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UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE Science And Engineering Results FACULTY OF SCIENCE HONORS DEGREE OF BACHELOR OP SCIENCE PHYSICS (1031 First Class —AUchison. Gordon James. B.Sc. GEOLOGY (1491 First Class—Jon?*s. Robert Howard. ORDINARY DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE GEOLOGY m. (144) Passed with Credit—Shepherd. John Henry.' B.A, and Sprigg. Reginald Claude cequa:). I FACULTY OF ENGINEERING I DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING! MINING 111. c2S9i '? Passed—Lieblch. Alvin Frederick. ? OREDRESSING .2701 I Passed (In alphabetical orderl—Canledge.: John Owen: Heath, Ronald Bertram; Wegener. i Richard Albert. SURVEYING 118 (278) Passed with Credit—McMichaeL David Clunle. Passed—Olsen, Paul Engberg. Physiotherapy Association Examination Results AUSTRALIAN PHYSIOTHERAPY ASSOCIA TION. S.A. Branch. Inc. EXAMINATION RESULTS FIRST YEAR.—Passed with Credit <ln order of merit) —Bores. Gloria Eleanor: Anderson. Lorna Ross: Barley. Jean Newell: Stokes. Mollie. Passed <In alphabetical orderl —Cane. Bar bara; Lepplnus. Sheila Mary Grose: Matters. Mary Gordon: MeEsent, Joan Mary: Miller. Cynthia Lillian: Porter. Joan Lydia: Rase. Elizabeth: Scholeneld. Bererler. SECOND YEAR. —Passed i"ln alphabetical orderl—Bakewell. Shirley Gtrendolene: Bick ford. Alison Cudmore; Edge. Joan Davidson: Giles. Annette Primrose; Kendrew. Helen Alfreds: Miller. Margaret Jane: Padman. Catherine Marion Gordon: Symons. Elsie Mar garet: Williams. Constance. THIRD YEAR.—Passed itn alphabetical order)—Barnett. Joy Dawn; Donaldson. Randa: Kay. Diana Florence: Lee. Margaret Nancr: Simpson, Audrey Katherine Allen: Thomson. Jean Margaret

News From Today's Classified Ads. Seven cows direct from owner at Orroroo will be sold at Thebarton tomorrow.—Stock and Vehicles. 160 lid. duty stamps lost between G.P.0.. Shell Building. Tavistock street. Rundle street.—Lost and Found. Men required for rubbing down re frigerator panels in a paint shop.—Situations Vacant. The classified ads are on Pages 2 to 5 and 18.

I i =B. Make yours a NATHAN BEER — the Empire1* Champion. ?*? iOO % PURE * BRIGHT TO THE LAST DROP

NO PLACE LIKE SMITHS FOR BEDSTEAMfeap^f £* Bert Combination Onk Bedstead. NOW Folding Oak Bedstead, with NOW Combination O?k Bedstead. NOW Folding Oak Bedstead, with NOW with Wire Mattrest. single A*lltk Wire Mauress- Single bed 9Q/|C *r'th wlr? Mattress. Slii?l* Ml iiti wlre JCaMresi. single be? 9t ££. bed alze. Worth 39/6. 41/ V ,i, e . Worth 38/6. ?"/? bM cte*. Worth S9/C. 4//* slxe. Worth ?/-. fmgW ALL WHO FURNISH AT RECEIVE THE BENEFIT OF Spot cash Buying Discounts are faith- J FfflVMttMfc Bwili— ffM*JK#J? fully passed on to customers In the form ?V??^r?Wal* "VH?# aM6 "?**?"*?*? of low prices; Smiths have no Rents to a? w mmM AvM&AaJ .pay—they own their premises. ?*? MIW WOlCil *. Big Stocks t* select few i/ / J**-*"""^* —' \ v" Bk? Mt^H^mM'yli^^^t^oiiHlwa^l^B ?^^?^^^^^^^^^^^^ ft : ? Ok A SM OF CS cons tree ted, k^s^ %% H94§ B t 2i Si 9 (^?Bd3[w? v^ft&^l^K a^l^l^l^B -IhKk ? Artistically designed Walnut. Suite. Every piece has the double bowed effect, just a little out of the ordinary in design, but a XlimVaaVaW Suite you will never grow tired of. Built to last a lifetime. w JAMES SMITH LIMITED ... 52, 54, 56 ffINDLEY STREET . . . ADELAIDE

g^KJt W SYDNEY... ?mill DIRECT IN 5 FLYING HOURS Lunch in Adelaide - J.nner In Sydney, and ?xtm day* for busMa ond pleasure in this "now not so distant" Capital. If you value your time fly the direct convenient, ufe Araett Airway*. REGULAR SERVICES TO-Won? — — lUr _ Mate. — Sydney — MHbounn — Bntutm MR — Swm H?. Speckil SyA^y-MeHNMrn. ?* Mdbom^rfo, S?*n S<?to?. KING WILUAM ST..