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Pith, of Anglo-Soviet Agreement,

In the Ilonso of RcpitscnUtiicg ycsler «in, the Prime Minister (Mr. Bruce), who Ins been .islacd scierai questions ii ith retiird to the agreements recently made 1 »tucen the British Government and the l,ii«eminent of the Sonet I'mon of Russia, [iirmslicd further information on the mat- te r Ile Mid that the two Governments nmiirncd lind Inken action m three direc tims, n.imelj.

1 iii- le-cocnllton nt tlio Seiupt I'tilon Ooiem mm ni Ilu»»la l.v Hie Ilrlllfh Goicmmeiit.

' llio ciiterinsr Into i general treat i

Tf.-irl to outstanding tpiotrtion» between the two

t,a aernmonls

' Hie cntinng hilo n Iren«

Willi regard to tho hrst," saul Mr. linne, "action »ns taken m this direction h« the pt osent British Go« eminent un un eheitil« lifter it iLHsunii'd office, and «ltli

out .in« umsultalion with the other self piieriiing pnlts of the Empire. Tichm lill« tins action «as not in aitord.intc mill I he no«v established print iple of leaii-itlt ilion «ith the Dominions in regard t, pu »lions of Impenul foreign pohcj. As, li und, the MmiBtry did not consider tint the interests, of Australia nero af- in lee! nr any tomphcations mioh his' \iislrnlia iicrc likely to arise, the fact ui Vui-tiaba not being consulted «us not made the ¡fround of any protest, pattl i til irl) in « lew of subsequent, assurances ita'in the ltntish Govcnuncnl, tv Inch in di it. d a desire for the closest tonsultn tt an sailli Ihe Dominions upon questions t Imperial foreign polnj.. The text of lite general treaty «,ií> cabled to the 1.ii Mmistrj, and Inter a full summary 0 the .lit« rations made in the text, «Uli au intimation that copies of the mot« »ere being sent by mail. '1 he proce din tor the negotiation of tic.itic, .is 1 ml ilo« ti bv the Imperial Lonierenre last n it ti is followed in regard tn the general in ii« ind the 1' Ministn «.is kept lull« informed ot nil developments In vin« ot the fuit that the interests of Au-tralim nationals are not affected hy tin .airangomenU «luth the treatv makes, tile Ministr.« lins felt that the questions ni issue should be determined b> the Unli-h Goieminent.

Interference Would bo Resented.

I. ntinunig, .Mi. Bruce mud that in ton- ne. linn with the treat! it liol bien elearlv ucognisod nt the

I ntiferente that it «ns for cull ot the sell

l.t!«< ming pal La of the l.mpire to make its mu irrangomont» of that iliirarter «nth loreign «nuntrics 1'onscquontli, the .Miiu-tn did not feel that .iiistialia toultl tiki an« nition «ith u-gard to tn mes «huh Great llrltam tontempl itetl, .in« inore than Australia would tolerate nut rlcrcnie bl Great Britain in an} tom men lal treaty entered into bj the loin in.-imralth. Therefore, Australia li id meero light to cxpi ess opinions upon the uuiiiiiercial treaty betivcen Gri it Britain nnel the Sonet Uoiernmciit. It had been mUKCsted that tile treatv might dotri Iinnl.illi nfleit the interests of Australia in the British market. .V o,-!cement bj. unj pirt ol the l'mpire might atn-it tlie nitt rostí of other psil», but that provided no justification lm the altetti-d touiUriCH to nitcifero

Mr Bruce lud ,. prepaid! sunimui.« of tin treitv, «Inch he handed in lor incor pni ilion ni "Hansard," as it nag too long to mid. Au abridgment is as follows -

The» (_enen.l trent«», as between (.rant Ilr tain. Northern Irelnne! and the soviet I nloii, tlr 1 irn-oment of March 16, I*1*!! t.rUtn cn titii; Ire'ties relating lo monri order». eMates of I temed seamen, tonnage mrasurrmmt, and II tirrrntlt- ol fugitlae criminal» are ». te-eiuirliuc moelifioalion« The Teleirrapli Ton in lion ol 1S7Ô, .mel regulation« ot HW, the Still

marun t idle lomeiiiioii of Mareil II, leSM, lite ir l.nlion if lloccmb.r 1, lNSt». and protocol of Jil. 7, isi", nml iln inns nu Ion rolatllur to fur ts.K I Iln .North I'hciiIo, lill, "n io ho main tnte-el .Veldltion» to I lie IL-t may be» made b«

mun it ^cs.rel

» t'.t titottis are cnen exclnsiio rlslit» of [-1 t,_- «ailliltt titrer mile» of Hie North Iluulan

m t unal lu White Se, waters «aiitli ot the I .r.lle-I ol oudog lOmln. north latitude

Iii. Sollet « lu« emma nt »111 salbt«, unter eon iel iles preetribed In Hie treat», tlie claim» of I ri l-li lioliltrs of ftoirrnmont mid municipal .in. pas-al.lo in non Rtisslan currone« Th» trill h «loi.-rnment rccoirtiise» that tull satlsfac tief lltcac claim» 1» Impracticable The Soviet . eterrmeiil airrt-es lo meet Hie claim» rofe neil lo i ie»|e" of ¡nil.Hum lev llntihli »objects or oom l nli» ntlitr llun tho»o acqulml b« purchase niter «Uren 16, 1!'2I, «Ililli «acre of ntlitr linn Ilrill.ii ies.eier.liip on Hint tlat. The I. nos on »Illili I'lc claim» «lioulel be »atlsfiesl «111 be lu i nisi in i further treat«, proildetl that the 1-itn'i f.ottrlmtnt i» Katisthil that lhc tenus «re l aspteel b» holders ol not le«« than one-half the :-l ,ul inlue of llrltlsh holdings.

t la tn» 1.« Ihe Sollet (¡oiernment auainst 'he I miali lloseniment. or ilce »ero, arising out ol oriits h,-tween August 4. 1*111, anil Hibniarv 1, l'ít (th.- date of recognition of tin s,,,iet Coieri

mrttl muí tlatra« by luiliontils in nsiiett eit saar le- r damage, are for liter discussion li» ni» ti at con-rod b« other articles of Hie Ina'«, »r I um» nrPIng »Inn- April 1, lill«, out of trule r»la!ien» bilwcon an« tîoiernment exircisiur. lill rin in the torrllurt of the .soil«I I ni.m in K« a.-.lll. met Itrltlsll lilt hil! li», or brlua.n the (.oirrntnitlt Ililli Sanlei (itizen», ere to lae } j. « setllrel b« paimrnt eil h lump mm hi Hie s,i t ("»aemmett! In Hie llfllUh (¡orcrnnietil, lo 1- li liilinlrsl pt the latter. The tlitlns aro

a 1-- (»ainiue.1 bl- a hoard of sli per»o!ih. throe ill uiieal I« each part«, which la lo leport Hie uti ii t at « hielt the« consider Hie lump sum

Í ii I I.» I sid

Tie s"r|,| (.oiernment vi ill nerto'iale «lill till >h lill li.lal», lu. tuelinc juridical pir.iiiis, in !T»i et of industrial businesses or i-oiieatation» luti mllsasl or miieelletl li«- the bo»let llovern

In ordei to arrange for just c-omtacniiatloiu mnilsslon of six parson», three lioinlnateel br

l.e.nriltrtnl. Is lo In, appoint! I lo examine aalleliit, nul lostrtain Hie amount t.l Hie

, except ««hen the soaht (¡ovornuieiit cou dual-» an iimeemeut sailli tile elalltiaiits

V aee ml Heal« «ill In» intireil into which »II ton» iln i.iiitllliiin» ncrepted In recaní lei : a 11 I« ijitiotial». und oí signature- of litar nein tb, l.rithli «limmmrnt «sill ti ronunenil l.rl una tit tia irturuitec Interest ane] »Inleliu: ! t I. .1 lunn lo lae i.siied lu the Sanlei (..uni

I ti. ne iles unit nts hi longing tea Uni,»li er »a .1 ..ilnnt» "n Nmomber 1, are to lu n lum .|

V» e mininup; |sirtlr« affirm lltrlr lula eel Uan It, la .i peate to rrs|«.c .he richi of a stale lu lil r it» own life mel io restrain all person, anti l-.jt anon, unili r their eontrol (re ni jets lull»

i » lanifer ihe tranquil!!!« or prn»isnn of Ihe 1 muire or ihe sm i,t I niain. tr io »licit oilie mably Hu re lillian» of either «nth third

?a'tl a

li» aomtntreial trenn proiidc« Mr 'most fa- ll ii I nation' treatment lu pra.tlralli all it.ile-i« of tsimmerie- including Custom» elut«, ?ij.11 nf cttlr. irsldctice, and exercise of traele,

te ut lh- Sonet Union, also national anil ' mo»t j


1 lUltotl

' Inaltnt

nt lu

regard In ta

.illun leal lou

1 he r.

ire al

o proiislotis gnirlg

isltt« to

¡11.1'n lainal, ii

1 iom|»hiiie»,



it duli i

l geo

Is, ei.tnptnei


sen lis

n input»

iri la

hour. At . tr



I.« ,.«

t and

t*leitrapli h

1.1 te,

a. of la 1



iiiitlnnal toa ral lea pos.C.lelll a

iel eil

»tate.ll but nut Ihe

nala e 1«

reiouultliiu e f




Hail, ni




prmiMon» I

V1 thi-


1 li ef

»pea 1 ti

it ititi lit re ira

rd lu

il. lit. r




tt prop. Hits on' Ir.-alme

lu n! Is

el I tl,e tik-lit ef th' s"a|(t rn|,m lo «he »I laieeiir tee st ,|, a SS liicll priliiaitalt ftinill-d liait e.l the Itii.aian Pinpin nul e ..iitiiu mai l.i ral. I Sute. ut Vaia Hu» Inalltiettl I« al»., mail > d'l-e-n I, in in (..uti mt Hie riteii.leiri b« Hie lint lui» (.oierlimenl ot Hi» , »port «ridlt wlliuie- lo lill

"..i t t nl.l,

Hi treal! ii lo ia.illunie- lu forte li r Hirts 'ni- and Hereafter lo be »ubji e t to u»

»I e e I ele termination

TI tlipillallotl» Ol lill' treal! lill«, Milli«! to' i». timeline alleen» mnliialh .ittrt.d up'.n b< all Iln I I n, ant of the ». li cartmill.- li minium» I er liaba I« an eltltanite e»f Notes lu Illa a sent I rill, truti no1 being mended lo au« partie ula Umtut inn C-.K..I. preietlltnl ear numil te II

Hill li minion sall! anjni In the terrill t» of Hie

i ioniplete and um-ondltioua! ' mo»! fiiottred n tri ilinetit so lunir as goeael» iniiiufai tumi

lu» a c1 in Hit' lerrllor« ot tin' Ininti ure Irl lu I laut llomlulon treal ni "it is f.ttoiir

i« llial attorded lo goods inatitltiirllireel or i e,l lo an« oilier foreign eoutitr«, bul Illicit!

ned bl Hu lloaermnnil of Hie Union lo

Hil» iiutngrpb al uni Hine lu re»|eal partiel.lar lltimitllou

> trestle* vs. ra mad. laelueen (Ir-at Untólo North Ireland on Hi. uni learnt anil the i t.oaeniment on Hie ollie r Hu lleitnitiintis

i a . I,liüiil Inna under ti., in lim I. tr.iillc, ii it lo un must and bj ibe In -li Parham, til