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, PIERRE CRESSOY meet» some of the catt of Wt . Into Paradise." Pierre play* the crocodile-hunlii

iiero. He says, "I hope very much ihr crocodile» i

J made of plastic. Me, I am strictly a lady-kiüa,

CAMBY MITCHELL, 19, a Sydney model, was chosen as stand-in for French »tar Francoise Christophe by Marcel Pagliero, dialogue director for the film. Candy's cute cap doesn't match the elabor- ate head-dresses and hair styles of other players pictured with her.

REG LYE, Austria* actor, who is a pro rx* tor in the film, hat I joke with a New Guinet "6o.r" wearing b tile dres« for his film roift



Lee Robinson, at le/% briefs natives in th* film. Continuity giri'

Joy Cavill takes note* of all directions given. All photographs <"* these pages were take*

by Alton Fraser.

Hr Australia's growing film in Hustr* took a step forward when Hfork began on location in New

Ruin ea on the color film "Walk Hnto Paradise." This is the first Hi-lin^ual film made by Australian

Irkini producer Chips Rafferty,

Hirecior Lee Robinson, and French

^Kroducer Paul Edmond Decharme.

^Bwíf h make-up artigt Jannine Jarreau. who

^?rrirec/ in Mew Guinea deeply gun-tanned from a ?Boiidn* on the Riviera, beging to make up Chips '^Maffer- for hil starring role as a patrol officer.

Wk V THE village pig*, which is highly valued, is introduced to Pierre Cressoy and lovely ?V" "nioiif Christophe, glamorous French film star who plays the part of the heroine, a woman m "r,"r with the United Nations. Francoise is 29 and begun her acting career ten years ago. She WP""' Chip» al the airport and said immediately, "Eh, Australian men, si grand . . . li 1km. "

THE GRANDEUR of New Guinea i» shown in this panoramic picture. The two boys look ahead at the film unit trekking back to the village specially built for them in the Osaro Valley, 5500 feet up in the ranges, 16 miles from Goroka.

NEW GUINEA natives who take part in the film are a magnificent tight bedecked in their wonderful head-dresses. The head-dresses are made of plumes of the birds of paradise and racket-tailed kingfisher feathers embedded in a fur heall piece. Some of the ceremonial head-dresses measure up to three feet in height.