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The following are the results of the Primary Examinations held during the first week in December: — First Class (in order of merit).

Paltridge, Annie Elizabeth, A*, E 5, Grote street Model School. Leader, Thomas Mortlock, A*, D*, North Adelaide Grammar School. Pitt, Marian Trevenen, C I, »D, E 5*, Hard wicke House, Norwood. Anderson, James Uobert, A', E 5*. Prince Alfred College. Ashton, Sarah Anne, A*, E 5*, Grote-street Model School. Skconu Cuss (in alphabetical order). Counsell, Walter Samuel, D, E 1*, Prince Alfred College. Dornwell, Edith Emily, A*, E 5, Grote-street Model School. Hobbs, Charlotte, O 1*, D, E 5, Hardwicke House, Norwood. Joyce Mary Amelia, A*, E 5, Grote-street Model School. Bowley, Frederick Pelham, A, B 1, North Adelaide Grammar School. Sabine, Clement Egbert Eppes, B 1, D, E 1, E 5, Adelaide Educational Institution. Tate, Thomas Henry, A, E 5», North Adelaide Grammar School. Temple, Ellen Jane, A, E 5, Grote-street Model School. Valentine, Charles Franklyn, A, E 5, North Adelaide Grammar School. Wilson, Jemima Reid, A*, B 5, Grote-street Model School. Thibd Cuss (in alphabetical order). Braund, Fred. Wm., A, Prince Alfred College. Cruikshanks, Robert, A, North Adelaide Grammar School. Davenport, Cecil John, D, Princj Alfred College. Dobbs, Stanley, A, North Adelaide Grammar School. Duncan, Andrew Wm. Bartlett, El, Prince Alfred College. Greer, James Santo, A, do. Hall, Spencer Atkinson, D, do. Hambridge, Wm. Russell, D, Grote-street Vfodel School. King, Herbert Wm., A, North Adelaide Grammar School. Lathlean, Lydia, Cl', Hardwicke House Nor wood. Loutit, Annie Freeman, E 5, Grote-street   Model School. Lowe, Mathew Hy., D, Prince Alfred College. Padman, Alfred Herbert, E 1, do.   Preston, Herbert James, B 1, do. Robin, Arthur de Quettville, D*. do. Waterhouse, Wm. Charles, E 5, do. Wilson, Ella Dorothy Martha, O I», Mrs. Martin's, Palm-place, Hackney. In the foregoing class-lists tbe letters and figures set opposite a candidate's name denote that the candidate passed in the optional subjects represented thereby, and an asterisk denotes that the candidate (tuned with credit in tbe subject represented by the letter to which the asterisk is attached :— ^ A=Engli»h. B l=Lstin. 0 l=French. D= Mathematics. E 5=Fhyaical Geography.