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The unexpected demise. of Master William Keith McKeeman at Gordon- vale on Friday, morning, October 27, came as a profound shock to residents of Gordonvale and district Keith was a universal favourite. A " great all- round sport, he represented his school at Rugby League football. He was essentially an outdoor lad, an accom- plished horseman, swimmer and boxer. Possessed of a keen sense of humour and a knowledge of right from wrong he endeared himself to his school- mates and Boy Scout pals, who formed a Guard of Honour at his funeral.

Ofter a splendid fight he succumbed to the effects of tetanus following a simple accident and died as he had lived-with a smile on his face-a gal- lant little sport and gentleman, aged 13 years 10 months. Vale Keith! "After a short journey he has reached home."

The following is the list of wreaths: Loving Father, Mother and Norman; loving Grandma, Uncle Tom and Uncle Nelson: loving Aunty Lily (Richmond); loving Aunty Pearl; Uncle Jim, Cousin Margaret and Alsia (East Brisbane); loving Auntie Elsie, Uncle Tom, Cousin Isabel, Nor- man and Betty (Bundaberg); Auntie Florrie, Uncle Charles, Cousins Charles, Ray and Edna (Sydney); Gordonvale Turf Club; Gordonvale Bowling Club; His Fellow Scholarship-Mates; Cairns and District Primary Schools Rugby League Association; Third Gordonvale Troop (Boy Scouts); the Women's Auxiliary R.S.S.I.L.A., Gordonvale; the Second Gordonvale Boy Scouts; staff and pupils Gordonvale State Rural School; Teachers and Com- mittee of Gordonvale State School; Gordonvale Country Women's As- sociation; the Cairns Jockey Club; Cairns and District Horseowners and Trainers' Association; Wor. Master, Officers and Brethren Pyramid Lodge; Committee Mareeba Turf Club; Mr. and Mrs. John Cannon; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cannon and Phylis; Mr. and Mrs. M. Drexl; Mr. and Mrs. R. Han- son and Ella; Innisfail Turf Club; Messrs. M. A. Vandeleur and L. F. Gallagher, Innisfail; Mrs. P. Neilsen and Harold, Gordonvale; Slater & Klarwein, Gordonvale; Mr. and Mrs. W. Chimes, Gordonvale; Thomas Bros., Gordonvale; Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Cottrell and Family, Aloomba; Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Cox, Babinda; Syd, Al and Family; Mr. and Mrs. F. M. O'Connor and Family; Mrs. W. Harris and Family; Mr. and Mrs. J

B. Stewart and Girls; Rupert Cross- land; Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Crossland and Family; Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Hoare, Matthew and Lorna; Lawrence and John Ahlers; Mrs Dowker, Heather and Dick; Mr. and Mrs. P. T. Overlack and Family; Mrs. Muir, Snr., and Mr. and Mrs. Alan Muir and little Jean; Mrs. Perkins and Art; Alf, Maud and Keith Mudge; Mr. and Mrs. J. Boyle and Family; Mr. and Mrs. J. Baker, Elva and Ralph and Mr. and Mrs. C. Rowárth and Jack; Neily and Father (J. and E. O'Neil); Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Lidstone and Family; Q.A.T.B., Gordonvale Centre, Committee and Staff; Mr. and Mrs C. Wedlock; Mr. and Mrs. J. Smart and Family; Rev. and Mrs. E. P. Stal ley, Mary and John; Mr. and Mrs. J. Swallow and Gordon; Mrs. R. Robert- son and Family; Thomas Bros.' Staff; Mr. and Mrs. Ivor Griffin, Shirley and Geoffrey; Mr. and Mrs. T. Bowen and Girls; old school mates, Lil, Tup and Teddy; Mr. and Mrs. W. Sorenson and Mrs. W. Cleland; Mrs. J. Trevor and Family; Mr. C Townson and Family; the Clarke Family and Mrs. M. Clarke; Arnold, Les and Walter; Mr. and Mrs. W. Cairns and Family; Mr. and Mrs. Reg. Simmonds and Family; Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Clarke and Family, Mrs. M. Clarke, Snr., and Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Clarke; Mr. and Mrs. G. K. Alley and Family; sit. and Mrs. P. D. Harris; Mr. and Mrs. Neilsen and Athol; Mr. and Mrs. Alf Clarke, Len Barnes, Stan and Norm; Connie and Arthur Stokes; Sandy and Charlie Coutts; Mr. and Mrs. C. Anderson and Family; Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey Williams; Jim and Ann Cover; M. Gammie; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lanskey and Family; Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Matthews and Family; pals, Horace and Norman Stokes; Mr. and Mrs. J. Gordon and Girls; Mr. and Mrs. W. Greenwood, Snr., and Family; Zoe, Albie and Gordon Skinner, Gor- donvale; Mr. and Mrs. G. Birch and Family; Harry, Dot and Clive Morton and Mrs. Crossland, Snr.; Mrs. J. E. Lane (Maleny); Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Amies and Family; Mr. and Mrs. J. Coutts; Jim and George Perkins; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Perkins and Ella; Mr. and Mrs. Percy Ireland and Family, and Mervyn Ireland; Mr. and Mrs. Fallon, Marcia and Ross; Mr. and Mrs. J. Althaus; your loving pal Jacko; Jeffie and Ronnie Berry; Mr. and Mrs. E. Sues and Family; Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Fell; Mr. and Mrs. W. Ireland, Tommy, Ronnie and Bill; Mrs. Mighell, Snr., and Mr. and Mrs. N. R. Mighell, Melbourne; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Moy; Mr. and Mrs. G. Hesp and Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Hesp

and Family; Mr. and Mrs. Medlik and Family; Mr. and Mrs. R. Jamieson and Family; Mr. Hatfield and Sons; Mr. and Mrs. Dubokovich and Family; Mr. and Mrs. Horace Brown and Horace; Mr. and Mrs. Max Smith; Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Scott and Family; Mr. and Mrs. L. Barton and Druce; Ron and Sid Stevens; Dr. and Mrs.. Cohen and David; Tommy and Billy Ireland; Mr. and Mrs. A. Ridol- phi and Family; Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Greenaway and Family; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Greenaway, Marilyn and Garth; Mr. and Mrs. Kenny and Family, Aloomba; Mr. and Mrs. B. Murphy and Billy; Jimmie White; Mr. and Mrs. R. Weir and. Family; Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomason and Family; his Scout pals, Lionel and Doug.;. John- nie George; Mr. and Mrs. Max Griffin; W. C. and Mrs. Griffin and .Miss Faithfull; Mr. and Mrs. F. White and Family and Mrs. Wincen; Mr and Mrs. J. R. Owens and Family; Mr. and Mrs. C. A Diack and Family; Wallace Millican; Mrs. Auld, Snr., and Mr. and Mrs. W. Auld; Billy and Keith; a school pal, Arthur Coles; Mr. Fond and Family; Mr. and Mrs. F. .JJ

Johns, .Daphne, Brian and Peter: Lucy Windsor and Family; Mr. and Mrs., G. Johnston and Family; Allen and Colin Cockrem, Highleigh; Mr. Lambert and Glad; Nell and Charlie Reese and J. H. Ahlers snr.; All Saints' Working, Society; Mr. and Mrs. A» Jamieson: Mr. and Mrs. C. Horton and Family; Mrs. M. -S. O'Neill and Gordon: G. and M. Cock- rem and Family, Highleigh; Mr. arid Mrs. Wilson' Irvin and Family; Mrs. L. Mills, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mills. Tom and Jack; Mr. and Mrs. J¿: H.

Fox and Family; Horace and Pearl   Perkins: Laurie Court; Management and Staff Nelson Theatre, Gordonvale;

the Employees of Hollywood Cafe; Mr. and Mrs. Lucas and Family and his pal George, and; Fred McConkey; Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Louis; Mr. .and Mrs. C. Martin; Vera E. Barke; Mr. and Mrs; E. Noble:.Mr. and Mrs. -E. L. Hibbs; Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Cough- lan and Family; Mabelle and Bert Wyatt-.-Mr.: ¡and Mrs. W. Collins;

Mrs. M/ L Penhallurick and; Teddy ;j Mr. and Mrs. T. Knust; Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Parry; Mr. and Mrs. J. Buch- anan and Family; Mr. and Mrs. L T. Crossland and Family ; Mr. and Mrs. Phil Kelly and Boys; John Eusta thtou; Mr. and Mrs. F. Collins and Children; Mr. and Mrs. B. Reghenzani and Family; Mr. and Mrs. D. Rowan, Isabel and Jack; Mr. and Mrs. J. i Routledge and Baby George; Mr. and Mrs. A. Dalgety and Family; Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Alley; Mrs. Ebringtpn and Fainiiy; Norm and Jose Wedlock Mr. and Mrs. Bray and Family; Mr and Mrs. F. C. Threlfall and Family Anton arid Dood Nielsen and Family Mr. and Mrs. C F. Alley; Mr. and Mrs. T. Millet; Joan Waring; Tom Gordon and Audrey and Mr. and Mrs T. Farrely; Mr. and Mrs. J. Murray Mr. and Mrs. J. Lowrey; Mr. and Mrs. A. Bell; Mr. and Mrs. Te Pond; Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Doolan, Mr and Mrs. G. May and Mrs. Holly- wood; Mr. and Mrs. J. Hayward, Ver- O'Byrne and Family; Mr. and Mrs.

Collins; Mr. and Mrs- J. Stuart; Edna and George Williams; Mr. and Mrs J. Banner and Family; Mr. and Mrs Boyd; Mrs. E. T. Cummings and Norma; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ski- ner and Family; Mr. and Mrs. Clem Fleming and Family; Mr. and Mrs.

Healy: Mr. and Mrs. W. Rees; Mr and Mrs. H. McDonald and Family Mr. and Mrs. Alf Clark and Lennie Mum and Dad O'Neill; Mrs. I.

Brown and Family, Edna and Eric, Mr. Lloyd and Ton; Mr, and Mrs Theo Boland, Ruth and Henry; Mr and Mrs. Blake and Family; Mr. and Mrs. G. Townson and Family; Mr and Mrs. R. Dawe; Jean and Tom Mr. and Mrs. W. Coutts and Family Kitty Smart; Mr. and Mrs. J. Smart, Mr. and Mrs. G. Cockrem and Family; Mrs. Burke and Marcus; Mr. and Mrs. J. Magnuson and Elsie;   and Mrs. J. A. Martin and Family Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hefferan; Mr. and Mrs. Humphreys and Family; Mr. and Mrs. J. Ward and Esme; Mr. and

Mrs. J. Sevensen and Family; Fred Sondegard; Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Rud- dell and Gloria; Mr. and Mrs. L.

Maher and Cliffie; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Threlfall; Mr. W. Francis; Mr. and

Mrs. H. A. Shannon and Nancy; Mrs M. E. Alley; Mrs. J. Cleary

Family; Mrs. C. Bryce and Family St Paul's Presbyterian Ladies' Guild ; Lady Bowlers, Gordonvale; Sarah ; Dot and Gordon Howden; Mrs. T. Thomas James; Mr. and Mrs. James; Mr. and Mrs. Jones, Gordon and Lorna; Mr. and Mrs. B. R Mr. and Mrs. O. Stiff, Marie Rainey; Mrs. M. Hogan; Dan Munce Snowy Johnson; C. and V. Murphy and Marion; Olive E. Hay; Olive Isabelle Waddell; Doris M. Fitchett E. Boden; Edgar Hoole and Mrs

Hoole; Mr. and Mrs. Wordsworth and Keith; Harold (Paddy) Nielsen ; C. and V. Neilsen; Les East; Tom Mavis Kidd; Noreen Amies; Dorothy Graham; Gert Farrell, Brisbane; Es- telle and Maine; Bill Cormack; Power Family, Cairns; Mr. and Mrs H. Klarwein and Family; Mr. and C. H. Crossland; T. G. Dillon; N. and J. Norris;. G. Gould, Mareeba Norm and Mrs. Davie; Mr. and Mrs. C. H.

Adair; Mrs. Gordon; Bill Cross and Meg Holland; Uncle Tom and Adam ; Aunt Jessie; Cousin Teddy; and Cousin Alice; Aunty May; Cousin Doreen, Phyllis, Sydney; Cousin Will and Neta, Sydney; Mrs. May Scott, Syd- ney; Cramond -Family and Helen

Hirst, Sydney; Mrs. Cannon, White- rock; Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Mille, Dad and Connie Francis; Norman Geaney Innisfail; C. S. Webb, Innisfail ; Geo O'Donnell, Mareeba; Bob and Alwina Edmonton; Mrs. L. Jones, Sydney ; Margaret Thomson, Yarraman; and Mr. and Mrs. Bert Healy and Sons ; Mrs. A. E. Feelcy and Family; Chas, J. Critten; Mr. and Mrs. E. Morris Tully; Leila and Rowley Houston Childers; Alice and Fred Martin