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[By His Excellency Colonel George

Arthur, Lieutenant Governor of the Island of Van Diemen's Land and its Dependencies.] A PROCLAMATION.

WHEREAS the Black or Aboriginal Natives

of this Island have for a considerable time

past, carried on a series of indiscriminate attacks upon the persons and property of divers of His Ma- jesty's subjects : and have especially of late perpe- trated most cruel and sanguinary acts of violence and outrage; evincing an evident disposition systemati- cally to kill and destroy the white inhabitants indis- criminately whenever an opportunity of doing so is presented; -- AND whereas, notwithstanding the Proclamation made and issued by me on the Fifteenth day of April, last past, -- and that every practicable measure has from time to time been resorted to, un- der that Proclamation, and otherwise, for the pur- pose of removing the Aboriginals from the settled districts of the Colony, and for putting a stop to the repetion (sic) of such atrocities, --repeated inroads are daily made by the Natives into the said settled Dis- tricts, and acts of hostility and barbarity there com- mitted by them, as well as at the more distant stock runs, and in some instances upon unoffending and de- fenceless women and children. -- AND whereas also, it seems, at present, impossible to conciliate the se- veral tribes of that people ; and the ordinary Civil Powers of the Magistrates, and the means afforded by the Common Law, are found by experience to be wholly insufficient for the general safety ; and it hath therefore become at length unavoidably necessary, for the effectual suppression of similar enormities, to proclaim and keep in force Martial Law, in the man- ner hereinafter proclaimed and directed:

NOW THEREFORE, by virtue of the Powers and Authorities in me, in this behalf vested, I, the

said Lieutenant Governor, do by these presents, De-   clare and proclaim, that from and after the date of this, my Proclamation, and until the cessation of hos- tilities shall be by me hereafter Proclaimed and di-

rected MARTIAL LAW is and shall continue to

be in force against the several Black or Aboriginal Natives, within the several Districts of this Island; excepting always the places and portions of this Island, next mentioned, (that is to say) --

1st. -- All the country extending southward of Mount Wellington to the Ocean, including Brune Island;

2nd. -- Tasman's Peninsula;

3rd. -- The whole of the North-Eastern part of this Island which is bounded on the North and East by the Ocean, and on the South-West by a line, drawn from Pipers River to Saint Patrick's Head;

4th. -- And the whole of the Western and South-

Western part of this Island, which is bounded on the East by the River Huon, and by a line drawn from

that River over Teneriffe Peak to the extreme West-

ern Bluff; on the North by an East and West line from the said extreme Western Bluff to the Ocean, and the West and South by the Ocean.  

AND, for the purposes aforesaid, all Soldiers are hereby required and commanded to obey and assist their lawful superiors ; and all other His Majesty's subjects are required and commanded to obey and assist the Magistrates in the execution of such mea- sures as shall by any one or more of such Magistrates be directed to be taken for those purposes, by such ways and means as shall by him or them be consi- dered expedient, so long as Martial Law shall con- tinue to exist. -- BUT, I DO, nevertheless, hereby strictly order, enjoin, and command, that the actual   use of arms be in no case resorted to, if the Natives can by other means be induced or compelled to re- lire into the places and portions of this Island herein- before excepted from the operation of Martial Law ; that bloodshed he checked, as much as possible; that any Tribes which may surrender themselves up, shall be treated with every degree of humanity; and that defenceless women and children be invariably spared. -- AND, all Officers, Civil and Military, and others person whatsoever, are hereby required to take notice of this, my Proclamation and Order, and to render obedience and assistance herein accordingly.

PROVIDED nevertheless, and it is hereby noti- fied and proclaimed, that nothing herein contained, shall, or doth extend to interrupt or interfere with the ordinary exercise of the Civil Power, or the regular course of the Common Law, any further or other- wise than as such interruption shall, for the purpose of carrying on military operations against the Natives,

be rendered necessary.

GIVEN under my Hand and Seal at

Arms, at the Government-house, Hobart-town, this first day of November, One thousand eight hundred and twenty-eight.


By Command of

His Excellency,




Colonial Secretary's Office,

T ' . Mh Noeemotr, 1828.

HE Lieutenant Governor having approved of

the undermentioned amended Table of Dues, to lie received by tijc Pilots and Harbour fasten at

the Territory, from all Ships or Vessels arriving at, or sailing from the Ports of Hobart-town or Laun-

ceston, the tarne are published for general informa-


By Command of His Excellency«



19 ditto.10 14 6*

20 ditto. .13 3 3

At Port Dalrymple.

(Proceeding above Whirlpool Reach)

£2 7 4i At the Derwent.

, DrwglU of Water Into t Out 10 Feet and under.£3 OH.}

11 ditto. 3 3 4j

1S ditto.3 8 3

13ditio.,,.....-3 15 6$ 14 ditto.'..\.4 5 3} lôditto.4 19 llj

Ii! ditto.5 17 0

17ditto.7 1 41 l8 ditto.S 13 03

2 9 3,

2 13 1" 2 13 !)¿ 3 0 4f 3 17 8|

4 li 0 5 9 11$ Ö 14 7}

8 GIO 10 4 9

( Remaining

below Whirl

pool Reach.)

l'lO 4 0 4 4 7Feet and under..2 5 6 Above 7 feet per foot......0 C 6

If the Pilot does not board the Vessel outside the middle ground at the Heads at George Town ; or the weather not permitting his going outside, if he be not ready to shew the channel, by keeping his boat in the fair way until the ship can be boarded, he shall forfeit one-half the Pilotage inwards.

For any number of inches below six, no charge is to he made, for half a foot and upwards, one foot ii lo be charged, <

Colonial Vessels are exempted from the payment of PilutHge, unless the master shall make the signai for a Pilot and accept his service.


At the Derwent.












For mooring and unmooring a Vessel

within the Harbour, per register ton .... 0 0 1

For each removal of the Ship willan

the Harbour, per register lou.0 0 1

Colonial Vessels under bO tons, per register, to be exempted from the payment of the foregoing dees, unless the services of the Harbour Master be specifi- cally required.

At Port Dalrymple.

For each removal of a Ship or Vessel from anchorage or mooring«, to other an-

chorage or moorings, under 200 tons.... 0

¿OQtons und under 300. 1 300 lons and under 400.1 400 tons and under 500.2 Ö0U tons and upwards.2

Each Vessel enteriag the Harbour will be charged !

willi two letuovei.

Vessels belonging to the Port arc not to pay Har-

bour dues. '

No Vessels to be deemed Colonial that are not registered in Van Diemen*! Land. ,


Colonial Seoretary'a Office, Nov. 5, 1828. REQUIRED for the Public Scrvioe the under

mentioned articles :

C4 Dessert Spoons, (Iron)

2 Iron Saucepans, (large) 1 Iron Tea-kettle, (large)

48 Brass Thimbles, of sizes v

2 Earthenware Dishes (large)

4 Pound* of Blue

12 Pairs of Girls' Shoes, of si/u», for Children ,

from 2 to 4 years old

12 Pairs of Boys' do. do. do. 3 years old IO Reams Letter Paper

C Letter Booka

48 Black Lead Pencils HU, (Brookman'» and '


24 Ditto, HHII. do.

G Pounds Bees'-wax

Tenders sealed and endorsed " Tenders for Stores" with the prices stated in words at length will be re- ceived At this Office until noon of Tuesday the 18th instant. Samples to be sent on the same day to the Ordnanoe Storc-keepar.

The Samples to lie labelled with the name of the individual tendering the articles required, and lists of them to be sent to the Ordnance Store-keeper.

By command of

His Excellency

The Lieutenant Governor,


Commissariat Office, Nov. 6, 1828.

FIRE WOQD_Tendéis to furnish such quanti-'

ties of Wood as may be required dunn* the Year commencing the 25lli of December next will he received at this Offioe on or before 12 o'clock ol Tuesday the 10th of that month.

The Wood mast be Dry She-Oak, out into Billets of Titree feet in length, and be deliveredjfree of etery expense excepting the cost pi ice. at the Barrack», Ofiicers' Quarters, and other Establishments as formerly.

The Tenders must be endorsed "Tender for Wood" and specify the price distinctly in words at, length, at so much per lOO^oun^t, or they lyilluptj be atended to.

A. MoopiE, A. C, G.

Commissariat Office, Nov. 6, 1828. COALS.-Persons desirous of furnishing for the

rise of the Troops in' Van Diemen's Land during the ensuing Year, commencing the 25th De- cember next, from Four to Five Hundred T»ns of Coals, deliverable at Hobart town, and about Fifty Tons deliverable at Launceston, are requested to transmit Tenders sealed and endorsed,'? Tender for Coals'' on or before 12 o'clock of Tuesday the 16th , December, 1828.

A. MOODIE, A.CG. Commissariat Contracts.

TENDERS for the undermentioned Contracts

to be entered into for Twelve Months, com- mencing 25th of. December, 1828, and terminating the 24th of December, lb29, will be received at 12 o'clock of Tuesday Killi of December instant.

His Majesty's Sim es, Hobart town : About 3500 pounds of Fresh Meat Weekly.

The Troops:

Fresh Meat and Bread.

Colonial Hospital, Female Factory, Male and Fe-

male Orphan Schools .

Fresh Meat, Bread, Vegetables and Milk.

.Gaol, Ships of War and Transports *

Fresh Meat, Bread and Vegetables.

Pi isnners' B irracks :


Out-sUtwus :

New Norfolk-Fresh Meat, Flour, Wheat, Meal and Vegetables.

Hollow Tree or Loner Clyde, Bothwell, Mead's Bottom, Regent's Plains, Abjssirifi, and Shannon :--Fresh Meat and Flonr, and both articles to be furnished by same Contractor.

Glenarchy, Bagdad, Brighton, Lemon Spungs, Oatlands, St. Peter's Pass, Richmond. Sorell, and Berch'a Bay :-Fresh Meat, Flour and Wheat Meal.

Oyster Bay-Fresh i\J"ai and Flour. Maria Island-lùesh Alta!.

The Bread for the Ti oops, Hospital and Schools, tobe made of Wheaten lflour, from which 20 per cent, bas been extracted ; and that for the Male and Female Prisoner* in and out of Barracks, the Gaols, Sec. from which 12 per cent, has been extracted as Bran or Pollard ; and the Flour foi the Ttoops at the Out-stations to have 20 per cent, of Bran or Pollard


The Tenders must be properly endorsed as such, and specify distinctly the price» in woids at length. the Meat, Bread, and Vegetables at so in nell per lb. and the Milk at so much per quart, and must eillici mention the name of, or be accompanied by a Letter from sume Person of known stability, who will en- gage to enter into a Bond nilli the Contractor for the due fulfilment of the Contract, othet wise they will be


Every article must he of unexceptionable' quality, ape delivered regularly in .snell quantities, <<t Ibu

several stations, where and at suc'i limes as may be lequired, free of every expense to Government, excepting the Cost Price ; and in the event of any article being rejeoteJ, the Con- tractor will be held responsible to replace the Fame ; the Commissariat having the option of purchasing und charging against the Coutraclor such ¡supplies as hu may not be prepared to furnish.

It is to be understood, that although Persons may tender to supply the whole of the JHstablisbments ui one Station, or the whole of any Contniet, jet it will be at the option of Government to accept of any part of such Tender as m y be deemed proper.

A. Moodie, A. CO. Commissariat Office, Hobai t loten,

October M, Ibà«.


IHK line f**t snilitnj first class ship _ MKRMAI1), (wi) lons, W. He». luker, Low munder, having the gri.atcr' part ol her cargo engaged at Sydne_\; will be the first ves- sel from that port to London direct. Has room for about 2J0 lons of freist flora this, and will remain

here until the lath November.

The Mciimtid ha» very superior accommodation for passengers, and cuines au experienced Surgeon ol' the Royal Navy,

For freight or passage lo Sydney or London, ap- ply to the Commander, or to

W. WILSON,-Agent.

For Freight vr Passage to


THE fine first class «hip BORNEO, _ li. .Wbichflo, Coinmandei, .will sail lor the above port iu eight di vs.

For freight or.passage apply to

JOHN KERR, Agent. Macquarie street.

T R'


ESPECTFULLY announces to the Public, that _i be h>is talven possession of that lougesiiihlifth ed and weil known House, " The But» i,v 1Ia\o," Ar&yle-streel, in wliioli he has mude considerable alterations nnj improvements. He Ins laid in a stock of Wines and Liquors of »very deooiiption of iho very best qualities, and pledges himstlf never to offer any of an inferior description. Settlers from the Country visiting Town oil business will lind every attention paid to their comfort, and oq the

most reasonable terms.

Every exertion shall be used on his, part to merit a share of the Public patronage, which be respect- fully aulichs. '


for sale

At the Stores of E. ANSTICÜ, UPERIOR linen bed ticking,

Striped cotton check.

Silk and cotton pocket handkerchiefs, Ladies' cloak* and shawls,

Denmark satin, jaconet and book muslin. Prints, calicoes, canvass,'

White and brown cotton hoiei Wonted and lamb's wool, xlo.

Superfine bine and drab trowsers, Do. blue and green surtout coats, Waistcoats, slops, blankets. Stationery, curry powder,

Salad ' oil, mustaid, "~* Best Liverpool and basket salt, Segars, whalebone,

Gunpowder and shot of all kinds.

Ladies and gentlemen's gloves, See. &c. Hobart town, Nor. 1,1828. * '


FOR Sale at the Stores of the undersigned an

assortment of SNUFFS, consisting of No.

37, Lundyfoot's, Macabau, Tonkin,Prince's Mix«

ture, and scented rappee, &c. &c.



WHEREAS, numerousJDepredatioBS have beeu

corumilted on my Farm in this District by destroying the Fences and removing Timber there from : , All Persons so trespassing after this date, wilj be proseonted. .ANN BRIDGER.

Norfolk, November 5,1828. »ill be j



AND may be entered npon immediately, those

extensive PREMISES, t'.uate at the corner of Campbell and Bathurst streets, consisting- of a brick-built DWELLING HOUSE, an excellent yard, a good 3 stall stable, and a large garden with a run- ning stream of water passing through. The House is well calculated for an Hotel, Lodging house, or Gentleman's Residence. It contains a superior kitch- en, and three cellars on the basement, four parlours on the ground-floor, a large drawing room, and three other rooms on the first Qoor, and four bed rooms on the attic. Possession may be had ut Christmas.

Apply to Dr. Westbrook.

Fresh Arrivals.


' * Elizabeth Street,

BEGS to inform the public, that in addition to

his last advertisement he has received the fol-

lowing goods, which he ii enabled to supply, either wholesale or retail, ou the roost moderate terms; viz.

Rice in bags,

India calico, 5-4ths wide, in pieces of 20 yards, Fine Sidney Cheese, by llie cwt.

S ti pul line foolscap paper, by the ream,

Taylor's double brown stout, per hogshead, Fine Sydney lemons, b3 the doz. ' Rose Cork butter, per firken,

Unbleached drill tiOw«ers, ^c. &.c.

A credit of tinee months will be given to par chasers of ¿Oh and upwards, on approved lulls.


A four-oared GIG, copper fastened, with a set of

new sails, and in complete repair. Three months credit will be given. Apply at (he Courier

1 Office.


A T the Black Mardi, 1 Poland strawberrv'heifer.

J-$¿ hranded oro« 11 on near hip, MC above, and JW on oft' hip, I grey' steer, TI 011 near hip; I black heifer, ,\\W. "" 1,car '"'ar nlP» R" above; I black hcilWfbriiîuVd ß on near tide ; three heifers bran led'IK. on' near thigh; I heifer, branded T. If not tala 11 away on or before November I3tli, they will be sold to defiav cxpen-ei.

\\. A. BRODRIBB, Jw«. Oct. 10,1820. Puundkecpei.


AT tho Ho'low 'Ji/c, Bothwell District. October

. 18,1328, One grey Steer, about 12 month* old. brand ùniuiellrgtbii'.

One brown and »bite Heifer, branded S on near flank, and some oth-r letter unintelligible.

One ¡jrey Co \, no brand visible.

One black Heifer about l8 months old, willi-a, vvbito spot on forehead, no brand visible.

Elicit Ewes und one Ram with left esr off, and a piece sloped out ol front of right, firebrauded R on nejir side of face, I on the off, and X ou forehead.

If the above are not claimed, and expenses paid within twenty one days, train the 1st November, thev mil be sold at the pound to defray the same on the 2dd November.1 '


_ Vi hu I keeper.


AT Oatlands a red and while Poland bull, brand-

ed EL on tin" iienriiiuip, a hl««c» steer, with a large while star on his fnuhen I, branded AR on the near thigh, a slit lieiiinrl tlie lett ea-, a giey nod white steer, bianded 'Iii <»i l'ii- ueir rump, a vvLite cow with brown aputt, "v.i il<. iX'ic bland on the near rump, with a yearliii" ste.ii calf at her side, nht branded, tind a white steer willi o ,'ck cheeks, branded +W 'on the near rump, half di« loit ear olf, aud a soollop out of the back of the «ight.

If the abov e are not claimed, taken away, and ex- penses paid within 21 days from this dule, lliey will be sold on ihelOtli November next, at the pound', to defray lue same. ' 'r ' ' r " '

JAMES M ACKERS Y, . Wallace, Oct. 20,1828. Poundkècptr.