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Arrived on Sunday, the ship Royal George, 486 tons, Captain Richards, from London, with a general cargo. — Passengers, Miss Gardner, Miss Letitia Gardner, Capt. Gardner, Capt. Armstrong, Mr. Gardiner, Mr. Tolson, Mr. Holdren, Mrs. and 4 Misses Harrison, Mr. Har- rison, Master Harrison, Mr. Gore, Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Shee, Mr. Lewis, Mr. H. Lewis, Mr. Ball.

Arrived on Friday, the 6th inst., the bark Britannia, 205 tons, Capt. Leith, from Mauritius, 12th January, with a cargo of sugar and rice —

no passengers.

Arrived on Monday, the bark Wave, 341 tons, Capt. Goldsmith, from London 15th Nov. with a general cargo — passengers Mr. W. Blyth, Mr. C. Carter, Mr. A. Douglas, Mr. R. Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. Bentley and 3 children, Mr. and Mrs. Mathers and 2 children, Mr. Hebden, Mrs.

Green and child.

The Surry, Capt. Kemp, sailed on Sunday, for London, with a full cargo of colonial produce. Passengers, Dr. and Mrs. Bohan, Mr. and Mrs. Ashton and family, Mr. Marshall.

The Sarah sailed yesterday for China with a portion of her original cargo intended for that place. Passenger, Mr. Caffler.  

The Merope sailed the same day for Launces- ton, with the remainder of her cargo and passen-


The Orwell sails for Sydney this day.

The Eveline is rapidly loading, and is appoint- ad to sail for London on the 1st of April.

The average price at which the tenders for wheat, from all parts of the colony, have been accepted by the Commissariat is, we learn, 6s 5d per bushel. Upwards of 30,000 bushels have been accepted from the county of Cornwall, at

an average of 5s. 9d. per bushel, and upwards of  

20,000 from settlers on this side at an average of

about 7s 3½d per bushel.

There is no alteration in the price of wheat or other colonial produce since our last.