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The British United Press corre- spondent at New Delhi Says it is re- liably reported that the .Indian Cabinet has decided to give aid to the Kashmir State, whose anthori- ties have appealed for help against raiding tribesmen and Moslems from  

Pakistan. The nature and the ex- tent of aid was not decided.

Reuter's correspondent at Karachi says that the Governor-General ot Pakistan (Mr. Jinnah) accused the Hindu Maharajah oj Kashmir (Sir Harl Singh) of attempting to link Kashmir to the Indian Dominion by coup d'tat.

Mr. Jinnah .suggested that the Maharajah should send his- Prime Minister (Mr. Mehr Chand Mahajan) to Karachi to "smooth over dlfflculües be- tween Pakistan and Kashmir.''


; . It is reported from the Rajkot ad- ministrative centre of the Kathiawar .Peninsula that the forces described as "four units cf the Junagadh Provisional Government" captured 12 villages to the north-east of the Junagadh capital of the Junagadh State.

. The Junagadh, predominantly a Hindu State with a Moslem ruler, acceded to Pakistan against India's wishes. India sent forces into the neighbouring terri- tory and the Junagadh subjects outside the State formed a Hindu provisional Government at Bombay.


The British United Prase New .jDeJhi representative. ssjj that Jha

- armed Toree which inns^TTOSeW

mir's ' western border on October - . 24 has driven M miles inside the

country and seised yfhe biggest hydro-electric statten, burned sev- eral towns, and is now within 7e

miles of Srinagar, the ; sammer . capital. ?

The correspondent officially states that the New Delhi invaders comprise 2000 tribesmen from North Pakistan supported, by Pakistan- soldiers on leave. They are equipped with machine-guns and 100 lorries.

There/ are roughly 1200 Hindu troops.serving in Kashmir, but of the country's four million inhabitants, three million are Moslems, who are believed to be helping the invaders.

The - Associated Press New Delhi correspondent ? says that a special correspondent of the' "Statesmen" re- ports that the ? invaders have almost surrounded Uri township, midway-be- tween Muzaffarabad and Srinagar.

Reuter's, New Delhi representative says that the invaders originally formed two columns. Both converged on Domeli before crossing the boruer.

One thousand miles to the south, the Indian troops who have been blockading the Junagadh State since its accession to Pakistan, clashed with Junagadh State troops in Mariavadar, a tiny tributary State of Kinagadh. The JUnágadh troops werie forced to retire, leaving six killed. The Indian troops suffered no casualties.