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"Inquisitive." — The first members or the Ken- sington and Norwood Municipal Council were elected on December 1, 1853, and were as foolows: Charles Bonney, Joseph Yates    

Ashton, George Aldridge, Henry Whittle, Augustus George Baddiley, George Soward,   George Ernest Hamilton, George Birrell, and John Ross Smith; from whom were elected as   Aldermen — Messrs. Bonney, Soward, an Ash-   ton, and from the latter Mr. Bonney was elected Mayor ; Town Clerk, Joseph Eldin Moulden. In 1854, December 1, Councillors elected were — John Hambridge, Alfred Greenway, Conrad Nicholson Wornum, in place of Messrs. Whittle, Smith, and Hamilton. Mr. Bonney was then re-elected Mayor. In 1855, December 1, Coun- cillors elected were; — George Aldridge (reelect ed), Frederick Norman Scarfe, and William Holdsworth. Mr. Bonney was again re-elected Mayor. In 1856, October 22, Frederick Benjamin Carlin elected as Alderman for Kent Ward. In   1856, December 1 — Aldermen Ashton and Greenway ; Councillors — Hambridge, Abraham Wooley, William Henry Little, Mr. Bonney re-elected as Mayor. ' Lines.' — 1. Your best way will be to advertise. 2. Hunt's Labour Office, in King William-street, and J. Kemp Penney's, in Carrie-street. ' One Shilling.'— We have always studiously avoided having anything to do with the so-called Art Union to which you refer. You had better apply to one of the managers or ticket-vendors for any information on the subject. 'Not a South' writes respecting Mr. A. J. Diamond's letter on the Norwood and South Adelaide football match of Saturday last. He states that he watched the game, and thought the Souths played as friendly and as manly a game as the Norwoods. As for hooting and foul language, there was not much difference between the partisans of either club; that until the Norwood Club came into existence these distur- bances were never known on the football field. ' Not a South' concludes by hoping the other clubs will not follow in the steps of the Nor woods by cancelling their engagements with the Souths or any other club, for it appears to him by the course they have adopted the Association is totally ignored. ' J. James.' — If we understand your question aright, the distance of a peal of thunder may be ascertained by noting the interval between the lightning flash and the time when the ensuing thunder is heard, reckoning in round numbers for the sound travelling at the rate of about a mile in five seconds.