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The ship Brothers, 356 tons, Capt. Towns, arrived on Tuesday, from the Downs 25th July, with a general cargo. - Passengers, Mr and Mrs Garrett and 2 children, Miss Lake, Mr Keogh, Mr Cornack, Mr and Mrs F. McShaen and 3 children, Mr and Mrs John do. and 3 children, Mr Toppin, Mr Mclvor, Mr Henry, Mr Logan, Mr McKenna, Miss McShaen, Mr and Mrs Hag- gitt, Miss Moore, Miss L. and Miss M. Grant, Capt. Wentworth, 63d regiment, Lieut. Breton, R. N. Mr Robinson, Mr Bland, Mr and Mrs Parsons and 2 children, Mr Hunt, Mr. Devlin.

The bark Jessie, 314 tons, Capt. Bell, arrived on Wednesday from Liverpool 29th July, with a general cargo. Passengers, Mr Mines, Mr & Mrs Gray and 6 children, Mr and Mrs Murphy  

and 2 children, Mr Cummings, Mr Marmon,

Mr and Mrs Short.    

The bark Psyche, 256 tons, Capt. Brown, ar- rived yesterday, from Calcutta, 28th August, with wheat. - Passenger, Mr. Sutherland.

The bark John, 464 tons, Capt. White, arri- ved on Friday, from London, 19th July, with a general cargo.- Passengers, E. G. Clark, esq., and 2 servants, Mr. and Mrs. Pearsall and 3 chil- dren, Mr. and Mrs. Hindman, 2 children and ser- vant, Mr. and Mrs. Windeyer and child.

The bark John, 473 tons, Capt. Dixon, arrived on Saturday, from Sydney 1st inst. with a gene- ral cargo. Passengers, Mr. Lowe, Mr. J. and Mr. G. Lowe and servant, Mr. Bulby, Mr. John-


The ship Eldon, 392 tons, Capt. McAlpine, arrived on Wednesday, from London, 14th July, with a general cargo - Passengers, Mrs. Gray and 2 children, Mr. Merry.

The bark City of Edinburgh arrived on Friday from Two-fold bay the 9th instant, with a cargo of cattle and sheep, oil and whalebone. - Passen- gers, Mr and Mrs. Davis and 2 children.

The Mary Sharpe and Kinnear have proceed- ed to Sydney, and the Merope and Britomart for Two fold bay.

The Medway and Rachel sail for Sydney on Sunday, and the Grecian on Thursday next.

The Champion sails for Launceston this day.

Besides the Layton, with prisoners, the mer- chant ships Derwent, Orissa, Dryade, Integrity, Stirling Castle, and Thomas Lawrie, from Lon-   don, may be daily expected at Hobart town ; and  

the Protector, and Isabella at Launceston, as also the Charles Kerr, with female emigrants.

The Briton and Giraffe go to Swan River


Launceston Shipping. Nov. 12 - Sailed the schooner Industry, Capt. McCleland, for Port Philip, cargo 500 sheep.

Sailed on the 13th, the schooner Edward, Capt. Jacobs, for Circular Head. Passengers, Edward Curr and Henry Reid, esquires, Mr. Fenton, Mr. Bull.

Sailed on the 13th, the Sir Charles McCarthy, John Walker, R.N., for King George's Sound, and Cape of Good Hope. Passengers, Major Douglas, Master Douglas, A. Frankland, esq., Dr. Henderson, James Hewitt, esq. ; Messrs. McLean, McDonnell, Hewitt, Burnett, Ander- son, White, Sweeney, Quin, and Mrs. Hewitt. Cargo 40 bags flour, 2 hhds. brandy, 240 sheep, 8 casks rum, 10 baskets tobacco, 4 chests tea, 10 casks beef, 400 feet timber, 10 bags sugar, 30 casks pork, 4 cases wine, 8 casks slops.

The price of wheat, influenced doubtless by the genial weather and the prospect of an abun- dant harvest, continues low in comparison to the late prices. It cannot now be quoted higher that from 7s to 7s 6d per bushel ; barley 5s 6d to 6s per do. ; English do. 6s to 7s per do. ; oats 5s to 5s 6d ; bran 1s 6d per do. ; fine flour £22 per ton ; second do. £20 ; hay from £6 to £7 per do. ; straw £3 ; bark do. ; firewood 8s per ton ; potatoes £13 to £14 do. ; new do. from 2d to 3d per lb; peas 1s per peck; gooseberries 3d to to 4d per quart ; cabbage 10d to 1s per dozen ; turnips 2s dozen bunches ; carrots 2s do.

The Pique, 36 tons, Captain Rous, had sailed from Portsmouth for Canada, with Sir C. Grey, Sir G. Gipps, Lord Gosford, the new Commis- sioners, and Mr. Elliot, Secretary.

Captain Kelsall, Royal Engineers, who is to be stationed in this Colony, was to embark in the latter end of August.

Mr.Fergus O'Connor, late member for Cork,   had been defeated at Oldham, for which place Mr. Lees, a Conservative, is returned, vice Mr. Cobbett, whose son also stood for that Borough.

Admiral Gore arrived at Portsmouth on the 5th July, in H, M. Ship Melville, from Bombay, March 17. The Earl of Clare and Captain  

Cavendish, 20th regiment, were passengers.