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Development of the North-west Country.

Rapid strides are being taken to develop the large tract of valuable pastoral country to the north-west of Port Augusta and west of Lake Torrens.

It is satisfactory to learn that in every attempt at obtaining water by well-sinking or boring in this new country outlay and enter prise have been rewarded, and have in most cases met with great success. Mount Eba Station, the property of Mr. Price Maurice, is the furthest station out at present, and improvements and stocking are going on on an extensive scale. The run is a large one; good water has been obtained in large quantities by sinking at shallow depths, and for the last two years Mr. P. Maurice has sent over from his stations in the western district large drafts of sheep to stock up this country, which will take all his surplus stock for many years. In addition to the buildings at Mount Eba Sta tion a new woolshed has been erected near Port Augusta, where the sheep are travelled down and shorn. The difficulties attending the cartage of wire and stores has been the greatest draw back to the whole of this north-west country, through the scarcity of water on the road for teams. It only behoves the Government to make tanks and sink wells on the route at regular distances to accelerate the opening- up of this fine pastoral country, which will give employment to a large number of men and teamsters. Two stone tanks and one well have been completed lately, and tenders for a third tank at Ironstone Lagoon have just been accepted.     The Government have a party of men on clear ing and making a direct road from Port Augusta West to Phillips's Ponds. Coondambo Station, belonging to Messrs. Mosley & Bruce, is on the south of Mount Eba and north shores of Lake Gairdner. This station was the first formed, and is rapidly be coming a fine run. Several good wells of water, with large supplies, have been obtained lately at shallow depths, fencing and station improve ments are being pushed on, and some 15,000 sheep are on the way up to the run. This station boasts of a post-office, and is the farthest out north-west. Mr. Norman Richard son, who has had the mail contract for the last three years, has obtaiued the new contract for carrying the mails fortnightly between Port Augusta 'West and Coondambo, calling at the intermediate stations. For the convenience of persons travelling, a coach travels direct through with the mails. Wirraminna Station, belonging to Messrs. Green, Short, & Scott, is situated south of Coondambo and on the east of Lake Gairdner. Here a regular station is formed, civilization shows itself, large contracts for fencing are going on, and as the reward of enterprise several splendid wells of water have been

obtained at shallow depths, estimated to carry 30,000 sheep. It is at present stocked with 10,000 to 15,000 sheep. Tne proprietors propose placing on a large number. Arcoona Station (Mr. A. M. Wooldridge's) adjoins Wirraminna on the north, and south of Andamooka. This station is being put into good form ; improvements of the most substantial kind are being put up. A fine woolshed has been erected for thirty-two shearers; fencing is being energetically pushed on, 150 miles of wire fencing having been completed in a little over twelve months. Sheep and cattle have been placed on the run, and it now depastures 20,000 sheep in paddocks on surface water, and 1,000 head of cattle at lakes on other portions of the run. This run is the largest north-west of Port Augusta, containing several fine lakes and lagoons of fresh water. About 20,000 breeding ewes have lately been purchased from Lake Victoria and Moorna Statioas, River Murray, to place on the run. A splendid well of water has recently been obtained by sinking and then boring with most successful results, the water on being struck rising to & height of forty -seven feet in the well in twenty-four hours through a three-inch borehole. A steam-engine is being erected and a large stone tank is also being built at the well. It is expected that 50,000 sheep   will be shorn on this run in 1880. Andamooka Station, belonging to Messrs   Bowman & Youug, contains a large area, and here improvements, fencing, wellsinking, tank making, are going on with great vigour. It is situated on the north of Arcoona, south of Stuart's Creek Run, and west of Lake Torrens. Several fine wells of good water at very shallow depths have recently been obtained on this run, and it is being developed in such a manner that it will carry a large quantity of stock. A fine powerful steam-engine is erected at one of the wells, with an unlimited supply of water. There are some fine waterholes and lagoons on this run. A new woolshed is about to be erected. A few months ago the proprietors purchased from Mr. A. M. Wooldridge 450 square miles of country to enlarge their run for £3.000, and have since purchased 17,000 wethers for fattening purposes from same party. It is intended that 100,000 sheep will be on the run in a few years, as it is admirably adapted for stock, and splendid fattening country. Elizabeth Creek Station (Mr. W. Fowler's).— Just about fencing his run and turning it into a sheep station, cattle for the last few years having engaged the attention of the owner on this run. Yeltacowie, belonging to Mr. B. Barr Smith, is situated south of Elizabeth Creek, and adjoins Pernatty. This station has been used only as a cattle station, and is of the very best description for pastoral purposes. The Pines Station (Messrs. H. & H. A. Giles's). — This run was purchased at public auction some eighteen months ago, and lately good wells have been obtained on the run. Though not of a large area, it is a good station, and when fenced will carry a good number of sheep. Pernatty Station (Mr. H. J. Richman's) is a cattle station, and depastures from 1,000 to 1,500 head. Water has been obtained on this run by sinking, and in very dry seasons cattle are watered at the wells. In ordinary seasons water is very plentiful along the fine Gum Creek. The Government sank a well and obtained good water in the creek, which is reserved for the use of teamsters. South Gap Run (Messrs. Grant, Thorold, and Butler's), situated on the west side of Lake Torrens, adjoins Pernatty and Elizabeth Creek Stations. Well sinking with good results have been carried on, and fencing is being pushed on with all speed. It adjoins Mr. J. H. Angas's station, Whitatta, which is nearly all substan tially fenced. Resumption of Runs. The Government have presented a large num ber of squatters with a very unacceptable New Year's gift in the shape of 'Notices of Resump tion,' on January 1, of some of the finest runs in the colony. Luckily the owners are all men of ample means, otherwise the loss of their security in the shape of their leases might seriously interfere with their financial arrangements. More distant runs will be in demand, and en hanced in value, owing to the safety of tenure and the three years' notice required before resumption. Never before in the history of South Australia has so large an area been resumed at one time. We presume the Com missioner of Crown Lands is looking forward to a large demand for land, in consequence of the bountiful harvest. The total area resumed is about 4,700 square miles, or about 3,000,000 acres, included in 56 leases, on 41 of which the notice of resump tion is at twelve months, and on the remaining 15 leases six months only. The following are the runs which are to be resumed : — In the North.     Name of Lessse. Name of Run. No of Lease. Area rsd. S.M. Ed. Chapman ... Kalloota ... 1512 ... 1 J. & R. Love ... Marichowie ... 1556 ... 44 Henry Scott ... Yadlamalka ... 1568 ... 1 D. & R. Bruce .. Wallerberdina... 1618 ... 69 R. Barr Smith ... Warrakimbo ... 1659 ... 162 Hayward. Brown,     and Armstrong ... Wonoka.. . ... 1647 ... 74 P. Butler & W. B.     Sells ... Woolyana ... 1381 ... 150 W. L. Marchant ... Edeowie ... 1598 ... 227 W. J. Browne ... Nelpena ... 1597 ... 119 W.J.Browne ... Arkaba .. 1595 ... 6 Sir T. Elder ... Beltana ... 1710 ... 26   Bowman Bros ... Minburra ... 1528, 1527 ... 190 Chas. Davies ... Mattswarrangala ... 1534 ... 122 John Warwick ... Holowiliena ... 1621,1611 ... 21 1/4 McLean & Barker ... Flagstaff ...1622 ... 13 A. Tennant ... Baratta ... 1708, 1751, 1751A ...251 Grant & Stokes ... Yanyarrie ... 1630, 1631 ... 270 In the North-East.             Name of Lessee. Name of Run. No of Lease. Area rsd. S.M. William Dare ... Moopena ... 1507 ... 108 Horn & Stirling ... Winninininie ... 1537 ... 103 Hon. J. Crozier ... Bimbowrie ... 1575 .... 55 R. Couch ... Koonamore ... 1697 ... 105 George Hiles ... Waukaringa ... 1701, 1700 ... 190 James Thyer ... Wabricoola ...1634,1635 ... 100 John Chewings ... Teetulpa... ... 1693 ... 50 Sir T. Elder ... Paratoo ... 1600, 1715, 1724, 1749, 1750, 1601, 1686, 1723,     1748, 1869, 1602, 1892 1897 ... 1348 F. C. Austin ... Ketchowla ... 1698 ... 233 W. & T. G. Cockrum Cartarpoo ... 1603 ... 55 Hon. A. Hay... N West Bend ... 1549,1551, 2076 ..432 J. & H. J. Riggs ... N. of NW.Bend ... 2074 ... 47 Church & Warner ... Do. ... 2077 ... 52 G. Gebhardt ... Do. ... 1828 ... 16 T. Warner ... Do. ... 1891 ... 22 J. Ford ... Do. ... 2226 ... 7 C. Rischbeith & T. Drew ...Do. ... 1694 ... 12 LIVE STOCK. During the quarter ended September 30 last, 93,948 sheep. 11,838 cattle, and 869 horses were imported into this colony. The exports for the same period were 15,080 sheep. New South Wales supplied the colony with 93,787 sheep and 2,421 cattle ; Queensland with 6,108 cattle; and Victoria with 161 sheep and 3,309 cattle. Of the sheep exported from South Australia 15,050 were seut to New South Wales, and the remaining thirty to Queensland.