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On Sunday arrived the ship Prince George, 430 tons, M. Andrew, commander, from the Downs, 12th May, with 138 hhds. beer to order, 8 trunks shoes, 8 bales woollens, 6 cases silk and worsted, 4 ditto fans, 3 ditto stays, 7 ditto umbrellas, 6 ditto haberdashery, 2 ditto stuffs, 7 ditto woollens and cotton, 2 ditto cottons and haberdashery, 3 ditto ha berdashery, 14 ditto cottons and haberdashery, one ditto apparel, one ditto haberdashery, one ditto gloves, 2 casks bellows, G hhds. earthenware, 1 «askcutlerj, 1 cask lamps, 2 casks metal and brassware, 2 casks japan ware for W. Cope, 100 hhds. beer to Kemp 6i Co. 2 b»les stuffs, 1 cuse stays, 1 ditto umbrellas, 1 ditto gloves and haberdashery, 2 ditto colt our, 2 ditto cottons and haberdashery, 1 ditto glass and apparel, 1 ditto copper and pewter, for W, Copt«. ¡¿?JO hbds. beer, Icely ¿f Hindson, 23 tons iron, and plated ware, W. Cope, 30 boxes pipes, 40 boxes tin plates, Dawes and Hewitt, 15 casks, rum, 3 ditto wine, to order, 40 pum. rum, W. Burister, 2 pipes wine, G. Story, 4 cass» window glass, Cohen and Spyer, 38 pieces brandy, W. Bunster, 5 cases wool lens and shoes, F. Watkins, 12 casks beer, one case looking glasses, two bales blacking, 1 hlltl. pattens, liHheiAosbcry, 8tc. G. M'Kenzie, 40 casks red wine to ord*r, 10 panolieon» of rum, 3 ditto brandy, 3 ditto Geneva, R. Campbell, jiinr. various bale.s sail cloth, linens, sacks, musical instruments, shoes, fruits, bandannas, haberdashery, «apparel, furniture, saddlery, goat skins to order, 12 puns, rum, .Kemp & Co. 1 cask gunpowder, R. Lewis, 4 bales clothing, 4 cases stationery, 1 ditto cutlery, 40 kegs paint, 30 cans oil,30 ditto turpentine' J. Coghill, 11 cases of hosiery and haberdashery, 17 ditto cottons, checks, .&c. 59 ditto linens, calicoes, hats, ¿cc. Dawes and Hewitt, 86 cases and packages, slops,, stationery, iron goods, oil, pickles, &c. Hezukiali Hawson, G oases paper, Kemp and Co. 14 cases apparel and ptints, 15 puns, rum, H.Bilton, 9 cases apparel und haberdashery, J. Swan, 32 casks, earthenware, Ker- ridge, I case, T. Lightfoot, 3 cases millinery, cop- per and nails, J. Thomson, 29 casks, 15 bulls beer, to order, 34cases woollen, stationery, áfo. J. Hos- kins, 3 cases apparel, Smith, bl others, 115 kegs - nails and fties, 8 lons iron, R. & C. Pritchelt, 7

cases cloths and stationery, 15 boxes cheese, 4 pieces bottled wine, IG lind«, rum, 10 ditto Geneva, 80 box- es soap, &c, J. W. Gleadow, 29 casks turn, 10 diiio vinegar, o'! ditto wine lo order. Passengers-Mr. nnd Mrs. '1 urnet and child, Mr. Foster and D. Mair, 39 Reg. Mr. and Mrs. Edwards, Mr. Fiddes, Mr. So "lotnou, Mrs. Knight and Mrs. Wright.

On Monday arrived the ship Coronet, 275 tons, T. B.Daniel,Commander,from London 13th March, Cork 30th April, Madeira 15th May, and Rio 10th July, with 200 barrels cement, 200 deals, snuff,  

drugs, jewellery, 90 hogsheads beer, apparel, haber- dashery, cheese, tongues, olives, hams, &c. station- ery to order, 100 hogsheads beer, J. Lord, 50 do. Kemp and Co. 1 case iron, W. A. Bethune, 1 do. stationery, 1 do. books, A. B. Sparks, 85 cases of glass, J. Kerr, and a large quantity of assorted goods to Cohen and Spyer.

Passenger» from England 5, 24 from Cork, among whom is the Rev. W. H. Brown, Colonial Chaplain,

and 3 from Rio.  

On Wednesday arrived the transport ship, BORNEO, R. M. WHICHILO, commander, 423 tons, from London 11th May, and Cape of Good Hope 27th Aug, with 21 women and 49 children, as passengers come to  

their husbands, and 70 female prisoners, (3 deaths).

The brig Caroline returned on Wednesday from her fishing station to fit out for the sperm fishery.

In the Derwent the Wanstead, Colombia, Promise, Nimrod, Magnet, Fly, Mermaid, Prince George, Coronet, Caroline, Borneo, Prince Leopold, Der- went and Opossum.