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FUNERAL NOTICES THE Friends of Mr. THOMAS DODD are respectfully informed that the REMAINS of his late DAUGHTER Mary will be Removed from his Residence, South-terrace, at 4 p.m. This Day, for Interment in West-terrace Cemetery. x JULIUS EITZEN, Undertaker. ELECTORAL NOTICES NORTH ADELAIDE ELECTION. Electors favourable to the return of the Hon. JOHN COLTON, J.P., to fill the vacancy in the representation of the District of North Adelaide caused by the resignation of Neville Blyth, Esq., J.P., are invited to ATTEND a PRELIMINARY MEETING at the TEM- PERANCE HALL, NORTH ADELAIDE, on FRIDAY next, December 6, 1878, at 7.30 p.m. 337 40 ROWLAND RESS, Convener.   PUBLIC NOTICES     ADELAIDE PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY.   — The next MEETING will be held at the South Australian Institute on Tuesday, December 3, 1878, at 7.30 p.m., when Mr. C. A.   WILSON will read a Letter and show a Map received from Rev. C. T. Wilson, descriptive of country, &c., in neighbourhood of the Victoria Nyanza; the Hon. B. T. FINNISS will read a Paper on "The Philosophy of Consciousness,"   and Professor TATE will show a new Fossil Fish found in the Murray Cliffs. Visitors admitted on the introduction of a member. 336,7 WALTER RUTT, Hon. Sec. CHAMBER OF MANUFACTURES — A PAPER on "The Phylloxera" will be read by M. EDOUARD BOURBAUD, in the Hall of the Chamber, on Friday, December 6, at 8 o'clock. The Public are cordially invited to attend. JNO. FAIRFAX CONIGRAVE, 337,8,40 Secretary.       ROYAL AGRICULTURAL AND HORTI- CULTURAL SOCIETY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA. ANNUAL TRIAL OF REAPERS, MOWERS WINNOWERS, &c. Notice is hereby given that a trial of, viz. — Class 69. General Wheat Harvester, to advan- tageously reap, thrash, and winnow fit for bagging. Class 70. A system for preparing a standing crop of wheat fit for market by one or more machines. Class 71. Adelaide Stripping Machine. Class 72. Reaping and Binding Machine. Class 73. Mowing Machine. Class 74. New Agricultural Machine or Implement. Class 75. Winnowing Machine. Class 76. Horserake. Class 77. Hay Elevator. will be held on the farm of James Harvey, Esq., Salisbury, abutting on the North-road and about half a mile from the Salisbury Railway Station, on Tuesday, the 10th day of December next. Entries taken on the ground up to 9 o'clock a.m. on the day of trial. For further particulars apply to C. J. COATES, Secretary. 9, Register Chambers, Grenfell-street, Adelaide. 334-44v ROYAL AGRICULTURAL AND HORTI- CULTURAL SOCIETY OF SOUTH   AUSTRALIA. WINE SHOW. OPEN TO ALL THE AUSTRALIAN COLONIES. TO BE HELD IN ADELAIDE. Latest date for the reception of Entries and Exhibits 4 o'clock p.m. on Monday, the 9th day   of December, 1878. Judgment to commence on Monday, the 6th day of January, 1879. Prize-lists and full particulars obtainable on application to C. J. COATES, Secretary. Register Chambers, Grenfell-street, Adelaide, November 4 1878. 309ts41*3v I ALDBOROUGH JOHN DAVIES, of Norwood, in the Province of South Aus- tralia, Gentleman, hereby give notice that I intend to APPLY to the Supreme Court of the said province on the last day of this present term to be ADMITTED a PRACTITIONER of the said SUPREME COURT. Dated this second day of December, 1878.   337 9 ALDBOROUGH J. DAVIES. JAMES WALTER SMITH, LL D. London, B.A. Oxford, a Barrister-at-law of the   Inner Temple, called to the Bar November, 1853, now of Bertha-place, North Adelaide, hereby gives notice of his intention to APPLY on the last day of the present term to be ADMITTED a PRACTITIONER of the SUPREME COURT of South Australia. Dated November 30, 1878. 336 8 I FREDERICK ERNST BLAKENEY CARTER, of Fullarton, near Adelaide, in the Province of South Australia, Gentleman, hereby give notice that it is my intention to APPLY on the last day of the present term to be ADMITTED a PRACTITIONER of the SUPREME COURT of the said Province. Dated the 29th day of November, 1878. 334*7 F. E. B. CARTER. I JOHN JAMES BEARE, of Mackinnon- parade, North Adelaide, Articled Clerk, do hereby give notice that it is my intention to APPLY on the last day of the present term to be ADMITTED a PRACTITIONER of the SUPREME COURT of this Province. Dated this thirtieth day of November, 1878. 336 8 J. J. BEARE. V. R. SOUTH AUSTRALIAN RAILWAYS. The UNDERSIGNED are prepared on and after Monday next, November 4, to DELIVER from the ADELAIDE and PORT ADELAIDE RAILWAY STATIONS all Goods and Merchan- dise conveyed by Rail. GRAVES & BRADLEY, Railway Carriers. N.B. — Orders left at the Railway Stations will be attended to. 306c ADELAIDE HOSPITAL.   SUBSCRIPTIONS in Aid of this Institution are received at the Hospital, and by the Collector. 71thsc J. B. CHAMPION, Exchange. MRS. WINTER, gratefully acknowledges the kindness and sympathy of many friends and the liberal help which has enabled her to pay off a portion of the mortgage debt on her house. New Glenelg. November 30, 1878. x   NOTICE is hereby given that the PARTNERSHIP between the under- signed HUGH ARCHIBALD CRAWFORD and ELLIS EDWARDS, of Adelaide, Grocers, is DISSOLVED. The business will be carried on under the same style and firm of Crawford, Edwards, and Co, as heretofore, by the said H. A. Crawford and his Son, Robert Hugh Crawford, who will receive and pay all Debts owing to or by the said firm. Dated at Adelaide this twenty-first day of January, 1878. H. A. CRAWFORD. ELLIS EDWARDS. Witness — Wm. G. F. LEASK. 337,8 ASSIGNED ESTATE of THOS. HENWOOD,   STOREKEEPER, REDHILL. NOTICE is hereby given that a FIRST DIVIDEND of SIX SHILLINGS in the Pound is now payable in the above Estate at the office of the undersigned. J. H. PELLEW,     22 and 24, Rundle-street, x Agent to the Trustees. WHARF AND LAND COMPANY, PORT ADELAIDE SOUTH, LIMITED.     NOTICE. — All PERSONS found TRESPASS- ING on SECTIONS numbered 924, 929, 928, 927, and 903, HUNDRED of YATALA, will be liable to be PROSECUTED, and all CATTLE, SHEEP, or HORSES found on the above Sections will be IMPOUNDED. Also any PERSON found REMOVING the TIMBER of any kind from off the said property will be   immediately PROCEEDED AGAINST for theft. 337,9v JNO. HARVEY, Secretary. THE Public is hereby CAUTIONED against a person now travelling in South Austra-     lia, and representing himself as being identical or connected with FRANK WESTON the proprietor of WESTON'S WIZARD OIL. Messrs. F. H. Faulding & Co. are my Sole Agents for South Australia, and any one Impersonating me, or representing himself as my travelling agent, is a fraud and an impostor. Signed, FRANK WESTON, 14, Collins-street, Melbourne; 110 and 112, Pitt-street, Sydney. 329 39v48

PUBLIC NOTICES ADELAIDE PUNCH   from December 1 will be conducted by Mr. J. C. F. Johnson, for eleven years on the staff of the S.A. Register. As soon as arrangements are complete the proprietors will greatly improve the paper, and make it what has long been required in the colony; a First-class Humorous and   Satirical Journal. The Editor will be glad to receive contributions either in prose or verse. SCRYMGOUR & SONS. 325thcv J. C. F. JOHNSON. NOTICE. — My WIFE having DESERTED I will no longer be ANSWERABLE for   any DEBTS or CLAIMS made on me. 337,9,43 EDWARD THOMAS BLUNDELL. I JACOB ROEDOE hereby give notice that I will NOT be RESPONSIBLE for any DEBTS contracted by my WIFE Caroline Roedoe, she having left her home without cause.   Glanville, November 30, 1878. 336,7 THE PERSON who TOOK in mistake a HATBOX from the Wallaroo Mail on November 29, will oblige by leaving it at Mr. Haylock's, Rundle-street, or Hill & Co.'s Booking-office. 336 8 COMPANIES AND SOCIETIES PORT ADELAIDE, QUEENSTOWN, ALBERTON, AND PORTLAND ESTATE TRAMWAY COMPANY, LIMITED. NOTICE is hereby given that a CALL of Two Shillings and Sixpence (2s. 6d.) per Share has been this day made by the Directors of the above Company, and is payable to the Secretary at the Registered Office of the Com- pany on or before the 23rd day of December, 1878, and all Shares in respect of which the said Call remains unpaid at or after the said date will be liable to be absolutely forfeited to the Company. Dated the 2nd day of December, 1878. GEO. R. SELTH, Secretary. 337,9,52,5v   THE BROWSE ISLAND GUANO COM- PANY, LIMITED. NOTICE is here by given that an EXTRAOR- DINARY GENERAL MEETING of the Share holders of the above-named Company will be held at the Offices of the said Company, at 3 o'clock in the Afternoon of Tuesday, the tenth day of December next, for the purpose of in- creasing the Capital of the said Company by the issue of Preferential Shares or otherwise as may be determined upon by the said Share- holders. Dated November 27, 1878. 332,4,7v P. FRED. BONNIN, Secretary. QUEEN BUILDING AND INVESTMENT SOCIETY. The FIFTEENTH HALF - YEARLY MEETING will be held at the Society's office, Howell's Corner, King William-street, on Tues- day Evening, the 3rd December, at 8 o'clock. BUSINESS. Sale of Shares. Presentation of Balance-Sheet, and Election of Auditors. WM. JOHNSON, Chairman. 334*7 J. C. PHILIPS, Secretary. MUNICIPAL COUNCILS CITY OF ADELAIDE. MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS. At the NOMINATION of MAYOR, COUN- CILLORS, and AUDITOR, held this day in the Exchange Room, Town Hall, Adelaide, the following Nominations were received:—   FOR MAYOR. Buik, William Christie. Fuller, Henry Robert. FOR COUNCILLORS. GAWLER WARD. Hagedord, Frederick. Hemmingway, John. HINDMARSH WARD. Brooks, Charles Henry. Hanton, Joseph. GREY WARD. Fox, Robert Owen. Richardson, Henry Colls, YOUNG WARD. Holland, William. ROBB WARDS Downs, George. Hammond, Henry. MACDONNEL WARD. Claxton, William Denton. FOR AUDITOR. Price, Granville Sharp. There being no opposition to William Holland as Councillor for Young Ward, William Denton Claxton for MacDonnell Ward, or Granville Sharp Price as City Auditor, they were declared duly elected to fill the said positions for which they were respectively nominated. The other Nominations being in excess of the number required all further public proceedings were adjourned until TUESDAY, December 3, when the POLLING will commence at 9 a.m. and close at 5 p.m. in each Ward for Mayor and for one Councillor (except in Young and MacDonnell Wards). The Polling-places are as follow:— GAWLER WARD. — Wadham's Land Saleroom, Waymouth-street. HINDMARSH WARD. — Exchange Room, Town Hall. GREY WARD. — The Police Court, King Wil- liam-street. YOUNG WARD. — Jones's Schoolroom, Wake- field-street. ROBE WARD. — Temperance Hall, Tyate- street. MACDONNELL WARD. — Dover Castle, Archer- street. By order, THOMAS WORSNOP, Town Clerk. Town Clerk's Office, Town Hall, Adelaide, November 26, 1878. 331*7 CITY OF ADELAIDE     EXTRA VACANCY IN OFFICE OF COUNCILLOR. MUNICIPAL ELECTION FOR YOUNG WARD. At the NOMINATION of CANDIDATES for the office of Councillor for Young Ward to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Mr. Samuel Allen (through ill-health), held this day in the Exchange Room, Town Hall, Adelaide, the following were nominated:—   Hyne, Henry McNamara, David. There bring more than the number required all further public proceedings were adjourned to TUESDAY, the 3rd December, when the POLLINGS will take place at JONES'S SCHOOLROOM, WAKEFIELD-STREET. The Polling will commence at 9 a.m. and close at 5 p.m. on the above day. By order, THOMAS WORSNOP, Town Clerk. Town Clerk's Office, Town Hall, Adelaide, November 26, 1878. 331*7 CITY OF ADELAIDE.             APPEALS AGAINST ASSESSMENTS. Notice is hereby given that the City Council have caused an Assessment of all Rateable Pro- perties within the City to be prepared for the year 1879, and that the same has been by them allowed. The books of the Assessment may be inspected daily at the City Treasurer's Office between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., except on Saturdays, when the office closes at 12 at noon. Appeals against any portion of this Assessment must be made within ten (10) days of the date of the first publication of this notice, and are to set forth the grounds upon which the Appeal is based in the form of Schedule C to the Munici- pal Corporations Amendment Act, 1873. The Appeals may be to the City Council, or direct to the Local Court of Full Jurisdiction, Adelaide. The Council will sit as a COURT of AP- PEALS on TUESDAY, the 10th December proximo, commencing at 10 o'clock in the fore- noon, and will hear and consider any appeal that will be made to them on or before the 7th proximo, and give their decison thereon. APPEALS to the LOCAL COURT direct will be heard at the first sittings of the Local Court of Full Jurisdiction next after sixteen days from the date of this notice. Further appeals may be made from the decision of the Council within ten (10) days thereafter to the Local Court of Full Jurisdiction by notice in the form in the Schedule D in the above-named Act, and such appeal will be heard at the sittings of the Local Court next after seven (7) days from notice being given thereof. Forms of Appeal may be obtained at the City Treasurer's Office, Town Hall, and any informa- tion relating thereto from the Town Clerk. Dated at the Town Clerk's Office, Town Hall, Adelaide, this twenty-sixth day of November, 1878. By order, THOMAS WORSNOP, Town Clerk. 332ths44  

MUNICIPAL COUNCILS TO THE RATEPAYERS OF THE CITY OF ADELAIDE.   Ladies and Gentlemen — In compliance with the request of many influential citizens I have consented to become a candidate for the office of Mayor for the ensuing year. If elected I assure you I will as in the past devote my time and energies to the practical duties of the office with the determination to promote and protect your interests. I am, yours respectfully, 320c H. R. FULLER. TO THE RATEPAYERS OF THE CITY OF ADELAIDE The Committee formed to secure the election of HENRY ROBERT FULLER AS MAYOR OF ADELAIDE   for the ensuing year respectfully ask for the Votes of the Ratepayers for Mr. Fuller for the following amongst other reasons:—   Because he was the first Candidate in the field and had accepted the invitation to stand when several other gentlemen had refused, and before it was known Mr. Buik would offer himself. Because his proved aptitude for the position, his former services as Mayor, and his recent services as Councillor are strong claims to present support. Because it is especially desirable that at the present juncture the Mayoral chair should be filled by a man of the greatest experience in municipal management and by one who is not directly and personally interested in the Tramway Companies, who are gridironing the city thorough- fares in all directions. Upon this point the Committee would urge upon you the manifest impropriety of a Chairman of two of those Companies — which Mr. Buik is — holding the office of Mayor at a time when important ques- tions, in which the interests of the Com- panies conflict with the interests of the ratepayers, are awaiting settlement. The act that Mr. Buik has promised not to fact as Mayor in all such instances is a practical admission on his part of the incongruous position he asks the Rate- payers to place him in. The Committee are aware that efforts have been made to inflame the working men of Adelaide against Mr. Fuller because of his supposed illiberality to the Corporation labourers. It is sufficient to say that in any action of the Corporation in which Mr. Fuller has participated he has simply done his duty to the Rate- payers whom he represents, and certainly no injustice has been done to any one. But if a practical testimony of Mr. Fuller's real liberality to the working classes is wanted, it consists in the fact that he is one of the largest employers of all classes of labour in South Australia, and not only are the men he employs of the best of their respective callings, but most of them have been in his employ for many years. Only good employers can retain for so long the services of good workmen. Without attempting to enumerate the many good services Mr. Fuller has ren- dered to the citizens in past years, both in the City Council and as member for the City in the House of Assembly, the Committee feel justified in making this special appeal to the Ratepayers to support the Candidate whose claims are in their judgment the strongest, and who is capable of rendering the most efficient service. They have discountenanced any attempt to cast any reflections upon Mr. Buik or to rely upon either paid can- vassers or electioneering squibs. They ask for support for Mr. Fuller on his merits, and confidently leave the result to the intelligence and unbiassed judgment of the Ratepayers. Adopted unanimously at a meeting of the Committee, held on Monday morning, December 2. On behalf of the Committee, EBENEZER WARD, Chairman,   Committee-room, Prince Alfred Hotel. ax THE ELECTION FOR THE MAYORALTY. MR. H. R. FULLER'S COMMITTEE TO THE RATEPAYERS OF ADE- LAIDE. Ladies and Gentlemen — Yesterday this Committee issued an address to you stating in terms we considered worthy to be addressed to fair and reasonable people the grounds upon which we asked your support for Mr. H. R. Fuller as Mayor of Adelaide. Last night we convened a public meet- ing of the ratepayers at which we wished to pursue the same course and discuss the relative claims of both Candidates fairly and reasonably. The intention was entirely frustrated and you were grossly insulted by the noisy and persistently riotous conduct of Mr. Buik's friends and supporters. A fair hearing was given by Mr. Fuller's friends to Mr. John Clark, who proposed Mr. Buik, and even to Mr. James Jones, who seconded the proposal; but from the moment Mr.   H. Fraser, M.P., appeared on the platform to advocate Mr. Fuller's cause it became evident that the meeting was packed for the purpose of preventing free discussion. Argument was rendered impossible by the noise of an organised mob headed by a tramway ganger, and finally a vote was taken amidst confusion which prevented the possibility of an intelligent decision. Under these circumstances we can now only appeal once more to the Ratepayers of the City, as we do with confidence, to consider the claims of the two Candidates upon their merits, and if your sympathies are with us to VOTE FOR FULLER. By authority of the General Committee, EBENEZER WARD, Chairman. Tuesday morning, December 3, 1878. x

MUNICIPAL COUNCILS W. C. BUIK FOR MAYOR. The following Gentlemen have formed them- selves into a COMMITTEE to SECURE the RETURN of W. C. BUIK, Esq., J.P., for Mayor of Adelaide:—   R. Barr Smith, J.P. E. W. Wright, J.P.   C. Rischbeith John Clark J. Langdon Parsons, A. Tilemann M.P. Judah Moss Solomon,   James Counsell, J.P. J.P. R. C. Castle J. W. Parkin   Charles Birks John Lammey A. W. Dobbie Samuel Marriott James McNicol M. J. Solomon Thomas Bailey W. R. Evens F. G. Hince R. Ziegler J. M. Solomon, jun. E. Brind George Bean W. T. Flint J. W. Lyon J. J. Murray James Anderson J. L. Lapidge John Lee W. H. Tappscott   E. J. Newman Thos. H. Hill G. Parks John Malin James Waddell H. Gebbardt A. Northmore E. Bonnett J. R. Moss J. H. Rosser J. Kearney F. Tilemann Con. O'Leary Alfred Thomas G. M. Shinnick G. A. Matthews T. P. Lee M. Fry John Proctor Saul Solomon John Ramsay W. E. Scarborough W. Bermingham T. G. Wright E. Dawes James Smith Ernest Pustkucken Charles Cook John Storer S. H. Tasker Charles Wright R. G. Bosisto W. C. Pledge J. McAnna J. A. Hardy F. J. Cooke Fred. Chambers C. J. Bicknell Enoch Williams F. Winter, jun. R. Lammey Wm. Allen Nicholas Trehey R. Newberry, jun. W. Conway, jun. Enoch Williams Joseph Parker F. W. Rose Chas. Hy. Beck Saul Solomon Wm. Craig T. H. Schlauk A. White Alex. Hay Henry Conroy W. H. Stevenson W. Schroeder S. J. Solomon, jun. R. Cargeeg F. Hellmann J. Bermingham Alfred Percy Thos. Laughton Alfred Waddy J. Asher John Caskey J. H. Squire Gerald Jay Edward Baker Thomas Knowles Fred. Winter Joseph Reid Alex. M. Uren Herbert Hall John Mitton Henry Potter B. Bulpit J. McEnhill J. L. Cassidy Geo. Sharp Isaac Guster D. J. Bickford   C. Scrymgour W. B. Carter H. Ryan A. C. Belcher E. H. Leon Saul Solomon H. J. Howard T. Dixon W. Trennery M. Cahill W. Townsend E. Kirkbright W. E. Bonnett F. Krischock S. Pywell F. Sheffield H. Harford D. Suffield Thomas Wallis Sidney Payne   J. J. Murray T. W. Peacock E. Williams John Fahy T. O'Brien Alex. Dowie John Darling, M.P. J. M. Dowie J. F. Conigrave G. Blackeby Geo. Bradley J. S. Mellor John Kelly E. Maskey James Wedlock James S. Scott B. J. McCarthy G. Kindermann J. McNamara Thos. Howard James Baseby D. McKenzie R. Vaughan Geo. Miller T. Conway John Jarvis J. J. Mullaney H. Codd W. Ellis John Brown James Ellis James Porter P. L. Duperrett Samuel Strapps Willm. Sketheway R. Shard A. Warncken W. Watkins David Young John Bishop John Young Thos. Marvel G. Shierlaw Owen Morris W. Shierlaw J. W. Smith James Brown S. H. Spofford   M. Kingsborough — Frazer Alexr. Birrell W. R. Morton   James Raffin Alex Taylor T. Austin J. C. McKenzie G. Bickle P. Byrnes — Wylie G. Ledan T. Redman J. McDonnell Thos. Thurston G. Phillips   Jos. Mole E. Kelsey With power to add to their number. x B. SOLOMON, Secretary. W. C. BUIK FOR MAYOR. RATEPAYERS OF ADELAIDE. Who, as Chairman of the Committee for the Suppression of Nuisances, effected a great improvement in the sanitary condition of the City and assisted in the establishment of the Board of Health?   W. C. BUIK. Who considers that the present condition of the Squares and Park Lands is a disgrace to the citizens, and who if elected will take steps   to plant and otherwise improve them?   W. C. BUIK. Who when Councillor assisted to prevent the closing of the Morphett-street Crossing and will insist on a bridge in a direct line with Morphett-street?   W. C. BUIK. Who voted for the construction of a dam on the River Torrens, and will endeavour to get a permanent dam erected at an early date?     W. C. BUIK. Who by his energy and enterprise caused the establishment of street tramways enabling   the citizens to enjoy a trip to the hills and the fresh air at a small cost, and as the Tram- way Company keep the streets over which they pass in continual repair effecting a con- siderable saving in the City Rate?   W. C. BUIK. Who knows the duties of a Mayor and will con- duct all matters connected with the office in a businesslike manner?   W. C. BUIK. For the above and many other reasons BE EARLY AT THE POLL AND VOTE FOR W. C. BUIK. On behalf of Mr. W. C. Buik's Committee, x B. SOLOMON, Secretary. BUIK FOR MAYOR BUIK FOR MAYOR. Mr. BUIK'S CENTRAL COMMITTEE- ROOM is at the PRINCE ALFRED HOTEL where all information concerning the Mayoral Election may be obtained. B. SOLOMON, x Secretary General Committee. CITIZENS OF HINDMARSH WARD. VOTE FOR JOSEPH HANTON, WHO HAS THE TIME AND THE ABILITY EFFECTIVELY TO SERVE YOU. MARK YOUR VOTING-PAPER THUS — HANTON, JOSEPH ... [X] xz ELECTORS OF ROBE WARD. ADVANCE THE INTERESTS OF YOUR WARD BY VOTING FOR H. HAMMOND, who by his position, character, business knowledge, and twenty-five years' residence among you claims your support. a333*7z

MUNICIPAL COUNCILS     TO F. HAGEDORN, ESQ, ADELAIDE. Sir — We the undersigned Electors of Gawler Ward, recognising the zeal and ability with which you have represented us in the past, respectfully request that you will allow your- self to be again nominated for the office of Councillor for Gawler Ward, having every con- fidence that if elected you will faithfully re- present our interests. Adelaide, November 1, 1878. J. Burnett Luxmoore & Co. J. Bermingham J. H. Sherring & Co. A. H. Isaacs William H. Holmes Harriet Ware H. W. Hince Wm. Ware Wm. Hughes George Hubble Henry John Thompson W. Goddard Edward Phair Josie Hall Henry Thompson Harry Bickford Frederick J. Miles J. M. Anderson George T. Taylor G. C. Shierlaw Sampson Sanders Main & Geyer W. H. Martin Geo. Howell S. A. Davey John Clark J. H. Lewis Thomas H. Webb William Benbow H. J. D. Munton Charles Paull J. M. Stacy, J.P. John Miller Wm. Crawford, jun. David Simmons A. J. Solomon G. F. H. Daniel Walter Bermingham Fred. C. Russell H. W. Crawford John Gelder S. & J. P. Bickford W. Everett James Smith Saml. Moore J. Rowe M. Kngelman P. Healy W. Hodges J. L. Richards Robert Gully John Gill Louisa Smith Thomas Russell A. C. Knabe W. C. Hutchison John Denton James Currie T. D. Down R. C. Kither John Lee Thomas Dixon T. Bannister David Robin Thomas Poole Emily Taylor Thomas Adcock   Harriet Vincent Adolphe Delavaux James Jepson Thomas Forrestal Saul Solomon Michael Laddy M. J. Solomon G. V. P. Badman W. Long J. P. Williams Wm. Bundey Mrs. E. Field J. G. Coulls George Kleemann Jonathan Coulls Theodor Meier Lawrence Grayson Thomas O'Leary   John Stuart Sanders William Wadey W. H. Coombe C. Bathost George Tuck Thomas Henderson Mrs. Bellgrove John Ramsay J. S. Solomon W. G. Holt Albion E. Tolley Joseph Walter Horton Luke Shinners, sen. Charles B. Burton Luke Shinners, jun. William Sinclair Matthew McCullagh James Stobie Joseph A. Hardy James Brown F. G. Hales B. F. Mellor James Hales Thomas Dixon F. Gatzemeyer A. Thomas George Mather E. H. Spicer James H. Davidson Thos. Morris F. G. Burton O. Toleman T. Johnson Joseph Ind J. H. Afford Thomas Lyons Donald Fraser Maurice Salom W. Ninnes Alex. McKenzie Richd. Correll Samuel Cornish W. P. Wicksteed H. S. Morris Geo. Morgan G. Phillips David Tweedie Henry Husband K. St. Barbe-Miller W. Feast John Johnston Thos. Murphy. Alexander Hay West-terrace, Adelaide, November 15, 1878. Ladies and Gentlemen — In reply to your invitation to allow myself to be again nominated as Councillor for Gawler Ward I have much pleasure in acceding to your request, and should you do me the honour of again electing me to that position you may rest assured that I shall endeavour to assist in carrying out all measures for the improvement of the city in general and Gawler Ward in particular. I have the honour to be, Yours faithfully, 331,4,7z F. HAGEDORN. GAWLER WARD.             F. HAGEDORN. PROPOSED BY. SECONDED BY. Wm. Hooper E. Suter Geo. Percy Badman S. H. Jacobs Geo. Sorrell James Smith Geo. Hubble S. H. Isaacs J. M. Solomon, jun. Saul Solomon M. J. Solomon Saml Solomon Wm. Benbow Jno. Miller W. K. Simms Alfred Simms Wm. Wadey Sam. Mase   A. H. Beyer Wm. Dearman Jno. Clark Wm. Crawford Wm. Townsend James Duncan James Fraser Jas. Pritchard J. H. Afford F. R. Sorrell Wm. Whitlock M. Raven L. Grayson Henry Husband Wm. Longbottom R. C. Kither   Robt. Morgan W. Bermingham Hugh Fraser Jno. Coulls J. J. Green J. C. Wood Andrew Jones Joel Lyons Philip Santo Geo. Shaw H. Nolteniua S. Moore A. E. Tolley J. H. Lewis Robt. Loutit Jno. Gully Saml. Cornish W. R. Murray J. M. Anderson Wm. Goddard D. Fraser A. J. Solomon Alf. Bickford J. P. Bickford Henry Bickford Jno. Greenwood J. Hyams F. G. Hince John Souttar J. McDonald Henry Brown E. H. Grafe J. Whiting J. S. Scott 331,4,7z   HINDMARSH WARD.   ELECTORS, AROUSE FROM YOUR APATHY AND SUSTAIN THE REPUTATION OF THE PREMIER WARD BY RETURNING MR. C. H. BROOKS, a gentleman of sterling character and ability,   AS COUNCILLOR, who will represent you faithfully. PLEASE VOTE THUS:   Brooks, Chas. Henry ... ... [X] 332cz   ELECTORS OF HINDMARSH WARD. VOTE FOR C. H. BROOKS, Who has ample time and undoubtedly the most ability to further your interests. Mark your Voting Papers thus — BROOKS, CHAS. HENRY [X] ax YOUNG WARD.           We the undersigned Ratepayers of Young Ward respectfully beg you to offer yourself at the forthcoming elections as our Representative in the City Council for Young Ward, and we promise to do our utmost to secure your return. — We beg to remain, Yours most respectfully. (Here follow 260 signatures.) Adelaide, November 19, 1878.   To the Ratepayers of Young Ward. In compliance with a numerously signed requisition, asking me to become a candidate for the forthcoming election to represent you in the City Council, I hereby assent, and if elected will endeavour to discharge the duties faithfully. 324zc WM. H. HYNE, Wakefield-street. TOWN OF KENSINGTON AND NORWOOD.   Mr. J. E. GOODEN begs to notify that being the Auditor to remain in office for the ensuing year under the Amended Corporations Act, his Nomination Papers were handed in in error, and therefore REQUESTS the RATEPAYERS NOT TO VOTE for him as AUDITOR. 336 7 TOWN OF UNLEY.               MUNICIPAL ELECTION'S. At the Elections held in the various Wards in the Town of Unley this day, to supply the several vacancies occasioned by the retirement of His Worship the Mayor and one of the Coun- cillors for each Ward, William Townsend, Esq., M.P., was elected to the office of Mayor; George   Howell as a Councillor for Unley Ward;   Thomas William Macklin as Councillor for Parkside Ward; Richard Nation as Councillor   for Fullarton Ward; and Isaac S. Evans as   Councillor for Goodwood Ward. Herbert James was elected as one of the Auditors for the   Town without opposition. By order, J. C. BAILEY, Town Clerk. Town Clerk's Office, December 2, 1878. xz

MUNICIPAL COUNCILS     TOWN OF KENSINGTON AND NORWOOD. At the Nomination for Mayor, Councillors, and Auditors, held this twenty-seventh day of November, 1878, at the Town Hall, Norwood, the following Nominations were received:—   FOR MAYOR. David Packham Richard Horace Wigg. FOR COUNCILLORS. Kensington Ward — Reginald George Bosisto, John Walter Burton, James Pappin. East Norwood Ward — Alfred Benson, George Birrell, Joseph Gillard. West Norwood Ward — John Bennets, Stephen Taylor. Kent Ward — Henry Dew, Frederick Green- wood Hales. FOR AUDITORS. James Edward Gooden Frederick John Jennings Richard Edward Kippist Charles Stocker Morris. There being more candidates nominated than were required for the respective offices the Returning Officer (His Worship the Mayor, S. D. Glyde, Esq.) did adjourn all further proceed- ings until TUESDAY, the third day of Decem- ber, 1878, when the POLLING will commence at 9 a.m. and close at 5 p.m., and will be held at the following places:—   Kensington Ward — Kensington Hotel. East Norwood Ward — Town Hall. West Norwood Ward — The Institute. Kent Ward — Kent Town Wesleyan Lecture Hall. By order, 332*7 BAYFIELD MOULDEN, Town Clerk.   ELECTION FOR MAYOR OF KENSING- TON AND NORWOOD. Mr. WIGG'S TOWN COMMITTEE will be at the COMMERCIAL HOTEL, Grenfell-street, on TUESDAY all day, where Rolls for the various Wards may be inspected and all par- ticulars obtained. 336,7 TO THE BURGESSES OF KENSINGTON, NORWOOD, AND KENT TOWN. Before recording your Votes just consider for yourselves the following facts:—     Mr. WIGG, one of the Candidates for the Mayoralty, is a city merchant. Well, and no doubt deservedly respected as such, but as a public man a complete failure. Mr. PACKHAM is a resident amongst you of over thirty years, ten of which he has repre- sented you in the Council, and during that time has obtained the respect and confidence of all with whom he has been associated, having always acted fairly, honestly, and impartially to all parts of the district; and the only charges   brought against him by Mr. Wigg's supporters are:— First, that he is not of a sufficiently high   standing; second, that he is a contractor, and has a stone quarry. As to the first an un- blemished reputation during his long residence amongst you and having been always acknow- ledged as one of the ablest Councillors we ever had, this should give him the strongest possible claim for your sympathy and support. As to the stone-quarry charge, he never had directly or indirectly interest in any contract under the Corporation in his life, and has had no interest in any stone quarry for years, which Mr. Wigg's supporters well know. Mr. Wigg's supporters and their satellite the Star also charge Mr. Packham's Committee with being concerned in breaking some of Mr. Wigg's trees and shrubs. A more false or cowardly charge was never trumped up. It is not the first time such a dodge has been tried to gain sup- port; and the police say it must have been done   by someone intimately acquainted with the   place. FELLOW-ELECTORS, ACT HONESTLY AND FAIRLY, GIVE HONOUR TO WHOM HONOUR IS DUE, PLACE MR. PACKHAM AT THE HEAD OF THE POLL, AND YOUR OWN CONSCIENCE WILL TELL YOU YOU HAVE ACTED WITH JUSTICE AND FAIR-PLAY. 336,7z NORWOOD AND KENSINGTON ELECTION. FELLOW WORKING MEN. In election contests there is always a lot of bunkum talked to catch the vote of the working man, whose power is then duly acknowledged by both candidates, and who finds himself a person of importance for a short time at least. The game is usually worked by the Committee of one or of each candidate issuing squibs and placards showing how their chief is and has always been the genuine Simon Pure, the real working man's champion. This is what Mr. Packham's supporters are now doing. They give as a reason why we should elect their man that be has been a resident of thirty years' standing and a Councillor for ten years. Well he has'nt got much to show for either. I am a mason myself, and if long residence in the municipality is a qualification Bill Nobbs, the man who supplies me with bricks and mortar, has a decided claim on your suffrages, for he has lived in this neighbourhood for twenty years. But then he signs his name with a cross and his ideas on municipal matters are somewhat vague. Mr. Wigg, so Mr. Packham's supporters say, is a city merchant. This a serious charge to bring against a man truly. One would have thought that the information gained by him in conduct ing his own business would be useful to him in conducting ours. Then, terrible to state, he has only been in the Council FOUR YEARS, while Mr. Packham has been ten. Again, most people would think four years was enough time for an intelligent man to get the run of things; but it seems, according to Mr. Packham's people, that it takes ten. Well, they ought to be the best judges of their own and their candidates' abilities. They doubtless are. Then they have the bad taste to say that Mr. Wigg is a "com- plete failure" as a public man. I suppose because he has not sat at the feet of the great Tailor of King William-street and got hold of the gift of the gab. It seems to me we want a Mayor to work, not to gas, and as a worker Mr. Wigg is all there. Talking about figures, I would like to know how often some of Mr. Packham's supporters have made "complete failures." I   am thankful to believe that the majority of my fellow working men are not fools, and know just how much mere talk is worth. I must now tail off my letter, and as usual the sting is in the tail, so in concluding let me ask and answer two questions. Who voted against the Corporation labourers having the Saturday half-holiday? — Mr. PACKHAM. Who voted for Reducing their Wages 8d. per day? — Mr. PACKHAM. Mr. WIGG, himself a large employer of labour. VOTED FOR the HALF-HOLIDAY and AGAINST THE REDUCTION. ACTS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. LET THESE ACTS SPEAK. I am, &c, A FELLOW-WORKER AND AN ax ELECTOR.   FELLOW RATEPAYERS. Mr. Wigg's supporters finding the base charge with regard to Trees played out try another equally false and worthy the same author. MR. PACKHAM NEVER VOTED AGAINST THE WORKING MEN, but is their BEST FRIEND, and they know it. He is one whom they can trust, despite the attempt of the would-be nobs to hound him down. Every man of you RESENT THE COWARDLY AND FALSE CHARGES by RETURNING HIM TRIUMPHANTLY at the HEAD OF THE POLL. x   MASONIC. ODDFELLOWSHIP, &c MASONIC — OPENING of the MASONIC LODGE. E.C., at PORT PIRIE will take place at HOWE'S ASSEMBLY ROOMS on SATURDAY, December 7, when all Brethren of the Craft are cordially invited to be present. Banquet 7.30 p.m. Tickets 10s. 6d. each. 333*40 JOSEPH MANSOM, Hon. Sec. COURT HOPE OF HINDMARSH, A.O.F. — The FIRST ANNIVERSARY of the above JUVENILE COURT will be celebrated on THURSDAY, December 5. Athletic and other Sports will take place on Lindsay Circus, Hindmarsh. Prizes to the amount of £15 will be competed for. In the Evening an Entertain- ment, consisting of Songs, Glees, &c, will be held in the Large Room of Messrs. Strutton and Trapman's Brewery. D.C.R. Hele will preside. Admission — Adults, 6d. 336*8 FOR SALE, or TO LET, a long-established COUNTRY STORE, doing a good trade.   Good opening for person with limited capital. For particulars, apply to Theodor Scherk, Pirie- street, Adelaide. 290thsc

MONEY     MONEY TO LEND.               £17,000 Trust Money at LOWEST INTEREST on FREEHOLD LAND, in sums to suit bor- rowers. £9,000 in sums of from £200 upwards on HOUSE PROPERTY in Town or Suburbs. Application to be made to M. KINGSBOROUGH, Advertiser Buildings, 337cv King William-street, Adelaide. MONEY TO LEND on Freehold Security at Current Rates. C. C. KINGSTON, Solicitor, 59c Eagle-Chambers, Pine-street Entrance. MONEY TO LEND on Mortgage. All Business under the Real Property Act transacted. NATHL. OLDHAM, Licensed Land Broker. Imperial-Chambers, King William-street. 232cv     MONEY TO LEND at Lowest Current Rates, Mortgages, Leases, Transfers prepared under the Real Property Act. Selec- tors under Government assisted to complete purchase. PIZEY & REED, Land and Loan Agents. Waterhouse-Chambers, corner of King William and Rundle streets. 227cv MONEY TO LEND on Freehold Security. ANDREWS & BONNIN, 136cv Waymouth-street.   MONEY TO LEND. W. H. Wadey, Solicitor, Central-Chambers, Waymouth- street. 398thsc   MONEY TO LEND on Freehold Security. Business transacted under the Real Property Act. WM. S. DOUGLAS, Licensed Land Broker, Insurance-Chambers (Pirie-street entrance). 334cv   DEPOSITS AT SEVEN PER CENT. — The NATIONAL BUILDING SOCIETY is prepared to receive fixed deposits from £25 upwards at 7 per cent, per annum. Apply W. A. CAWTHORNE, 176c Secretary N.B.S.   MONEY TO LEND on Freehold Security. Apply to the Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society, Limited, 87, King William- street. 340c   MONEY TO LEND, Lowest Rates, by CHAS. W. FRANCE, 130thsc Waymouth-street, Adelaide.   MONEY TO LEND on Freehold Security whether under Real Properly Act or otherwise. W. BENNY, Solicitor, WATERHOUSE-BUILDINGS, 15cv KING WILLIAM-STREET.   MONEY TO LEND on Mortgage, in sums to suit borrowers. FREDK. WRIGHT, 59cv Gresham-Chambers, Adelaide. MONEY. — Large or Small Loans negotiated at Lowest Current Rates. All Real Property Act business transacted and Land Sales attended. CONIGRAVE & COLLISON, Licensed Land Brokers, 14, REGISTER-CHAMBERS, ADELAIDE. 185thscv   MONEY TO LEND on First-class Freehold or Squatting Securities. HENRY SCOTT, Cornwall Fire and Marine and Eagle Life Insurance Offices, 19tfcv] EAGLE-CHAMBERS, PIRIE-STREET. MONEY TO LEND at current rates. Apply CHAS. M. MUIRHEAD, Solicitor and Notary Public, Victoria-Chambers, 234thcv 70, King William-street. MONEY TO LEND in Large or Small Sums. Loans and Guarantees Negotiated. ARTHUR CHAPMAN, Licensed Land Broker and Estate Agent, 129cv Cowra-Buildings, Grenfell-street. MONEY TO be LENT on Freehold Securities, under the Real Property Act or otherwise, at lowest rates. KNOX & GWYNNE, 210tfc Windsor-Chambers, Victoria-square. MONEY TO LEND in Large or Small Sums, on Mortgage of Freehold or Lease- hold Property at the Lowest Current Rates. FENN & HARDY, 9thscv 62, King William-street. MONEY TO be LENT on Freehold Securi- ties at lowest rates of interest obtainable. G. W. COTTON, Queen's-Chambers, Adelaide. Licensed Land Broker under Torrens's Act. 80cv   LARGE or Small SUMS at from 6 per Cent.   to be LENT on First-class Security.   198c G. MUMME & CO., Grenfell-street. SEVERAL THOUSAND POUNDS to LEND   at lowest going rates, according to security   and amount of loan. Sections Purchased from Government under the Cash or Credit system. All Deeds and Documents under the Real Property Act pre- pared. REYNELL & REINECKE, Land and Financial Agents, &c., Torrens-Chambers, Victoria-square west. 109thsc   MONEY TO LEND in Large or Small Sums, at Lowest Current Rates, and Real Property Act business of all kinds transacted. J. C. PHILIPS, Licensed Land Broker, Agent, &c. 218cv Howell's Corner, King William-street. QUEEN BUILDING AND INVESTMENT SOCIETY. Howell's Corner, King William-street. SHARES can be TAKEN UP at any time. Money Advanced promptly upon approved Securities. 171thsc J. C. PHILIPS, Secretary. ADVANCES MADE in Sums of FIVE POUNDS and upwards on Personal or Deposited Security. Repayable by weekly in- stalments. Bills Discounted. NATIONAL LOAN and DISCOUNT OFFICE, Gilbert-place, off Hindley-street. 328thsc J. DANIELS, Manager. £5, £10, £20, and upwards Advanced   immediately on own Note of Hand,     Personal Security, Deposit of Deeds without Mortgage, or Valuables of any kind, at a very moderate rate of interest to be repaid weekly or as agreed upon. Tradesmen's bills discounted. All transactions strictly confidential. S. SAUNDERS, Manager, South Australian Loan Office, 78tfc Gawler-place. LONDON LOAN AND DISCOUNT SOCIETY BANK. PIRIE-STEET, OPPOSITE UNION BANK. A Branch of this Company is now opened, with the object of employing its Capital in making immediate Cash Advances from £5 to £5,000 to persons on their own note of hand, on Furniture without removal or possession, Mort- gage, Deposit of Deeds Freehold or Leasehold, Bills of Sale, Bonded Certificates, Trade Bills, &c., at very moderate rates of interest. Persons Borrowing £5 receive £4 10s. Cash. " " £10 " £9 " " " £20 " £18 " Repayable by Instalments of 1s. in the £ per week. Thus a person borrowing £5 would pay twenty instalments of 5s. per week. Advances made to parties to assist them in purchasing a business. All transactions enter- tained and concluded without delay. Bills Dis- counted daily. Forms of application to be ob- tained gratis. For further information apply to the Manager, Pirie-street, opposite Union Bank. Office hours, 9 to 5; Saturdays. 9 to 1;     Mondays, 9 to 6. 323thsc H. B. LOUSADA, AUCTIONEER AND LAND AGENT, MAITLAND. 327thsc