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ON Wednesday last the Return Match between the 4th Regiment and the Aus- tralian Club, was played an the Race Course, in the presence of one of the

largest and gayest assemblages we have ever seen on such an occasion ; His Excel-   lency the Governor honored the match with his presence, and was pleased to ex- press himself much pleased with the play on both sides.   The result of the match will be seen by   our list subjoined - namely, the Military beat the Club by nearly the same odds that the former lost the first match. The   result we attribute to the Military having practised a good deal, and the Club having indulged in a very unpardonable, laziness since the last contest. The bowling of Captain Mason and Hyde was equal to any we have ever seen in any but "all England matches" - wild or unsteady batting was sure to be fol-

lowed by the fall of the wicket - the field- ing of that side was also uncommonly good, equal to that of the Club in the first match, and we need not say more.   On the part of the Club, neither bowl- ing nor fielding was, in the first innings, particularly good. But in the second, both were admirable, and although the Military went in against 14 notches, no less than 6 wickets were defunct with only 10 runs. Had there been 20 more notches   added to the score, the result of the match would, we think, have been different.   The conquering match is fixed for Tues-

day the 25th off this mouth ; no doubt both elevens will make good use of the inter- vening time, and the struggle will be a severe one.   We cannot but here congratulate the youth of the Colony upon the footing which the manly game of cricket has ac- quired - few amusements are productive of better efforts, corporally and morally - few are so free from the contamination of those evils which infuse themselves into all public meetings. Gambling and intem- perance can have little aliment from this     active and uncertain game. We are happy to hear that His Excellency has promised that in the contemplated laying out of the Race Course, a space shall be left and im-   proved for the more successful pursuit of this pride of English sports : -

AUSTRALIAN CLUB. - FIRST INNINGS             1. - John Hardy --- 15 b. by Hyde. 2. - M. Clarkson --- 0 b. by Mason.       3. - E. Flood --- 4 Run out. 4. - G. Freeman --- 4 st. by Pearce.   5. - F. Stephen --- 10 c. by Hook. 6. - T. Broughton --- 1 b. by Mason. 7. - J. Rickards --- 17 b. by Ditto.   8. - W. Hardy --- 0 b. by Hyde. 9. - R. Gardener --- 2 b. by Ditto.   10. - J. Brady --- 14 c. by Chilviss. 11. - R. Hill --- 2 Not out. Byes --- 2          

SECOND INNINGS. 1. - G. Freeman --- 0 b. by Hyde. 2. - J. Brady --- 2 c. by Ditto.     3. - J. Hardy --- 3 b. by Mason. 4. - M. Clarkson --- 5 b. by Mason.   5. - R. Hill --- 3 b. by Hyde. 6. - F. Stephen --- 19 c. by Hook.     7. - E. Flood --- 8 c. by Chilviss.         8. - J. Rickards --- 0 b. by Hyde. 9. - T. Broughton --- 4 b. by Ditto. 10. - R. Gardener --- 0 b. by Ditto. 11. - W. Hardy --- 2 Not out.   Byes --- 2     48 First Innings --- 71             Total --- 119              

FOURTH REGIMENT. - FIRST INNINGS.   1. - T. Faunce --- 7 b. by Rickards. 2. - Faunce --- 23 c. by Stephens.     3. - Chilviss --- 17 b. by Rickards. 4. - Hyde --- 22 c. by Broughton. 5. - Pearce --- 10 Leg before wicket. 6. - Mason --- 10 b. by Rickards.           7. - Hook --- 4 b. by Ditto. 8. - Otter --- 0 b. by Flood.   9. - Beeson --- 1 c. by Stephen. 10. - Moneypenny --- 0 b. by Richards. 11. - Havis --- 8 Not out. Byes --- 3       Total --- 105

SECOND INNINGS. 1. - Faunce --- 0 b by Rickards. 2. - F. Faunce --- 1 c. by Ditto. 3. - Hyde --- 1 b. by Flood. 4. - Chilvins --- 2 st. by Stephen. 5. - Otter --- 6 Leg before wicket. 6. - Beeson --- 3 Not out.   7. - Pearce --- 1 c. by Rickards. 8. - Hook --- 0 Not out. Byes --- 1 15         First Innings --- 105 Total --- 120 And 4 Wickets to go down. A match at Cricket, between three officers of the   4th, and three civilians, at single wicket, has been made for a trifling wager, to come off one day next week.      

Sydpcy Herald Humbug.— The fo'Towmg pre- :ious paragraphs from our comempo aiy»- who iwears by nobody, we take the liuerty- oft copyings in order to giwe them additional publicity :.-— . ??This affair, however, we would ausjteat, shonjd be forwarded lo- Hi* Majesty^s Home GovernnieuTj it will be an addit?onal proof of the wotUingm oi the prtsent conwict system-' ?♦ Many gentlemen, and rrader3 of repute, com plain ot the present Jury «ystem, which compel-* them to sit as Common Jurors, ia co.upany with in.ny initividuarir, whose characters axe extremely doubtful.' Ttwtirat of rheaereraies to the circutnsrance.or Mr. Lam he. J. P. interfering m a crnnmon street tow, and as usuil in such cases, b--ing rewarded for his eiioifs- by the mob- setting upon him. Novis Mr Lamiie a enrleavauc taqueH' »n attray were very Eaudanle. and the resistance offered: was doubtieas verv naughty, especially as the partias.were pri soners in' the service of Govemmenf. ' We do trust therefore that when ' Hits affatr* comes before the Home Government,, they will see s the ahsolute ni-cessity 'of semling special instructions, with the Commission of Enquiry so constantly alu.ledroLy the ' no Sect' gentlemen, to inves ti«-are thin important case, and to ascertain the re^'tui;mi3 which tike place in the n*' v*of men. and th.:ir or-linary actiuO3 hy'a vo7a6 tto Botany 13 .iV The 3.icon-i paraeraph remind? one of the snarl. ing of an ill- tempered cur, whoahjws hu tieth,

hue dares not: nitei. Our amikule-ccm temporary has for a long: time- heenTsnapping^rn general! femw: afitha ' Jury syarem^'witliouti having: the candour to; descend to- panjcuJars, or to lavor tiitf admiring; wodd! with: any scheme for im amentlraenc Ititr emanation) of: liii own; briHiantx imagination. Tht truth- ia, they are ulraid — ro deciar&iheir pnl'itJca,, would rrot her policy— it niiolit: loaeMhem subscri Ijas^or rwiucti iliit lavora of some ot their adver tising friend* f and thoiigh it! rpoulilei them, very uouctii Ioj besiieniv J«£ ktte.- John^ClUpinv. ' ?''EoiMfair penciij. fiilll weTlfliiev Know Wouldi trouble themi mttcJumoFaJ*' ;... Wt have; beiirtiafonned. by. oneafrthe'»nn-Si?ct: party v av gent' eman,, however^ whurai wic very lijg,hl y. ; respect'., rhat' dm; Efiiritwrfc K iverr pMiniitSi are: a«r rtuatly l^vyihif liei^y' ennfrihutrnnsi lipou; the- wia; rdi-mv otlihat: dit-Diicr,. in; oi {{err to con cop r. andi bring I lonlh a hroihiuvro tliat'uuhappvand'diseasefi' i'ed)-e 'of liieirpaityAininnC. the; Rftitibimo- rii»t-G«- 'ernon and Council1.. Short! ami undisiiiiguisheil: waa tli. i caneetr oi- riiefrr firsts boniv ami! hittetr«'«ie*!he:re«nrtM lor' his fondi parentx wheiiw t«o'*«»a|{: to; sup port tht I lightsoh day.^ nesl'ecU airdLindiiferencfc^hered' liiiu ^ to- i4»e; grave. Douhtless-' lliis sea a:cto- which llu j infanr lungs of I he: enmihif stranger are ta-be:ex.. | posed', wiiV liavea' saluraryeirectiupon; hihv ?it will! :. prolon(frlu* existence; aC'leatt tour mourns. Willi i lie Hfens neciilr: am£ ?*' cdm»^n*;n»ughi!f' «r rockait; I'lnj bis. oceaOi cracUer ami »»»raed. by iHe expenv i encedi hands ot tne-veteraa ioi whom- alii eyea are t. directed; asi.rhtfc. ?'-Polar Stun'' of. tiiHir;endbavoursv. L will he^ rerunn' inv health and: pdw«rtOi ' push- us Ir from' our stsat^i*' ?' . ' j. '?- ..........

Wehnve-iif present na meansaF idrmTOgraguess aito rhe* featuresr and? cnrnpltxibrt or ihe enming prodi(ry^^vhefhrr Tfre; 'niahliHa- of pnttyr reserve is to shroud', him. from our eagCT eyes till Im- hraa tried: the air of: Eagiundi,, we Uno=« not- llutwewill venture to prophesy, thai'. l'llr^-Rjchiird^he willi he bom with iiia teelh,, and that, like- him, ton in an,--- ther reagdi f, he; will', be a. laughing: stock, to- an: iU -natut ed and muliuioits-. w.uddL Wluin- anti where ever h&goes^ ho.weviir^ ouc blessing: !ie shall, nut lack. ' ' ?