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(By ^OnUolcor.")

What a crowd! What a glorious da; Trains, trama, vehicles and- moto; emptied their hordes of football io lowers bound for Perth Oval, and tl *C&3B carried streams of people there ) ; r'ètèe the game between mighty Pitare

hod -ow own West Perth team la' Saturday afternoon. Tbe cate was £8i «od tbe attendance 13,GÖ0C Truly tl Iieonlf? of tbe West love their foothal Ana the day. It wa» perfect-wi( .cloudless sky amt little or no wind I hamper tbe play, whilst thc turf, *o and.-springy, added io the ideal coud lions. The game printed another pa; of history in the local football bonk, f< Fitzroy arc thc first of the inigbly Vii lorian league teams lo make a visit < the Went, Moreover, ihey arc thc fjcex side of Victoria at the moment Sport «nen hare looked forward to Ibeir vis for month«, expectant of seeing goa football, of learning .something fro! their play, nod expectant, tun. that Ww Perth; with their undoubted pace aa aerial ability, would.stretch the visitoi to the full. Xor were ilscy ditsappoiui ed. It wis good football ; Fitzra taught a lesson or two, and our ow Weet Perth covered tbemsclyres wit

glory by the gameness and quality c their fight; and proved East and Wei that our Garnirai success of last yea was no fluke. It was only a bare poir difference at the finish-7.7. to 7.6-an fitzroy snatched the game on thc pos They were 24 points to 9 at thc firs change-four straight majors again* Mi; but thereafter they were alway fighting the cardinals away. SIowl Ihey lost their grip, until balf-wa through thc final term they looked t he outpaced and beaten by Wests, wh held a two goals' lead, lt was s gran and bard-won pull-back by the cardinals But thc terrier-lite teuaeify will which they bad stood up to thc smash fog charges of the ¡{ianl mnroons all da long jual - aeeracd to give way'a hit wit1 ten minutes to go, and Kits roy. pullij'j themselves together, cleaved a way for ward with almost vicious whole-lean rushes, and thal great half-forward . Battray, pelted through two goals ii . quick succession, which drew the scorn

flead level.. Then with five minute; to -go it was - a' grim battle hut Fitzroy forced a minor am held to that margin like leeches. dcspit< .« wonderful dying effort from the cardi nala, who were in attack at the bell ÏHtzroy are a giant side, and one cm up derstand bow they cleave a way lo vie torr, in tight battles against their adver «artes in thc .Victorian League. Tliej «ire relentless in their smashes, crertihj .their power and size to the full. Rid in giant ruck men, they swiug fresh fol towers into the packs ever and again !Their handball is grand/: willi nothing oi the thin variety in it. ami they knoeli : on Without picking up with great effect

Their forwards fan out well, and in pa»s ing always work to the goal inoutli : rather than to thc angle wings. Thc

ßtepherding is immense. Our men surely

amt a lesson here. The man with the . ball is always aided, and in going fot

iuafks the flyer is covered by a mate. : Sût greatest of all is the amazing way

fh which thèse big fellows dip for the ball, and whisk it up on the run with . r*re certainty. Nor do they dwell nt

nil. They go for everything, and are non-stop in method. And what of the . West Perth team. A rare good side of

wonderful pace and for smaller men, wonderful in the air. Giving away height and weight, thc cardinal fliers Wer« triumphant. They lived right np tx» their great aerial reputation. Tenacity; }>aoe, high marking, pluck, awl good kick . lng they jdibwed in abundance. Ou the

»lay for the day they were ahead of Fiteroy, and were unlucky to lose. With- out doubt they Were more often ia at- tack thàu were the visitors, but they ' played the wings, where Fitzroy played

ipr the goal front, and it ivas just this that cost them thc game. Umpire Ieaachsen had charge of the match. Dis- appointed that Taylor. .Sonlar. and Bid dtnp were not fit enough to play, West Perth were quietly confident. '?. As .Toe Webb, their secretary, said:-'The day Was made for their-'aerial champions and Byers." Fitzroy had nota hie absentees fn Prcoke, Molan, and Collins; but. Cap- tain Lethbridge was confident, - with., that confidence born ot big sn'ecess. and added that if beaten «bey would Ack- nowledge their conquerers ax a line side, indeed. The teams were:

? Fitzroy: Corrigan. Jenkin, Atkinson.

.Lethbridge. Tarbottcn. Taylor. Keilor. Sherry, Williams. Dounellan. Cockrum. Rattray, Carter, Merrick. IhuuiUou. Mc

Cracken. McNeil, and Gale.

West Perth: Austin, Fry, Fleming. Boyd, Craig, Oosnell. F.vsche, Blundell. Clark, Anning, Wimbridge, S. Tvsou, Oana, Braithwaite. Holmes, Moore, G. Tyeon, and Sheedy.

When theteams fielded there was little difference in uniform-both being 'cardinal and blue. Fitzroy drew forth exclamations of surprise at their im- mense stature «.nd weight.- Nippy and fiast Wests were first away, and two minors gave them the early advantage,

faut n chocking decision in giving Merrick a mark right in front enabled the crack goal-getter to pot an easy goal. But -thia bad luck, was nullified immediately by Braithwaite hhoDting true at the other end. Then Fitzroy took charge. Dipping for the ball with amazing sure- ness, and passing well up forward, they seemed to have the cardinals rattled for a short period, and bi quick succession Ilathay, Gale, and Hamilton pierced thc gap. Fitzroy led 4.0 to 1.8 at quarter time-an advantage of Î5 points. Un- canny in goal-getting and playing well, they looked to have Wests guessing. But thc breather in changing over enabled the cardinals to recover poise, and they went after Fitzroy in great heart. Bang through defence method of Lethbridge and Tarb'ottoin failed to keep them out. Moore snapped true, and then a beauti- fully shepherded run down by Wimbridgc, who stabbed through a lovely goal, made the Fifaroy lead only 3 points. A fleet- ing forward move by Fitzroy saw Tay- lor raise their fifth straight major-un- canny kicking-but Wests were back cgain on attack, and Wimbridge kirked their fourth goal. The local men were having all the best of the game, with the centre line holding a big call over that of thc visitors, but their milder methods were hardly as effective as the bang through, non-stop style of Fitzroy. At half-time Fitzroy "still led with 5.1 against 4.4 For the half Wests were ahead on the play with 8 shots against ll. They ware doing finely. lacking only in power. Fitzroy's forwards were very fine, and in clever leading and kicking made good nse of smaller opportunities. The play had never been really high clase, but there were some dazzling bits of pbiy, in which Tarbottom, Keller. Kalbar. Fysche, Sheedy, Tyson, and Wimbridge had figured well.

But after half-time the football became brilliant-that of West Perth particularly so. At half-time, I thought with others, that Wests could bot last out against thc giant force of the maroons. But wc were mistaken. Those smaller lads measured bump for bump and rnsh for rush with rare pluck, and opening the game as much as possible they put iu a brilliant run in thc third term. Braith- waite scored carly for theni, and when the clever Sheedy shot true again, the enthusiasm of the crowd knew no bounds. "Tome on, Wests," rame from thousands Of throats, and before the end of th« term, Moore, fouled ia front, kicked a .'seventh major leaving the scores at the.

lonou bell 7.4 to 5.5. in favour of the cardinals. They bad kicked 18 points to 4 and assumed the lead. It was a great quarter, providing the best foot- ball from, both sides for thc game. The defence work of McCracken on the one side and Craig on the other wa* the out- standing ^feature. Neither mun made :fl mistake and they rofe aloft to clamp the ball with finger grip of-steel time and again. They were glorious. Fitzroy were faced with an eleven point« deficit and they went out after reduction jn a manner which was almost fierce in the .relentlessness of their smashes. They could not, however,, shake the cardiuals. Once an unpleasant incident occurred

when Lethbridge outed 'the West skip- per. Blundell, with an inexcusable charge. But with only tea minutes to go Wests wavered for à 'abort period against those fierce smashes and quick ns a flash, that beautiful half-forward Rattray, «hot true twice and drew the scores level- Then with but five, minutes left, the battle was grim. Boyd in the car- dinals' defence once more became tbe

'great man in a crisis and his wonderful relief almost saved tbe game to be a draw, but Fitzroy forced a minor and bung like leeches to this small advan- tage. Wests in a dying charge were in front of goal at the bell, but Fitzroy won a memorable game with tallies of , 7.7 to 7.6.

I In a game in which everyone did his

bit it was hard to individualise, hut Col- che winners none caught the eye inore ! than Tarbotton, Rattray, and McCrack-

en, Tarbotton in defence was per- fect, marking well and kicking away with long punts. Batt ray is a beautiful balf forward, brilliaut and eleyer with a tell- ing kick. He gathered iu three go.rls. ! Following or in, defence^McCracken was

always good. He is a. giant of -Mu-Sin., nnd in knocking out or in brîngfpg.down thc high marks he is adept. Othe& Fitzroy colours to scintillate were (Kel- ler (in patches), Atkiuso^ Xîtt.lç .<cle-; ver on the fringes of Ute paejt),- Leth- bridge,, and horrigan. . ,,-For West Perth little -Fysch^i deBerve8: príSc^'ót - j)lace. Out on ïhè jjHpAg he was rarely.? beaten, lie was iverfsïéléver -thêïe:' and"Jkeady, too. ; Boyd^jjiose to champion class in defence^esgBpially in the last quarter, when, cbôl*ââie.vor and màrkïng grandly, he came away'in "relief tune!'and again. Old "Tony" Tyson stood up .to the big men in the welters in ix manner which drew forth 'admiration.- Cr.iig marked superbly, and Wimbridge.. (cool this limo, and clever). Anning, Moore, Sheedy (darting round-the fringes iii his own inimitable way), and Blundell ww« sill tip-top. Goal-kickers-Fitzroy: Battrny (?.), Hamilton, Gale, Taylor, Merrick. West Perth: Braithwaite (2), Moore (2), Wimbridge (2), and Sheedy.