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PUBLIC H0TICE8 ADELATOEANDSUBUKBAN TRAMWAY COMPANY, LIMITED. His Excellency the GOVEBNOR will declare thelNORTH ADELAIDE LINE OPEN for TRAFFIC on Monday, the 9th December, at noon. Tramcars will leave King William-street on Monday, the 9th, at 1130 tun, for North Ade laide. Shareholders desirous of being present are requested to make application before 1 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, the 7th inst. to the Secretary, at the Offices of the Company. JAS. S.SOOTT, Secretary. Temple Chambers, Onrrie-street, ? December 6. ? 311,3 ADELAIDBAND SUBURBAN TRAMWAY COMPANY, LIMITED. NOETH ADELAIDE LINE. TRAMOABS will commence RUNNING on the NORTH ADELAIDE LINE on Tuesday, the 10th December, leaving the Caledonian Hotel, O'Connell-atreet, North Adelaide, at 7.45 a m. and every 15 minutes till 10.30 p.m inclusive, and from the Supreme Court, Vic toria-square, South Adelaide, at 8.15 a.m., and every 15 minutes till 11 p.m. inclusive. Fare 3d., or 2s. 6d. per dozen. Street tickets 2d., or Is. 6d.per dozen. Tickets to be had from the conductors on the Cars. JAS. S. SCOTT, Secretary. Temple Chambers, Cnrrie-street, ? December 7, 1878. ? 343c pIIY OF ADELAIDE BEQCISITION TO THE EIGHT WORSHD? FUL THE MAYOR OF ADELAIDE. We the undersigned Citizens of Adelaide respectfully request you to call a PUBLIC MEETING in the Town Hall to consider the question of restricting CHINESE IMMIGRA TION into the Australian Colonies. [Here follow 156 signatures ] In compliance with the abore Requisition I hereby convene a FUBLIC MEETING, to be held in the TOWN HALL, Adelaide, on Monday, the Oth instant, at 7.30 o'clock p.m. sharp. ? 'WILLIAM CHRISTIE BUIK, Mayor. Town Hall, Adelaide, December 7, 1S7S. z mOWN HALL, ADELAIDE. A PUBLIC MEETING will be held on MONDAY next, the 9th inst, an the CHINESE QUESTION. His Right Worship the Mayor having fixed the above date in response to a Requisition signed by the necessary number of Ratepayers. axz 'OOYAL AGRICULTURAL AND HORTI JX CULTURAL SOCIETY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA. WINE SHOW, 1879. ENTRIES aid EXHIBITS for the WINE SHOW must be lodged with the undersigned on or before Monday next, the 9th instant. C. J. COATES, Secretary. 9, Register Chambers, Grenfell-street Adelaide, December 6, 1873. 3 -L3 KOYAL AGRICULTURAL AND HORTI CULTURAL SOCKTY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA. WINE SHOW. OPEN TO ALL THE AUSTRALIAN COLONIES. TO BE HELD IN ADELADDB. Latest date for the reception of Entries and Exhibits 4 o'clock pjn. on Monday, the Oth day of December, 1378. Judgment to commence in Monday, the 6th day of January, 1879. Prize-lists aad full particulars obtainable on application to C. J. COATES, Secretary. Register Chambers, Grenfell-street, Adelaide, November 4 1878. 309t»4V3v GLENELG Jfeiv Congregational Church SALE OF PLAIN ASD FAXCY €OODS, ' Id aid of the Building Fund, will be held in the Institute ox WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1878; ALSO, EXHIBITION OF PICTURES, WORKS OF ART, Jam SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS. PROMENADE CONCERT In the Evening. Refreshments will be provided. Doors open at 2 o'clock. MOONLIGHT. N.B.— Contributions towards the above will be thankfully received by Mrs. Mantborpe, at the Manse; or by Miss Sabine. 341,3 BOYAL AGRICULTURAL AND HORTI CULTURAL SOCIETY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA. ANNUAL TRIAL OF REAPERS, MOWERS, WINNOWERS, &c. Notice is hereby given that a trial of, viz. — Class C9. General Wheat Harvester, to advan tageously reap, thrash, and winnow fit for bagging. Class 70. A system for preparing a standing crop of wheat fit for market by one or more machines. Class 71. Adelaide Stripping Machine. Class 72. Reaping and Binding Machine. Class 73. Mowing Machine. Class 74. New Agricultural Machine or Implement. Class 75. Winnowing Machine. Class 76. Horscrake. Class 77. Hay Elevator. will be held on the farm of James Harvey, Esq., Salisbury, abutting ou the North-road and about half a mile from the Salisbury Railway Station, on Tuesday, tne 10th day of December next. Entries taken on the ground up to 1030 o'clock a.m. on the day of trial. To commence at 11 30 a.m. For further particulars apply to C. J. COATES. Secretary. 9, Register Chambers, Grenfell-street, Adelaide. 331»v OYAL AGRICULTURAL AND HORTI CULTURAL SOCIETY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA, In Association with the SOUTH AUSTRALIAN CHAMBER OF MANUFACTURES, so far as regards Section D (South Australian Industries and Manufactures). THE GRAND ANNUAL EXHIBITION, consisting of FARM AND DAIRY PRODUCE, WOOL, SOUTH AUSTRALIAN INDUSTRIES AND MANUFACTURES, FLOWERS, 1EUITS, VEGETABLES, Sc, will be held at the SOCIETY'S EXHIBITION BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS, ADELAIDE, ON THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1S79. The EXHIBITION will \w COMPLETE in all Sections ocly on THURSDAY, February 27, but as regards Section D, South Australian Industries and Manufactures ' may bo' con tinued for such time as the Chamber of Manu factures may determine. For prize-lists and fnll particulars »pply to O. 3. COATES, Secretary. 0, Register Chambers, Grenfell-street, Adelaide, November 30, 1S7S. 336mcv4Uc HOW is it that any Gentleman in compjny with a Lady cannot travel on the Port and Semaphore Railway without being watched by guards and porters ? Also, why Young Lidies cannot travel, on the above without beinj annoyed by the uncalled-for attentions pail them by the above-named officials ? 343 4 E shall NOT be RESPONSIBLE for any DEBTS contracted in oar names with out a written order from Christie Bathoat o Susannah Bathost. 0.H BATHOST, 341,3 ? Ship Inn, Currie-street. WILL NOT be RESPONSIBLE for any DEBTS contracted in my name from date, and request all Person* having OLAIilS upon me to render account by the 20th inst WALTER CAMPBELL. Geolwa, December 5, 1S7S. 34T4vj 'KTOTICE.— My WD7E having DE8ERTED I J3I will no longer be ANSWERABLE for any DEBTS or CLAIMS made on me. 337A43 EDWARD THOMAS BLUNDELL

PUBLIC NOTICES THE WHOLESALE DRAPERY Warehouses ? of the undersigned will be CLOSED on WEDNESDAY, December 25, being Christinas Day. MONDAY, December 30, in lieu of Anniversary of the Colony. TUESDAY, December 31 . WEDNESDAY, January 1, 1879, b«ing New Year's Day. g. & r. wnxs & co. D. k W. MURRAY. GOOD, TOMS, 4 CO. DONALDSON, ANDREWS, and SHARLAND. GOODE BROTHERS. ? z3Jltha65rmwf61 PUBLIC NOTICE.— The WAREHOUSES of the Undersigned will be CLOSED on the following days :— Wednesday, December 25. Monday, December 30. Tuesday, December 31. Wednesday, January 1, 1879. J. COLTON & CO. GEO. P. HARRIS, SCARFE, & CO. PADMAN k CO. HARROLD BROTHERS. G. PHILLIPS & CO. December 7, 1878. 343,7v TO THE PUBLIC— In reference to an advertisement signed ELLIS EDWARDS, and in answer to the question, ' Why do you retain his name in your Firm seeing he lias retired y I beg to state the following facts, wnich Mr. Edwards can verify : — 1st. In 1875 1 bonght from Ellis Edwards and Co. the Stock, Bookdebts, and Goodwill of their Business with the right to use their name, and have duly paid for the same. 2nd. As a condition of purchase Mr. Ellis Edwards entered into specific engagements to secure the Business to me as far as lay in his power. 3rd. For this purpose he entered into a short nominal Partnership without any responsibility, which expired by tffluxion of time on April 7, 1576. 4th. Mr. Edwards deliberately made choice of this arrangement instead of taking an actual share in the new firm, as he had previously engaged to do. I make this statement simply to vindicate the position of the present firm of Crawford, Edwards, & Co., and to prevent such misrepre sentations or misconceptions as may otherwise arise in such circumstances ; and take this oppor tunity of thanking our friends and the public generally for their generous support for many years. H. A. CRAWFORD. 4, Hindley-street, Adelaide, Decsmber 6, 1878. 34P4vj TO THE PUBLIC— Mr. H. A. CRAWFORD JL has the knack of stating as much only of the truth as raits his purpose. Few of those who understand the merits of the case take his view of the matter. The head and front of my offending appears to be that I am the Successful Tenderer in R. F. Loutit's Estate, and that I have dared to advertise myself as being again in business in premises adjoining his owe. ELLIS EDWARDS. December 7,1878. Wli* IN the ASSIGNED ESTATE of FREDERICK MORPHETT, of Laura, in the Province of South Australia, Storekeeper. — Notice is hereby given that the Trustees in this Estate, in pursuance of clanse 187 of the Insolvent Act, 1880, have this daj filed in the Court of Insolvency such statement and account as by the said Act is reqnired. It is proposed to Pay a FIRST DIVIDEND of Six Shillings in the Pound (Gs. in the £) on and after Friday, the 13th day of December, 1S78, at the office of Messrs. G. & R. Wills & Co., Rundle-street, Adelaide, to all Creditors who have proved their Claims and signed the Deed of Assignment or consented thereto in writing. Dated this twenty-tbird day of November, 1878. T. E. ACRAMAN, Agent for the Trustees, S43mwfc Waymouth-street, Adelaide. IN the Matter of the PATENT ACT. 1877. NOTICB is hereby given that ALPHONSE BECHET, of Sydney, in the colony of New Sonth Wales, Engineer, has APPLIED FOR a PATENT for a certainlN VENTION for lighting purposes styled ' The Australian Lamp,' and that the Specifications of such Invention may be inspected at the Patent Office in Adelaide. ALFRED BONNIN. 340 3 Solicitor for the said A. Bochct IN the Matter of the PATENT ACT, 1877.— NOTICE is hereby given that the Hon. ALEXANDER STUART, M.L.C., of Sydney, in the colony of New South Wales, assignee of Charles Henry Tompkins, of New York, in the United States of America, and others, has APPLIED FOR a PATENT for IMPROVE MENTS in MACHINES and APPARATUS for BORING by the nse of diamonds or other like stones in rocks and stone, and that the Specifi cation of such Invention may be inspected at the Patent Office in Adelaide. ALFRED BONNIN, 340 3 Solicitor for the Hon. A Stuart. NOTICE.-A11 PERSONS INDEBTED to Messrs. KLOTZ & KRAFT for goods supplied at their late Store, Angaston, or bought at the sales by auction, are requested to PAY the same on or before the 21st day of December, 1878, to Mr. J. Klotz, Angaston Hotel ; or E. W. Roberts, Auctioneer, Angaston. N.B.— Legal proceedings will be taken for all accounts unsettled after the above date. ' ? 34155? ^ O U T H AUSTRALIAN RAILWAYS The UNDERSIGNED are prepared on and after Monday next, Novemhe r 4, to DELIVER from the ADELAIDE and PORT ADELAIDE RAILWAY STATIONS all Goods and Merchan dise conveyed by Rail. GRAVES & BRADLEY, Railway Carriers. NJJ.— Orders left at the Railway Stations will be attended to. 306c NOTICE.-Mr. R. C. WATSON, late of VICTORIA, you are reqnested to call at Impf riai Hotel ami REDEEM two CHEQUE3 for £2 each on Commercial Bank. 311,3 JAMES REED, Imperial Hotel. MR. EDGAR CHAPMAN being abont to leave the colony would thank any one to whom In- is indebted to SEND in their ACCOUNTS IMMEDIATELY, addressed Theatre Royal. . 33340,3 AT risk of seeming to ?' blow,' the Under signed, in SEEKING EMPLOYMENT? for subsidence, submits his willingness toshow that he need regret but little in his put life. Newhaven Symonds. ZA'i BOARD AND LODGING WANTED, in Sonth Adelaide, BOARD au.l LODGING by a Lady engaged daring the day. Apply to E. L., Post-Office, OVonnMl street. North Adelaide. 333,40,3 TpURNISHKD BEDROOM WANTED, with X? use of Kitchen, by Married Couple. Apply ABC, this office. ? x' BOARD and RESIDENCE for Two or Three Gentlemen; Plungt! and Shower Baths. Terras (including washing), 18s. j-er week. Apply Mrs. Shaw, opposite Mr. Fisk'a, Pulteney sirttt. a343'5 XfACANCY for one Gentleman at Mrs. H. D. T Packard's, 2, Tamar-terrace, Angas-street. ? 343 5 MARRIED COUPLE can have FUR NISHED BED and SITTING BOOM; use of Kitchen and Bath, Address T. G, Rtjhttr Office. a341-4 SUPERIOR ACCOMMODATION at Mrs. H T. DavLi », Elizabeth-street, Glenelg, near Pier Hotel. ? me SUITABLE BOARD and BESTOENCE at Mrs. Amesbmy'i, who has removed from Ncrth-temce to Wright-street, four doors from King William-street, near Glenelg Railwty Station. Plunge and shower baths. 337-43 rf\O LET, well-furnished FRONT SI'lTiVG X ROOM. BEDKOOM, and KITCHEN, sitnatitn good and central ; terms moderate. Beta, Register Office. a33Ssm43 'Partial board and residence for JL one Gentleman (single room) in private fa-niJy. Three minutes Bom G.P.O. Bath. Fi U-, this office. 337 c ABGE FRONT BEDROOM TO LET with I Fireplace. No. 6, Victoria-terrace, Hatt itrett. #03

ELECTORAL NOTICES TO CALEB PEACOCK, ESQ. Dear Sir— We the undersigned Electors of North Adelaide, having full confidence in your ability to represent the interests of this Con- stituency and the colony at large, respectfully request that you will allow yourself to be nominated as a Candidate for the House of Assembly, in consequence of the vacancy caused by the retirement of our late Member, Neville Blyth, Esq. We are, dear Sir, respectfully yours, J. M. Anderson G. Tray E. M. Aabwin W. Graves Fred. Avers John Hillier Alfred Bonnin C.Angus E. Bayer M. Malone J. K. Baldwinson J. Schmidt E. Botting John Thornton A. Battle —Winter Simeon Barnard M. Crowe Win. Barlow M. Cullen Theo. Bruce J. Burrowes W. H. Beaglehole I. Br ideoak H. A. C. Bohm G. & Aveling C. Barry J. McBostie A. a Clark W. H. Stratton Rev. L. G. Carter Wm. Ferrers James Cockbnrn H. Darling John Cullen John Snllivan Hngh Chambers C. Coomb A. a. Devenish N. Scott F. S. C. Driffield C. Patten John Daniels Thomas Kerney J. W. Davis . H. O. Geddes Gustav Degcnhardt C. D. Angell Cbas. Fenn B. C. Evans J. H. Finlayson T. Joyce James Fickling G. C. Neil John Fitzgibbon Frank Smith G. E. Gray Ge orge Darling Alfred Gore H. Suck A. A. Huddleiton 'Win. Jenkins T. W. Harris Robert Cooper W. A. Horn Johnyjurke P. Hammil S. E. Hall J»s. C. Hawker He nry Bryan Hy. Hammond John White Wm. Howes George Robertson D. Harrington H. E. Jeffery Jcstph Herring S. Bateman Gerald Jay I. Dawson Bennct Johns E. Kelsey Wm. Kay W. liaise Wm. King, jun. Stephen Hanretty G. A. Labatt T. Kyan C. S. Leader F. Farraut J. C. Lloyd John Whimpey J. C. Lovely William Dixon Andrew Mclntyre Robt. Mackenzie Deidrich Mahncke J. Warden J. O. McKenzie J. Hines — McGowan T. H. Rosman T. H. Moyle John Moore Geo. Murray A. A. Huddleston E. P. Nesbit W. F. Long Jan. Odium J. G. S. Perm J. II. Parr George Alfred Parker Fred. Price M. Huddleston Geo. Phillips W. S. May J. G. Pitcher W. H. Brooks Mortimer Stuckey R. W. Page Hermann Selige G. Wicker H. S. Sparks E. Langeliiddecke Hy. Stodart William Allen J. S. Sunders A. Sttneham W. D. Scott D. Davis S. Smith W. Pullin Jas. T. Syme H. Frost W. K. Simms Wm. Beanoy Alfred Simms Cbas. Jacobs Thomas Thurston B. Watson A.J.Tolley W.Cox A.B.Tolley W.H.Ray E. S. Wigg J. Ma»on John Webster E. Rowe H. Woodcock E. Bailey J. F. Wigley S. Harris Lionel Wickstecd Edwin Cox Cbas. Wilcox M. Snllivan Wm. Wadham A. G. Ball Thos. Whinnerah — Pearce J. F. Yuille Herbert Miller John White W. Ekers George Robertson A. M. Cook H. E. Jeffery A. Buttle S. Bateman T. H. Moyie J. Dawson Jos. Townsend E. Kelsey G«o. Bickle H.Haise C. Wilcox S. Hanretty It. Dyke T. O'Brien H. Woodcock F. Harcourt J. Lancaster JohnWhimDey Alf. Woodcock William Dixon A. Boyce Kobt. McKeuzie James Gunns, san. J. Warden James Gunns, j in, S. Hines John Butler T. H. Rosman Wm. Diment John Moore Wm. Thomas W. F. Long P- Molloy Gee. A. Parker Michael Murnane M. Huddleston Patrick Kannan W. S. May Wm. H. Hughes W. H. Brookes James McNalty B.M.Page W.W.James . E. Langeliiddecke Thomas Rodwell Wm. Allen J. McNamara A. Stoneham P. Corbett D. Davis J. Warland W. Fullen William Martin H. Just Arthur Tuckey Wm. Beaney Alfred Tuckey C. Jacobs Timothy O'Brien H. Watson F. Crisp Wm. Cox W. Crisp W. H. Ray P. Cullen J. Mason G.Fray E. Rowe Wm. Graves E. Bailey John Hillier S. Harris C. Angus Edwin Cox M. Malone M. Sullivan J. Schmid A. G. Ball John Thornton — Pcarce — Winter Herbert Miller M. Crowe W. Ekers J.Cullen A. M. Cook G. Burrows Joseph Townsend P. Brideoak Geo. Bickle G. R. Aveling R. Dyke J. McCrostie J. Lancaster W. H. Stratton Alfred Woodcock Wm. Ferrers James Gunns, sen. H. Darling Jnines Gunns, jun. John Sullivan William Dimeut Cresther Cooke Wm. Thomas Nathl. Scott Patrick Maloy C. Patten Michael Murnane Thos. Kerney Patrick Karman H. D. Geddes W. H. Hughes O. Angell James McNjlly B. 0. Evans W. W. James Thos. Joyce Thomas Rodwell G. G. Neil P. Corbett Frank Smith J. Warland George Darling William Martin Harrison Suck Arthur Tuckey William Jenkin Alfred Tuckey Robt. Cooper Timothy O'Brien John Burke J. Crisp Henry Bryan W. Crisp Andrew Mclntyre P. Cullen S. Smith John Harvey E. S. Hall M. Cnllcu Mr. CALEB PEACOCK having signified his intention to STAND for the DISTRICT will ADDRESS the ELECTORS of NORTH ADE LAIDE at the TEMPERANCE HALL on FRIDAY, the 13tU of December, at S o'clock p.m. J. H. PARR, 3!3c Chiirman of Mr. Peacock's Committee. A' ~T~DbVER~CASTLE~HOTEL~Archer street. North Adelaide, Mr. CALEB PEACOCK'S COMMITTEE will HOLD its FUiST MEETING on MONDAY EVENING, December 9, at half-past 7 o'clock. A full meeting requested. J. H. PARR, 343c Chairman. A~m¥eTING OF JlilT CALEB PEACOCK'S COMMITTEE will be held at the HUNTSMAN HOTEL. O'Counell-street, North Adelaide, on TUESDAY EVENING, December 10. All who wish to have their names placed on Mr. Peacock's Committee are respectfully re quested to attend. Remember— Tuesday Evening, at ha'f-rast 7. J. H. PARR, ' 343c ? ? ? Chairman. /SNWBDNBSDAY EVENING, D«e uberll. VJ at lialf-past 7, Mr. CALEB PEACOCK'S COMMITTEE will MEET at the BRITISH TAVEP.N. Finniss-street, North AdelaM--. ELECTORS, BE SURE AND COME. J. H. PARR, 343^ ? Chairman. TC'LECTOBS. ELECTORS. ELECTORS. MB. CAliil'BACOCK will ADDRESS the ELECTORS OF NORTH ADELAIDE at the TEMPERANCE HALL. 'TYNTE-STREET, NORTH ADELAIDE, at Bight o'clock, On FRIDAY EVBNING, December 13. All who wish to hear Mr. Peacock's views on political matters aro requested to attend. RKMEMBEB — TEMPERANCE F*T.T-, Friday Breaing, at EIGHT O'CLOCK, 34Sc

ELECTORAL J0TICB8 rflHE ELECTORS cf NORTH ADELAIDE X who wish to HEAR Mr. PEACOCK'S ADDRESS are respectfully requested to attend a PUBLIC MEETING to be held on SATURDAY EVENING, December 14, at tight o'clock, at the LORD MELBOURNE HOTEL, MEL BOURNE - STREET, LOWER NORTH ADELAIDE. ? 3ttc_ XI OTICE.— A MEETING of the FRIENDS ll and SUPPORTERS of CALEB PEACOCK, E*q., J.P., will be held at theDOTER CASTLE, on Monday next, December 9, at half-past 7, for the purpose of making preliminary arrange ments to secure his return in the House of Assembly. 3413 H. A. BOHM, Convener. ?VTOBTH ADELAIDE ELECTION. MEETING of HonTj. COLTON'S COM MITTEE on MONDAY EVENING, at 7.30, at HUNTSMAN'6 HOTEL, OC'onuell-street M. C. JACOBS, ) - x A. A. SCOTT, j8*08' C0MPAJH8 AJD BOCEBTIEB rr\HE NATIONAL MARINE INSURANCE X COMPANY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA. In accordance with a requisition signed by certain Shareholders in the above Company, and in pursuance of the Deed of Settlement, a SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING will be held n White's Room, King William-street, on Tuesday, the 17tb day of December next, at 11 o'clock a.m. The objects for which the Shareholders re 1 erred to have required the meeting to be called are as follow :— Firstly. 'To alter and amend the Deed of Settlement of the Company, by providing that, in addition to the cases mentioned in the Deed of Settlement, the Company shall he dissolved and the affairs thereof wo und up whenever the holders ot a majority — i.e., twenty-live thousand and one (25,001)^hares or more— of the shares in the Company present, personally or by proxy, at a Special General Meeting of the Company, called for the purpose, shall affirm a resolution directing the dissolution of the Company and winding np the affairs thereof; and that all the provisions of the Deed of Settlement with reference to dissolving and winding up shall extend and apply to the dissolution and winding up directed by such resolution.' Secondly. The following resolution may er will be moved :— 'Thatthis meeting, viewing the unsatisfactory position of the Company's affairs, is of opinion that the Directors should at once endeavour to make arrangements with one or more Assurance Companies with a view of amalgamation or transferring the whole of the business to it or them, as provided far in Clause No. 83 of the Deed of Settlement, which clause as regards the number of shares, is subject to the resolution now passed; and that the Directors be respectfully requested to report hereon to a Special General Meeting of Share holders to be convened not later than three weeks after date of this meeting. By order of the Board, JOHN LINDSAY, Secretary. Adelaide, November 20, 1878. 338,-13 NATIONAL MARINE INSURANCE COM PANY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA. The REQUISmONISTS are respectf ally re quested to ATTEND a PRIVATE MEETING, to be held at White's Booms on Monday, the 9th inst., at 3 p.m. 3103 N~A T I O N A L BUILDING SOCIETY. The HALF-YEARLY MEETING will bo held on Wednesday, December 11, 1878, at 8 o'clock p.m., at the Oddfellows' Hall, M.U., Franklin-street, for the Sale of Shares, to receive the Balance-sheet, and for the Election of Three Directors. The following Shareholders have been somi nfltf d for the office of Directors : — Messrs. W. Holland, George Smith, W. W. Winwood, and A. Percy. By order, W. A. CAWTHORNE, General Secretary. ? 3435 PERMANENT EQUITABLK BUILDING AND INVESTMENT SOCIETY. The Usual MONTHLY MEETING will be held at the Offices, 0, Hindley-street, on Wednes day Evening next, the lltb instant, at 8 o'clock, lor the Sale of Shares in the above Society and the Election of a Diiector in the place of 'A. H. F. Bsrtels, deceased. By order, W. D. HEWER, Secretary, 9, Hindley-street. December 5, 1678. 340-5 A DELAIDE AND SUBURBAN TRAMWAY A COMPANY, LIMITED. NOTICE is hereby given that a CALL of Ten Smixntos per Share has been made by the Directors of the above Company, and is payable to the Secretary, at the Registered Office of the Company, on or before the 18th December, 1878, Shares numbered 1 to 13,000 Inclusive ; and on all Shares in respect of which the said Call remains unpaid at or after the saM date will be liable to be absolutely for feited to the Company. JAMES S. SCOTT, Secretary. Temple-Chambers, Currie-street, November 20, 1878. ? a331.3,6,9,-13,7,50,2v41 HOLDFAST BAY RAILWAY COMPANY, LIMITED. NOTICE is hereby given that a CALL of Fivb Shillings (5s.) per Share has been this day made by the Directors of the above Com pany, and is payable to the Secretary, at the Registered Office of the Company, on or before the 23rd day of December, 1878 ; and all Shares in respect of which the said Call remains unpaid at or after the said date will be liable to be absolutely forfeited to the Company. Dated the second day of December, 1S78, By order of the Board, RICHD. ALLEN, JUN., Secretary. Temple Chambers, Cnrrie-strcet. 339'43v mHE QUEENSLAND AND SOUTH AUS X TRALIAN INVESTMENT AND LAND MORTGAGE COMPANY, LIMITED. CinTAr., £1,000,000. DIRECTORS IN ADELAIDE. The Hon. R. C. Baker, M.L.C. S. Davenport, Esq. N. Blyth, Esq., M.P. The Company is now prepared to receive pro posals for Loans on Property in South Australia, it being the intention to invest £500,000 in South Australia. No Commission charged. Forms of application can be obtained at the temporary Offices of the Company, Morialta Chambers, Adelaide. REGINALD B. COLLEY, 322mwfc Secretary, pro Urn. ? TEJDEBB ? SEALED TENDERS for the EXCAVATION O of CELLARS and for FOUNDATION WALLS of NEW GOVERNMENT OFFICES will be received at this Office until noon of Monday, -3rd instant. Full particulars at this otBce. EDWARD JNO. WOODS, Architect-in-Ohicf. Architect-iu-Chiefi Office, Adelaide. December 5, 1578. ? 310,3,5,7,51,4 / rchitect-in-Chitf s Office, Education Branch, November 30, 1S78. rriENDEBS will be received by the nnder X signed until noon on Monday, the 16th December, for PAINTING, COLOURING, and EXECUTING sundry IMPROVEMENTS to the MODEL SCHOOL, GROTE-3TREET. Specification at this office. For further particulars, fee Gvttrnmmt 6 suite. EDWARD JNO. WOODS, 338mwf43 ? _ Architect-in-Chief. OEALED TENDERS will be received at this O office ontil noon of Monday, December 9, for PLASTERING WORK for NEW WING of ADELAIDE GAOL. Full pirticulars at this office. EDWARD JNO. W00D3, Architect-in-Chief. Architect-tn-CMefs Office, December 3, 1878. ? 33S.40.3 mo BUILDRBS.-Separate TENDERS will X be received until noon of January 4, 1879, for the ERECTION of a RESIDENCE, Brougham-place, North Adelaide, anl for Stables, ic, to the above Residence. Plans and Specifications at my office. Neither the lowest nor any Tender necessarily accepted. ERNEST H. BAYER, Architect, 343mwff3 Insurance Chambers, Pixie-street FT\KNDEBS will be received by the Under X signed up to Monday, the 16th December, for REPAIRING, &e, the GALATEA HOTEL, Hindi ey-street. Particulars can be seen on application to Hi. Long, on the Premises. No Tender necessarily accepted. CHAMBERS ft BLADES, 343 S Dragon Brewery,

? TEfDERS ? Chief Secretary's Office, Adelaide, December 7, 1878. SEPARATE TENDERS will be received at this office, until noon of Monday, the 16th instant, for furnishing the SUPPLIES required by the Government, under the t«yeral headings specified below, in such quantities as may be required, during the period commencing January 1. 1879, and terminating June 30, 1879, or until fresh contracts shall have been entered into, upon the conditions hereinafter specified :— 1st ''''''? ob at FjiittsiDB (except the Hospital). Brnshware Ironmongery Burials Medical romforta Drapery Painter's and Glazier's Earthenware, glass, && ware Farriery Provisions Forage (exclusive of Saddlery police) Sundries Fuel and light Tests, tarpaulins, &c. Furniture, wood, ic. Tinware Grindery Uniforms. Grocery, 4c. At Maoiix. Provisions Fuel and light. Groceries At Port Adbliibb. Provisions Miscellaneous. Knel and light Labour Prison, Dry Cbrbk. Provisions Fuel and light. 1. To save trouble, and secure uniformity printed forms of tender have been prepared, specifying the various articles reqnired under' the at-ove headings, and will be furnished to intending contractors on application to the Government Storekeeper. All that will, there f re, be required will be to affix the prices to ti . several items included in the list. 2. The contractors for meat will be bound to supply beef and mutton, both of the best quality. The mutton not under forty pounds weight per carcase, and beef, on alternate days' exclusive of thin tlauka and neck, from the fore and hind quarters alternately. 3. The New South Wales coals to be of ap proved quality, anil supplied from one or other of the andermentioned pits — Lambtoo. New LnmbtoD, Waratah, Newcastle, Wallsend, Co operative. 4. The contractor for the Lnnatic Asylums will be required to deliver beef in prime joints, and mutton of the best quality, in fore and hind quarters, at the option of the officer in charge. | 5. Contractors will also, when required, supply ' departments on Sunday morning with the fresh ; meat necessary for that day's consumption. 6. The articles required are to be of the best quality of their several kinds, and must be de livered direct to tbe several parties or depart ments requiring them, on tbe written order of the person duly authorized for the purpose, and at such times, and in such quantities, as he may express in the order. 7. The samples must be forwarded to the Government Store, and contractors will be re qnired to supply goods of equal quality. ' 8. All ironmongery must be of the quality determined by the genuine brands of the best I makers, as named in the printed form of tender. 9. Articles required for the service of tbe Northern Territory and Telegraph Department will be included in contracts. 10. In the event of a question arising as to the quality of the supplies furnished by tbe Contractor, the Head of the Department, or officer in charge, shall have power to reject such articles as are obviously of an inferior quality and the contractor will be required to furnish better in their stead ; failing which, the supply will be obtained elsewhere by the officer or party : requiring it, and the expense charged to the '?? contractor. 1 11. In the event of any failure of the con tractor to supply the articles when required, they will be otherwise procured, and charged in I like manner. 12. Any irregularity in the quality or ? quantity of the supplies, or any delay m deliver ? ing or replacing them, when required will, if repeated, subject the contractor, upon the report ( of the officer in charge of the parties or esta i hlishment, to the loss of his contract, and to the j enforcement of the penalty of his bond. I 13. It will be in the power of either party, by j giving three full calendar months' notice in | writing, to terminate the contract at the expira j tion of that period ; it being understood that such notice can be given only from tbe first day of a month, and within tbe period for wbich the contract is made, or agreed to be made. 14. Tbe contractor will be required to pre pare his own account monthly, in the prescribed form, and to forward it, supported by the rc 1 quisite vouchers, to tbe officer receiving the ! supplies. i 15. The value of all original packages to be j included in the price* demanded. I 16. No tender will be entertained unless on ' the printed forms above mentioned, signed by at | least two solvent parties, engaging to become : sureties for the due fulfilment of the contract; and no payment* will be made to the persons whose tenders may be accepted nntil bonds have been duly executed by themselves or sure ties, in such penalties as may be deemed suffi cient by the Law Officers of the Crown. 17- Tenders to be enclosed in a sealed enve ; lope, addressed to the Undersecretary, 'On I Public Service,' and marked in the left-hand j corner ' Tender for * , 1879.' i 18. Any further particulars can be learned at I the Government Store. WILLIAM MORGAN, Chief Secretary. ? ' Ironmongery ' (or, as the case may be). ? 3438 THE ADELAIDE, GLENELG, AND SUBURBAN RAILWAY COMPANY. TENDERS will be received at the office of this Company for the supply of One Thousand Yards Hard LIMESTONE BALLAST, delivered either at Glenelg, South-terrace, Adelaide, or near 3} milepost on the line. Tenders to be accompanied with Sample of the Stone and to state place of and time required for delivery. O. B. MITCHELL, 343 5 Secretary and Acting-Manager. npHE TIME for receiving TENDERS for X LECTURE HALL,&e.,HINDHARSH, is EXTENDED to Tuesday, the 17th of December, at -noon. THOMAS FROST, Architect. Waterbouse Chambers, December 3, 1873. ? 338,40,3 TO BUILDERS.— TENDERS are invited until noon of Monday, December !), for BUILDING CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, GLENELG. Plans and Specifications may be seen at this office. Neither the lowest nor any Tender neces sarily accepted. D. GARLICK, Architect. Register Chambers, Adelaide, November 12, 1878. ? 317th»41,3 TOO BUILDERS.— TENDERS are invited by X the undersigned until noon of Wednes day, 11th inst, for BUDLDING ADDITIONS to the KING WILLIAM THE FOURTH HOTEL, Hindmarsb-scjuare. Plans and Specifications at my office. No Tender necessarily accented. THOMAS ENGLISH, Architect. Albion Chambers, Waymouth-street, Adelaide. ? 340mwf5 THE undersigned having purchased the Sole Right of Catering for Cricket Mitch on Oval, Gentlemen of England v. South Aus tralia, on Dicembcr 12, 13, 14 instant, invites separate TENDERS for REFRESHMENT BOOTH, with right of Luncheon, Tea and Coffee Booth, and Fruit Stalls. G. P. BADMAN, Buck's Head Hotel, 3414 North-terrace, Adelaide. mo CHEMISTS AND OTHERS ENGAGED X IN MANUFACTURING OPERATIONS. ARTHUR CHAPMAN has received instruc tions from J. H. M. Hawkes to DISPOSE OF the Whole of his STOOK-IN'-TRADE and PLANT, together with the GOODWILL of his BUSINESS as a MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, BY TENDER. TENDERS will fee received by me at my Office, Cowra Chambers, Grenfell-street, up to Monday, the 16th December, at noon. Full particulars on application at my Office, where Stock-sheets may be inspected. The highest or any Tender not necessarily accepted, ARTHUR CHAPMAN, 338mwf50v41 Cowra Buildings, Grenfell-street. BOWDEN AND ALBERTON STATIONS, ALTERATIONS AND ADDITIONS TO. —For QUANTITIES apply to Thomas Harry, Contractor i ,aid Builder*' Association, Penn Chambers. ? 340c CRYSTAL BROOK AND GLADSTONE \J STATIONS, ADDITIONS TO. — For QUANTITHS apply to Thomas Harry, Con tractors and Builders' Association, Penn Chambers. ? 340e nrmOMAS HARRY, CONTRACTORS' and X GENERAL AGENCY, Queen's-Chambers. Materials purchased and forwarded for Country Cc n tractors and Builder*. Plans and Specifica tions prepared, &&, ic 288mwfcr

TAILORING. 0 MY ? TWEED TROUSERS AT OIVE OTJlFrEA PER PAIR AND MY SCOTCH TWEED SUIT AT Seventy Shilling's (Made to Measure and Thoroughly Shrunk) undoubtedly tbe Best Value in the City, and give Unlimited Satisfaction to all Boyersw CHARLES BIRKS, TAILOR AND CLOTHIER, 38 & 40 & 42, RUNDLE-STREET. ^mwfo COLONIAL-MADE GARDEN SEATS. The Cheapest and Easiest Sitting in the Colony, Whole sale and Retail at REVELL, ADAMS, & CO., OVENMAKERS AND GENERAL SMITHS, ic, CHESSER-STREET, OFF GRENFELL STREET ; AND OF THE PRINCIPAL IRONMONGERS. 308mo 21, RUNDLE-STREET, 21. By Spbciai AproumrasT to --BL^.lJf ^fc^ Awn thh Gotbiwors of His Kxcellemcy Sib W. Jestois, cjg*&I3$p!6S Sorai Acstralu fob tbm K.DJU.Q., &C. BsS'SliEipSiSa Past Sixteen Ykibs. W. E. SCARBOROUGH. REDUCTION I1V STOCK. The Proprietor'of this old-established Business desires to intimate that he! is DISPOSING of his STOCK at GREATLY REDUCED RATES. A Call from those interested, to inspect his SUPERIOR STOCK of SADDLERY HARNESS, &c, will be a convincing proof that this b NO PUFF. 231mwfo THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ATELIER, 97, RUNDLE-STREET. CHARLES NIESCHE, ARTIST, PHOTOGRAPHS FINISHED to UFE SIZE in OD^, WATERCOLOUK, MEZZOTINT or other Process from any Carte de Visite, £3 and upwards. FRAMING DONE AS USUAL. 158mwfo MESSRS. BARLOW BROS., Coachbuilders, Flinders-street, Adelaide. Are prepared to Execute Orders for New Work of any description. Repairs of all kinds neailo and eipeditiously executed and at Moderate Oharge*. Traps Bought, Sold, or Exchanged. NOTE THE ADDRESS— FLINDERS-STREET ADELAIDE. OPPOSITE HARVEY'S TIMBER-YARD. 212mwfo WM. BENBOW'S, 119, HINDLEY-ST., *-v XL ^Sfc ($\ Furnishing Warehouse f»*l\ \^ J F&aMtlU v-T ^^ W THE 0HEA*EST IN TOWN, md «™RJlE_*.£^^«g? jafeMffl^M 0on8lderinS tl-e Superior Article* which mS^^^^^^^^^^KJi ALL KI^°S OF TABLES? CHAIRS, illiiiyii, p|Mn ?T*V^T *~ iTTT t, u ? farn'»Ungought in conserving their LICENSED VAiUATOR Parchasing dseTrnore. He is also a PRACTICAL ORDERS ATTENDED TO IN TOWN OR COUNTRY. 270mwfcr iVLEXIt. I1A.Y, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELLER, 68, King 'VVilliam-sti*eet (Two doors nortb of Commercial Bank), has always on hand a large assortment of the. latent fashionable JEWELLERY. WATC1D2S, and CLOCKS of the very &st makers ELECTRO PLATED GOODS, 4c, &c. EECO^D-sttV^CHh's SSnSS JgoJ? 0HB0N0GBAPHS ^,g£g* CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR'S HOLIDAYS. THE PLEASURES OF AN EXCURSION TO Till] SEASIDE Are greatly heightened by using the NEW FOLDING BEACH SEAT. which can be carried THERE AND BACK with ease, it weighing only 4 1b. Price lOs. 6d. each. AVAILABLE FOR EVERY DAY IN THE YEAR. OBTAINABLE WHOLESALE AND RETAIL FROM PADMAN & C O, ? NORTH-TERRACE. 322mwfc7 SOUTH] AUSTRALIAN MUTUAL PERMANENT BUILDING AJVD INVESTMENT SOCIETY. DIBEOTOBS: W. TOWNBEND, Mi'., Chairman. H. M. ADDISON. A. J. DIAMOND. T. LONERGAN. M. McMULLEN. GEORGE A. SELWAY. Shares, £25 each ; Subscription, Is. per fortnight. Loans on Freehold Property can be * effected for any period from one to twelve years, repayable fortnightly. The Society are prepared to allow eight per cent for fixed deposits for twelve months. Fnll particulars on application at the Offices, Temple Chambers, Oarrie-rtreet, Adelaide. 3i9mwfc RICHD. ALLEN, JFN., Sec : t t A