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Arrived on Saturday the 5th inst, the schooner Industry, 95 tons, Capt. Dawson, from London 20th Aug, and the Cape of Good Hope 1st Feb. cargo general. -? Passengers Mr. and Mrs. Nichols and 5 children, Mr. Horne, Mr. and Mrs. Stone and 5 children, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey and 3 children, Mr. and Mrs. White, 8 children and servant, Mr. Reardon, Mrs. J. H. Dawson and 4 children, Mr. and Mrs. Dawson and 2 childrcn, Mr. and Mrs. Talbot and 3 children, Mr. and Mrs. Ward and 2 children, Mr. Phillips, Mr. King,

Mr. and Mrs. Winter.

Arrived on the-5th inst, the cutter Royal William, 43 tons, Capt. Patterson, from King George's sound, which place she left on the 4th March last,?Cargo salt and seal skins.

Arrived yesterday the schooner Eagle, 10S tons', Capt. Pratt, from Sydney, 1st instant, with a general cargo. Passengers, Mr. Gor- don, Mr. Miller, Miss Hamilton, Mr. Fergu-


Sailed on thc 2nd .the schooner Prince Re- gent for Launceston.

Sailed on the 5th the brigantine Currency Lass, for Sydney,?-Passengers, Mr. Wood and Miss Macglew. ?

There is no variation in thc price of colonial produce.

Thc ship Planter had arrived at Sydney froin London 6th Nov.

The price of tea had fallen in consequence of the late arrivals at Sydney to 41. 5s. per


Mr. and Mrs- Taylor had arrived at Syd- ney and were performing on the stage.

The will of Ferdinand was found in a secret drawer about a week after his death, ft bears the date of thc 12th of June, 1830. It confers the title and powers of regent on his widow, and ordains thc appointment of a < consult- ing council' of regency, which council, how- ever, is in no way to restrict the powers of the regent. She is not bound to act according to the advice which the council may require

i of or offer.

iny I It is said that Carlos was present in person uld at Badajos, where he was proclaimed King, i at I Talavera and Barcelona are said to have uch declared for him. The King Ferdinand II. ,? as of Sicily, has protested against the acknow eryj ledgmentofthe young Queen of Spain,

Thc collector of the port of New York had ala-' passed to the credit of the United States Trea the Bury the sum of 603,000 dollars1, as the free' amount of duties paid in one week, being the

largest sum ever received in that branch of the administration for a similar period.

It is thought in Calcutta that the Calpee his Commercial Agency .will be immediately abo

lied lished.

b a' A grand dinner was given at the Mansion irty house by the new Lord Mayor of London, to . " j Capt, Ross aud his intrepid companions,