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Family Notices

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n c-drr to guard aralnst Imposition, Birth,

In order to guard against i anti In Mcmoriam Notices mtirt t 3jVntlcal"<) hy some reputable person to c- rire th'ir liEcrtion.)

Birth. U-rriiRO, Dcjth, Burcirement, In Memo

i am, and Funeral Notices, up to C lines. 3/;

cttra lm«> a' M.

To Mnrd against o tor. aJ^'lisrs are requested

to write all sam« clearly io block letters.


ABBOTT ("me I'Vic Ni\on).-On the 2Sih Octo  

ber, at st Helen's private hospital, Lewisham road.   '« r"r to Mr arid Mrs. Ronald Abbott. Elwood a daughter (Judith Lee).

COLLES-On SOtli October, at Windermere. 646

fí°strVà, Armadale, to Mr. and Sith. C. II. A.

t/v-a eon

SHEERAN.-At Charlton private hospital, on October 27, to Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Sheeran, 2 Vista Road, Brighton Beach -a daughter.


PETZKE - MOODY.-On the 5th of September, 1930, by the Rev. Canon Birch, at St. John's   Church of England, Echuca, Frederick William, younger son of the late J. A. and Mrs. Petzke, Echuca to Gwendolyn R. elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Moody, Yackandandah.  

REID-WELSH.-[Golden Wedding.]-At Second Boardmills Presbyterian Church, by Rev. Alexan  

der Dobbyn, on October 29, 1880, Hugh younger

la oi the hie Holvrt and Mary Held, to Anna. daughter of the late John and Margaret Welsh, ( County Down. Ireland. (Present address, Man I, rim")


ANDERSON -On th» 1st November, at Embank, Canterbury=tnct, Flemington Captain David   Anderson belo»ed husband of the late Catherine,   and knlrg tuber of Fmilv  

ARMSTRONG-On the 1st November, Frederick Joseph mstrong of bum.} road, South "Voira,     beloved uland of Teresa, and loiing father of     ( ia (Mr t.olbi) Stanlev, Frederick, Walter, (, O It i (dec as d) aged C1 years.

ARMSTRONG-On the 1st November, at Mel- bourne Hvpltil Iilcon (li dearl} loved eddcat   daughter of irthiii and Clara Armstrong, of 193   ] p>UI road last Cimbei««11, and loving 6lster i Ila ipi \rtlnir aged 33 j cars

AULD-On the 1st November, 1930 at his resi- dence, No.1 O'Hea street, Coburg, Maurice James   (Jim), the dearly beloved husband of Ada Cathe-          

rine Auld, loving father of Teanle, Ada, Vera (Mrs James) Maurice, and Graham, aged 62 years. - Rest in peace.  

AULD- On the 1st November, at his residence, No. 1 O'Hea road Coburg, Maurice, eldest son of the   late Hugh and Mary Auld, loved brother of Amelia   (Mrs. White, Sydney), Archibald (deceased), Mary, Christina, Hugh, and William, aged 62 years.  

- Rest in peace.

BARNES-On the 1st November. at her resi

dence ft Drinan road Camberwell, Miry Ann,   dearly 1 Mned si'tcr of William (deceived). Annie     illre 1> Montan deceased) Clan (Mrs. .1 Cart ) fpil nu» (deceased), Ada (deceased), and Arthur (dtcea^d) (I mate interment ) - \tn.»l  

BARNES.-On the 1st November, 1930, at her residence, 30 Brinsley road, Camberwell, Mary     Ann, the loving sister of Esther (deceased), William   (deceased), Annie (deceased), Clara (Mrs. J.     Cartledge), Ada (deceased), and Arthur (dec- ceased). (Private interment.) -Safely home.      

BOLINGBROKE.-On the 31st October, at 378 Dandenong road, Malvern East, Rosina, relict of the late Charles Edward Bolingbroke, aged 81 years. (Privately interred at Healesville, 1st November.)      

BOOKER.-On the 1st November at her resi-

dence, Charles street Cheltenham, Mary Ann, the     dearly beloved wife of Charles Edward, and loving       mother of Nellie (Mrs. G. Gibson), Mabel (Mrs. Hutchings), Harold (A.I.F., deceased), and Ruby       (Mrs. N. Brown), aged 72 years. -Peace, perfect  


TOSSE-On the list October at ho» uga Mrs Martha I <*e loi M «Wer ot Man (Mr* Graham,  

Millicent.) and Ri«t»r In hi» of Will, alio the " aunt of lean Jack, and Jim  

BREEN -On the 1st November, at her residence, I W n street Bricht Ac,nes Cairncross;, wife of i » lal» P J Breen much loved mother of Tom, i i T Joe , Angus and l'a Idi

BRIGDEN -On the 2nd Noicmber, 11K), nt 26 3 frfl Hex Hill Man the loi >d »life of. the

ip James liri}, len fTmcrh of HrlRhtoii, and " "i mother et lam"- Winifred (dicoased»  

' ~-th» l>aud (deeused), and Frank, aged 73


BROOKS-on 21st Octck r it her residence '.> Chomley sire»t, lraliran sophh, ulfe of the :it» TI 1 ard Brooks lmnig and mtieh loved mother

' I'mi (Mr« Uil r) It isle (Mrs I,ong), i ilium (|ceei"d> Nellie an! Ihisv (deceased)

interred Saturday, Noicmber 1 ) -When I survey

S» « ndrou- Cres-" ,

BROOKS-On the 31st OclciVr at her residence.,   Chornliy Kre^tast Prahrar Viplila loi ed grind  

mothir ni /Tarn T m, «? m, Frrd (d«ceas<ld), -idle (Mrs. r Ilir I ), Halei (Mrs \ Smith),

lrrh»r 1) ft Soph (Mi« (.lui am) Winne Long, ¡Vi I ) (blurred November 1 ) -Loves only gift


BUCKLEY-On the I-f Nov<mb«r, at Ins rc»i dence M îrshall street lianhoe, Athel Hcrlxrt  

darly loved luslanl of hathlftn Buckle», and       beloved f-n cf ilUn hno\ and the late Agnes    


CAMPBELL-On the lst Noicmber. at lui. late residence M icer road Mähern, William Richard     Gray dear!» Vbiej husband of Ada, and lo»lng

father of Olive \da (Mrs Itodd) W lill mi V linn   (Mrs Mllott) Ins (deceased), Hazel (deceased) lue and Jean -The long da} closes

DESMOND-On tlK 31st October (suddenly), at I'-ibran llcnr» William, the dearl} belo»od hus- band of Ma» Josephine Desmond, oí i Queui s iiuie Sandringham, loiing father of John, Fran cis Harold, Fleaior. Glad}s Norman, and Am Irte late of Victorian Hallwa}», aged 6S jcars.


DUNCAN-On the 2nd November, at his resi

dence 1 Cerfnidi. street, Preston, Robert Dnncan, dearly 1 lo ed h'i«band of Rub}, aged 5S Har«,  

it AIF  

GERRAND-On the 2nd November at Novar Hospital, Ballarat, Robert, dearly loved husband of Mary Jane,

Loved father of Russell, Keith, Cliff, Nancy and Vera, of 79 Stanhope Street, Malvern, aged 68 years.        


GIBSON tn'i Den« Iii)-On the 1st Novcniber, *? at Lanark lurae» Gl> Canlcibur} road illildk     Park Fih'l \cnet. dearl} loved wife of A F  

Gibson Illira on!» dauthter of Mat} and the ' C1 irks Donn Iii of Bendigo, anil loving

»r ( Charles and 1.C0 Donneil» R.I V.

GIBSON -On the 1st November, at Lanark, 58 Canterbury road, Middle 1'nrk, rthel Agnes, the lived life ol Alexander, and loving daughter

Mrs Mary Drmn»!l» (rrivatelv interred ikl oun e General Cemeti n )

HESKETH - Oh the 29th October at Deviot Tasmania, Leoi ird Vrlhnr, loitd husbind of   1/7 and young»«t son of the late Rei Wickham Mayer Hr.krtl M \, of Billrnell, Tasmanh  

HITCHCOCK-On the 1st Noicmbu, at prliale hospital Ti>t Mai (rn Fknnct Annii nido«  

of the latí M illiarn Hitchcock ddrli loi ed moth r I V> Ulam h 11 reme (Mi* Tatham, deceased) I abe (Mrh «,(, , j,,» rjeoilre». ai 1 1 nile (Mr» i Meljr i) a d lo»<d gr.nimi « i J. i. Marjorie I''ni Ulric tim nn I Hrian -Our little mothar

peacefully f] p,IC:  

ICK-On th IKt 0 toter, at the residence ».

his daughter (Mr« D ! Whitton), \rue>ld sliut, Bendigo Josp)h deirh hird husband cf the   1 I H rl ara la Im ig lath r of ihn rile. Maggie

'lr Cf ali Xarragfn) Violet (Mrs Robert«  

Ins) Ruby (Mia Mattlutte l.eelom,), and Grace (Mrs Whitton) aged P5}(ars -1'iato, pel

fect peace.

JACKSON.- On the 1st November, at the Re- patriation Hospital, Caulfield, John (late lieut.     Indian Army Reserve, and late Wireless Squadron,     A.I.F.), dearly beloved husband of Margaret Ethel   Jackson, of Dalhousie, No. 23 Molesworth street,    

Coburg, and loving father of Doris and Peggy, also loved brother of Harry and Mary Morton and     George, and loved uncle of Doris, aged 48 years.       At rest.

KAVANAGH.- On the 1st November, Sarah Ann, the dearly beloved wife of William John Kavanagh,    

of Nar-nar-goon, loving mother of Bernard and         Mary (Mrs. V. Watkins), aged 50 years. - Re-  

quiescat in pace.  

KIRWIN.- On the 1st November, at the Mel-

bourne Hospital, William John Kirwin, Merbein,     loved father of William John. - At rest.  

LADD. -On the 3rd November, 1930, of 48 Price

street, Essendon, Charles Richard Barrett Ladd,           beloved husband of Vera, and loving father of         Charles, Ida, Phyllis, and Albert, aged 35 years. - R.I.P.

MULCARE. –On the 1st November, at his resi-        

dence, Illoura, Clyde, Michael, the dearly beloved                

husband of Bridget Frances Mulcare, and loving         father of Mary, Margaret (Mrs. Brady), James,         Philip (deceased), Thomas, and Leo, aged 74 years.            

May his soul rest in peace.        

McCREDDEN. - On the 29th October, at his    

residence, Beulah East, William John, beloved             husband of Margaret Ann, loving father of John            

(killed in action), Thomas, Percy, Bert (killed         in action), Ern (killed in action), Hugh, Arthur. Ed, Myrtle (Mrs. A. Grant), Frank, Stan, and   Arch, aged 68 years. - R.I.P.      

PAYNE. -On the 1st November, at 95 Charles

street, Ascotvale, Frederick, loving husband        

of Ellen, and father of Annie, Ethel, May, Charlie,

Elsie, aged 97 years. -At rest (Privately in-   terred, No flowers and mourning, by request.)

PLANNER. -On the 2nd November, at 9 Bon- view road, Malvern, Marjorie Elizabeth, dearly   beloved s»eon I i iine/ht dnn.hUr of t.ioigiiu uni  

I i lal Willi mi limier an 1 bied »I. ter of (,o ri.e Olli , U<n and li i am 1 11 vi ir

PULLIN-On the 2oth Oetoler IMP lllriluh Pullin loiiij »i|f, of hu It W Tullin Nil ulla

nd fond onlv sister of Hann ih (\lr> Ulirt   lUiker ^atha]la) -peace \eifect peaie

PULLIN -On the 2Cth Ovtoher T» û pansi 1 Peacefyllu filli anjv at her hilo urldene Nittulli Mrs elisabeth I'lillln hied aunt ii Nihii (Mn T I James Grahamvale) - U rsl  

REID-On Noieinlxr, al I iCMdeiiee   of his Fist r (Mr» Vhetki), No 11 I pt m loud Windsor lluifh Dovvuih seioi ! liest son ot tin «le James and 'mile 11.11 and liloud brothel of John Jeanie (deinasid) Mai}, Smile, (do ceased), Mini uni Mi Ire vi (No lion n)

RICHARDSON-On the ui N ». inlet, ut his daughters re siileni,, Ni IO Oil milo strut II imp     'on Thomas James di in h leloveil htisbini! <l Alma ta 11 rtlu ltd hard« vii mid loi ed fith r ot

Alma Dorl» Cecil and Merle, agi d IO }curs.

A lut kui bull ni at rest

ROBERTSON-On th ¿tul NovemUi, u prlviito nesplta! Oeurfcliu I Hein, tin ileuili bloiel voiuost duightir of tlcorte uni Mimi Hil rlson fl« Iloiiltlhtrc | \ni), "(" slM,ii, nll| |, iou,|

¡j»l roj Mirtlo (Mrs \\ link) \ni(Mit 1 11 Hurph») and Uirtthv, nore ) |7 nais -\t nsl

n ., iATH,r<?n tll|V lKt Ntvcinlm, ni tim Mfitd

' fl' ¡'I. llrrbcrt Wl||luui I iii ve] son ol Mi

Ai'? W.' ""M Sl"»'l> u' 1» Hi Hu \Un


SPARRE.-On the 2nd November, at his resi- dence, No. 11 Gillies street, Fairfield, Frederick Rudolph Sparre, the dearly beloved husband of Elizabeth Ann, and loving father of Frances, William, Frederick (deceased), Elsie (Mrs. A. F. Bartley), Polly (Mrs H. A. Uruce, Cootamundra), and Ida, aged 67 years. -At rest.

SPEAKMAN.-On the 1st November, at 36 Byron street, South St. Kilda, Thomas George Carr, be- loved husband of Minnie Speakman, and loving father of Gwen.

STRATTON. — On the 1st November, 1930, at her residence, 12 Illawarra road, Hawthorn, Mary Elizabeth Dalrymple, the dearly loved wife of Alexander, and loved mother of Norton, Myrtle (Mrs. I. O'Sullivan), Della (Mrs. A. McLean), Thomas, Clifford (Moe), Hilda, and Percy, and grandmother of Dorothy, Betty, and Norman, and loving sister of Mrs. Hart (Oakleigh) and W. Wright (Ararat), aged 55 years. — A patient

sufferer at rest.

TAITE.-On the 1st November, ot Swan Hill, Hawthorne James, beloved husband of Ivy Taite.

TAITE.-On the 1st November, at Swan Hill, Hawthorne James Taite, dearly beloved brother of Waller, Mary, and Madge Talto. -Rest in


WALSH.-On the 2nd November, at his residence, 11 Charles street, Richmond, Patrick John, relict of the lato Susan Walsh, and lo\ing father of John. William, Stella, Irene (Mrs. Bent), Victor, and the late Percival, aged 76 yoar6. A colonist of 50 years. -R.I.P. A patient sufferer at rest

WALTON.-On the 31st October, at Melbourne, Harold Livingstone Walton, the beloved brother of Edith (Mrs. D. B. Muir) and Mabel Walton, aged 60 years. (Interred privately Coburg Cemelerv, 1st


WORLEDGE.—On the 1st November, 1930 (after   a brief illness), Kathleen Ellen Wiffen Worledge, youngest daughter of the late Samuel and Elizabeth Worledge, Combs, Stowmarket, Suffolk, England, loved friend of Mrs. W. McKenzie, Westbury street.

East St. Kilda.


On Active Service.

BIGGS.-In fondest remembrance of our dear son and brother. Aston James, Q.M.S., Nc*w Zealand Anny Service Corps, who died in France on the 3rd November, 1P1S. -A cherished memory. (In- serted by his loving mother, sisters, and bro-


BUGG.-In loving memory of our dear son, Driver Arthur William Bugg (an Anzac), of the 12th A.A.S.C., who died at Eg}pt on November 2, 1915, aged 20 jean, and D months; brother of Ernest, Alice, Florence, and Lilian. -A sacrifice on the altar of service. Peace, perfect peace. (Inserted by his parents. 3 Martin road. South Camberwell.) ,

PEART.-In affectionate remembrance of our dear son and brother, Major W. A. Reginald Peart, graduate of Royal Military College, Duntroon, who died in France 3rd Nov ember, 1917. (In- serted by his loving parents, tisters, and bro- thers. Moonee Ponds )

PEART.-In loi ing remembrance of my dear nephew. Major William Andrew Reginald Peart, 4th Battery, 2nd F.A.B., graduate Royal Military College, Duntroon, who died on 3rd November, 1.117. from wounds received in France. (Inserted by M.B.)

ROYLE.-In loving memory of my dear brother, Robert Royle, killed in action. 3rd November, 1916, loving son of Mrs. Beck, Keilor road. Essendon. (Inserted by hls loving sister, Barbara.)

ALLEN. - To the honoured memory of Mr. Richard Allen, who passed away at Macedon, Mon- day, November 4, 1929. -He still lives in the hearts of the many who Ioved and respected him.

BATES.-In loving memory of my dear mother, who passed away 2nd November, 1915; also dear father, November S, 1902. -Ever remembered. (Inserted by their loving daughter, E. M. Bates, Bates street. East Malvern.)

BURGESS.-In loving memory of our dear Ber- nard, who died Not ember 3, 1920. -R.I.P. (In- serted hy father, mother, brothers, and sisters.)

CARTER.-In loving remembrance of George Carter, who passed away at his residence, 4 Howitt road. Caulfield, on November 3, 1921, beloved hus- band of Mary, loved father of Belle (Mrs. Twad dell), George, Hilda, and Tom.

CLAPHAM. - In loving memory of our dear father, John William, who passed away on the 2nd November, 1922; also our dear mother, Eliza- beth, who passed away on the 28th February, 1912. -Too dearly loved to ever be forgotten. (Inserted by Ethel, Gertie, Dort,)

COLLIS (Ve Long).-In loving memory of Ada F. G. Collis, dearly loved elster and aunt of Mabel and Phyllis Long, who died November 3. 1914. (In- serted by her loved ones, 10 Fulton street, Kost st. Kilda.)

DAVIDSON.-In loving memory of my dear hus- band. David Strang, who was shot .it St, Kilda on 2nd November (Cup Day), 192").

God wanted another gem for His crown,

A jewel of priceless worth;

God said to the angels as He looked down,

I'll take one of the be*t on earth.

-(Inserted by his loving wife, H. Davidson.)

DAVIDSON.-In loving memory of my dear dad, who was shot at St. Kilda on 2nd November (Cup Day), 1920.

Everybody loved him,

He was always kind and true; Laughing at his troubles.

And a smile for all he knew.

-(Inserted by his loving daughter, Itube.)

DAVIDSON.-In loving memory of my dear dad, who was shot at St. Kilda on Clip Day; 1920. -I miss you just as much as ever. One of the best fathers ever lived. (Inserted by his loving daughter. Annie.)

DIXON.-In loving memory of our darling mother. Jane Dixon, who passed way on 3rd November, 1929, at Chelsea; also our dear father, George Dixon, who passed away al Hastings, August 28, 1907.

you left liehind some aching hearts

That loved you so sincere.

That never have and never will

Forget you, mother and father dear.

-(Inserted by loving daughters. Jane and


EDWARDS.-In loving memory of our darling baby, Alison Maude Mary, who passed away at Upper Beaconsfield on November 3, 1929. -In God's care. (Inserted by her loving father and mother, Allen and Ann.)

EDWARDS. —In loving memory of our dear son and brother, George, who passed away at Rich- mond on November 8, 1929.

In memory a constant thought. In heart a silent sorrow.

-(Inserted by hi» loving father, mother, sister, and brother, 76 Ciemome street, Richmond.)

GODFREY.-In loving memory of our dear son ami brother, Thomas Herbert (Bert), who died from Injuries on November 3, 1928.

In memory a constant thought,

In heart a silent sorrow.

—(Inserted by his loving parents, sister, and


HALL. —In loving memory of my dear mother, who passed away at Oakleigh, 3rd November, 1928, —Ever rememberedd. (Inserted by her loving daughter, Nellie.)

MAYSTON_A tribute of love to the memory of our dearly loved son and brother, Syd (late 29th Battalion, A.I.F.), who passed to a higher life on the 3rd November, 1923. -Loved In lifo, honoured in death, tieasured in memory.

MAYSTON_In fond mid loving memory of our dear brother. Svd, who passed away on November 3, 1923. -Remembrance. (Inserted by his loving brother and sistcr-in-law, Les and


MCCALLUM.-In sad and loving memorv of my, dear wife. Madge, who passed away on November] 3, 1929, at Albert Park. (Inserted by her loving

husband, leonard C. Mccallum.)  

McCOY.-In loving memory of our dear brother. James, who passed awav at Richmond November 2, 1925. (Inserted by Will and Relia, East Kew.)

MCPHAIL.-In loving memory of dear mother, who died at Essendon November 3, 1928, aged 96 years.

God saw that she was weary, And softly whispered, rest.

-(Inserted by her loving daughter, Annie.)

MCPHAIL.-In loving memory of my dear mother, who passed away at Essendon on Novem- ber 3, 1928. (Inserted by her loving daughter, Agnes.)

McPHAIL.-In loving memory of my dear mother, who passed away on the 3rd November,


Not gone from memory, not gone from love,   But gone to her Father's home above; Rest with the Saviour, sweetly rest, I miss you most who alone am left.

-(Inserted by her loving daughter, Nellie, Car-

lyle street, Essendon.)

McPHAIL.-In loving memory of my dear   mother, who passed away on 3rd November, 1928. -Ever remembered. (Inserted by her loving daughter, C. Bennett.)  


ANDERSON.-                                       DAVID Will I.mj\ «ill imlve at tin. M 1 bourne i. i ni Cuntorv, Carlton, llllb 1>V\  

(Monday id NovemUi) li 12 13 p ni I      

A.\ M FIGHT 1U LID Cent 110 U Hnci)  

ARMSTRONG,-Tin I rim Is of Mr and Mrs   *?»? Vin ULK ARMSTRONG arc Informed thit Hw remains el their eldest eliughter, will he mun. 1 In the Box Hill Cciutteij

llio funu ii is npi olnto 1 to move trim th !r Uhlliiuc No 195 Riversdale I ist ( m t oi

well THIS DAY (Mouin, 3rl Soviiiilxi» it . Jil p ni | mutual! v

\\ 0 UP") VNDSOSSin III), 2u9 Lons dale htret-t, cltv Iel 11113 (3 Miks)

ARMSTRONG 1 rlends rt tho lulo Ml

FREDERICK I VltMs,ntOMI are inhnmd     thit lil» rein lina «111 be Intutrd in tin. Veropolis


Ih< funsrti will m vo from the resl I nee of his sisti r (Mis Mihin/le) tiS Voil itreet I'riliran TUN DAY. (Mondiy SoiHiiib i u) at 1 >0 j in

II MATHEWS ITV Lil), lun ni Dlriil re,         Toorak io iel V uth 'Varra md bruni es _

,» j«. .» viv i ii - r i ii nut» in mi' mu1 m i \.iro

ANNWORTH aie usnulfully invlteJ to Mlovv   his u ni lins to the Ileidelbtig (mu. te it

lh> funeral 1» appoint d lo Have hu, lesldu e 10 Dnllev strut, Voithiotc, THIS DAY (Mutl.iv Jnl Novemhei) at - p m

lil Mt\ J li L1WIS Lmlrtiikii -MT High 'street, Northeot ITS, High slicit U "till \jt

1M1 I hone JIOj«


AULD.- The Friends of the late Mr. MAURICE

JAMES (Jim) AULD are respectfully notified that his funeral will leave his residence, No. 1 O'Hea street, Coburg, THIS DAY (Monday, 3rd November, 1930), at 1 p.m., for the Fawkner Ceme-


CHAS. P. FRILAY, Funeral Director, 28 Blyth street (near Sydney road), Brunswick; also Mel- bourne. 'Phone Bwk. 446.

BRIGDEN.-The Friends of the late Mrs. 5IARY

BRIGDEN are invited to follow her tcmains to the Williamstown Cemetery.

The funo'al will leave No. 20 Ros-: street. Box Hill, THIS DAY (Monday, 3rd November), at 2


LE PINF. and SON, Funeral Directors. Head office, 'phone J14Ü.

BUCKLEY.-The Friends of the late ATHEL

HERBERT BUCKLEY are respectfully In- formed that his funeral will leave IiIb residence, 35 Marshall street. Ivanhoe, THIS DAY (Mon- day, 3rd November), at 10.-15 a.m., for the place of interment, in tb« Heidelberg; Cemetery.

TAYLOR and ,SON, Funeral Directors, ofllce, * 'phone Heidelberg '55.

BUCKLEY.-The Officers and Members of the

Eaglemont Lodge, No. 353, A.F. and A. Masons and Croft in general are respectfully invited to follow the remains of their respected brother, ATHEL HERBERT BUCKLEY, to tim Heidelberg Cemetery.

The funeral will leave his residence, 33 Marshall street. Ivanhoe, THIS DAY* (Monday, 3rd Novem- ber), at 10.43 a.m.. arriving alt cemetery gates at 11 o'clock.

J. W. niRST. W.M.

J. F. MORRIS, P.S.G.D., Secretary. TAYLOR and SON. Funeral Directors.

BOOKER.-The Friends of Mr. CHARLES

EDWARD BOOKER are respectfully invited to follow the remains of lils dearly beloved wife. Mary Ann, to the place of interment, the Chel- tenham Cemetery.

The funeral will leave his residence, Charles street, Cheltenham, THIS DAY (Monday. 3rd November), al 3 o'clock.

W. I). ROSE and SON, Undertakers, Charolan road. Cheltenham. 'Phone Chelt. 42.

CAMPBELL.-The Friends ot the late Mr.

WILLIAM RICHARD GRAY CAMPBELL aro informed that his remains will be interred in tile Brighton Cemetery.

The funeral Is appointed to move from his residence. No. S Mercer road, Malvern, THIS DAY' (Monday, 3rd November), at 12 o'clock.

W. 0. API'S AND SONS PTY. LTD., fat. Kilda. Thone Windsor 71.

CAMPBELL.-United Grand Lodge of Free and

Accepted Masons of Victoria.-Past and -pre- sent Members are invited lo attend the funcial of our late esteemed R.W. Brother WILLIAM RICHARD (¡RAY CAMPBELL, Past Senior Grand Warden, to the place of interment, the Brighton Cemetery

The funeral will leave his residence. No. S Mercer road. Malvern, THIS DAY (Monday, 3rd November), at 12 o'clock, and arrive at the cemc tory at half-past 12.

W. G. APPS and SONS, Funeral Dil colors.

DESMOND.-The Friends of the late Mr. HENRY

WILLIAM DESMOND are informed that his remains will be interred in the Cheltenham Ceme- tery.

The funeral will leave his residence, 4 Qu"en's square. Sandringham, THIS DAY (Monday, 3rd November), at 10 a.m.

DRAYTON and CARSON, Undertakers. 215 High street, Malvern, and Windsor. Tel. U122S.

DUNCAN.-The Friends of the late Mr. ROBERT

DUNCAN aro informed that his remains will be Interred In the Strathallan Cemetery.

The funeral will leave his residence, 1 Gertrude street, Preston, THIS DAY (Mond«, 3rd Novem- ber), at 4 p.m.

J. FERGUSON and SON. Funeral Dircctnts, 712 High street. Thornbury (Tel. JW3037); 140 John- ston street. Collingwood. _

GERRAND.-The Triends oi the lite ROBERT  

GERRAND, of 79 stanliopi strc-t. Malvern, arc respectfully-Invited to follow his remain» to the place of interment in Cheltenham Cemetery.

The funeral w11! leave the Church of Christ, Malvern, at 2 p.m. THIs DAY.


ANNIE HITCHCOCK aro informed that 1«.

funeral will arrive at the Cheltenham Cemetery THIS DAY (Monday), -at 2.30 p.m.

RAYBOUI.DS, Funeral Directors, opposite sta- tion'. Malvern. 'Phone U1427.

______________________ ( JACKSON.-The Friends of the lat» Mr. JOHN

JACKSON (late lieutenant, Indian Army Re- serve and A.I.I''.) are iufurmed that his ( will leave his résidence, Dal .ons'e. Nr>. 23 Moles worth street. Coburg, Till» DAY (Mmidiy), at 2 o'rloek p.m., tor inteiment in the New Mel- bourne Cemetery, Fawkner, arriving at 213.

RAYBOULDS, Funeral Director«. 290 Glenhuntly road. Elsternwick. 'Phone L5567._ JACKSON.-Letchworth Lodges No. KO, A.A.

and F.M., of Victoria.-Offlcers and Brethren of the above Lodge and the Craft In general arc respectfully invited to follow the remains of our esteemed Brother JOHN JACKSON to their labt resting place, in the New Melbourne Cemetery,


The funeral is appointed to leave his late rtfl dence, Dalhousie, No. 23 Molesworth sticet, Coburg, THIS DAY (Monday), at 2 p.m, arriving at cemc tcry al 2.15.

S. 11. S. PA LEARD, MasR't. P. Ij. MILL, Serreturv.

KAYBOULDS)«, Funeral Dlriclor», Elsternwick. 'Phone ir>VJ7._


KAVANAGH, of Nar-nar-goon, arc infoimed that the remains of his htc beloved wife. Sarah Ann, will be interred in the Fawkner Cemetery.

The funeral will move from St. .To-eph's Ronnn Catholic Church, Fitzgerald street, South Yarra, THIS DAY" (Mondav, November 3), at 1 p.m.

B. MATTHEWS PTY. LTD.. Funeral Directors, Toorak road. South Yarri; and branches._

LADD.-The Friends of the late Mr. CHARLES

RICHARD B. LADD are respectfully Invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, the Coburg Cemetery.

The funeral will leave his late residence, 46 Price street. Essendon, THIS DAY (Monday, 3rd November, 1930), at 4 o'clock.

JOSEPH ALLISON, Funeral Direet/vr, comer Leslie road and Buckley street, Essendon. Tel. KU10r>2.

MULC\Rh-Tho Friends of the lal« Mr

MICHAEL MULO VUE are re«pcctfulls noll  

fitd that his funeral «111 leave In» residewe. Illoura. Olvdo, THIS DAY (Monda.», 3rd Noum bcr), at 10 am, and proceed to Sit Bridget's Church, Gisborne, «hero the usual praiers will bo said at 2 SO o'clock, then to plue of Interment in the Gisborne Cometer»

WILLIAM J. GARN \R, Funeral Din-ctor 10 Walker street, Dandenong 'Phono Daud oOS

PLANNER - The Friends of Mn> GKORGINV

PLANNER are ¡nfé>rnied that the f in'cral of her belo»ed daughter, Marjorb 1 lizabeth, will leaie her residence, No 9 firm»lev road. Mai

»ern, IHlb DAY (Mondai), at 145 pm, for In term« nt in the Brighton Ccnieter}, arrlilng 10 past 4

RAYBOfLDS. I un ral nireebu«, orpo«lt« eta tioii Malvón 'Phone I 1127_

REID-I nends of the hto Mr IU'OH DOWNFS

kfllJ me iiifoiinetl that his remains will bo interred lu Ih Neerepolis, Spnnginlc

Hie funeral will pre-eed bv mortuary train, lulim; Priue 's llrlilg! slidon, Till-, 1>\\ (Mon lllV, N'ovellUer u), j 1 .0 | 111

i 11 M\rrni'«-> PI\. LTD, Innenl Director«,

I Toorak run) gouth itnri, and hr inches _

RICHARDSON'-OV-Hie I ri nils of the late- Mr

THOMAS JWll-i IlKHUtlViUN ir. most re isieelfiilli miite-,1 tu Kilo« lil* r mains to the. I place (I iiiteiimnt, the lVornndin Cometen, I hew

The muerai will 1« ne lils iliughtir s residence

1-10 Orlmdu street II milton, Hill DAi (Mondi},

I 3rd Non ml ir), it 1 Al p ni

J MON Mini si'mid'.UN I ndertil-r« Cirpen 1 ter stn el Hilgh ou l'hoif M li 2_

ROBERTSON -The Frlimk of Mr and Mr»  

ROBERTSON are rsiedfulli Invited   I to follow tin lenuiiiih if Unir eleni» beloved

vunibist binghi)r, Oorglna Liben, to the plie> | f InUrnunt tlu 1 ii Wr Cemeteri

I lh< luneril will leen tlulr resident*, 37 Howitt Noithcot« »nu'h, THIS DAY (Mondn, 3rd Noninbei) at hill past I o clock

Jt ROBSON, Innen! Director, eimer Bruni wick strut mid St Oeorge e roid, North FII¿to} 1,1.1 hon IW.H'i_

SNEATH -Friends of Mr and Mn. Bl min      

HENRY\ SM.vriI are informed tint the re-   mullí ut th li latí be lo» id son. »illicit William, will be liiUrrul lu tin Necropolis, Sprlnginle

Hie mm nil will molt fruin 11 Mathews ptj

LUI moituurv i impel, Toorak road Ninth Yarra, Tills DAY.\ (Mondi\, November 3), at 11 iii

11 MM IHLWs PIT nil. Fun ral Dlrecton., T »irak rond Vijth îurri uni brinches

SPARRE -Hie I Hinds of the lib niFDLltlCh

11 M' U1R1Î ne rcs.rrttulli inilled to follow liln lemnlns to the pliec of interim nt In the Mnpparton (enieter}

The fuiuiiil Ih appointed to moie trom the Shupirlon lalhini siution To monow Cltie¡,,|ii), ou iiirlia) of the li 30 i m hain fict« Mdlwtiriie

M.I ItHi U.tLHiV, nmeriil Dlrectot Uiliib, iV>|\, Uifton lilli Vlion» .IWVWb


SPEAKMVS -The Tnend« of the lite THOMVS  

G.C. SPEAKMAN ore informed that hi     fmeril vvil' leive % Bvron stret So ith St hildi Jills MY (Mondlv 3r I Novcmlcr) at ! p ra for the Brighton Cemetery

V A SLEIGHT PTY LTD, St Kilda 1 hone


STRATTON are invited to follow the remains   of his loved wife Mary to the Burwood Ceme-  


The funeral is appointed to leave his residence,               12 Illawarra road, Hawthorn, THIS DAY (Monday   November 3, 1930), at 2 p.m.    

LE PINE and SON, Funeral Directors. Head            

office, 'phone J1441.   WVLSH-The líenla of tie 1 te Mr »' PATRICK JOHN Yv \I>1I ire re pettf illv In vited to follow lis remaii s to ti place ct in ferment ti c M Ibouri e General C metei} Cirl


Tile fuieral will luve lis lite r*sldtce 11 Charles street Itichmon 1 Till«- 1>VY (Mondaj, the "rd November), it Opm

HERBERT KING and bONs Lndertakers Un

not street Richmond 1316°_ WORLEDGE -Ile Frinls of the late Ml^S '* IvVTIILLIN ILLLN Will IN WORLEDGE are invited lo folio v her remains to tie Bo\ Hill Cenietcrv

II c funeial is ppoinl I to lciv<- her late home ti e rtsldencc 31 Mr W Melvenzi UiiLrlev Court di Westbury streit last st Hil ia THIS DAY   (Mondlv rd November) it 10 30 Jin

LE UNI and SON Funenl Dite tors Head

office phone 11441_ THE COLUMBARIUM, Box Hill Cemetery. - Spaces in this beautiful edifice available for       Cremation Ashes, wall spaces for Urns and Tablets,   floor cells for Caskets. Particulars all undertakers,   or secretary, Cemetery, Box Hill, Tel. WX1229.