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To producé a film, "Typhoon

Treasure," the story of which, has j been specially written by him to embrace Far Northern localities,

Mr. Noel Monkman, a well- . known Sydney fäm director, and" Mr. Brace Curnrnings, of Cairns, arrived from Sydney by the Can- berra yesterday.

.A fast moving, red-blooded story, with romantic love interests running through it, the scenario has been pre- pared by Mr. John McLeod, who was scenarist for the Eftee Films at Mel- bourne for some time, and will bring in the activities of the pearling in- dustry and luggers in use. A feature also will he the Work of the patrol boats, and while the Larrakia will not be'actually filmed, it will give a vivid portrayal of the «services that are being rendered by ; this particular patrol. In the film the cottage on Green Island will be portrayed as a trading base.'

The first location of the company i will be on Green Island, after which

shots: will be taken on Russell River, Lake Barrine, the Malanda Jungle, and at Normanton, along the coastal belt and inland rivers in that vicinity. Actually filming will commence on Monday next, on the Russell River, where scenic views, and portion oi thc crocodile scenes and certain sequences which appear in the story, will be filmed.

The caste for "Typhoon Treasure" consists of many well-known film and stage stars in Australia, including Mr. Càmpbell Copelin, a leading J.C.W. actor, who will play the lead; ing role; Miss Gwen Munro, who ; wai lead in Cinesound's recent production "Orphan of the Wilderness"; Mr.. Jo( Valli,-the popular ' comedian; -ant many others. Mr. Valli is already it Cairns, having arrived by the Can berra yesterday.

Mr. Bruce Cummings, who ha: carried-out experiments during . lin past two years in submarine photo graphy, will have charge of that - de partaient, his equipment being à nev departure in under-water cinemato graphy, and" will produce worl unsurpassed in any part of the world Mr. George Malcolm, who is recog nised as one of the finest earner technicians in Australia, and the tw sound engineers in charge of th Raycophone sound recording equip ment, will arrive at Cairns within th next few weeks. Mr. Jim Colmai art director and designer, who carrie out all the art work in the productio of "Uncivilised" and "Heritage," wi arrive during August .

It is expected that the actual filn ing in the . North- will occupy fi\ mouths, after, which one month wi be spent "iii Sydney Completing' tl interior scenes. -It '. is possible th; the film may-be on view in Cain early in the new year.

MTS. Monkmän ' and Mrs. Cun mings, who are accompanying the husbands, will take active parts in tl work, being occupied chiefly with tl script, continuity, wardrobe, tel phonists to the diving cylinder, etc.