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'Good News" at the Regent.

"Good News," the Hollywood vision of campus life which is being shown at the Regent Theatre, is like the fantastic night mare of a jazz-struck "co-ed." To the    

accompaniment of "Ra Ra Ra," ukelele strumming, and a feverish jazz tune, mus-  

cular adolescents, fondling and proposing to hysterical girls, divide their time be-  

tween the negroid contortions of the 'var

sity drag' and the mud and noise of the   football field. The Taft University is a     temple of jazz. Its professors, like emaciated   caricatures of the Pilgrim Fathers, move mournfully in a world given over to the gibbering god of the adenoidal saxophone. Trailing clouds of glory, the college foot-    

ball hero gives his heart to demure and dainty Connie, to whom, by night, he sings     his mawkish love songs, while, from the stream near by, other quivering tenors lift their voices in a doleful chant. Loving in the moonlight, the campus dances by day - wriggling, swaying and yelling. The climax is the football match, in which the college hero broods over his love affairs instead of leading on his muddy giants to victory. With a garish riot of technicolor,   the picture ends in a jazz marriage. Bessie Love is seen in a comedy part, and Stanley     Smith is the college hero. "Good News"

is an unimportant contribution to screen  

musical comedy.

It is time the public was granted an in- junction against "crook" pictures. "Good     Intoiitioua the second teuuio at the Regent is the stor» of a (.entleman "ung stir \s nsiiil the eriminal is painted as a "lllant and couuigeous tellovi Ao the} ill do he fills in love One knows e*»uctli whit will Inppcn \ weilth» man is robbed b» the silk hatted gang" of which Din id tic-son (l-ilmund Low eli is the hadci

1 lash ' No1 ton (Karle Kovo) jeilou» ot Cicsson, con trues to liaxc Helen Rankin whom Cresson loxes lobbed Cresson is beti ax ed to Richard Holt Helens real lovel All that is left foi Cresson no»» to do is to 1 ex enge himself upon Norton mil eonxenicntli eliminate himselt so tint Ric lia t el mai baie Helen This he docs ni the usual shooting aftrai Norton is killed and Ciesson falls into the nrms of his

ti usted sonant whispering some pi j alni flippant xi ords ns he a)Cs like a gentleman li has all been done so many times booie