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POISONOUS SPIDERS. Specimens Sent to Czechoslovakia. NORTHAM, Jan. 7.-Recently Mr. C. G. Jessup, of Broome-terrace, Northam, forwarded a consignment of 40 red-back spiders to Dr. Baum, of Praha (Czecho- slovakia). For some time past Mr. Jes- sup has been co-operating with Dr. Baum in an endeavour to discover an antidote for the poison of these insects. The species latrodectus hasseltii is widely distributed throughout Australia, and ranges from Eastern Arabia through Indo-Malaya to the Pacific Islands and New Zealand. The spider is known by several names, including red-back spider, jockey spider, black widow spider and red spot. It is considered the deadliest spider in the world. Mr. Jessup hopes to receive a report on the result of Dr. Baum's investiga tions in due course. Last year he sent him four live specimens by plane at a cost of £8, but although the spiders were alive when they arrived the climatic conditions were against them and they died before experiments could be carried very far. The consignment that has now been dispatched consists of dead spiders caught in Northam and specially treated in order to preserve the fangs and poison for experiments.