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Sattbdat, Skptehbhb 14.

Stewards — Sir John Morphett, Hon. John Orozier, M.L.C., Hon. R. C. Baker, M.L.O., Hon. G. O. Hawker, M.P., Mr. R. B. Smith; nnmmittMt— Mr. W. B. RnnnsnvpJL M.P.. Mr_

F. W. Stokes, M.P., Mr. J. L.Stirling, Mr. O. H. Hart, Mr. 'W. L. Reid; Judge— Mr. E. Bagot; Starter — Mr. J. L. Stirling, assisted by Major Fitzroy ; Clerk of the Course — Mr. Wm. Koops. Clerk of the Scales— Mr. Jno. Harvey. The Spring Meeting of the S.A. Jockey Club took place at the Morphettville Course, bat various circumstances militated against its complete success. The Club have been exceed ingly unfortunate in regard to the weather on the days when races nave taken place at the course'at Morphettville, and on Saturday there was no change of fortune in this respect, for the sky was threatening though little rain fell. A strong westerly gale blew during the whole day, and the weather was cold for businessoot of doors. When the elements waged warfare the Grand Stand was found to be sufficiently commodious to shelter all who patronised that part of the course, and the meagre number who were te be seen on other parts of the ground found ample protection under the publicans' marquees. The attendance of ladies was not numerous, the threatening nature of the morning no doubt keeping many away. Those present had not the advantage of moving about which the sterner sex enjoyed, but had to keep the Stand— a fact which must have made their visit to the course not altogether a pleasure. Sir William Jervois, Lady Jervois, and the Misses Jervois, arrived on the ground shortly after 1 o'clock, and remained all the afternoon. The total attendance on the course could not have exceeded 4,000, fully three-fourths of whom had to submit to annoyances produced by the mismanagement of the Railway Company. Surely it is only reasonable to expect that the Glenelg Railway Company would after their experiences of the past be able to make such arrangements as would conduce in some slight degree to the comfort and convenience of the public, hut this was far from being the case. There can be no doubt but that the unpopularity of the Morphettville Course is brought about in a great measure by the difficulties visitors experience in reaching the spot and returning with comfort. Any person who has visited the Flemington Course and has noticed the admirable arrangements of the Yictoriin Railway Department for the conveyance of the tens of thousands of person) who find it more convecient to travel from Melbourne by rail than by road must be surprised at the management of our private Company. The opinion might almost be hazarded th\t the Club Committee would find it more advantageous to themselves and to their patrons if they were to utterly discard the Railway Company, and enter into some arrangements with the ewners of the numerous public vehicles that throng the streets for the conveyance of people to and from the coarse. The objectionable open trucks were again used, and ns there was not sufficient accommodation at the close of the races the scramble for the carriages was ssmething terrific, and it would be rather surprising to learn that all visitors returned to their homes cone the worse for the jostling. The most annoying part of the affiair was the ticket collectiug en route, which though it miy be so intended is not by any meai-s an improvement on collecting them at the gates, though with sufficient carriagu accommodation it would be. The remedy for the discomforts experienced would seem to the unlearned eye of an outsider to be simple enough. As the time at which the races end is somewhat uncertain it would be much better for the Company to start a long train with a couple of engines attached, or two or evm three smaller trains five or ten minutes after the last race is run whenever that might be, thsn fix trains for hours when they may probably run empty. There is no doubt, looking at the other side of the matter, that the traffic cannot be managed with the open carriages with the ease with which it is possible in the old tuBhioned carriages. The Yankee cars do well enough for ordinary traffic, but are not a good thing when there is the slighest crush. The ladies' carriage attached to a train going np and down was again a great convenience ; but in the trains in which it was not provided ladies were subjected to all the inconveniences of a sixth rate taproom. We hope some means will be taken next Saturday to remedy this state of things. The racing on the flat was very good, bat the Steeplechase was the greatest chapter of acci dents we have seen for some time. Three were withdrawn from the list for the Maiden Plate— Sir Thomas Elder's two and Snapdragon. Halea rode the winner, who led at the start, was after wards headed by the Arabella filly up to about the half-mile, and theu came home with her and won pretty easily in the straight. The son of Medora was carrying three pounds over his weight for age. Orator as usual did not race a yard. We cannot boast much of the fields which face the starter for the South Australian Derby, but must only hope that with the exten sion of breeding and the addition of a respectable sum to the sweepstakes the event may be made much more interesting and worthy of the colony. Son Carlos, of whom great things were expected by the stable, ran very unkindly, and Hales seemed to have difficulty in keeping him on the course. Cowarie ran well, but having met with au accident to his foot he appeared to be some what lame. However that may be, Viceroy ran very gamely and finished easily. Tothill has had a throw-in on the present occasion, his string doing remarkably well, and when tome of the young Gaug Forwards come to the post we expect that he will be somewhat dangerous, knowing that he has bjen generally successful in the past when he has had some thing well bred to work upon. Viceroy, Jarto, and Ada appeared to be in very good form, and the result proved that he had not been idle on the tnining-grouutl, which is now in a very fair condition. There are now two Derbies to the credit of Sir Thomas Elder, the present being a much more honourable victory, however, than that of lost year. It will be remembered that Irish Queen in by the same sire as Viceroy, who we notice is in the VJJ.C. Derby. The Hurdle Race was won by Vulcan, who appeared at the jumping business for the first time and se:m- likely to be a good thing at it. He is small but fast, and ought to be very handy at hurdle racinjf. The Steeplechase was a most peculiar event, more dislodgment of jockeys occurring than we have seen for a long time in one race. Sheet Anchor was very unfortunate again for his friends, and after Sarchedon had made a winnning race of it with Warrior, who ran pretty well, he stopped at the last hurdle in the course, and Mr. Lee, who must nave been sitting pretty loosely in the pigskin, was unhorsed. The victory of Warrior appeared to be a very popular ore. The rider of Buccaneer came off, and his horse rolling on him sprained bis left wrist and bruised him about the head and neck, but we are gltd to hear that the injuries are not serious. Sbugg, well-known as an old steeplechase jockey, mounted the horte and took him round the course, almost jumping into the straight as the torses were coming in the final round. He was. bowever, stopped before any harm was done! The pnjate match introduced on the cards was a new feature in South Australian meeting and wefancy one that will hardly work well' Five toro-yeax-olds were put down in thelist but out of this numW only three came to he post The winaer, who started at the lone'! price .. a very fine-looking colt. The S w $55 T? r6 *£* '' of tbe *V. and furnished the refreshing sight of two horses from the same stable making almoM a dead heat Of it Contest was not at all right for racine and so disappointed her backers. Tfce Ooriu tnj»u Cap was woa pretty easily by Fishhook.

The following is a description of the events : — M4IDEX9. A sweepstakes of S sovs. each, 1 sov. entrance, with 50 sovs. added. One mile. Weight for age. For all horses that have never won an advertised race of more than 20 sovs. Mr. W. Pile's b.c. The Rover, 3 yrs., by Talk o- the Hill— Medora, 7 st 3 lb. (T. Hales, 31b. over) „ .- ~ ~ ... 1 Mr. John Hill's br.f. by Ace of Trumps Arabella, 3 yrs., 6 st. 12 lb. (J. Carr) ... 2 Mr. Ohas. H. T. Hart's b.c Glanville, 3 yrs., 7 st. 3 lb. (Spooner) ? 3 Mr. H. Chambers's b.f. bv Bluegown — Griselda, 3 yrs , 6 st. 12 lb. (Fletcher) ... 4 Mr. Chas. H. T. Hart's b.c. Orator, 4 yrs., 9 st. (Leger) ? ? 0 Betting — Even on The Rover, 2 to 1 agst. Arabella filly, 4 to 1 others. Viceroy, Haidee, and Snapdragon were scratched. The horses broke away twice, Hales's colours showJBg to the front on both occasions. A good start was effected. The Rover going off with the lead, Arabella filly second, Glanville third, and Bluegowa filly fourth. Before travelling far the Arabella filly took the lead from the Hover, and the Bluegown filly overhauled Glanville. At the half-mile the horses were strung out, bat approaching the straight Hales came on the outside, and a close race ensued between The Rover and the Arabella filly home, the other two racing together aboat 20 lengths behind, bearing the Judges' box The Rover forged ahead, and won by about a length and a half, Glanville third, about 20 lengths away, and the Bluegown filly close up. Orator was out of the race from the first. Time, 1 min. 43 sec. DERBY. A sweepstakes of 15 sovs. each, 5 sovs. forfeit, with 100 sovs. added ; for three-year-olds. Colts, 8 st. 10 lb. ; fillies, 8 st. 5 lb. The second horse to save its stake. One mile and a half. Hon. T. Elder's cc. Viceroy, by Irish King Mobile (McMahon) ? 1 Mr. W. B. Rounsevell's b.c. Cowarie, by Ace of Trumps— Sydney mare (T. Hill) ... 2 Mr. W. Pile's b.c. Don Carlos, by Talk ©' the Hill— Hoyden (Hales) ? 3 Mr. Ross T. Reid's b.f. Pride of the Vale, by Wild Eagle— Modesty (Gil!) ™ ... 4 Betting— 5 to 4 agst. Viceroy, 6 to 4 Don Carlos, 3 to 1 Cowarie, 5 to 1 Pride of the Vale. The starter experienced very little difficulty in getting the quartet away. Viceroy rushed off with the lead, Cowarie showing second, Pride of the Vale third, and Don Carlos last, Viceroy being hard held. YVTien going round by the mile the distances between all the horses were increased. Shortly after Cowarie drew upon Viceroy, and Don Carlos shortened the distance between himself and Pride of the Vale. Approaching tho half-mile Viceroy still had the lead, all the other horses being in a body two or three lengths behind. Coming into the straight Cowarie came out of the ruck, taking second position and Don Carlos third. Viceroy passed the post hands down two lengths ahead of Cowarie. Don Carlos was about five lengths behind Cowarie, both whipping, with Pride of the Vale in close attendance. Time, 2 min. 47* sec. The following is a list of the winners of the South Australian Derby : — . _ Year Owner. Horse. Jockey. S Time 1S60 Mr.C.B.Fisher Midnight ...'Simpson. 7 fbi 1861 !Mr.C.B.Fisher Typo ? 'Simpson .433 1562 JMr.G.Bennett(Lo]£{e3o[- '^Simpson. 3 37 1563 jJIr.W. Gilbert Lubra '.'.'. '.JStevens .. 4 3 0 1564 Mr. J. Gilbert**^* ^Stevens .. 3 3 3 1565 Mr. O. AdcoctTini Whiffler.'! Jones ... 7 i 53 1566 Mr. O. Adcock Crusader ...INunn ... 5 3 I 1S«7 Mr.W.Gerrard Eegnlia ? iTothiU ...3 3 0 1SCS Mr. O. Adcock Centurion ...{Williauu. 2 2 59 1c_j.'Mr. Rosa T. Pride of the -,. ,. . , .„, 1S'^ Reid ? I Hills ? jJenlnns .. 4 2 oOJ 1S77 SirT. Elder...' Irish Queen... jCracknell 2 2 52 1S7S Sir T. Elder...'Viceroy ? iMcMahon' 4 2 17* * Derby was renewed this year. HANDICAP HURDLE BACB. A sweepstakes of 4 sovs. each, with 50 sovs. added; 1 sov. entrance; 4 sovs. acceptance. Two miles. Mr. R. B. Smith's blk^. Vulcan, 6 yrs., by Lucifer— Fishfag, 8 st. 12 lb. (Kiug) ... 1 Mr. E. C Dowling's blk.g. Jack's the Lad, ' »ged, 11 st. 4 lb. (Watsou) ? 2 Mr. W. Sinclair's g.m. Shylie Bawn, 9 st. 81b. (W. Beauchamp) ? ? 3 Mr. A. Pegler's b.g. Benicia Boy, aged, 10 st. 3 lb. (owner). Mr. S. Ferry's b.g. Barrister, aged, 10 st. 1 lb. (A. Beaucbanip). Mr. C. H. T. Hart's b.h. Rocket, aged, 9 st. 13 lb. (Leger). Mr.A.Hallatt'sb.h.Ivanhoe (late Charlie), 6 jrs., 8 st. 12 lb. (T. Hugo, 7 lb. over). Mr. H. Chambers's br.g. Echo, 6 yrs., 8 st. 6 lb. (M. Boasc). Betting— 2 to 1 Jack's the Lad and Vulcan. The horses got away well together. Vulcan and Shylie Bawn being the first to show to the front, the former hard held. Ivanhoe baulked at the first hurdle and lost all chance in the race. Passing the first hurdle Benicia Boy led, with Shylie Bawn second, and Jack's the Lad third, comiDg up on the inside. On nearing the Stand Shylis Bawn took first place, Benicia Boy bring close on her quarters, with Vulcan third, Jack's the Lad fourth, and Barrister fifth, all pretty well together. At the milepost Sbylie Bawn had increased her lead considerably, and Jack's the Lad bad assumed second position, with Vulcan third, and Benicia Boy fourth. At the 1| milepost Vulcan and Jack's tbe Lad spurted ahead, leaving Shylie Bawn, who missed a hurdle, in the third place, and Barrister fourth, Benicia Boy having fallen back. In the straight Vulcan and Jack's the Lad were close together, the latter being whipped severely, but Vulcan dashed ahead willingly when demanded, and won the race with 12 or 13 lengths to spare. Shylie Bvvrn passed the Judge's post 20 lengths behind Jack's the Lad, Barrister was a bad fourth, and the rest nowhere. Time, 4 min. 18 sec. SPRING HANDICAP. A sweepstakes of 5 sovs. each, with 100 eovs. added ; 1 sov. entrance ; 5 sovs. acceptance. For three-year-olds and upwards. One mile and three-quarters. Sir Thomas Elder's bjn. Jarto, 4 yrs., by Lucifer— Azema, 6 st. 9 lb. (Hntchenson) 1 Sir Thomas Elder's b.m. Ada, aged, 6 st 12 lb. (Wyman) ? _ _ _ „. 2 Mr. J. H. Hill's g g. Fishhoek, 4 y re., 6 st. 3 lb. (lionrfO. ... „ ? 3 Mr. E Holland's blk.h. Electricity, 5 yra* 7 st. U ll-. (Hales). Mr. E. C. Dowling's blk.g. Jack's the Lid, aged, 7 st. 3 lb. (Ppooner). Mr. T. Jordan's b.f. Contest, 4 yrs., 6 st. 10 lb. (Kilduff). Mr. W. Pile's b.c. Don Carlos, 3 yrs., 6 st 2 lb. (Cracknfll). Mr. C. H. T. Hart's br.c. Knave of Hearts 3 yrs., 5 st. 8 lb. (H. Goote). Mr. C. H. T. Hart's b.f. Biauca, 3 yrs., 5 »t. 5 lb. (Dacey). BettiDg— 2h to 1 Electricity, 3 to 1 Ada, 2 to 1 Contest, 5 to 1 Jarto. After several false starts the hors?s were got away well together, Electricity leading on the outside, nil the rtst being in a bunch. P-i-mng tbe stand Knave of Hearts led, Bianca and Elec tricity running together second, and Ada and Jarto together next, Don Carlos being about last. At the milepcHt Knave of Hearts went away with a very long leid, Electricity being at the head of the ruck, Jarto, Ada, and Fishhook appearing in the order named. At the three qnarter miiepost the horses all got together again, and Ada, Jarto, and Contest were the first to separate from the bunch. At the half mile post Jarto was leading. In the straight Jarto and Ada wore running close together, the latter on the inside being whipped and forginc ahead rapidly. Nearing the post the two stable companions were running very close together, with the whip being freely applied. Ada gaining ground. Jarto was landed a winner by birely a neck, Fishhook second within two lengths of Ada, and Contest fourth, the rest nowhere. Time, 3 min. IS sec. MATCH FOR TWO-YBAB-OLDS. Half a mile. Colts, 7 st. 10 lb. ; fillies, 7 st. 51b. Mr. R. T. Reid's cc. Buccaneer, by Talk o' the Hill— Pirate's daughter (Campbell) ... 1 Mr. 'W. Pile's cc. First Water (T. Hales) _ f Mr. W. B. Rounsevell bi. Dignity (J. Kilduff) ? ... ... f Betting— 2 to 1 First Water, 2 to 1 Dignity, 4 to I Buccaneer. Buccaneer was in the lead at the start, and won easily, the others running a dead heat Time, 55 sec HANDICAP STEHPLBCHASH. A sweepstakes of 5 sovs. each, with 100 am. added; 1 sov. entrance; 5 sovs. acceptance. About three miles. Mr. J. H. Aldridge's b.g. Warrior, aged, 11 st. 2 lb. (W. Beauchamp). ... „. ... 1 Mr. R. T. Moore's ch h. Sarchedon, 6 yrs_ 10 st. 9 lb. (Mr. Lee,4 lb. over) _ 2 Mr. J. L ? Stirling's gr.g. Sheet Anchor, aged, IS st. 4 lb. (Morris).

Mr. W. Robertson's b.g. Buccaneer, 6 yrs., 9 st. 7 lb. (Mr. Pegler). Betting -6 to 4 Sheet Ancher, 2 to 1 Sarche dou, 4 to 1 Warrior. Frank He witt was scratched . There was a fi ae start. Sydney led up to the first jijmp, baulked at it and fell, apparently cannoning against Pheet Anchor and throwing him down. Buccaneer's rider al-o came down. Sheet Anchor was caught and remounted, and both he and Sydney started ; but Sydney could not be got past the fence at the Elder Stables, and Mr. Stirling's horse baulked at nearly erery fence he was put to at the back end of the coarse. Warrior and Sarchedon were the only horses properly in the race. Warrior led at first with Sarchedon some distance away, but Sarchedon gained at every jump and got a lead which he kept till he baulked at the hurdle in the straight and threw Lee. Warrior came in an easy winner. Time, 7 min. 4T sec. COEISTHIAS CCT. A sweepstakes of 3 sovs. each, with cup of the value of 40 sovs. added ; 1 sov. entrance; 3 sovs. acceptance. One mile and a half. Mr. John H. Hill's g.g. Fishhook, 4 yrs. (Mr. T.Wigley) ? _ ™ 1 Sir Thomas Elder's b.c. Isaac Walton, 3 yrs. (Mr. Bickford) ? „ ... 2 Mr. John Nay lor 's blk.g. Snapdragon, aged (Mr. Fergusson) ... ... — ? 3 Mr. S. Ferry's ch.g. Frank Hewitt, 6 yrs. (Mr. Ferry). Betting— 6 to 4 Fishhook; 2 to 4 to 1 anything else. The horses were very close together for most of the distance. Isaac Walton showed in the lead during the latter portion of the run, but was easily beaten in the straight by Fishhook. This concluded the day's events.