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Lengthy List Includes 1200 Queenslanders

CANBERRA, June 1. - One thousand two hundred Queensland- ers are among 11,500 Australians who have been awarded Coronation Medals by Queen Elizabeth. The re- cipients of the medals, which will be posted within a fortnight, represent all walks of life.

The medal is regarded as a sou- venir from Her Majesty and will be classed as an official ribbon.

QUEENSLAND   Lavarack, John Dudley, K.B.E., C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O., K.St.J., His Excellency Lieut General Sir; Lavarack, Sybil Nevett, C.St.J., Lady.

Abbott; Joan Stevenson, Lt. Col. R.R.C.; Adair, Gladys Han- nah, Mrs.; Adair, Herbert Ar- thur, M.L.A.; Adair, Ronald Shafto; Adam, George; Ader mann, Charles Frederick, M.P.; Aikens, Margaret Ann, Mrs.; Aikens, Thomas, M.L.A.; Al- corn, Cyril, The Rev.; Alexan der, Desmond Alfred: Algar, Raymond Andrew, Sgt.; Allen, Alexander Nicholas; Allen, George Clement; Allen, Robert John, L/Cpl.; Allison, John Roy; Allpass, Frederic James; Amies, Jack Lowell, L.t. CoL, O.B.E., E.D.; Anders, E. M., Mrs.; Anderson, Alfred James; Anderson, Ethel Roberts, Mrs.; Anderson, Mervyn John Regin- ald; Andrew Thomas Allan; Andrews, Leslie Harry: Angell, George John; Annand, F. W. G., V.D., D.S.O., Colonel; Ant cliff, Harry Herbert; Anthony, Edwin Mark, Inspector; Applin, Norman Frederick Townsend; Arber, Michael George; Ar- bouin, Charles Edward; Archi- bald, Alan Robert; Arkell, James Celtic; Armstrong, Wil- liam Everard: Arnold, George Doughty; Ashmore, Edward Thomas; Aspinall, Herbert Owen: Atherton, Ernest Albert.

Bainbridge, Thomas. B.A, Rev.; Baker, Adolphus Allan, Baker, Albert John, Sergeant; Baker, Edward Henry; Baker,   James Campbell: Baker. Mar- garet Shand. Mrs.; Baker. Wil-

liam Stanley: Ballantine, Dun- can Hugh Neill Neill; Bardon, Richard, Right Rev.; Bardsley, Doris, Miss; Barnes, Katherine Florence, Mrs., M.B.E.; Barrett, Albert George; Barry. E. S.. Rt. Rev. Monsignor; Barry. John Michael; Barry, Paul Thomas; Barry, Thomas Maurice, The Hon.; Barry, William Joseph: Bartlem, Bernard Henry Chares; Barton, Charles New- ton, Lt-Col. E. D.; Bassing thwaighte, Muir; Bath, Henry; Baxter, James B.: Baxter, May Matilda. Mrs.; Baxter, Ray- mond. Capt (Q.M.); Baxter William Edward, M.L.A.; Bed nail, Colin Blore, O.B.E.; Beed ham, Stanley Thomas George Commander (S) V.R.D.: Be- han, Harold Garfield: Beitz, John William; Bell, Arthur Frank, M.Sc.. D.I.C.; Bell. Fran- cis Marsh; Bell, John Douglas; Bell, William Hyndman: Benja- min, Leslie Hyam; Benn, Arch- ibald Malcolm, Senator; Ben- nett, Arnold Lucas, B.A., Q.C.;   Bennett, Colin James; Bennie, Alexander Peter Bruce, M.A., Archdeacon; Berry, Douglas Reginald. M.P.; Barryman Arkles Harry; Besley, Robert Hugh; Billing, Alice Adelaide Miss; Binnington, John: Binn ington, Ruth. Mrs.; Birch Francis Butler Cregoe, Arch deacon; Birtwell; Allan: Bis chof, Francis Erich; Bishop Malcolm Alexander, Capt (T/Maj) M.M.; Black. Gladys Mrs.; Blair, May Christina, Lady; Blakey, Victoria L.T.C.L., Miss: Boland, Harold; Bolger, Thomas; Bonney, Fred- erick Leopold: Booker, Des mond Edward; Boreham, Geof- fery Gibson, Alderman; Bowles, Gilbert, Petty Officer; Bowman, Dorothry, Mrs ; Bovazogiu Chry- sostom Michael Very Rev.; Boyce, Mosetta Morgan; Boyns, George Henry; Bradley, James Henry; Bradley, Martha Jane Mrs.; Bradley. Robert Thomas; Bradshaw, Henry James.

Brady, Vincent Eric; Brand, William Alfred; Bray, John Sanders; Breinl, John, M.B. .B.S., Dr.; Brennan, Athol Jos eph; Brennan, Gertrude Mary Mrs.; Brennan. Winifred May, Miss, M.B.E.: Brett, James Fairlie; Brier, Percy. F.T.C.L.; Bright, Frederick Ernest; Bright William. E.R.A.; Brim blecombe, Wilfred John. M.P.; Brimblecombe, Mrs: Brosnan, Merle Isobel, Mrs.; Brosnan Michael Timothy, M.L.A.; Brown, Gordon, Senator, The Hon.; Brown, John Hynd; Brown, Lillian May, Mrs; Brown. Richard Kidston, M.L.A.; Brown, Thomas Victor Stubbs, M.B., B.S., F.R.C.S.; Browne, Roy McPherson;   Browning, Denys James, B.A., The Rev.; Bruce. Henry Adam, Hon. M.P.; Brumwell, Donald, The Rev.; Bryan, Sidney James; Bryan, Walter Heywood, M.C.,

D.Sc; Buchan, Norman Lewis; Buckle, Harold; Buckle

Augustine John, Sgt; Buckley, James Frederick; Buggy, John Francis; Bukowski, Joseph; Bulcock, Frank William, The Hon.; Bull, Ernest James, Al derman; Burchill, Charles: Bur deu, Clive Reginald; Burke, Edward Lawrence; Burke, Francis John; Burns. Thomas; Burrows, Bertha Maud, Mrs;   Burrows, James, M.L.A.; Burs tow, Alfred Ernest; Bushby, Charles Henry; Buss, Beth Katherine, Mrs.; Buss, Frederic   Harold, M.B.E.; Bustard, Wil liam; Butt, William Ronald Cameron; Buttner, Christian Alexander Adolph: Butts, Leon ard William Henry, O.B.E.;

Byrne, Amy Jean, Mrs.; Byrne, Condon Ryan, Senator; Byrne, Francis Patrick; Byrne, Lucy Winifred, Mrs.; Byrne, Peter M.L.A.; Byrnes, Robert Steel, B.A.; Byth, Elsie Frances,  

Mrs. O.B.E.

Cahill, Thomas V., D.D., Most Rev.; Cameron, Donald Alastair, Dr., O.B.E., M.P.; Cameron, Ian Ross; Cameron, Malcolm Lorne; Cameron, Rhoda F., Mrs.; Cam- eron, Richard William, Major, D.S.O.; Campbell, Alan John- ston; Campbell, Charles Ed-

ward; Campbell, Colin Burns;  

Campbell, Thomas James; Canning, Frank; Carberry, James Francis; Carey, John James; Carmody, James Griffin; Carney, Harold Bolton; Car ron, Ernest Thornley; Carsel- dine, Edwin David; Carson,   Cecil Ruddle; Carter, Bruce Collins; Casey, John Patrick; Castor, John Julius; Carling, Alfred; Chalk, Ellen Clare, Mrs.; Chalk, Gordon William Wesley, M.L.A.; Chandler, Sir John Beals. K.B., Chandler, Lydia Isabel, Mrs.; Chant, Harry; Chapman, Joseph T.; Chapman, William Bartlett, Dr.; Charlton, Harold Summers; Chataway, James Cosmo Mant; Chataway, Seymour Darcy Eagle; Christensen, Frederick George, B.D.Sc., D.D.S., L.D.S., R.F.P. and S. H.D.D., R.C.S., Dr.; Church, Ivor Frederick, B.A., Rev.; Cilento, Phyllis Dorothy, M.B., B.S., Lady: Cilento, Raphael West. K.B., M.D., B.S., D.T.M. and H.. F.R.SanI, Sir; Clanfield, Alfred   George; Clark, Alexander; Clark, Arthur Bruce; Clark, Eileen, Mrs.; Clark, George Frederick; Clark, James, M.L.A.; Clark, Stanley Robert Irving, M.B.E.; Clarke, Henry Macedon; Clarke, Reginald Archer; Clayton,   George Frederick; Clayton, Sid  

ney Augustus; Clearv, Agnes Theresa, Senior Sister Acting   Matron; Clifford, Elwyn Leslie  

Vincent; Close, Patrick George;

Clulow, Esther, Brigadier;   Coates, Reginald Harry;  

Coburn, Arthur, M.L.A.; Coburn,   Mildred Rollinson, Mrs.; Coch-  

rane, John Thomas; Cockings,   John William; Cohoe, Ernest Andrew; Coker, Stella Victoria,   Miss; Cole, Arthur; Coleman,   Michael; Coll, Christopher Stephen; Collin, James Mus- grave; Collins, Barbara Cather- ine Annie, Mrs.; Collins, Harold Henry, the Hon.; Collyer, Viv- ian Arthur; Comrie, James; Condie, Thomas Benham; Con- lon, Stanley Roser, Cpl.; Con nal, Norman S., B.A.; Cooke, James Hartley, Sub-Inspector; Cooke, Joseph John, Sub-Inspec- tor; Coomber, Edward George; Cooper, Catherine Elizabeth, Mrs.; Cooper, Maisie Agnese, Mrs.; Cooper, Vivian Joseph Northcote, M.L.A.; Cooper, Wal- ter Jackson, Senator, Hon. M.B E.; Cooper, W. J., Mrs.;   Copley, William John; Corbett Ronald Benjamin; Corser, Bern- ard Henry, M.P.; Cossart. John Henry; Costello, James Alex ander; Costello, Walter James; Coulter, Eric James; Counihan, Marguerite Mary, Mrs.; Cour

tice, Benjamin, Senator Hon.; Courtice, Mrs.; Courtice, Fred- erick; Cousins, Robert Steele; Coutts, Robert Donald; Coutts, Wilfred Charles: Cowan, James Leslie Barlare; Cowan, John; Cowlishaw, Kate Burgoyne, M.B.E., Mrs.; Craig, Claire, Mrs.; Craig, William Allan; Cran, Douglas McKay, W.O. II (TWO I); Crawford, David Alfred; Crawford, Reginald Arthur; Creedy, Basil; Creigh- ton, Vivian Rogers; Cronau, William John, Sub-Inspector; Cross, Frederick Thomas; Crouch, Edward Michael; Crow- ley, Alfred; Crowley, Kathleen Agnes, Mrs.; Crowley. Thomas Martin, M.L.A.; Crust, Rockliffe Humbert; Cugley, John Edward, Lt.-Colonel; Cummings, Robert Percy; Cunningham, Stewart Alley; Cuppaidge, Edmund Rus- sell; Currey, Douglas Harry; Currey, Roy Stanley, Inspector; Currie, Herbert; Curtis, Colin Hinton Thomson; Curyer, Syd- ney, Leading Aircraftman.

Dale, John Edwin, Canon: Dalton, William, Sub-inspector; Dalziel, Henry, V.C.; Daly, Gertrude, Miss; Dann, George; Dare, Harold William, Lt.. Q.M. (H. Capt.); Dare, Wil- lam Edward; Darwen, Will- iam Henry; Dash, Violet Jane, Mrs.; Davidson, Alan Lachlan; Davidson, Charles   William, O.B.E., M.P.; Davies, Cedric Lewis; Davies, John Griffith, Doctor; Davis, Edward William, M.L.A.; Davis, Mary Ann, Mrs.; Davis, Patrick Arthur; Davison, Rowland Borrowman, B.A., Canon; Dawson, Archibald Harold; Deacon, Cyril Lisle; Dean, Harold; Dearden, Edgar Bram- well; Decker, Eric Paul: Dee, David, Reverend; Delamothe, Joan Patricia, Mrs, B.A.: Dela- mothe, Petet Roylance. M.B.. B.S.. Dr.; De Landeils, Albert Norman, Corporal; Deller, Thomas Norman, Reverend; Denman, Vivian Victor Mer- vyn; Denning, John, Sub-In- spector; Derbidge, Charles Harry. Major; Derrick, Edward Hol- brook, Doctor; Devaney, James; Devene, Alexander James;   Devine.,Norman Eena Leslie;   Devries, Bridget Ellen, Mrs.: Devries, George Henry, The Hon.; Dewar, Ailsa Marjorie, Mrs.; Dewar, Alexander Tatten



SYDNEY. June 1.-The films of to-morrow's Coro- nation pageantry in Lon- don will reach Sydney at 6.15 p.m. on Friday Qantas Empire Airways is putting one of its flights back about 12 hours to enable the films to be rushed to  


The Constellation nor- mally leaves London at 9.30 a.m. on Tuesday, but it will be held back until soon after 9 p.m. that night. It will then make the trip to Sydney without the usual night stops.

A new crew will be wait

to take over the plane at Singapore late on Thurs- day and fly it over the last stage to Mascot. Special ar- rangements are being made to enable a quick clearance of the films at Mascot.

hall, M.L.A.; Dickinson, Charles; Dickson, Thomas; Diery, Edwin Lancelot; Dillon, Thomas George; Diplock, Leslie Frank, M.L.A.; Diplock, Olive Con- stance, Mrs.; Dittmer, Eliza- beth, Mrs.; Dittmer, Felix Cyril Sigismund, B.A., M.B., B.S., B.Sc., Dr., M.L.A.; Dixon, Horace Henry, Bishop, M.A.; Dobson, Ralph; Dodson, Charles William George; Dodsworth, Frank James; Dohring, Alfred, M.L.A.; Lohring, Teresia Isabel, Mrs.; Dollison, Leslie Francis; Donald, James. M.L.A.; Donald, Mary Jane, Mrs.; Done, Cecil George Audley; Donlevy, Jere- miah Patrick; Donnelly, Charles

Herbert McKell; Donnollan,  

Patrick John; Donovan, James Edward, Inspector; Dooley, Thomas Michael; Doran, Leon- ard; Dorney, John; Doubleday, Arthur William, Wing-Com mander, D.S.O., D.F.C.; Doug- las, Robert Johnstone, The Hon.; Dower, William Peter; Dowie, Francis Thomas; Dowl- ing, George Charles Gough; Dowling, John Joseph; Drake, Keitha Mary Cousley, Mrs.; Drew, Louise Lena, Mrs.;

Drew, Richard Charles; Dris-

coll, Michael Oliver; Drum- mond, Archibald McIntyre; Drummond , Peter; Drury, Edward Nigel, M.P.; Duff, Alex- ander, Rev.; Dufficy, John Joseph, M.L.A.; Dugard, Albert Henry; Duggan, Beatrice Mary, Mrs.; Duggan. John Edmund, The Hon.; Duhig, James, Most Rev. D.D., L.L.D.; Duke, Joseph George; Duncan. Ernest Arthur Frederick, W.O. 1; Duncan, William James, Group Captain; Dungavell, William Alexander; Dunlop, Roy Leslie; Dunn, Rowland James; Dunne, Ed- ward Francis; Dunsmore, Wil- liam Wallace. P.O. R.A.N.R.; Dunstan, Thomas; Dutton, Robert, Squadron-Ldr.; Dwyer, Charles; Dwyer, Thomas; Dwyer, Thomas Esmonde; Dyba, Paul.

East, Hubert Frazer, C.M.G.; East, Leslie Thomas Maxvale; Eastaughffe, Francis Eric; East- ment Leonard, M.L.A.; East   ment, Veronica Mary, Mrs.; Easton, Dudleigh Charles Lou thean; Easton, Edward Thomas; Eaton, Richard Alfred Henry; Ede, Clarence George; Edkins, Rowland Rule; Edmonds, Wil liam Frederick. M.P.; Edwards, Lewis David, M.A., Ph. D.; Ed- wards, Roy Thomas; Edye, Leslie Harold; Elte, Thomas Walter; Ekert, Eva Francis, P.O. Wtr.; Elstob, James Wil- liam; English, Charles Bernard, M.L.A.; English, Gordon Ed- ward, WOII (T/WOI); English, John, Rt. Rev. Monsignor; English, Mona Annie Evelyn, Mrs.; Eva, Austin Francis, Canon; Evans, Ernest, M.L.A.; Evans, Idris; Evans, Orton   Augustus Windeyer; Evans, Reginald Herbert; Evans, Wini- fred Ellen, Mrs.; Eversen, Ed- ward; Ewan, William Manson; Fadden. Arthur William, Rt. Hon.. K.C.M.G., M.P.: Fadden, Lady: Fahey, Bartley, B.A., Ll.B; Fahey, Francis, Sub-Inspector; Fair, Thomas. Roger; Fanning, Robert Joseph James; Faragher, Claude; Farrell. David, M.L.A.; Farrell, J. McK.; Farrell, Mar gretta Maud Lillian, Mrs.; Far

thing, Robert William; Faulk- ner, Arthur Spencer; Feeff aehty, Leo Michael John; Feldt, Eric, O.B.E.; Fellows, Arthur Augustus, Canon; Fenn, Hubert Charles; Ferdinand, Roy Ed- ward Charles; Ferguson, Edgar Allan; Ferris, William Edward, Ch. Yeo.; Field, William George; Findlay, Ray, Mrs.; Finimore, James Thomas, Finimore, Merle Nellie Graham, Mrs.: Finn, Mary Kathleen, Miss; Finney, Lewis William; Firth, William Balfour, Cap tain; Fison, Edward Cecil; Fitzgerland, Clara Catherine, Miss; Fitzpatrick, Keith Doug- las, Pte. (T/Sgt.); Fleming, Alexander; Fletcher, A; Flet- cher. Alan Ray. MXA.: Flet- cher, Enid Phair, Mrs.; Fletcher, Samuel Arthur, Lt. Col.; Flit croft, Edward Stanley; Foggitt, Thomas Malins: Foley, Ben- jamin; Foley, Christina Made- line, Mrs.; Foley, Thomas An- drew, The Hon.; Foord. George Thomas; Ford, Alan; Ford, Ernest William; Ford, Norman James; Ford, Thomas James; Forde, Clare, Miss: Forster, Alex John, Cpl. (T/Sgt.); For- ster, Roy Hudson; Fowler, Joseph Harold; Francis, F.C.; Francis, Josiah, Hon. M.P.; Francis, J., Mrs.; Franklin, Stanley Gordon; Franzmann, John Alfred; Fraser, Colin Wal- lace David, Lieutenant; Fraser, Douglas Were; Praser, Kenneth Barron. E.D., M.B., Ch.M., M.S.,  

F.R.A.C.S., Dr.; Frawley. B. J.. Reverend; Free, Leslie Ashby; Freeman, Winifred Alice, Mrs B.Sc.; Frost, Percy Southwell; Fryberg, Abraham, M.B.E., M.B , B.S., D.P.H., D.T.M., Dr.; Ful lagar, Alan Thomas; Fuller,   Francis Charles William; Ful  

loon, Percy Arnold; Fulton, Thelma May, Mrs.; Fulton,   William John; Furler, Albert.  

Gaffney, James; Galley, Ken- neth, Corporal (T/Sgt); Gair, Ellen Mary, Mrs.; Gair, Vin- cent Clair, The Hon.; Galletly, Andrew Mitchell Millar; Gallo- way, David, Rev.; Galloway, Horace Alexander; Galvin,   Henry Xavier; Gannon, Charles; Garbutt, Arthur Overend,

Flight Lieutenant Acting Squad  

ron Leader; Gard, Thomas, M.B.E., Rev.; Gardiner, Walter James; Gardner, Annie, Mrs.; Gardner, Harold; Gardner, Robert James, M.L.A.; Gargett, Thomas Brenan Femister; Gar vey, William John; Gasteen, John L.; Gaven, Eric John, M.L.A.; Gaven, Janet Elisabeth

Isabel, Mrs.; Gehrmann, Aug- ustus Shaw, Lt. Col. D.S.O., E.D.; George, Alan Edward; Gettons, William Thomas; Gibbs, Cyril Gordon; Gibbs, Harry Talbot, B.A.. Ll.M.; Gif- ford, John King, M.A.; Giles, William; Gill, George Roydon Howard; Gill, John Samuel Valentine, Sub-Inspector; Gill, John Stewart Mitchell; Gillies, Margaret, Mrs.; Glasgow, Annie Isabel, Lady; Glasgow, Thomas     William, K.C.B.. C.M.G.. D.S.O., V.D.. LL.D., Major-General, Sir; Glasser, Harold Malcolm; Glen wright, Thomas Oscar; Glover, Gordon Galvin; Glynn, Patrick; Goding, Gerald George; God sail, Geoffrey Neil, Lt. Col.; Golding, William Robert; Gold- man, Eunice Julia, Mrs.; Gold- smith, Elsie Isabel, Mrs.; Cooch, Gerald Frank; Goodfellow, John Henry; Gordon, Bernard Sid- ney. V.C., M.M.; Gordon, John Lindsay; Gordon, Margaret Bracken, Mrs.; Gordon, Sydney James, Maj. (QM); Graham, Agnes Mae, Mrs.; Graham, Frederick Dickson, M.L.A.; Graves, Joseph Walter Sydney, Major; Gray, Robert Alexander; Grayson, Robert Hugh Lachlan; Green, William Herbert; Greene, Hilda A., L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M., Miss; Greene, John William; Greig, Robert Stewart Fraser; Grinning, Victor; Gres- ham, Lilian Bessie, Mrs.; Gribble, Ernest Richard B, Canon; Grice, Alfred A.; Grier, John James; Griffin, Edward Patrick; Griffith, John Cyril; Griffith, John McMurdy; Grimley, Cecil Arthur; Groom, Thomas Reginald; Guest,

Thomas Henry; Gunn, Edith Annie, Mrs.; Gunn, William Archer; Gunn, William Morri- son. M.L.A.; Gunther, Robert John; Guy, Cyril John.

Haddrell, Christopher Freder- ick; Haenke, Edward Walter, L.D.Q.; Haigh, Frederick Bruce; Haines, Robert Keith Reeve; Hall, Charles; Hall, John Farns- worth; Hall, Vincent Joseph; Halse, Reginal Charles, Most Rev., D.D.; Halton, Albert Wil- liam, Sgt., D.C.M.. M.M.: Hamil- ton, Alexander Stevenson; Ham- ilton, George Llewellyn Robert; Hamilton, Mary Anne, Mrs.; Hamilton, William Graham; Hammond, Una Florence Gene- vieve, Mrs.; Hancock, Mary Isa- bella, Mrs.; Handbury, John Ed- ward, Wing Commander, A.F.C.; Hanger, Mevryn, B.A., LLM., Q.C.; Hanify, Cecil Page, M.V.O.; Hannay, Thomas Ed- ward; Hanran, Francis William;

Hanson, Martin jnr.; Harbison, Harold William, Dr.; Harburg,   Clive Henry; Harlem, Bertram Julius; Harley, Ernest Oliver;   Hannan, Claude, Inspector; Harney, John Kevin, Pte. (T/ Cpl.); Harold, Thomas Jerome; Harold, Thomas William, Chief

(Continued on Page 3).  

Coronation Medals

(Continued from Page 1)

The list of Coronation medal recipients comprised the following additional names

Inspector; Harris, James; Har-

ris, William Thomas: Harrup,  

Frederick William; Hart. Wil- liam Henry; Hartigan, Reginald   G., Cpl. (T/Sgt.); Hartnell,   Geoffrey Clark, Group Captain;   Harvey, Harry James; Harvey, Jasper Jacob; Harvey, John Per-

cival; Harvey, William Charles Roy; Hatton, Neville Gordon;   Hawes, Herbert Clyde, Corporal;

Haysom, Melville Robert; Head- ing, James Alfred, D.C.M., MM.,  

M.L.A-; Heading, Ruby Jeanie.

Mrs.; Healy. George; Hefferan, Vincent Thomas; Heffernan.

Mary Louisa, Mrs.; Hein, Tor- lief: Henderson, Neville V.;

Henderson, Thomas Robert; Her-

bert. William, Sub-Inspector:. Herd, James William, Captain; Herlihy, James Joseph; Herring. Maurice Stanley; Hesiewood, Henry James, Pilot Officer. Act- ing Flight Lieutenant; Hickey, Glenloth Victor, Dr.

Hickey, Michael John; Hickey. Thomas; Hickman- Frederick Augustus; Hickman, John Azaras, Sgt.: Hiley, Mar- jory Joyce, Mrs.; Hiley, Thomas Alfred, M.L.A.; Hill, Gilbert Frank; Hill, John; Hill, Richard; Hill, Stanley John. Lt. Col.; Hilton. Esther Mary, Mrs.; Hilton, Paul Jerome Re-

migius, The Hon.: Hindmarsh, Ian; Hinton. Howard Charles; Hird. Albert Edward; Hird, Edwin; Hirschfeld. Otto Sad- ler, M.Sc., MB.. B.S., M.R.A.C.P., Dr.: Hitchcock, Elsie Muriel, Mrs.; Hoare, Robert Joseph; Hobson, Kenneth Edgar Campbell; Hockings, Clarence Roy, W.O. ll (T/WOl):. Hockings, Edwin Tilbury; Hoey, John; Hogan. A. J., Rev.; Hohen-

house, William Paul, B.A.,

Archdeacon ; Holdcroft. Cecil St. Lawrence: Holland. George, Rev.: Holmes, Thomas: Holt, James Arthur, B.E.. M.I.E.; Honeywell, Harold Leslie. Pilot Officer. Acting Flight Lieuten- ant; Hoog, William, Canon; Hooper, Neil William Single- ton; Hooper, Norma Singleton, Mrs.; Hope. Thomas Gilbert; Hopkins, Henry Hollis; Hop- kins. Paul William, M.C., Dr.; Hopkins, Spencer; Horn, Har- old William, Dr.; Horner. Frank Alexanden Hornibrook, J. H.: Hough, Bernard Vin- cent; Houlihan. Kenneth John.

Sergeant; Housden, James J Alan George. Th. D., Bishop; Howard. Allan John Maxwell.

L.Th., Rev.: Howard. Edward; Henry, W.O. ll: Howard. John Walter Leo: Howe. Ronald, Rev.; Howell. William Charles Leslie; Hudson, Wilfred John, Th. D., Bishop; Hughes, Ed- ward Bederley; Hughes, Her

bert George: Hughes. James Wilson: Huish, Raymond Doug- las. C.B.E.; Hulme, Alan Shall cross. M.P.; Humphreys, Garth Selwyn. Cpl; Hunn. John McLeod, Dr.: Hunt. Cedric   Cuthbert. Canon. M.A.; Hun-

ier, Eleanor Gilchrist. Mrs.:1 Hunter. Hector McKenna;, Hutcheon. John Silvester, ' Q.C.: Huth, Robert Alan; Hynes. Lincoln Carruthers; Hynes. Margaret Josephine,


Inglesen, Philip. C.M.G.,

M.B.E., M.C.; Ingram, John James. Sergeant: Innes, Henry Scott Riddell. BA, Rev.; Innes, James Harold Roy, Archdeacon: Inverarity. John Willoughoy; Irwin, John; Irwin. Joseph Wil-

liam Rummery.  

Jackman, Thomas Joseph: Jackson, Arthur Appleton;

Jackson, Ebenezer; Jackson.   Edwin Robert: Jackson, James' Patrick; James, Frederick Wil- liam; James, John Wallace; James, Robert; James, Stuart Christopher; Jamieson. Charles Henry; Janes, Thomas George,  

Squadron Leader; Jaques,   George Leonard; Jeffcoat, Hec- tor Cyril; Jeffries, Edwin;   Jeffriess. Bernard Joseph; Jen- kinson. Ross Gordon. Major;   Jensen, Vincent Hans; Jesberg.   Christian: Jesson, Cecil George,   M.L.A.; Jesson, Wilhelmina   Mary. Mrs.; Johnson, David William, Dr.; Johnson. Percy. Clement; Johnston. Earlston Robert; Johnston. Philip Gower;   Jolly, William Alfred, C.M.G.; Jones. Arthur; Jones. Arthur.   The Hon.; Jones, Charles Fran-   eis Lloyd; Jones. Doris Elsie, Mrs.; Jones, Eric Stanley; Jones. Ernest Leslie Wilson;

Jones, George Martin: Jones, Gerwyn; Jones, Gomer; Jones,

Herbert Leslie; Jones. Margaret,   Mrs.; Jones. Thomas Gilbert Henry. D.Sc.. F.A.C.I. F.C.S.;   Jones. Vincent Edward. M.L.A.:   Jones. William Norman Har-

court; Jordan. Mrs.; Jordan. Alfred Albert. Sub-Inspector;  

Jordan. Martin. Rt. Rev. Mon-   signor; Joseph, Henry Ernest; Joyce. Thomas Edward. Bfiat


Kay, William Malcolm.   Kearney. Daniel John; Kehoe. Cecily Agnes, Mrs.; Keho». Gregory Brian. M.L.A.; Keleher.  

Timothy: Kelly, Joseph Law-: rence Andrew, Lt. Col., D.S.O.   Kelly. Kevin, Rt. Rev.; Kelly. Percy Douglas; Kemp, John Robert, K.B., M.I.C.E. M.I.E.,

M.E.. Sir; Kendall, Roy, Sena-  

tor: Kennedy, Francis James;  

Keogh, John; Kerr, Ian Henry;

Kerr, Lillian Violet. Mrs.; Kerr,  

Thomas Caldwell. M.L.A.; Kess ler, Justus Heinrich; Keyaua, Emily Mary, Mrs.; Keyatta, George, M.L.A.; Kidd. James Edward; Kidd, John Hunter; Kild, William Hubbard; Kil-

gour, Harry Woolston: King,   Harold Moore; King, James   Harold, Rev.; King, Reginald MacDonnell, The Hon.; King,

Thomas: Kinsman. Ernest Wil-.

fred; Kirk. Alphonso; Kite. John Edward, Dvr.; Kitt, Vivian   George; Knight, Frank. Arch- deacon; Knott. Charles; Koz- minsky. Byron Moritz.  

Lacaze. Vera Elizabeth, Mis.. Lahey. Vida. Miss; Laidlaw John Goodfeilow; Lampe, Wil- fred Norman. Wing Commander O.B.E.; Lancaster. Charles Henry; Lansberg. Leslie Freder-   ick; Lane, Morgan. Dr.: Lang.

William James: Langs, oa. Frank; Langton, Herbert; Lar- combe, James. M,L.A.; Large Percy Jack: Larsen, James George; Laver, Lennard Long- field: Lavery. John Haruie M.E... B.Sc.; Lawson. George M.B.E.; Lawson. George, hon. M.P.: Law-n-i. Alexander Kyle: Layco k. G-.ydir John; Lazara-,. John; Leach. Charles Thomas. Leahy. John; Leahy. Patric.:. Lee. Alan Edward. Dr.:

Reginald Clive; Legg. Cyril John: Lennie. Adolph; Lenton, Ernest Thomas, Major (P.); Le Strange, John Alexander, S/Sgt. (T/WOII) ; Lethbridge. Henrietta, Miss; Leven, An- drew Baxter, F.R.A.I.A.; Lewis. Henry James: Lewisson, Wil- liam Charles: Lightfoot. Athol; Lilley, Charles Mitford, Dr ; Ling, George Whiley; Lingard. James, Leslie Eddleston: Little Arthur Carruthers; Little John  


Lloyd Bridie Agnes. Mrs.; Lloyd, Eric Gayford, D.F.C., M.L.A.; Lloyd, Thomas Joseph; Lloyd, Walter Brown; Lohe. Frederick Max Immanuel, Rev.: Longland, David Walter; Low, Claudia Helen, Mrs.; Low, David Alan. M.L.A; Lowry»    

William Edward; Lucas, Fred- erick Bruce; Lucas, Lewis John; Lucas, William Harold; Luckins, Louis Wells; Lucy, John Patrick; Luddy, John Cyril; Lukin, Francis William Rennick, M.B, Ch.M.; Lukin, Lionel George, B.A., LLB.; Lupton, Robert William; Lut vey, Anthony; Lynch, J. B. Rt. Rev. Monsignor; Lyons, Albert John, Major (Q.M.); Lyons, Thomas Francis.

McAllister, Norman James; McAllister, Reginald Basil; Mc Anally, Robert Joseph; McAully, Maxwell; McCaffrey, John Francis; McCann, Ronald Char- les George, Warrant Officer; Mc Carter, James William; McCart- ney. Edward Henry, Sir; McCart- ney, George William Cardew, Dr., D.S.O.; McCathie, Coan George, BA., M.L.A; McCathie, Hazel Olive, Mrs.; Macaulay, Thomas Landells; McCauley, David: McCauley, Francis: Mc- Clelland, James Gordon; Mc- Colm, Malcolm Llewellyn, M.P.; McCormack, Edmund; McCor- mack, John; McCormack, Wil- liam James; McCosker, Laur- ence, Sgt.; McCoy, James, Rev : McCracken, Thomas Thomson McCray, Lionel Joseph; McDer mant, Malcolm, Rev.; Macdon- ald, Angus; MacDonald, Dun- can; McDonald, Lauren Hunter; McDonald, Percy; Macdonald, Sarah Charlotte, Miss; McDon- ald, Walter Reginald; McDon- nell, Stanley Augustine. MB., Ch.M.; McDowall Valentine, Dr.; McDowell, Robert Davie'; Macfarlane, Dougal: McGaw, Cecil Basil; McGillivray. H. J.; McGrath, Matthew Joseph; Mc- Grath, Patrick' Bernard, Ser- geant; Macgroarty, Neil Francis; McIntyre, Gordon Weir; McIn- tyre. Malcolm; Mack, George, B.Sc.; Mack, William George, the Hon.; Mackay, David Wil- liam; Mackay, James Norman, Inspector; Mackay, Jean Clark, Mrs.; McKean, Robert Daniel; McKenna, Michael, Rt. Rev. Monsignor; McKenna, Warwick Edwards; MacKenzie, William Frederick, B.A.. Rev.; McKewin, Roy Alfred; McKillop, Lachlan Martin. MB., Ch.M., F.R.C.S.,   F.R.A.C.S., F.A.C.S.; McKinley, John; McLachlan, lan Douaaiu, Air Commodore, D.F.C.; Mc Lauglilin, L. F., Rt. Rev.. Mon- signor; McLaughlin, Marcus Lindsay; McLean, Donald Ber- nard, DJ.C; McLean, William Malcolm; McLelland, Hugh Syl- vester, Dr.; McLeod, Donald Er- nest Hugh, Leading Aircraft- man; McLeod, William; McLuc kie, William Ker; McNaught, Kenneth Robert, BSc.; Mc Fheat, William, Rt. Rev.; Mc i Pherson, Clarenc; John; Mac

pherson, Sylvester Joan; Mac- queen, Kenneth; Mai-rosssn, Eil- een Elizabeth, Mrs.; Macrossan, Seal William, the Hon. M A. McSweyn, Allan Francis, M.C., AF.C., Wing Cdr.; Mactaggart, Dan Eric; Madsen, Otto Otto sen, M.L.A.; Maher, Edmund   Bede, Senator; Mahon, John Laurence, Capt. (Q.M.); Mahon, Michael, Reverend; Mahony, Daniel Vincent, Inspector; Ma- hony, Jeremiah John, Sub-In- spector; Malcolm, Robert Allan, Gordan, Dr.; Malone, William. James.

Mann, Ellen Maria, Mrs.; Mann, Ian Bertram; Mann, John Henry, The Hon.; Man- ning, Frederick Allan; Man- ning, ,. Henry John, O.B.E.; Mansell, Leslie Hawthorn; Mansfield. Alan James, The Hon, LLB.; Marginson, Evan; Marsden, Doris Emily, Mre.; Marsden, Ivor, M.L.A.; Mar- shall, Alexander Livingstone: Marson, Richard Harold, Lt .CoL, D.S.O., E.D.; Marthwick; William Keith, Warrant Offi- cer; Martin, Francis; Martin, James Eric Gifford, Brig., C. B.E., D.S.O., ED.; Martin, Raymond Vivian Stowe; Martin, Samuel Herbert; Martin, Thomas Elton, Inspector; Mas- sey, Reginald Beatty, Canon; Masterman, Rowland; Mather .son. Kenneth Gordon; Math- ews, Frederick John; Mathew- son, Thomas Henry Reeve, M.B., Ch.B.; Matthews, Benja- min Henry, The Hon.; Maule, John Roland, WOII (T/WOI); May, Sydney; Meehan, Arthur Vincent, Dr.; Meggitt, Leslie Frederick; Meldrum, Jan Bro ers, WOII; Mengel, Charles; Mercer, Henry Wilson; Merrell, Claude: Meyers, Errol Solo- mon, M.B., F.R.A.C.S., V.D.; Miles, William Philip Burrell, Canon; Millar, James Hugh David; Miller, Christina, Miss; Miller, Kenneth Douglas; Mil- liner, Bartie Richard; Mills, Eric John; Mills, Frederick Frazer; Mills, John Maurice; Milne. William; Mitchell, John; Mitchell. Kenneth; Molloy, Pat- rick Ignatius; Monaghan, Wil- liam Hugh; Monckton, Cather- ine, Miss; Monoghan, Raymond Francis, Brigadier, D.S.O.; Moodie. Flora Cowan Roberts, Miss. Matron: Moody, George Stanley; Moon, William Richer; Moore, Arthur Edward; Moore, John Henry; Moore, May, Mrs.; Moore. William Matthew, The Hon.: Moores. Monica Annie, Mrs.: Moores, Thomas, M.L.A.; Morgan, Franklin James; Mor- gan, Godfrey; Morgan. Meth- uen Young; Morgan, Richard Thomas; Moriarty, Gerald Vin- cent. C.B.E., M.C., V.D., M. Inst.T., Brigadier; Morley, Ian Webster; Morris, Ettie Louise, Mrs.; Morris, Kenneth James, M.L.A.; Morris. Oriel Vere;   Morrison. Allan Arthur, M.A.; Morton. Cecil Charles; Mor  

wood. James Eric: Mott, Charles Banks: Mouland, Dor i othy Rose. Mrs.; Moynihan. Leonard: Muhl, Harold Owen; Muhldorff, Cecil Robert: Muir,  

David John: Muir, Joan, Mrs.: Muir. Ronald James Samuel; Mulherin. Thomas Griffin;

Mulholland. Edward John.

Captain: Vulholland. William Edward: Mullan. Mary Ellen. Mrs.: Muller. Adolf Gustave, M.L.A.: Muller, Annie. Mrs.; Munro. Alan Whiteside. M.L. A.: Munro. Beryl. Mrs.: Mur- phy. Alexander Paterson. M.C.. Dr.: Murnhv. William: Murray, Henrv William. V.C.. C.M.G., D. S.O., D.C.M.: Murray, Ken- neth William Smyth; Murray, Richard Lawrence; Murray -, Stanley.  

Napier. Henry Charles: Nash,  

George Rev.; Nave, R. N.;

Neill. Lawrence George: Neil  

sen. Peter Edward; Nesbit,   Robert Joshua: Neumann, Al- bert James Newman Gavan Newman, J. Malcolm New     man. Reginald james: Nichol.   Cecil Samuel Alexander; Nicholson, Cecile Foyd. Mrs.; Nicholson, David Eric, M.L.A: Nicklin. George Francis Reu- ben. M.M.; Nicklin. Georgina Robertson. Mrs.; Nielsen. Clif-" ford John: Nimmo. William Hosarth Robertson M.E Civil: Noble. Henry Winston,   M.B., B.S., D.R., M.L.A: Noble.  

Myra Edith, Mrs.: Noone. Pat- rick Thomas: Norton, Austin Kevian: Nosworthy. John   Reeve: Nowland. Raymond Clare: Noyes. Clarence Robert: Nugent. Michael Joseph. O'Hare. Martin Patrick, Lt. Col. O.B.E.: Olive, Charles Gordon Chaloner, Squadron

Leader, cting Wing Comman-

der, D.F.C.; O'Malley, John Francis; O'Malley, John Melt rose. Inspector; O'Malley, Ruby Agnes, Mrs.; Orr, Vincent Rob- son, Leading Aircraftman (C.A.F.); O'Shea, Bernard. Rev.; O'Sullivan, Bernard Cor- nelius, Inspector; O'Sullivan, Daniel Brian; O'Sullivan, Neil. Senator, Hon.; O'Sullivan, N. Mrs.; Ott, Leslie Travice; Ox- enford, Leslie Roberts; O'Brien, Daniel Augustine, F.R.E.S., F.R.G.S.A.; O'Connor, Patrick Michael; O'Donnell, Patrick M., D.D., Most Rev.; O'Driscoll, Henry Thomas; O'Hagan, Thomas Carlyle, The Hon.

Paget, Alice Elizabeth Ruth, Mrs.; Paine. Albert James, Palethorpe, Frederick. Inspec tor; PanneiL Eric James; P*rk, Harold; Park, John Ruther- ford; Park, Ernest Edwin; Parry, John; Parsloe, Eric George; Pashen, Ronald Kri ward, Rev.; Patch, Stanley Henry, Inspector; Paten, Alan Jeffrey, Leading Aircraftsman; Paterson, James, B.D.Sc.; Paterson-, John, Patrick, Pres- ton Ross, M.B., B.S.; Patterson, Mervyn Stuart, Dr.; Paull, Alan Tregoning; Payne, Will- iam Labatt, O.B.E.; Paynter, Pendarvis Keith; Paynter, Raymund Ernest; Peach, Fran- cis Stuart Baguer, Lt. Col., Peak. Ernest William, Flight Lieutenant; I'eak, Leonard, Peak, Mary. Mrs.; Peake, Winiam Brian; Pearce. Cecil Gatton, B.A.; Fearce, Edward Ernest Joseph, Pearce, Henry George, M.P.. Pearce, John Al- fred Charles, S/Sgt. Pearson,   James Charles, Pearson, Percy Wilfred, B.A., Rev.; Peden, John Whyte; Perkins, Edward Victor; Ferrers, Albion Mar- shall; Perrett, Clarence Alfred; Peters, Leslie Burnett, Major; Peters, William Zoinig; Peter- sen. Cecil Emil; Petersen, Florence Isabel Bjelke, Mrs.; Petersen, George Johnston; Petersen, Johannes Bjelke, M.L.A.; Phillips, Albert Ed- ward; Phillips, Francis Hard- wick; Phillips, Thomas, Cpl. (T/Sgt.) M.M.; Phillott, Ed- ward Charles Pender; Philp, Roslyn Foster Bowie, The Hon.; Philp, Thomas; Pidding- ton, Clarice Margaret, Miss, BA.; Pierce, Richard Edward;

Pike, Malcolm Lester, L. Tel.;   Pike.. Walter Wyndham; Pil- beam, Barbara Winning, Mrs.; Pilbesm, Reginald Byron Jarvis, Pitcher, George Henry Nor- man; Pixley, Neville Drake, Commander, M.B.E., V.R.D., A.D.C; Pixley, Norman Stew- art: Pizzey, Jack Charles Allan, B.A., A. Ed., M.L.A.; Pizzey, Mabel Audrey, Mrs.; Plaisted, Morman J.; Plant, Sidney Arthur; Plante, Basil Raynes; Playford, James

Arthur; Plunkett, Margaret Ellen, Mrs,;. Plunkett, Thomas Flood, M.L.A.; Poole, Cyril   Arthur; Porteous, R. S.; Por- ter, Albert Victor; Porter, Bar- bara Jean, Corporal; Porter, Nigel Morane, Spr.; Portley Edward Joseph: Portley, Eileen, Mrs.; Pott, Gideon; Power. Alice Gertrude, Mrs.; Power, Leonard Plunkett; Power, William, The -Hon.; Pratt, John Albert, Rev.; Pren- dergast, Thomas Andrew; Price, James Henry Norman,

M.C.; Price, Thomas Arthur, Dr.; Pritchard, .Lewis John; Prout, J., Rt. Rev., Monsignor; Purdon, Edwyn Cuthbert; Pye, Aubrey David Dick, Dr.

Quinlan, John Barron; Quinn, Annie Gertrude, Mrs.; Quinn, James Victor; Quinn, Noel Thomas, Wing Comman- der, " D.F.C.; Quinn. Reginald George, Dr.; Quinn, Sydney Lawrence; Quinn, Thomas Joseph; Quinn, Vincent John;

Ralph, Stephen; Randall, Thomas George; Randelin, Sergei Vasily; Rankin, Anna- belle Jane Mary, Senator; Rasey, Johanna Eileen, Mrs.; Rasey, Thomas William M.L.A.; Rattray, Douglas Gar- land; Ray, ' Herbert James; Raymont, William Webber; Read, Cyril Abbey; Reed, John Alfred; Reese, George Harold; Reid, Harold; Reid, James; Rex, Raymond David; Rhodes, Ernest Clifford, Captain; Rice, George Laurence, Major, (Q.M.); Richards, Harold John Canon, B.A.; Richards, Sydney Foreman; Richardson, Lucius Laurence D'Arcy; Richardson, Percival Edward; Richter, Harold; Ridgway, Stanley Arthur Neville; Riding, Ber- nard Eric; Rigby, George Rich- ard; Ringrose, Edward Colin Davenport; Riordan, Ernest Joseph, The Hon.; Riordan, Violet Alice, Mrs.; Riordan, William James Frederick, Hon. M.P.; Risch, Cecil Edgar; Roberts, Daphne Anne, Mrs.; Roberts, Frank Edward, M.L.A.; Roberts, George Vivian; Rob- erts. Gladys. Mrs.; Roberts, Harry, B.A.; Roberts, Lloyd Henry Scurfield. M.L.A.; Roberts, Rosina Violet, Mrs.; Roberts. Russel Frank: Rob- ertson, Andrew; Robinson, Agnes Amelia, Mrs.; Robinson, Frederick William; Robinson, Herbert Freemont, M.L.A.; Robinson. John Herbert; Roo inson, Robert Hodgson; Rob- son, Gordon William, Cpl.; Roche, Michael Patrick: Rod- gers, Robert Walter; Rogers, Frederick Arthur; Roles, Leon- ard Henry; Roseblade, Charles William; Ross, Mackay; Rouse, Constance, Miss; Row, David Rooke, F.B.O.A, L.O.Q.; Rowan, Joseph, Rt. Rev. Monsignor; Rowland, Wilfred Prosser; Rudd, Arthur William MA.. L.L.B.; Rudd, Leonard Stanley; Rudder, William Layton, Cap- tain; Russell, John Thomas: Rutherford. John Gird wood: Rutherford, William; Rvan. Hugh E., D.D.. Most Rev.: Ryan, John Joseph; Ryan. Lily Virginia, Mrs.; Ryan,


Sallantina, Joseph; Saltet, John Robert; Sampson, Ton.. Savage, Percival James; Sayce, Ralph, the Rev.; Scarlett, Rob ert Dalley, Mus. Dec. F.T.C.L.,     Dr.; Schmelta, Jack. Schc'es, John Forrest; Schroe . William     Henry. Warrant Officer. .-; .h.  

Roderick Hercule : j. ; .r en.

Alfred Foward Sr ...>ey. 1 ,ur       ence Guy; Scott, V .maui F.res- ter; Scotton Eileen Marjorie, Miss; Seaman. Norman Henry, leading aircraftman: Secombe, Victor Clarence, Mal -Gen-, C.B.E.; Seell. John Allan. Sell- wood, Vivian George; Serlsier Wilfred Francis; Sewell. Lilian Amy Hinchcliffe, Mrs.; Seymour,   John; Shand. Rupert Warner,   Canon; Shannon, John; Shar- key, Doris, Mrs.; Sharkey. John Joseph; Sharp, James McDon- ald; Sharwood, Alexander Liv- ingstone. M.A.. Canon; Shea, James Louis: Sheehan, Malcolm: Sheehy. Christopher; Sheehy. Joseph Aloysius, the Hon.; Sner iiit. John Alan: Sherrin. Frans; Shevill, Ian Wotton Allnutt, Rt. Rev.. M.A.; Shield. John Roy; Shooter, John Charles, Flight Sergeant; Short, Edgar Harry: Short, John Frank Turpin, Rev.; Simpson. John; Sizer. Hubert Ebenezer, Skennerion, David John: Skinner, Alexander James, M.L.A; Skinner, Camilla Cath- erine Marjorie, Mrs.: Slaughter. James Cameron; Smart, Edward Darius; Smith. Ada, Mrs: Smith. Albert Rudolph, Freo.

Smith Alfred James M.L.A.

Smith, Angus James; Smith. Ar- thur Victor Comer; Smith, Ber- nard Flewell; Smith, Cecil Eric; Smith, Charles Ronald Sutton,

Smith, Dorothy Ramsay, Mrs.; Smith, Emma Kyestina, Mrs;   Smith, Ernest Henry, M.M., BA., Canon; Smith, Euphemia Margaret. Mrs.; Smith, Harald Neil; Smith, Herbert William, Corporal; Smith, James; Smith, James Noel, Lt. (Q.M.) (H/Cap tain); Smith, John; Smith. Les- lie George Windmell; Smith, Richard Francis Woodcraft; Smith, Roland Edwin: Smith, Sydney Norman. . Corporal; Smith. Voctor Norman; Smith, William Carlton; Smith, William Charles: Smith, William Forgan, the Hon.; Snell, Reginald; Sole, Berry; Solomon, Stanley Edgar, BA., B.Com.; Sorenson, Anton Conrad; Spanton, Reginald, Warrant Officer; Sparkes, Alice Goongarry, Mrs.; Sparkes, Wal- ter Beresford James Gordon, MIA; Spencer, Gordon Roy: Spencer. Thomas Herbert; Spragg. William; Stable, Jere- miah Joseph; Stacey, George Wesley; Stafford, Basil Freder- ick Roberts, MJ3.B.S.; Stafford, Ralph: Stalley, William Rich- ard; Stanley, Edwin James Droughton, the Hon.; Stapleton, James Lawrence; Stark, Alick Vernie, O.B.E.. E.D., Lt.-Colonel; Steele, Owen B., Rt. Rev., Mon- signor; Stehr, Neville Rex; Stephen, Ralph; Stephens, Rich, ard Allen. Leading Aircraftman; Stephenson, Graham Selwyn; Sterne, Elizabeth Anne Valen- tine, Mrs.; Stevenson. Alexander Charles Cansdell, MA., Rev.; Stevenson. Richard Llewellyn, V.R.D., Lt.-Commander; Stew- art, Charles Edward; Stewart, George Gilbert; St. George, Roy, Rev.; St. John, Roland T., BA.; Stobo, Roy Archibald; Stokoe, Eric Andrew; Stolz, George Hen- ry; Stones, Joseph Neils; Story, John Douglas, LS.O.; Strube, Cecil James; Stuart» Cliff oral Henry, Corporal; Stubbersfield, Norman; Sullivan, Charles Den- nis; Stuherst, Edward; Sutton, Neville Graham, Dr.; Swartz; Reginald William Collin, M.B.E., E.D., MP.; Sword, Donald Charles Cameron, Dr.

Tait, Charles Simon; Tait, Robert H.; Talbot, Norman Charles, M.C., Dr.; Tanner, Cyril; Tanner, Marjorie Joyce, Mrs.; Taylor, Alan Muir; Tay- lor, Denis Erskine, M.A.; Tay- lor, Edna Mary, Mrs.; Taylor, Harold Bourne, D.S.O., M.L.A.; Taylor, John Russell, M.L.A.,; Taylor, Marjorie Jean, Airs.; Taylor, Robert, Capt.; Taylor, Thomas Mcillwraith; Tempest, Arthur Charles, Rev.; Temple- ton, Norman Allan; Theodore, Esther Rose, Mrs.; Thiess, L. C.; Thompson, Eva Blanch, Miss; Thomson, Robert John; Thorley. Harold Edward;

Thornton, William Thomas; Thurecht, Vernon Frederick; Tidbury, Albertus; Todd, Fred- erick Edmund; Todd, William; Tomlins, Lionel Edlyne David; Tomlinson; Theodore, M.M.; Tooth, Seymour Douglas; Top- ping, Norman Leslie; Torpie, John A., Rev.; Towner, Edgar Thomas, V.C., M.C.; Townley, Kenneth Russell, The Hon.; Trace, Norman James. Lieuten- ant-Commander, V.R.D.; Tra macchi, Stephano; Trevethan, John Henry; Trigge, Hubert H., Rev.; Trigger, Percy Oliver; Tritton, Eliza Ellen. Mrs.; Trudgian. Clarence Samuel, Rev.; Trumpy, David Ernest, Dr.: Tucker, Arthur Henry; Tucker, John Edwin, Lt-Com mander; Tuckfield, John Wil- ton, Flight-Lieutenant; Tuck- well, Edward Lawson; Turner, Annie Hunter, Mrs.; Turner, George Ford; Turner, John Al- bert, M.L.A; Tynan, Andrew G., D.D., Most Rev.; Tyrrell, William Henry.

Underhill, Waiter Robert; Unwin, Arthur James; Van-, ham, Stanley William; Van dersee. Johann Christian; Van Homrigh. Clare Mowbray But- ler; Veitch, Robert; Verney, Vernon Noel; Verry, Alfred George; Vickers, Allan Robert Stanley. O.B.E., Dr.; Vickery, Stanley, Rev.; Voigh, Francis Joseph; Voysey, David Oswald, WOn: Wadley. Douglas; Wad ley, T. C.: Wagner. Albert Henry: Wagner, John George. M.B.. Dr.: Wainwright. Robert Harley; Walker. Harold: Walk- er, Percy Virgil: Walker. Ros- anna. Mrs.: Walker, Roy Gor- don Vivian; Walker, Septimus Benyon: Wallace. George Wal- ter Gordon: Wallace. Oscar,

Sidnev: Waller, George: Wal-, 1er. Lewis Percival: Walsh,| Edward Joseph, The Hon.;, Walsh. Eileen Jessie, Miss; Walton. John Crossley: Wan stall, Charles Grav: Warby. George Frederick: Ward, Alan; Ward. John; Ward. Walter Bryan. BA. Rev.; Wardrobe, Frederick Henry; Wardron Norman Dale. Bdr.: Warfield, Herbert Stanley. DCM : Warr, Robert Arthur. Capt.: Warriner

Thomas Cuthbert. M.A.. BD., Rev.: Waters. William Edward Watkin. Herhert George: Wat- kins. Stewart Byron. M.Sc.; Watson. Algie Robert: Watson; Ronald John. . , Watson. Robert Hodgson; Watson. Vera Mary Madalen, Dr.; Watts. Charles Bertram, Rev.: Waugh. John Deuchar Neill: Wav, John Robert; Webb. Charles Allen; Webb, Robert Henrv. Webb. William Flood. Hon. Sir.. K.B.: Web- ster. Norman Leslie Douglas, Rev.. BA.; Welldon, John Graham Stephenson; Wells. William; Whelan. Vincent Henry: Wheller. Harold Man- uel. Reverend, O.B.E.; Wherry, Paul Thomas; Wherry, Phoebe Grace. Mrs.: White. Frank Thomas Mathews. Professor; White, Herbert Edward: White, Mary Hyacinthe. Petronel,

Mrs.: White. Tom Warren. Col. /H/Brig.): Whiteside. George; Whyte. Alice May. Mrs.; Whyte. Patrick James. M.L.A.;  

Wight. Bruce Mcdonald, M.P.

Wildy. William Henry Samp

son: Wilkes. George Danile Wilkinson. George Peter: Will, Frederick Stanley: Williams, Cecil neGvnaff: Williams. Ed

ear: Williams. Ernest William;.   Williams. Florence Marion, Mrs.; Williams. Frederick   Sgt.: Williams. George Alfred

Williams. Horace: Williams:   Horace Stanley; Williams Thomas Lewis; Williamson   Neil: Will Lister Victoria

Mrs.; Wilson. Andrew Keith W.O. ll; Wilson. Charles Hart   ley. Col. (T Brig.). E.D.; Will

son. John: Winchester. Allan Gilmour: Winchester. James;

Windsor. Henrv Joseph, M.B. Ch.B.. Dr.: Winfield. John Gybney: Winterbotham. Linde sey Page. Dr.; Wiseman. Wil liam Ernest: Witham. Jessie   Lorna. Mrs.; Witham, McPher son Dawson. Flying Officer

Witham. Ronald Newman       Witt. Edward Walter: Wood Anne Alice Margaret. Mrs. : Wood, Charles Theodore, Wood, lan Alexander Christie Senator; Wood. Leslie Arnold M.L.A.: Woodbury. Reginald Vaughan; Woodroffe. Norman

Sydney: Woods. Thomas Ber nard: Woodyard. Herbert ; Wordsworth. Carlisle Favell Wordsworth. William Howard Favell: Wrench. Robert Jesse   Wright. Stephen Francis Wuth, Frederick Herbert Yates. William Hugh Mcln tosh, C.P.O.; Yeates, Herbert     Nelson McRae; Yellowley Richard. W.O. 1 : Zackal Charles: Ziachke, Henry.