND SHOPS. MAURICE SALOM & OOMPY. are lEstrueted to sell by aaction, a.t their Mart, on Thursday, December 9, at 12 o'clock — All those 14 Valuable ALLOTMENTS of LAND, situate at NOKTH ADELAIDE, being subdivision of Town Acres Nos. 823 and 830. ALLOTMENTS Noa. 16 and 17. each having a frontage of 30 feet to TYNTE-STREET, ALLOTMENTS Nos. 7, S, 9, 10, 11, 12. 19, 20, 21, 21, 23, and 24, each having a frontage of 30 feet to CURTIS COURT. The above Property is situsted jmt opposite to Model School, and persons desirous of secur ing a good site for a residence in the best part of North Adelaide should not miss this oppor tunity. Title— R.P. Act. Terms liberal. On THURSDAY, December 16. AT THE RESIDENCE OF F. P. ROWLEY, ESQ . MOLE3WOKTH-STSEET, NORTH ADELAIDE. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE * ' A.5D GENERAL EFFECTS, AMD SUPERIOR PIANOFORTE, BY HOLLINGS AND SPANGBNBERG. TO PARTIES FURNISHING AND OTHBR3. MAURICE SALOM & COMPY. are instructed by F. P. Rowley, Esq., *ho is proceeding to Europe, to sell by auction, at his Residence, Moles worth-street, Ncrta Ade laide, on TkorsCay, December hi, a; 12 o'clock soon — The Whole of the Excellent HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, China, Glsa.. Table aad Bed Linen, and General Kffezta. ALSO, : A very SuDerior full, tone Ootb^a Walnut Pianoforte, bv Eo!ling3 k Spangeaberg (highly recommended). Further particulars and Catalogues prior to Sale.

APCTIOSB ? TO-MORROW (Taesday), December IT NOW ON VIEW. AN BXOBLLENT FAMILY CARRIAGE, NKAKLT NBW. A RARE OPPORTUNITY. TO PRIVATE FAMILIES, COACH BUILDERS, AND OTHERS. TOWN SEND k SON are favoured with instructions to sell, at their Mart, To-morrow (Tuesday), December 7, at 12 o'clock— A most Excellent FAMILY CARRIAGE, nearly new. . The above is most substantially made, is roomy, and runs light. ? Now on View. Terms— Approved bills at three months. TO-MORROW (Taesday), December 7. - , at 12 o'clock. TRAPS. TRAP8. TRAP3. TO LIVERY-STABLE KEEPERS AND OTHERS. WAGONETTES. 8P1DERS. ' BUGGIK. EXPRESS WAGONS. TOWN BE N D & 8 O N are favoured with instructions to sell, at the Mart, To-morrow (Tuesday), December 7, at 12 o'clock— 21 Excellent TRAPS, all new, consisting of— ' Express Wagons Spiders ? -.???.'?. Wagonettes Buggies. For Positive Sale. TO-MORROW (Taesday), December 7. . JUST LANDED. CLOCKS. CLOCKS. OLOOKS. ; TO W N 8 E N D & SON are instructed to sell, at their Mart, To-morrow (Tuesday ),]December7,at 12 o'clock— 30 Excellent French Marble CLOCKS. Just Landed. ; Without Reserve. \ On THURSDAY, December §. UNDER INSTRUCTIONS FROM MESSRS' D. & J. FOWLER. ' THE ENTIRE CARGO OF THB RICHARD PARSONS. SPLENDID SPRUCE DEALS. ??=??? ;. -?? ? irx3.- . -? : ? -?-? . 9x3. ' ' ' :'^ '-. : 7r2*.: - _? ? ' ; TOWNSEND& SON are favoured with instructions from Messrs. D.& J. Fowler to sell, at the Port, on Thursday, December 9, at 11 o'clock — The ENTIRE CARGO of the RICHARD PARSONS, consiftting of a Splendid assortment or SPRUCE DEALS. 11x3. 9x3. 7x2£. Full particulars in doe coarse. On THUKSDAY, Deoember 9. AT THE PORT, AT 11 O'CLOCK. TO TIMBER MERCHANTS, BUILDERS, CONTRACTORS, AND OTHERS. 50 OASE3 GALVANIZED IRON, . .. ? OKD BRAND. TO W N S E N D 4 S O N are favoured with instructions to sell, at the Port, on Thursday, December 9, at 11 o'clock — . 50 Cases GALVANIZED IRON, Orb Brand, 5 to 9 feet, 26 gauge. On FRIDAY, December 10. ' SPLENDID BLOCK OF LAND, STANLEY-STREET, NORTH ADELAIDE, / Town Acre, 'So. 1031, and half Town Acre, No. 103a FRONTAGES TO \ STANLEY-STREET, ; JERNINGHAM-SIFEBT, - . AMD KINGSTON-TERRACE. TOWNSEND & SON are favoured with instructions to sell, at their Mart, King William-street, on Friday, December 10, at 12 noon— - All that Valuable FREEHOLD LAND— Lot 1, being TOWN ACRE No. 1031, having frontages to STANLEY-STREET, KINGSTONTER RACE, and JERNINGHAM-STREBT. Lot 2. All the Eastern Half of TOWN ACRE No. 1030, having a frontage of 106 feet to STANLEY-STREET by a depth of 210 feet, and a frontage to King ston-terrace of 106 feet by a depth of 210 feet. On the Land is a neat Dwelling-Home, now occupied by Mr. Selway. The Land commands' one of the most beauti ful views of the Hills to be found in or near Adelaide. Note— The above will be submitted in one lot. Terms liberal. - For farther particulars and conditions of sale apply to Messrs. Knox & Gwynne, Solicitors, Vietarit-sqaare ; or to the Auctioneers. On FRIDAY, December 10, at half-past 7 o'clock in the Evening. AT THE ODDFELLOWS' ARMS HOTEL, BOWDEN. VALUABLE PROPERTIES SITUATE IN BOWDEN. TO CAPITALISTS, WORKING MEN, MEM BERS OF BUILDING SOCIETIES, AND OTHERS. IN CONSEQUENCE OF MRS. MATTERS LEAVING THE DISTRICT. TOWNSEND & BON have received instructions to sell, at the Oddfellows' Arms Hotel, Botrden, in conss quence of Mrs. Matters leaving the district Lot 1. Two DWELLING-HOUSES, and a number of Outbuildings, Sheds, &c., &c. The Land is part Lots 967 and 963, BOWDEN. Lot 2. A Block of Vacant LAND on north side of Mrs. Hollers Residence, 50 x 105 feet, being part Lota 962 and 963, BOWDEN. Also, In conjunction with the above, at the same time and place — Lot 3. Three Superior Five-roomed HOUSSd on paxt Allotments Nos. 922, 993, 994, and 995, Gibson street, BOWDEN, now let to respectable tenants. Lot 4. In conseojience of Mrs. Matters removing from the district — Two Superior HOUSS3, Three-roomed, on part Lot 923, Eleventh-street. BOWDEN. Titles— Real Property Act. . Terms— 20 per cent deposit. The balance of the purchase-money may remain to suit pur chasers.

? ATJCTIOJb ' On SATURDAY. December 11. ORAFERS SUMMIT. 1,700 FEET ABOVE THE SEA. at.t. THE REMAINING UNSOLD ALLOT MENTS AND SUBURBAN BLOCKS IN THE TOWNSHIP OF CRAFERS SUMMIT. TOWNSKND & SON are instructed by the proprietors (to close partnership accounts) to sell by auction, at their Mart, on Saturday, December 11, at 12 o'clock All the remaining UNSOLD ALLOTMENTS aad SUBURBAN BLOCKS in the Towmhtp of CRAFBR3 SUMMIT. Several of the best Allotment* in, immediate contiguity to the RAILWAY STATION, and fronting a splendid macadamised road, have been reserved for this Sale. Some of the land in this township sold at the last auction in April has since changed hands at an advance of 50 per cent, but thia is nothing to the advance in value that may be expected wbea the Railway is opened to this point. 'J. here are still TEN SUBURBAN BLOCKS, varying in extent from Three to Eleven Acres, unsold, and they comprise the very best in the estate for Private Residences and Gardens, com manding magnificent views, and they are on the average within five minutes' walk of the Station. Title— Heal Property Act Terms — 20 per cent, deposit, the bslanoe by approved bills at three, six, nine, and twelve, months, bearing interest at the rate of 7 per cent. Lithograph Plans can be obtained at the Aaction Mart. Ob SATURDAY, December 11. ON THE GROUND, AT 3 O'CLOCK. TO CAPITALISTS, INVESTORS, MEMBERS OF BUILDING SOCIETIES, AND OTHERS.. WBSTBOTTBHB PAKK, WBSTBOURNE PARK, Adjacent to the NAIRNE RAILWAY, And about half a mile from THE MITCHAM TRAMWAY, and near the GOODWOOD RAILWAY STATION. TITLE, REAL PROPERTY AOI. TERMS EXCEEDINGLY LIBERAL. TOWNSEND ft SON are favoured with instructions to sell, on the ground, on Saturday, December 11, at 3 o'clock — That Valuable SECTION of LAND, No. 253, containing 80 Acres, and laid out in suitable Allotments, making about 190 Blocks. The above valuable Section is delightfully situated between UNLEY AND GOODWOOD, »nd is close to THE NAIRNE RAILWAY, which runs through the Land. Application has been made to the Govern-, ment, and consent has been given by them, to lay the water on on the usaal guarantee of 10 per cent. The property is situated in a TRULY DELIGHTFUL SPOT, embracing and commanding a splendid view of the sea, the hills, and the plains, and is within a. half-mile of THB MITOHAM TRAMWAY LINE. The Land is high and dry, and the soil is excellent. The Auctioneers confidently call the attention of all classes to the above important sale. SPECIAL NOTICE. A Tramway Company has been formed, and the shares nearly all applied for. This will bring! WESTBOURNE PARK WBSTBOURNE PARK within the shortest way possible, either by THE GLENELG RAILWAY, THE NAIRNE RAILWAY, THE MITCHAM TRAMWAY, and , THE GOODWOOD TRAMWAY 1 Titled-Real Property Act Terms— 10 per cent, deposit, the balance by bills at one, two, and three years, at 6 per cent. , lithograph plans are now ready, and may be obtained at the Mart. Remember— On the Ground, on Saturday, December 11, at 3 o'clock. , On FRIDAY. December 17. SPLENDID FARM IN THE SOUTH-EAST. IX) CAPITALISTS. FARMERS, GRAZIERS. AND OTHERS. AN EXCELLENT FARM, COMPRISING 203 ACRES DRAINED LAND, SOUTH-EAST. A BASE OPPORTUNITY. TO W N 8 E N D k SON are favoured'with instructions from Mr. (r*. P. Oral ter, of Mount Muirhead, South-East, co sell, at their Mart, on Friday, December 17 it]2nooo — All those Two Valuable SE0TI0N3 of LAND, being Noi. 113 and 114. HUNDRED OF MAYURA, bounty of Grey, comprising 206 Acres of Land. The Land is subdivided into three paddocks. About ISO Acres is grubbed and cleared, and ais been cultivated. About thirty acres is sown with English grasses. There is a House and 3table for five horses. Plenty of good Water all the year round. This Land realized a very high price when bought at the .Government Land 8ale. This Land is without doubt some of the very best in the South-Eastern District. ? This Property is one of the be»t sections in the drained lands in the South-East. For a dairy or cheese farm it possesses special advan tages. If the purchaser requires more land het proprietor is willing to mike terms for an adjoining block of land. The property is situated about four miles from Mulieent. with a good metalled road, and the Government Model School is dose by the property. For terms and particulars of sale apply to Auctioneers. Note— On Friday, December 17, at 13 o'clock. TO-MORROW (Tuesday), December 7. AT THE HIDE AND SKIN MARKET. AT HALF-PAST 10 O'CLOCK. Tj- LAUGHTON & CO. are instructed to JQj* sell by auction, as above — SHEEPSKINS, HIDES, &c TO-MORROW (Tuesday), December 7, at 2 o'clock. AT THE MILE-END YARDS. SPLENDID FAT CATTLE. E LAUGHTON k OO. are instructed by ? Meeirs. Hay, Newland, & Co. to sell— 150 Very Prime FAT BULLOCKS and COWS from their Warlo Run, River Darling. The special attention of the Trade is called to these Cattle, which are admirably Baited for the season of the year, being light weights and very nice quality. 33s 42v PRIME NEW ZEALAND OATS. EX ELIZABETH. EijATTGHTON & OO. are instructed to t sell, at their Warehouse, Eickford's Buildings, Currie-street, To-morrow (Tuesday), December 7, at 2 o'clock sharp— PART of the CAKGO of the ELIZABETH, oonsinticg of 2,900 Bag* Prims NEW ZEALAND OATS of magnificent quality and in splendid condition. 3112

? ? AUCTI0J8 ? TO-MORROW (Taesday), Deoember 7, at 1 o'clock. AT YARROWIE. 38 HORSES. FERRY, MOORS, k WILKINSON, under instruction* from Mr. O'Dea, will sell, us above— 38 Broken and Unbroken OART OOLT3 and FILLIES, all in good condition aad just fit for harvesting. Term* at Sde. On WEDNESDAY, December 8, at 1 o'clock. ON THB FARM OF MR. BARBERS, WHITK CUFFS, BOOLEROO. FERRY. MOORE, b WILKINSON, under instructions from Mr. Sampson Thomas (who b»» removed his stock for tho convenience of sale) will sell, as above — 15 Superior FARM HORSES, known to be an excellent lot, and parties in want of reliable stock for immediate use can rely on getting what they require. On another account— ^Q Broken and UnbrokenDRAUGHrS. Terms. «a«y, at Sale. On THURSDAY. December 9, at 1 o'clock, AT MORCHARD. HORSES AND FAT OATTLB. FERKY, MOORE, b WILKINSON, under instructions from Mr. D. O'Dei, will aeli, as above— O« DRAUGHT and GOOD LIGHT Ov SORTS, broken aad unbroken, specially selected for farming purposes. For J. J. tiwinden, E«q. - 40 FAT BULLOCKS, good Christmas Beef. Terms at 8ale. On TUESDAY, December 14, at 2 o'clock sharp. AT FORMBY b BOASK*S BAZAAR. 10 CARRIERS, DRAYMEN, GARTERS, AND OTHERS. CLEARING SALE OF HORSES AND DRAYS. FERRY, MOORE, k WILKINSON (under instructions from Messrs. H. Woodcock and J. Bordett, who are selling off to close account*) will s»ll by aaction, ** above— \ i'fc HORSES, Broken, chiefly Draughts, UV at used by them outing ; all good reliable workers 5 Tip-Drays (in good order), and several sets of Harness, be ALSO. Three Acre* of LAND situated sear Duke of Wellington, PAYNEHAM, on the Tarren*. in the Township of Marden West, being Block 65. Good sand and gravel pita on this Property. Also, on account of Mr. B, MoHugh— 30 Broken and Unbroken Draught*—* good lot. Sold simply on account ot the proprietor removing to Port Germein. Terms— Approved acceptance*. KAPUNDA MONTHLY MARKET, f ALMSRSTON YARDS, KAPUNDA. TO-MORROW (Taesday), Deoember 7. WM. GEU. GOODOHILD k OOMPY. will sell by auction, as above, com mencing at 12 o'clock — 200 FAT and STORE PIGS 12300 'L^ SI0E' Far Mr. Rothe— 300 Fat Wethers. For Mr. C. Pohlner — 300 Fat Wethers. For Mr. J. White, from Lillymur Station, Wimmera Distriot, Victoria— 3,000 Fat and Store Ewes ' . 3,000 Fat and Store Wethers. For Mr. E. Rioe— 200 Fat Wethers 200 Fat Swes. For Mr. E. Salter— SO Prime Fat Lambs. For Mr. E. Kickebuaeh— 150 4-tooth Wethers, splendid condition 100 Eat Ewes. For Mr. A. Tennant — 1,200 First-class Store Ewes. From the Duck Ponds (Shannon's)— 900 4 and 6 tooth Wethers, fat. For Mr. Wm. Gilbert— 800 Bleeding Ewes. For another acconnt— 2,100 good Store Wethers, about half 4 and 6 tooth, remainder full month. S52 FAT AND STORE CATTLE. For Mr. Joseph Keynes, from Key ue ton — 40 Fat and Store Cattle, including several broken-in Oows and Heifers with calves at foot. For Mr. E. Salter— 20 Prime Fat Oows. For Mr. E Rice— 40 Fat Steers and Heifers, d&iry-bred and quiet. For Metsrs. Hamlyn & Go. 240 Hereford Bullocks and Steers, in forward condition, and from the well known Stroan House herd. For Mr. J. Hannaf ord— 12 Prime Steers, fit for the yoke or to kill. 70 HORSES. For Messrs. Kearney & Co. — 30 Broken and Unbroken Horses, from Cowarie Station, comprising Medium Draughts and well-bred Haoks. For Mr. P. Ryan, Houghton 20 Pedigree Colts and Fillies, bred from Mr. A. B. Murray's stock, and reposed really first class. For various acoounts — 20 Heavy, Medium, and Light. 338,41? KAPUNDA MONTHLY MARKET. AT THE PALMERSTON YARDS, KAPUNDA. TO-MORROW (Taesday). December 7. WM. GEO. GOODOHILD fe OOMPY. are favoured with instructions from Messrs. Hamlyn b Co. to sell by auotioa, as above — ?IJA HEREFORD BULLOCKS and y»4i:t/ STEERS, in forward condition, from the well-known Struan House herd. Terms-Approved bills. 838,41v KAPUNDA MONTHLY MARKET. PALMKR8TON YARDS, KAPUNDA. TO-MORROW (Tuesday), December 7. WM. GBO GOODOHILD k OOMPY. are favoured with instructions from Mr. James White to sell, aa above, from Lillvmnr Station, Wimmera District, Victoria— 3000 FAT and ST0RK EWES. 3,000 FAT and STORE WETHERS. These Sheep are got by the best rams obtain able in Victoria, and are splendidly woolled. Special Note.— The Ewes will be drafted in lots according to age. ' 838,41v O» THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9th, 1830, AT TWHLVB O'CLOCK. HAWTHORN. HAWTHORN. 23 ALLOTMENTS IN HAWTHORN. WT WADHAM k CO. will sell by auction, TT « in their Saleroom, Wnymonth-street, on Thursdsv, December 9, at 12 o'clock — 23 ALLOTMENTS in the TOWNSHIP of HAWTHORN, And close to the NAIRNK RAILWAY. These Allotment* nearly all meuore 100 feet by 150 feet, and command magnificent views of the bills and sea, and are uuequ&lled for Villa. and Cottage Sites. Plans will be ready on Taesday. These Allotments are FOR POSITIVE SALE. TERMS LIBERAL. Bemember— Thursday next, the 9tb inst. ? 341,34 MAGILL-ROAD, NORWOOD. OPPOSITE THE TOWNSHIP OF MAYLANDS. On WEDNESDAY, December 8, at 3 o'clock in the Afternoon. ON THE PREMISK3 OF MR8. JAMK3 McDOUGALL, WHO IS LEAVING FOE SYDNEY. ' HALE8 BROTHERS are instructed to . sell HOUSKIIOLD FURNITURE and KFF£OT3— Tables. Chairs. Beds, Bedding Sofa, Couch, Carpet, Crockery, &c, &c. And the usual Household Kequiuites Also, a few Choice Fowls. Remember— Wednesday, 3 o'clock, a little past PoweM the Batcher's. ? 8413 E LAUGHTON U OO. ? ADELAIDE, SALESMEN OF WOOL, raDE3, SHEEP AND OTHER SKINS. AND TALLOW. Auction Balt^ held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Prompt Accounta and Cash Settlement*, er Printed and Published daily by Ronan* Krrmi Tho*u.b, at the Offices of the South Auitraliam Register, Evenina Journal, and Adelaide Observer, Grenfell-street, Adelaide, where advertisements, orders, and communica tions are received. r