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jV/fR. HARRY' SUNDERLAND, former secretary of the Queensland Ruebv League, according to Mr. G. M. Thornn. son, of the Yorkshire Observer in a

Austrahas lormer Test captain, is 'do- ing his bit' as a manager with the N.A.A.P.I. (Navy, Army, Air Force In stitution), which looks after the wel fare of the troops in the three forces 'It is a hard and exacting job but I trust Harry to be doing his share' wrote Mr. Thompson. ' ? * * T EITH AUSTIN and Stan Niemeyer, two of last season's warehouse ten nis representatives, who won the junior inter-association ' competition ook like retaining their places in the title team. Austin, who is 17 years of age, is playing particularly fine tennis. His all-round ability is demonstrated by an undefeated record to the warehouse pennant competition this season. Neimeyer is' a brother of Edie Nei meyer, the Q.L.T.A. star. Stan is a forceful player, with a solid drive and stronc service.

* * * PAN any sporting club in Australia boast of a better record than that of the Goodwood (S.A.) Baseball Club? Seventy-nine players have enlisted This fact was proudly mentioned when Goodwood baseballers recently said farewell to. Doug ? Richardson (son ol Test cricketer Vic). Still, the club is carrying on, * * * QORDON NEWMAN, who hit a home run for West Brisbane team last Saturday, Js one of the most spectacu lar hitters in Brisbane baseball. He is 23 years of age, plays centre field, and is a very safe catch. Newman is a fine cricketer. ? He headed West Brisbane's first grade junior batting averages for two suc cessive seasons. Originally he played cricket with Prank Sides at Towns ville. * * * A LL members of the Yorkshire county cricket team, England's last champions, in 1939, are in the services, Brian Sellars, who led Yorkshire to the championship five times in seven seasons, and Herbert Sutcliffe and Hedley Verity, TesE players, are cap. tains in the Army. Bill Bowes, Test player, and Norman Yardley, Test reserve, are lieutenants, and Maurice Leyland ' and Prank Smailes are sergeants. C. Turner and E. P. Robinson are with the R.A.F. George Macaulay . died on service with the R.A.P., Abe Waddington, who toured Australia, is with the Ministry of Pood'; Len Hutton, Test record holder, is a sergeant instructor in the Army (physical training section); Ar thur Wood, the wicketkeeper, is on food control work, and Wilf Barber is doing munitions work. * * * QECIL BEST in Queensland's first class hockey can be likened to Tennyson's Brook. Although he has played every game for Queensland from 1923—16 seasons of representative hockey— he is still as good as ever. He is the greatest inside right Queensland hockey has produced. His national reputation is also well known, for he played for Australia in 1932, 1935, and 1937, and captained the first and only State team to visit West ern Australia. Cecil was also selected to tour New Zealand with Australian teams on two occasions,