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CITY OF MADRID, ship 1191 tons, John Swan, master, from London Dectmber 21. J. italling and Co., agents JOHN ELDDER , steamer, 2 6-0 tons, A. J. Cooper,

aotn ; &L Vincent, r eoraary 7 ; C»pe Town, February 22. Jos. Stilling and Co., Agents. Passengers— Messrs. J. {J. Duncan, E. -E. XoweH Twopenv, E. Bicfcnun, II. B. TomJdnscn, John Wyles, E. South well. R. Peart, J. Tffhitworth. W. H. Moore, C. F. Smith, H. Spondley, H. K. BeffinghaTn, O. G. divert, B. Chaplin, Mr. and Mrs. Dean, Misses Kmina Harrison, Kidnrtlson, O. D. Ferguson. From Cape Town— Messrs. J. D. Park, J. W. Ferguson, A. R.Thirst, in the saloon ; and 84 in the steerage, ana a number of passengers lor ports beyond. 8OUTH AUSTRALIAN, steamer. 656 ions, T. W. Lcekjer, master, from Melbourne March 10. John lornDnl], agent, Town and Port. Passengers— Hon. B. C Baker. Mrs, and Master Baker, Mr. and Mrs. J. McCnlloch, nurse, and child, Mr. and Mrs. Palmer, Mr. and Mrs; Burgess, Mr. and Mrs. Wade, Mr. and Mrs- Earry. Mr. and Mrs. PhOlipa, Captain and Mrs. 'Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. JetNamara, Mn. Mills, Mrs. Western, Mrs. Waldeo. Mrs. Christopher, Jin. Grigg, Mrs. Farr, Mrs. McAllister, Mia. Winn. Miss Wade, Hiss Ferryman, Jtiza Hayman, Miss Wilson. Miss McDonald, Miss UcPbeoon, Miss Walker, Miss Grey, Miss Walker, Hiss BlaektBore, Min Kirkham, Miss Lawlor, Miss Marryat, MissE. Marryat, Miss Turner, MlssWalden, Hisa Ada Ward, Master Birks, J. Clark, Perryinan, Xiikpitrick, G. Bishop, Christopher, IL Bennett, X Jacobs, S. McNeills, S. Wihon.D. Porter, G. Barrens, H . Coppin, F. Austin, V. Fisher, Holloway, S. Owen, A. yuan, G. Farr, H. Prince, T. Woolley, H. P. Wilson, H. Bawlfngs, B. Lucas, McXamara, Everard, Lonegan, Masters Stnckey and Baker, W. Jones, W. TUmy.McAllUter, and W. Harrison, in the first cabin; and 43 in the second cabin. ARRIVED COASTWISE. Tuesday, Maecii IL ECLIPSE, schooner. 78 tons, E. Arnold, master, from Yankalilla. Cargo— 1.00S bags bark, -200 posts and rails. . - Wednesday, March li MIMOSA, ketch, iO tons, E. L. Bartleet, mister, from Point Turton. AlAYFLOvVEK, ketch. 33 tons. J. T)avie3, master, from Ardrossan. Passengers— Six. Cargo— 315 bag) wheat, quantity flour MALCOLM, ketch. 22 tons, W. J. Spells, master, from Port Wakefield. POSTBOY, sehooner, 60 tons, W. Steel, master, from Wallaroo. THOMAS AXD AXXIE. ketch, 24 tons, G. D. Mitchell, matter, from Port Vincent. ? LURLtSE. ketch, SO tons, J. W..Cathro. ni^ter, from Wool Bay. PERCY, ketch, 44 tons, C. Fcsttr, master, from Port Wakefield. FOUB BBOTHEKS, barge, 40 tons, E. Ea3om, master, from Pert Wakefield. LAbS Of GAWLEB, cutter, 20 tons, C. Franks, master, from Dublin. HELENA, ketch, 30 tons, Garnaut, master, from Tcrt Wakefield. RAGLAN CASTLE, ship, 1,030 tons, R. ]-avie*. master, from Port WaketieW. Corko— 11,-10 bigs wheat. .XAPPERBY, ketch, 70 tons. J. Martin, muster, frcro Port Wakenelil, with a yacht fcj tow. ACTIVE, ketch, 25 tons, S. Gellento, master, from Port Wakefield. BROTJGIITOX, ketch, 46 tons, E. Brijs?, Ulster, from Port Sloorowie. CLEARED OT/T. Wednesday. IUi-.ui 12. GRACE DARLING, schooner, s2 tons, It rfmiiU, master, for Melbourne. SVANE-T, barque, 647 tons, G. Lathman, master, fcr King George's Sound, W.A. In ballast. OTWAY, steamer, 271 tons, F Chapman, master, for King George's Sound. Passengers— Messrs. J. Ramsay, A. H. Randa, Mrs. Randall, Mr. and Mrs. Crowder,   Miss L. Golding, Mrs. O'Mahoney and two children, and W. Letchford, in the first cabin ; and five in the steerage. TOMMY, schooner, 50 tons, J. Scott, master, for Hirer Leven, Tasmania. In ballast. RIDGE PARK, steamer, 618 tons, E. Trcvett, master, for Sydney. Passengers — Mr. and Mrs. McTavisli and daughter, and Master Conner, in the first cabin ; and two in the second cabin. liar. SAILED COASTWISE. l'-OSPKEY.'ketch, for Ardrossan. is— KASGAKOO, steamer, for Wallaroo and Moonta. 12— THREE SISTEES, ketch, for Kangaroo Island. T2— RUBY, ketch, for Port Wakefleld 12— A-TfIE WATT, ketch, for Port Wakefield. 12— LILLIE HAWKINS, ketch, for AVaterloo and Venus Bays. IMPUUTS. *.* Aspecial chargeism»deoncons:;,T!ees' announce- ments inserted under the bead biroKts.

CITY OF MADRID, from London— Plain crttons £&S0, coloured do. £220, woollens and worsteds £110, ilannels £1,000, linen in bales £220, do. in case £190, cotton and woollens X.X0, waterproof and indiarubber goods £100, mil linery £130, sewing thread £10, haberdashery £S20, umbrellas £30, cotton handkerchiefs £10, apparel £2,060, blankets £350, c:\rpets and rugs £470, toilet and table covers £10, counterpanes £100, felt hats and caps £50, wrought leather £630, saddlery £130, floor tluth £110, table baize £90, sewing machines £110, vestas IB cases, blacking 2 pkgs., agricultural imple ments £220, rails and general machinery £3,U60, hooks £150, paper oil cwt., stationery £490, upholstery £570, iron bedsteads £130, brashware £650, plated goods £170, toys £10, firearms £70, I'innos £310, corks £100, clocks and watches £t». per fumery £50, agricultural and garden seeds £350, iron tanks £255, hardware cutlery £3,2tX-, bar and rod iron 63 tons, hoop do. 13 do., sheet do. 33 do., jlate do. 8 do., galvanized 9 do., pipe-lead 1 do., tin plates 168 boxes, iron nails 17 tons, wins and wirerope 40 tons, steel 10 tons, animal oil 655 gills., whiting 10 toes, paint colours £447, tlintglas3 £729, window do. £!!-, foreign do. 00 cases, plate do. 1 do., china and earthenware £414, glass bottles £143, bran and Soar bags £31i-, canvas £7T4, Lines and twines £116, cement 100 brls., British spirits in bulk 343 galls., do. in case 500 do., beer in bulk 75 brK, do. glass 212 do., bacon and cams 18 cwt., preserved flsli £42S, assorted oil men's stores £1.105, vinegar 1,000 galls., foreign salad oil SCO do., pepper and spices 23 cwt., cocoa 30 do., .March £103, pearl barley 15 cwt, rice 200 do., bicarb 20 do., soap 76 do , dates 200 do., liquorice juice 5 «lo., grape sugar 300 do., confectionery and peel 135 rases, apotheciryware £440, baking powder £89. corn Hour £16. Total declared value of cargo, £29,700. fcOUTH AUSTRALIAN*, from Melbourne— 1,000 cases salmon, 31 crates cheese, 15 pkgs. drapery, 10 ? oils rspe, 20 cases acids, 98 pkgs. woodware, 23 cases furniture, 11 cases galvanized iron. 50 kegs butter. 5 cases paper, 30 casks butter, 90 bags onions, 400 boxes raisins, SS« bags sugar, Z5 cues jam, 5 cases Cigars, 3 bale* leather, 6 cage* tobacco, 5 bags cocoa. 10 bags oysters. 1,362 bags potatoes, 14 horses, and 29 bags tatiatal. PerCrrr of Xavbid, from London— For JjLn HoJgkiss and Co.— 30 packages. For F. Hagedom— 96 pkgs. For A. M. Bickford and .Sons — 43 crates sodawater bottles US pkgs. drugs and sundries. For Geo. I hillips and Co.— 110 kegs nails, 3 cases ceffin furniture, 80 bundles hoop-iron, 10 kegs hone nails, 3 casks tinware, 1 case brassnare, 1 cask files, 1 cask cutlery, 3 pkgs. hardware. Fcr D. and J. Fowler— C5C pkgs. For J. J. Green — 16 ?*sl s S cases assorted shoe grindery. For H. L. Vosz— 461 pkgs. For H. Steiner— 2 cases Iixon's best electroplated ware and 2 cases sterling silver tea and coffee sets, salvers, Ac For A. Cunningham — 6 hbds. chins 1 cask glass table decorations S cases domestic furnishings. For Uood, Toms, and Co. — 73 pfcgs. drapery. For Finlayson and Co.— 23 pkjrs. Fer S. Maytlelit and Sons— 31 cases, 10 bales. For James Scott and Sons — 164 bdls. and bars steel. 2 bill.?, sieves. 12 pksp. American stoves, 12 cases bedsteads, 3 do. fenders, 4 tin. saws, Z; casks lamps, 3 da buckets, 2 do. china nrniture. Per South Austbamak. from Melbourne — For Eobert Charlick, East-End Market and Divett street, Port— K2 tons prime potatoes direct fromWarrnambool. also oniens and cocoanuts from Melbourne. Per British Duke, irons London — For A. W. Richardson, Mount Barker— Ones books and stationery.

EXPORTS. GRACE DARLING, for Melbourne— 19 huds. ale, 10 half-brls. do., John Webster an I Co. ; SOObotcs dynamite, Hide;, Smith, and Co. OTWa Y, for King George's Sound— *2 cases dnvrwry, .1. Martin and Co. ; 3 do. cheese, 37 do. pickles, t do. preserved vegetables, 1 keg saltpetre, 10 boxes wood ware, 4 hags sugar, 21 mats do., 1 case dried fruits. 1 ?to. confectionary, I cask soda crystals, l bale wool sacks, I ca-k vinegar, 3 cases drujs, « tanks malt, 1 ? ase tauce, 2 -lu fish, 10 do. kerosine, 3 chmU tea. 7 loses da, 1 «juk t-urranU, 1 case musunl. 1 do. pre. serrtd n«h, 3 d? bacon, 2 bales cornsacks, 3 boxes fruit, 8 pkss. jundri.?. Ibag, 7 pkgs.. 5 case* florid* water, 10 half -chests tea, D. and J. Fowler ; 10 dnuu; linseed oil, 0 kegs nail*, 1 case, 17pkm-, Padni-tn an-t Ca ; 10 pkgs. boots and shoes, T. Johnson ; 1 ca?e g-tlvaniznl iron, SO kegs p.iint, 90 bags flonr. 32 pkgs.. 3 qr.-ouks rum, 10 cases brandy, R. CleUndam! Son ; 5 do. clothing, 3 do. ilru^, 33 pkgs. apparel, 1 case «Io.. 5 pkgs.. O. and E. Wills and Co. : 7 da, 1 case, .1. Scott and Sons ; I box, E. and W. Hackett ; 5 tfiscs. Bickfonl and Sons : 2 pk;s.. Harris, Scarfe. »nd Ca : 2 pieces machinery. Harrald Brothers : 1 -nse, IL W. Morpbett ; 2 do.. Elder. Smith, and Co. : S pkgs., 1 do. perfumery, 17 do. earthenware, 4 do. drapery, l do. boots intf shoes. 1 do. clothin?. 1 do. apparel. 1 do. cotton piete SivhIs, J. McKnil and Co. ; ?2 drums, l pk?.. W. R. Cave and Co. : 5 tons Sour, 20 pkgs, H. Mue«te and Co. ; 1 ton Sour, J. Dunn and Ca ; 1 ball, S calve*, fiamssy ; 1 pkg , J. M. Wenat ; 6 do . M. C Davies. RIDGE PARK, for Sydner— 70 tons floor, Morgan. Connor, jmd Clyde ; 1 case hooks. E. S. Wig? and Son; 15 tons floor. J. Dunn aad Co. : 25datdo., J. TUrt and Co. : 10-Jo. scrap Iron. 53 bales skins, H. J. VTicksteed and Cc.; 25 tons floer, W. Duffieldand Co. ; 37 cases almond*. C. L. Meyer and Ca ; 210 bags flour, 50 do. meal, W. C. Harrison tad Co. * SO tons floor. Magarer and C». ; l merrj^o-round, J. Murphy; 10 casks cuts, J. Meniacj; 10 boxes canlles, 112 bales comsiits, 30 casks currants, 50 case* csh, D. acd J. FowUr; 100 bales branbasp, P. Uvi aad Co. ; 250 casks cemeai, Wlcksteed I5rotheri; 3S cask* linseed oil, Virgoe, 80s, and Co. m , MISCELLANEOTTS. The Jons Elbei:, s.s., which arrived on Wedn^Iay from London, »fser an admirable passage, is » sUaicer ivlonging :o thi Pacific Steam yavigitJon Compa»y which has l«en cbartered by th« Orient line to maka np the number of the Ceet She is very dmiUr in outline and appearance to the other ttmmers belonsr ln(T to the same arm, and but that she hat two fotueU it wcnld fct diinajlt to discern one from the otKt.

She was built by the eminent firm ol Jobs Elder and Co.. of Glasgow, in 1S70, and originally served in the South *''Tf'»' trade. Her gross tonnage is 4,121 or net 2,651 tons. The dimensions are Md'4 over all, 41~S beam by 35-2 depth of hold. The pro pulsion is from engines also by Elder, compound in verted cylinders, 60 and 104 inches respectively, and 4S-inch stroke, equal to 550 horsepower nominaL In every respect she is a remarkably fine vessel, and such of the passengers as landed here speak in favour able terms of her appointments and officers. She left London on January 29, and Plymouth on the 30th ; then had bad weather crossing' the Bay of Biscay, and on February 7 called atSt Vincent for coal; she then proceeded to the Cape, which was reached on February 22. The passage from there has been a most successful one, and on reaching the roads she was forty days six hours oat. She had on board 106 passengers in all for Adelaide, and 571 packages merchandise as cargo. On reaching the Cape of Good Hope the ship Hesperus, hence on the home route, had just touched there all well. The South Australian had also touched there on her ?voyage, and from both vessels letters were brought on by her maiL The rates of the vessel's progress from home were furnished by the purser as follows :— From Plymouth to St. Vincent, distance 3,249 miles, at 12*4 . knots ; from St Vincent to the Cape, 3,955 miles, at ? 11-9 per hour ; and from the Cape ? further stage of ; 5.5G0 miles. She reached Cape Borda on Wednesday morning, and on the same evening came-to in the roads, where she caused some consternation by hoisting the quarantine flag at the fore. It was afterwards feund to be an inadvertency, as - every person on board was in perfect health, and not a death had occurred during the passage. The vessel had no sooner come to anchor than she was cleared, and would at once take on board coals for the con tinuation of her trip to 8ydney, via Melbourne. The City of MADKn-, from London, has made a very good passage, and arrived on Wednesday at noon. She is the same vessel that left here on No vember 25, 1877, made a fast passage to London wheat laden, then on to Calcutta and back again to London, where she loaded up for this out voyage. She left the docks on tDecember 21, passed through the Downs on the 22nd, and had moderate breezes down Channel , i During the passage of the Ba- of Biscay she bad a continuation of very heavy gales from west to south west, and the foul weather continued until reaching Madeira on Jnne & She then had moderate north east trades, and crossed the Line on January 23 in :29° W. The south-east trades were moderate, and after passing the meridian of the Cape the easting was run over between 44' and 45°. She made Cape Borda on Monday at 11 o'clock. On reaching the roads the vessel anchored to await the tug, which would tow her into harbour on Thursday morning. The Booxet had both the Adelaide and Eleanor in attendance on Wednesday evening's tide, and was towed to the anchorage, whence she would sail with the first fair wind. The steamer Wakefield has, we, been on the slip since Monday last undergoing a thorough overhaul. Considerable improvements have been made in the ladies' cabin, a lavatory being also added. The vessel, which is being repainted and regrained, is having her saloon] refurnished. New rails and seals on deck have been put np for (passengers' comfort. The boat will resume her usual trips shortly, and n% no expense has been spared to give every comfort on board doubtless the improvements will be appre ciated. The South Acsnuxr-vi.-, from Melbourne, arrived on Wednesday afternoon after a very fine weather passage She left Williainstown at 5, passed through the Heads at 7.15, rounded Capa Otway at midnight, anchored at Warmambool at 7 a.m., and there took in 107 tons potatoes. Leaving at 1 p.m., she passed Cape Northumberland at S.30 p.m., ami was off Cape Jaffa at 3.30 of the 11th ; passed Cape Jervis at 12.30 and made a fine passage up the Gulf. Her arrival at the roads in company with the John Elder and the departure of the Otway and Ridge Park within the compass of a couple of hours, made matters pretty lively for a short time. The Raglan Cattle having finished her loading at Port Wakefield anchored at the Semaphore on Wed nesday, and as soon as her sea stock of water is on board she will sail for the United Kingdom. Vessel Spokes.— By the City of Madrid, on Feb ruary 25, in lat. 46', long. 80°, the ship Cape de Verd, from London, bound for Sydney, seventy-nine days out. She reported having been into Bahia for medical assistance for the captain, who was paralysed. CAPE JEEVIS. Jlarch 12, noon. — Socm Acsteaiiax, steamer, passing (ram Melbourne for Port Adelaide. KINGSTON. March Arrived. 11— Elsie, ketch, from Port Adelaide. 12 — Cooeoso, steamer, from Port Adelaide. Sailed. 11— Bhioht Planet, schooner, for Port Adelaide. 12— Cooiwsu, steamer, for Port Adelaide.

WALLAKOO. March Aebived. 12— Eceo, steamer, from Port Pirie. Satled. 12— Euitn, steamer, for Port Adelaide. PORT PXRTE. March Sailed. 11— Krr.o. steamer, for Port Adelaide. 11— Lores, ketch, for Port Adelaide. 12— Windsor Cattle, ship, for United Kingdom. PORT AUGUSTA. March. Sailed. 12— IU.yal SttEniERD, steamer, for Port Adelaide. Mireh STKEAKY BAY. 12— Schnoner in sight, supposed to be the Maoxet, MELBOURNE. March ARWVEU. 11 — Kemkla, steamer, from Newcastle. 11— Daws, sieamer, from Portland. 11— Rubicon, schooner, from Torquay. 11— Omeo, steamer, from Newcastle. 11— Sarah Axy, barque, from Newcastle. 11— Claud Hajhlton\ steamer, from New Zealand. 11 — Albeiit the Good, brig, from Newcastle. 12— Victorias, steamer, from Port Adelaide. Sailed. 11— Soothers Cko-s, steamer, for Launceston. 11— MacedoS, steamer, for Sydney. 12— Nop.Tii American, ship, for London. 12— Loch Raxnock, ship, for London. Weather— Wind, E., moderate, hazy, fine. SYDNEY. March Abbiveo. 10 — Takarua, steamer, from New Zealand. 11— Leiuiam-t, steamer, from Rockhainpton. 11 — ISkaule, steamer, from Manning. 12 — WoxoNOA, steamer, from Noumea. Sailed. 10— Halloween, ship, for Sbanehai. 10 — Wisdsou Castle, ship, for London. 10— Dartmoor, bartjue, for Amoy. 10 — Norm as by, steamer, for Melbourne. 10 — Ec.mont, steamer, for Cooktown. 10— City of Adelaide, steamer, for Melbourne. 10 — Tambaroora, steamer, for Melbourne. 10 — Keilwarka, steamer, for Brisbane. 10— Es-k, steamer, for Launceston. Weather-Wind, N.N.E., fine. NEWCASTLE. March Arrived. 11 — Don Panel, barque, from Dunedin. 11 — Clara, ship, from Brisbane. Sailed. 11 — Lalla Rooku, brig, for Sydney. 11— Marcaret Chessel. schooner, for Sydney. 11— Malcolm, ship, for Hobart Town. 11— Alzkt, schooner, for Sydney. Weather— Wind, E.S.E., fine. BRISBANE. March Arrived. 12— Culgoa, steamer, from Loosa. Sailed. 11-Governor Blackall, steamer, for Rock- hampton. 11— Corea, steamer, for Cooktown. 12— Katoomba, steamer, for Sydney.