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Arrived last night, the Augusta Jessie, Capt. Edinburgh, with male prisoners. Guard Lieuts. Baxter and Weir, and 29 rank and file also Mrs. Baxter and 15 women and children of the 50th regt.

k-, ' Arrived also last night, thc Guardian from

?i Sydney?general cargo.

A rrived on.Saturday, the ship Royal Saxon, 510 tons, Captain Renner, from Liverpool, 21st September, with a general cargo. Pas- sengers?M. Hunter, Esq. owner, Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell and three children, Mr, and Mrs, M'Collach, Mr. and Mrs. Fleming and two children, Mr. Cron, Mr, J. Pagar, Mr, Maister, Rev. Mr. Osborne, and about sixty


Arrived on Tuesday the 20th inst, the Sir John Rae Reid. 326 tons, Capt. Andrew Haig, from London, 26th Sept. with a general cargo - passengers Mrs. Haig and 3 children, Miss Mary Ann Haig, Mr. Maidson.

The Norfolk had gone into Cork, and being condemned as not seaworthy, was tranship, pine: the prisoners to another vessel.

The Wave, with merchandise, left London the same day as thc Sir John Rae Reid.

The City of Edinburgh, 30? tons, Capt. Baker, arrived on Saturday from Mauritius 9th Dec. with sugar?Passengers, Lieut. \ Jones, Madras Cavalry, and 2 servants, Lieut. Iv Williams, Bengal Infantry, Lieut. Lockyer, PrMl.M. 56th regt.

ยป>. The Amity sailed for Twofold bay on Sun-


The Royal Saxon and Britomart, for Syd- ney, the Isabella for Batavia, nnd Cygnet for Launceston, are announced to sail on Sunday.

The Mary, Ellen, Surry, Auriga, and Eve- line, are rapidly loading for London; the Mary to Bail first on the 1st of.Feb,

No new wheat has yet been sold, although several samples have been shown ; but as the wheat could not be delivered tor some time the buyers are not inclined to make purchases except for their immediate wants. There has however been a good supply of old wheat an the market during the week, which was sold nt 10s. and 104. Gd. per bushel.

Fine flour, 281. per ton ; second ditto, 241. ditto; best bread, 5Jd. per 21b. loaf j Cape barley (new) 3s. per bushel; oats, 3s. 6d.? Other articles of produce continue as before.

The Davis' straits whale fishery had proved very unsuccessful. The master of thc ship Ulverstone, which had been spoken, reported that a very hcarvy gale was experienced there on the 20th July, which broke up all the land ice, and that no fish had been seen ber tween the 20th and 30th, when he was pro- ceeding south with a gieat many ships.

THE WOOLLEN TRADE-At Saddleworth nnd Rochdale the woollen cloth and flannel trade continued to improve and was very brisk at the latter place. At Bradford the prospect for a brisk trade for the home market was never more favourable. But the high price of <vool and yarn induced a necessity on the manufacturers to advance the goods. At the Bristol wool fair on the 1st, 2d and 3d Sept. the best qualities bf English clothing wool sold from 5 to IO per cent, higher than in Lancashire and Yorkshire markets. The fair at Frankfort was unusually frequented and more cloth was sold than the merchants brought with them, and it was necessary to, eend for supplies.