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FILM-MAKERS Chips Rafferty (left) and Lee Robinson (right) discuss with musician Wilbur Sampson the George» Auric »core for their "Walk Into Paradise." Among their "discoveries" in previous film» are Rod Taylor and Victoria Shaw, now in Hollywood.

New hope for stars

of the future

By a staff reporter

"Choosing a film cast in Australia is practically impossible. If an actress has looks she can't act; and if she can act she has no looks."

THESE harsh words

came from Lee Robin ' son, director of Southern

1 International Films, who

recently returned from Paris, Hollywood, and New


'Go to a studio party in Paris," said Mr. Robinson,

'and you'll see talent every where^?beautiful girls by the dozen who have already had experience in films; and not just in 'extra' parts but in leading roles.

"Here in Australia you can't take your pick. You have to make do with whoever is avail


However, Mr. Robinson has hope of the future. Within a year, he predicts, there will be a new profession?that of film

and TV player. And it will open the career door to theatre-talented people now in factories, shops, and offices who are willing to work hard

to make dreams come true.

Lee Robinson joined forces with Chips Rafferty in 1952 in forming a film company. Chips was then an estab lished actor. Lee Robinson, a former war historian, was

scriptwriting - directing for the Australian Film Board.

Mr. Robinson's recent trip abroad was to complete the cutting and editing of Southern

International's "Walk Into Paradise."

The film, made in French and English, will open simul taneously at five theatres in Paris in early June, and in London later the same month.

Powerij K ac're"Shaw (left) with Tyrone

Story" y,. y°Zak m Columbia'» "The Eddy Duchin Mphick nl?viT . T"' f°rmerly Sydney model Jeanette ^traUan Z ~,a '*ad,n? Coi« in "Phantom Stockman," first

°" Prod«c"on of Lee Robinson and Chip, Rafferty.

Australia will see it in July or August.

Women's help

"QONTRARY to what you

might expect, the Aus tralian housewife is the great est individual supporter of the Australian film industry," said

Mr. Robinson.

"About 60 per cent, of the money invested in 'Walk Into Paradise' was put up by house


'They really believe in the future of the local industry."

While in Hollywood, Lee Robinson saw Victoria Shaw, whom, as Jeanette Elphick, he and Chips Rafferty cast in their 1952 film, "Phantom


"Jeanette's really big time now," he said. "Her phone never stops ringing,

"It's Miss Shaw this and Miss Shaw that all the time.

"They're making her into the Grace Kelly type ? sleek

hair and classical features. And with Grace in Monaco she might step right into the Kelly shoes.

"Jeanette hasn't much act ing experience, of course," he added, "but she's certainly


In Hollywood Lee Robinson spent much time with Rod Taylor, another Southern International "discovery," who is busy on M.G.M.'s "Raintree County," an epic on "Gone

With the Wind" lines.

Tahiti next

XjEE ROBINSON has b e e n

home for only six i weeks in the past year. I In about a month's time he

will be off again, this time to Tahiti, where he will co direct another French-English film, "Vahini Tahiti," with French director Yves Allegret.