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ÏÛLLY, July 9. "<l

[¡ "And now they have passed away. !

They lived for and prayed all their life here that they would have a good [road to their house," remarked Cr. S. Alexander, at "to-day's official opening ceremony of the. Bingil: Bay I road, and in referring to the activities of the late Cutten Bros., pioneer settlers of Bingil Bay.

j "It was," hev. added, "just SI; years since the four Cutten Bros. (Fred I erick, Leonard, Sydney and James, all since deceased) landed on the-« beach tat Bingil Bay from Cardwell to estab- lish their homes. . In those early times their only means of transport was by boat Later on (1914),, when the Great War eventuated, it put a climax to shipping fruit In 1892 the whole of their plantation was destroyed by a cyclone, and in 1918 they suffered heavy losses through a similar concurrence. Undaunted, however, they stuck to their task and made their home at Bingil Bay. It was not until 1921 that they had a road connection, and then only by means of a dray. In their advocacy for road, facilities they had encountered many obstacles, but had overcome these; In their earnest agricultural labors they had established a coffee plantation, only to later find the in- dustry crucified by the State duties then obtaining. "And this is a matter that could well be considered by the ¡politicians to-day" he observed, as he referred to the high opinion of the ¡late Cutten Bros. on coffee growing in the Far Northern belt He (Mr. Alexander) remarked that the resid- ents of Bingil Bay owed much to the activities of the Minister for Lands (Mr. Pease) for the fruition of the ¡road proposal from El Arish to Bingil



! Mr. P. Pease, in responding, saic his mind went back many years, when as a pupil of the West End State School at Townsville, the Cuttct brothers, then young men on a visit to the Townsville Show, had brough down a tropical exhibit comprisipé sugar cane, oranges, coffee and desic cated fruit and how in a lecture to th! scholars they had told of the wonder ful possibilities of the Far North "They were a wonderful type o settler. They never grumbled. Al they did was to ask us to do some tiling. And here it is," he déclarée as he turned, to gaze along the newls constructed road. The Minister sai that he remembered the time when th journey tiley had that day undertake from El Arish to Bingil Bay woul have occupied most of the day. Noi they could do it in half an hour.


"The completion of the road is tl consumation of the hopes ' of tl people. I want to see this, district g ahead.. The road should prove a valt able asset from a standpoint of pr« duction," he said, adding that he coul visualise the time when thousands 1 tourists would be attracted ' by ti scenic beauties of Bingil Bay.

The Minister^ then cut the ribh( stretching across the bridge and offii ally' declared the road open.

The chairman of the Johnstoi Shire Council (Cr. S. K. Page) call« for three cheers to mark the occasio


Miss Maekness. (bf the Warwick Girls' School, and now on vacation with her mother, Mra¡ Macknéss, an octogen- arian settler of Clump Point) praised the Minister for ¿is efforts in having the Bingil Bay road , constructed. There was another important road section, however, that required atten- tion . (that part from Bingil Bay around, an unnamed point towards Clump Point proper') and which, when coin-, pleted and linked up with the road scheme on the southern side, would prove a great boon to settlers in that portion of Clump Point area. Land- holders now. bad to labor under great


Miss Maekness saw. wonderful pos- sibilities in that particular part of the coast from a tourist standpoint A re- mark which drew from the Minister a suggestion that Bingil Bay, in its de- lightful setting, should prove a popu- lar resort for honeymoon couples, Whereupon Miss Maekness replied that if the Minister had a road construct

-cd .they would quickly find an appro- priate name, hy calling the unnamed .point *'Honeymoon Bend."

" The party later lunched, and prioi to their departure for El Arish, Mr and Mrs. Pease made a courtesy cal on Mrs. F. V. Alexander, one of th< surviving sisters of the late Cutta brothers. On the way hack the Min - isterial party was shown over the mair

road system towards Tenby »s Ga] and through which Mr. Pease, in th« near future, hopes the road will he eon tinned on to connect with the networl on the Tully side of the range

After the party had partaken after noon tea as the guests of the El Arial branch'of the aWJL, a.tour of th Granadilla settlement area was under taken, and the proposed school site in spected.

To-night the Minister .will hear depu tarions, and leaves for Silkwood a


During his tour to-day the Ministe was accompanied by the president (Mi J.. Conners) and - the secretary (Mr. ; Fitzgerald) of the El Arish- AJU?.