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ENGLISH RACING. (April 23 to May 9.) fFrom Home files.!

Our files place us in possession of the history of that portion of the English spring racing up to the eve of the Oae Thousand. The big meet ings do not seem to have been attended with

the best of weatner. At ter a preliminary canter or two in small meetings, the. racing season proper of 1878 in England began attheNew msrket Graven Meeting on April 23. Oa the first day Childeric won the Post Sweepstakes from Broad Corrie, Julius Gelsus the Trial Stakes Advance the Bushes Handicap, Princess Catherine the Weeds Plate, Count de Ia grange's Pardon the Bentley Plate, the Marquis of Hartington's 'Witchery the Double Trial Plate, Escossais the Flying Stakes. Count de Lagrange's Pontoise won the Twentieth Newmarket Biennial for three-year-olds, beating a promising field, including Reefer, Wild Darell, Topaz, Meteorolite, Barallion, Pacific, Redwing, Potentate, and a colt by Parmesan from Doeskin. Pontoise is a son of Dutch Skater, the sire of Insnlaire, from a mare called L'Oise, by Yentre St. Gris. He only ran once as a two-year-old— at Chantilly in October last. On the second day Advance won a plate to start the game, and then the Twen tieth Sale Stakes fell to La Gitana. Idler won the Handicap Plate, Rugby the Free Handicap, and Caxtonian the Maiden Plate. The race of the day— the Newmarket Handicap— was won in a canter by Prince SoltykofFs Thurio by a length. II Gladiatore was second and Garbroch third. Bylstone, Gavarin, Chesterton, Cyprus, St. Leger, Verdurette, West Wind, and Croxton were also in the race, which was a fearfully slow one. Thunderstorm won the Civet Stakes, beating Yerneuil in a canter by eiglit lengths. There were seven events on the third day's card, but the first five were not important. The Craven Stakes, a new race, run on the Ancaster mile, brought out a field of fifteen, including the winner of the Derby' this year and the winner of the Prix de Paris. The Prix de Paris victor 0 hurio won it, the Derby winner Sef ton being second, and Glengarry third. Thurio started the favonrite. The Nineteenth Newmarket Biennial Stakes was won by Silvio, beating Rifle, Belpbcebe, and First Spring. The race was won in a canter by three lengths. . The International Handicap day began with a race between aDerby horse (Matador) and Oasis over the Rowley mile in the Hundred Pound Plate, Little Nell being the only other entered. Matador won it, bnt not in a w*y th*t said much for bis future chances. won a sweepstakes, beatiDg Wild Darell and aiintsauce. A selling stakes was won by Bumpkin, and then came the race of the day which brought out only eight, II Gladiatore being tho wiener, with Winchelsea second, and Queen of Cyprus third. The Maiden Plate was won by Cherry Pie, a handicap which followed by Bondsman, a selling stakes by Bonchurch, and the BenniDgton Stakes by Hydromel. April 30 saw the opening of Epsom Spring Meeting, and as the handicap for the City and Suburban had been framed in a remark&Wy successful manner, great interest was taken In

the result, and the attendance betokened a Derby Day rather than the day of a much less important — though at the same time an im poit— race. The City and Suburban this year had a splendid field. The programme was opened with the Trial Stakes, which was won by tbe Duke of Westminster's Dalham beating Keeper, Adonais, and half-a-dozen others. Mr. K. JSchofeld's San Francisco won the Maiden Plate, United Service being second, and Tempestas third, seven others starting. Then came The City akd Sciicebah Haxdicax, of 15 sovs. each, 10 ft., with 200 added; second received 50 sovs. ; winners extra ; about one mile and a quarter ; 113 subs., 29 of whom paid 5 sovs. each. Mr. W.S. Crawfurd's b.c. Sefton, by Speculum — Liverpool's dam, 3 yrs., 5 st. 7 lbs. (car. 5 st. 8 lbs.) (Gallon) „. .- ... ~ 1 Lord. Lonsdale's b.g. Advance, by Speculum — Progress, 5 vrs., 8 st. (inc. 10 lbs. extra (Mordan) L. ... _ ~ _ 2 Lord Bradford's chi. Manoeuvre, by Lord Clifden— Quicb. March, 4 yrs^ 7 st. 2 lbs. (Morgan) ... „. ... — ... 3 Lord Londsdale's Petrarch, S yrs., 9 st. 4 lbs.; Mr. W. J. Cordner's Julius Caesar, 5 yrs.; 8 st 13 lbs. ; Mr. Pulteney's Placida, 4 yrs., 8 st 5 lbs. ; M. A. Lupin's FonUinebleau, 4 yrs., 8 st. 4 lbs.; Count Lagrange's Yerneuil, 4 yrs , 8 st. 4 lbs. ; ' Lord Hartington's Belphcebe, 4 yrs ,8 st. 2 lbs. ; , Mr. R. Peck's Kaleidoscope, 5 yrs., 7 st 13 lbi. (inc. 10 1b. ex.) ; Mr. T. J. Mackenzie's Rob Roy, ; 4 yrs., 7 st. 12 lbs. ; Mr. Quartenname-East's ; Rosy Cross, 4 yrs., 7 st 12 lbs. ; LordRosebery's I Snail, aged, 7 st 11 lbs. ; Mr. Northern's Muscatel, 4 yrs., 7 st 8 lbs.; Lord Rosebery's Touchet,; 4 yrs., 7 st 6 lbs.; Duke of Westminster's Helena, 4 yrs., 7 st. 5 lbs.; Mr. F. Leleu's, Chevron, 4 yrs., 7 st 2 lbs. : Duke of St. Albans* Lord Olive, 3 yrs., 6 st. 12 lbs. ; Duke of Beau-: fort's Ithona, 5 yrs, 6 st 10 lbs.; Sir G.: Chetwynd's Little Harry, 5 yrs^ 6 st. 9 lbs. ; Mr. E. Graiu's Luckpenny, 4 yrs., 6 st 6 lbs. ; Mr. W. S. Cartwright's Fair Lyonese, 3 yrs., 6 st 2 lbs. ; Duke of Montrote's Eminence, 3 yrs., 6 st ; Mr. A. Baltazzi's c by Buccaneer — Hope, 3 yrs., 5 st 10 lbs. ; Duke of Hamilton's Sutler, 3 yrs., 5 st 9 lbs. (car. 6 st); Mr. H. Robertson's c. by Adamas — Remnant, 3 yrs., 5 st. 9 lbs. (car. 5 st 10 lbs.) ; Rord Rosebery's Ohevronel, 3 yrs., 5 st 9 lbs., and Mr. F. Swindell's GoodFriday, 3 yrs.; 5 st. 7 lbs., also ran. Betting— 11 to 2 agst Petrarch, 100 to 15 agst Kaleidoscope, 7 to 1 agst Sef ton, 9tol agst Placida, 10 to 1 agst. Fontaicebleau, 100 to 8 agst Manoeuvre, 100 to 7 each agst Rob Roy and Rosy Cross, 100 to 6 agst. Chevron, 20 to 1 each agst. Lord Clive and Touchet, 33 to 1 each agst. Little Harry and Belphoebe, 40 to 1 agst. Advance, 50 to 1 each agst. Helena, tho Hope colt, Ithona, and Fair Lyonese, 66 to 1 each agst. Julius Caesar, Muscatel, Eminence, and Sutler, and 100 to 1 each agst. Verneuil, Luckpenny, Remnant colt, Chevronel, and Good Friday. There was a long delay at the post, owing to the refusal of Chevron to join his horses. Eventually a fairly level start was efforted, hut Chevron at once whipped round and threw bis rider. Of the others, Julius Cxsar, on the rails, jumped away in front, but was almost directly passed by Placida and Touchet, the three being clear of Kaleidoscope, Rosy Cross, Chevronel, Sefton, Petrarch, and Manoeuvre, while in the rear were conspicuous Snail, who was knocked about at the start, Good Friday, and the Rem nant colt. After going rather more than a furlong, Touchet ran through his horses, fol lowed by Chevronel and Sefton, the three going on clear of Placida, Julius Ciesar, and Rosy Cross, while next came Rob Roy, Kaleidoscope, Sutler, Manoeuvre, Petrarch, and Lord Clive in a cluster, in front of Helena, Verneuil, Bel pka'be, Fontainbleau, and Advance, the pace being good. 'Without material change they ran through the furzes and commenced t^e descent to Tattenbam Corner, the lot now falling into single file, Touchet still, however, showing the way, and having for his attendants Lord Rose bery's third string, Chevronel, and Sefton, while behind Placida came Kaleidoscope, on on whom Glover was hard before making the bend into the straight, where the five just mentioned formed the advance guard, close handy still coming Rosy Cross, Rob Roy, Sutler, Petrarch, and Manoeuvre, with Advance, who had hitherto been in the rear, now making his way into this company. When fairly in the straight Touchet was beaten, and Sefton took up the running, losing, however, directly the company of Chevronel, while Manoeuvre, on the whip hand, came right out and joined Mr. Crawfurd's colt The others now prominent were Rob Roy, Kaleidoscope, Placida, and Helena, clear of Advance on the rails, while the colours of Sutler, Petrarch, and Rosy Cross could be seen clear of the rack, but not threatening danger to the leaders. After cross ing the road Kaleidoscope began, as at Lincoln, to improve his position, and joined Manoeuvre and Sefton outside the distance, where Rob Roy, Placida, and Helena were finally done with, Mr. Mackenzie's colt giving way in his off fore-leg, and Advance took a fourth place, the four closing up at the Stand, and running a splendid race home. Advance, who failed to get mn open ing until the last few strides, then took second place, bnt it was too late, and Sefton, without having been fairly beaded from the road, took the race by a head ; three-quarters of a length off Manoeuvre was third, with Kaleidoscope close up fourth. Then at a clear interval came Placida fifth, Fontainebleau sixth, Rosy Cross seventh. Sutler eighth, Rob Roy ninth, Petrarch tenth, Helena eleventh, Good Friday twelfth, while whipping in were Muscatel, the Remnant colt, and Fair Lyonese. Time, 2 min. 14 sec. Value of the stakes, £1,310. Sefton, who since won the Derby, is a brown colt by Speculum from the dam of Liverpool. The dam of Sef ton was foaled in 1S61, and was by West Australian from Clarissa by Pantaloon. Mr. S. Western's Vegetarian won the West minster Stakes, Mr. R. SchoSeld's Thorganby the Dnrdans Plate, Couut Lsgrange's Pardon the Stamford Plato, and Mr. R. Peck's Plaisante the Welter Handicap. ? On the Great Metropolitan day there was a large gathering of the public, even for Epsom. Mr. E. Grey's Medora won the Pall Mall Stakes and Sir G. Chetwynd's filly by Vulcan the Beaufort Stakes. The great Surrey Handicap bad a field of nine, Placida, the only City and Suburban horse iu the list, being the favourite. She won easily by a length and a half, beating Tribute, Vril, and six others, including Fair Lyoneie. The race of the day was a surprise, as the winner's powers quite took the people of his own stable aback. The following are details of the race : — The Gbeat Mbteopolitam Stakes (Handi cap) of 25 sovs. each, 15 ft, with 200 added ; second received 50 sovs. About two miles and a quarter. 02 subs., 14 of whom paid 5 sovs. each. ?? .A ? . Duke of Westminster's br.f. Mida, by Par mesan — Anderida, 3 yrs, 5 st. 7 lbs. (T. Hopper) ? ? _-_.._.'_ _ 1 Lord Bradford's chx. Zucchero,by Lacydes — Zelle,4yrs, 7 st (Morgan).- ? _. 2 Mr. B. Jardine's chx. Strathmore, by Maa drakerf-Thane, 4 yrs., 7 st. (Fagan) . v — 3 Mr. A. Lupin's Fontainebleau, 4 yrs., 8 st. 6 lbs. ; Lord Rosebery's Snail, aged, 8 st 2 lbj. ; Mr. Swindell's Woodlands, 6 yrs-i 7 st 13 lbs.; Captain Stirling's Whitebait,- aged, 7 st. 12 lbs. ; Mr. W. S. Cartwright's Albert Edward, 4 yrs., 7 . st, 2 lbs. ; Mr. W S. Crawfurd's Norwich, 4 jrs., 7 st2 lbs.; Mr. H. Jenkins's Gloucester, 5 yrs., 6 st. 13 lbs. ; Lord Rosebery's First Spring, 4 yrs., 6 at 12 lbs.; Mr. W. S. Crawfnrd's Garbrocb, 4 yrs ,6 st. 11 lbs. ; and Count Lagrange's Laure, 4 yrs., C st. 7 lbs., also ran. Mr Crawford declared to win with Garbroch. Within fifty yards of home Mida, who had been running well from the road at the heels of Strathmore and Woodlands, got Ian opening, and coming through, at once beaded Strathmore and Zucchero, fiualJy winning easily by a length; a head only between second and third. Woodlands was fourth, close np ; then at a long interval came Norwich fifth, Albert Edward sixth, Whitefeait saventb, Snail eighth, Fontaicebleau ninth, First Spring tenth, and Garbroch eleventh, while Gloucester and Lanre pulled np short of the post. Time, 4 min. 18 sec. Value of the stakes, £1,045. Mr. Ellerton'6 Romana won the Hyile Park Plate, Mr. Noel's British Beauty tbe Riilway Plate, Sir. R. Peck's Kaleidoscope the Prince of Wales Stakes, and Sir W. Throckmorton's Htrald the Handicap Plate. Tkree heavy days' racing (some illegitimite) at Sandown Park followed the Epsom Spring Meeting. Mr. Ellerton's Gloucester won the County Hurdle Race. Lord M. Beresford's Caramel the Princess of Wales Plate, and Captain C. B. Cave's The Keeve the Esther Stakes. The Tally Ho Steeplechase wonky Captain Matchell's Marshal Neil, ridden by Mr. B. P. Wilson. Mr. A. C. Birclay's filly by Albert Victor won the Sandowu Park Two year old Stik« -?. in which thirteen started. The race was won easily hy tkree lengths. Lord Lons ciale'a Hcs-per wou the Great San;lown Hurdle Race, beaticg Citizen, Tirocur, and Bridget, and Mr. B. Jardine's KiDg of Tyue carried off the Great Southern Hunters' Flat l'.ace. The Newmarket First Spring Meeting began with every appearance of dulness and a ^ery wet afternoon waa experienced. The CofFee Rcom Stakes was won easily by Mida, who won the Great Metropolitan, beating three otber*. Mr. T. Brown's Bondsman, a sou of Eeadstan, won the Flying Handicap ; and Mr. C. Bash's Oxonian the Selling Stakes, beating Matador and 'others. Mr. T. Jennings's Sb»ldxake

carried ofif the Two Thousand Guineas Trial Stakes, beating Singleton, Capillaire, and Miser. The first Welter Handicap fell to Mr. C. Jones's Misenus, beating ten others; the Selling Plate to Mr. Quartermaine East's Florentine; and the Two-year-old Sweep stakes to Count Festotic's Berzencze. Mr. A. Baitazzi's colt by Buccaneer from Hope was successful in the Prince of Wales Stakes, in which eleven entered. There was little on the card of interest on the Two Thousand day except tbe great race over the Rowley Mile, the only support given to it txMug by the Prince of Wales Stakes. Mr. F. Mertou's Royalist won the Handicap Plate; Mr. F. Gretton's Mouk the May Stakes Handicap; Mr. E. Hall's Sweet William the Welter Selling Stakes; Mr. W. A. Jarvis's Elsham Lad the Selling Plate. The Prince of Wales Stakes over the Cesarewitch course was a match between Silvio and Thun derstone. The Derby winner started the favourite in spite of a heavy penalty, and won with remarkable ease. In the middle of these events came the great race of the day. Thh Two THorsAXD Guiweas Stakes, a sub scription of 100 sovs. each, h.ft, for threeyear olds; colts, 8 st. 10 lbs, ; fillies, 8st 5 lbs. ; the owner of the second horse to receive 200 sovs., and the third to save his stake. R.M. Lord Lonsdale's Pilgrimage, by the Earl or The Palmer— Lady Audley, by Macaroni, 8 st 5 lbs. (T. Cannon) ' — : ? -. ~ 1 Count F. de Lagrange's Iusulaire, 8 st. 10 lbs. (J. Goater) - ... - ... 2 Mr. 'W. S. Crawford's Sefton, 8 st. 10 lbs. (T. Osborne) ... _ — ? 3 Mr. Acton's Bayonet, 8st 10 lbs. ; Mr. Alex. Baltazzi's c. by Buccaneer— Hope. 8st. 10 lbs. ; Mr. H. Baltazzi's Oasis, 8st. 10 lbs. ; Mr. Jos. Dawson's Athol Lad, 8st 10 lbs. ; Lord Fal mouth's Childeric, 8 st. 10 lbs.; Mr. J. H. Bouldsworth's Glengarry, 8 st. 10 lbs. ; and Count F. de Lagrange's Inval, 8 st. 10 lbs., also ran. Betting— 2 to 1 agat Pilgrimage, 9 to 4 agst In sclaire, 9 to 2 agst. Childeric, 9 to 1 agst. Sefton, 25 to 1 agst. At hoi Lad; and 50 to 1 eich agst. the Hope colt and Oasi*. The ten were at the post a few minutes before the time, and after waiting for the appointed hour they wheeled into line, and walking up to the post were sent homewards at the first attempt, Athol Lad and Inval, who were on the lower ground, jumping off in front ; but after a few strides Insulaire, who was on the right of Athol Lad, drew up to his quarter ; Pilgrimage, on the whip hand of these, being about half a length behind Insulaire, while wide on the right, running level with this lot, was Sefton. In the centre Glengarry and Childeric were about a length off the left-hand division, but in front of the Hope colt, Bayonet, and Oasis, who were racing in a line. By the time the T.Y.O. winning-post was reached Athol Lad and Inval were seen in the rear, while Insulaire was now making play, just in front of Pilgrimage and Sefton, Gkilderic and Glengarry coming on at the heels of Lord Lonsdale's filly, while all the others were well up ; bat before reaching the Bushes Glengarry, Bayonet, Oasis, and the Hope colt were in difficulties; and as they breasted the hill to this landmark the hopes of Ohilderic's backers were crushed, he being unable to take his place. Meanwhile Insulaire was coming on half a length in front of Pilgrimage, who was on his whip hand, while wide on the right came Sefton, all but level, nothing else from the commencement of the descent being in the race but the three last named. Of these, halfway down the hill Sefton was in trouble, so that before the dip the race it was plain was reduced to a match. From this point Pilgrimage waited at Insnl&ire's neck until when fairly on the ascent, when Insulaire had had enough, and Pilgrimage ?it awing in front in the last hundred yards won very cleverly by half a length ; a leagth and a h-lt' off Sefton was third, some twenty lengths in front of Childeric (fourth) ; then at a clear interval came Oasis, Glengarry, Inval, Bayonet,, find the Hope colt, in the order named, with Alhol Lad last. Time, 1 min. 56 sec. The off day did not furnish anything extra ordinary, except that a promising two-year-old showed himself in the First Spring Stakes in Mr W. J. Walters's Despatch by Queen's Messenger from Catapults. The Burwell Handicap was a victory for Lord Zetland's Flotsam, a son of S] eculum from Flotilla, and Pearlina won the Selling Stakes. In the First Spring Twoyear old Stakes Despatch had a second in Strathearn, Witchery being third. Mr. H. E. Beddington's Alchemist won the Maiden Plate, beating seven others, and the Stand Handicap fell to Count de Lagrange's Pardon. On the day before the One Thousand, Jau nette fell back in the betting very considerably, owing to a rumour that she had been beaten in a trial, and her place as second favourite was taken by Strathfleet. Our files do not bring us up to the One Thousand, which we had by telegraph, in which the Oaks winner was second »nd Strathfleet not placed. The following is a detailed account of the French Two Thou sand: — Poulh d'Essat, of 6*00 sovg., added to a sweepstakes of 40 sovs. each, 24 ft., for throe year-olds ; colts, 8 st. 11 lbs. ; fillies, 8 st 8 lbs.; second received 80 sovs. ; 1 mile ; 72 subs., 62 of whom paid 20 sovs. each. Count F. de Lagrange's ch,f. Clementine, by Mortemer— Regalia, 8 st. b lbs. (Goater) ... 1 M. Ephrnssi's b.c. Fitz-Plutus, by Plutus— New Star, 8 st 11 lbs. (Rolfe) ? 2 M. Andre's br.c. Mourle, by Ray Bias— Mdlle. de Conseix, 8 st 11 lbs. f Flint) ... 3 Count F. de Lagrange's b.c. Triomphe II., 8 st. 11 lbs. ; M. H. Delamarre's bi. Vitelotte, 8 st. 8 lbs.; M. L. Delatre's b.c. Olocher, 8 st. 11 lbs.; M. Fould's br.c. Stathouder, 8 st. 11 lbs.; M. A. Lupin's br.c. Luaignan. B tting— 6 to 4 on Clementine, 5 to 1 agst. Stathouder, 7 to 1- agst. Lusignan, 10 to 1 aget. Clocher, 12 to 1 agst. Vitelotte, and 100 to (i agst. Mourle. To a very bad start Fitz Plutus got off in front, bat Lusignan, attended by Clementine, soon led until reaching the distance, where Lnsignan was in distress, and Fitz-Plutus and Mourle attempted to overhaul the favourite, who, however, easily shook them off, and won in a canter by four lengths ; half a length separating second and third, and a like distance the third from Lusifrnan, fourth. Time, 1 min. 43Jsec. Value of the stakes, £2,088. _______?_