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Edmonton Regent Theatre. J

To-night: "Hayseeds" and Support-

ing Reels.

The case of "The Hayseeds" .which comes to the Regent Theatre to-night, is probably the greatest yet assembled in any Australian picture. Lovable Cecil Kälaway is "Dad" Hay- seed; Katie Towers is "Mum"; while other leading roles are played hy Shirley Dale, Arthur Clarke, John Moore, Tal Ordell, Molly Raynor and many others familiar to Australian stage and screen enthusiasts. How- ever, there are two names that will be new to picture audiences. They are Brian Kellaway and Roma Arrow- smith. The former is a bright little lad of just eight years, brimful of health and as brown as a berry; -burnt in fact to the point of a few freckles on his chubby little nose. This ^cheery "little chip off the Kellaway block" is a typical Australian lad, armed to the teeth with a -mischiev- ous grin that would completely dis- arm even a parent with motives of chastising. Yes, Brian is Cecil Kellaway's son, and in the picture appears in a similar relationship, being Billy Hayseed. Roma is even younger; a sweet little Tass with only five years to her credit; but she, too, has histrionic ability in her blood, for her great-grandfather was William Arrowsmith, famous Shakespearean

actor of the 'sixties and 'seventies. Roma has impressed critics most fav- orably with her naturalness and charm. Although this' youthful pair had shown more than ordinary ability and are already being compared with famous overseas youthful prodigies, they are, after all, perfectly normal Australian children, as is evidenced by their simple love for oranges and comics. Whenever a production scene was finished there was a wild rush for fruit and -funny papers, which were eagerly devoured, the former literally-the latter metaph- orically. Cecil Kellaway, beloved favorite of the Australian stage, is the laughter leader; and of course we must not forget the popular Richard White Beauty Ballet, who contribute an extra touch of beauty and grace to this great Australian modern musical comedy. This special feature is sup- ported by news reels and interesting shorts. 'Coming . Saturday- next: "Search for Beauty," with Brian Nor- man. Gwen Munro, Buster Crabb, Ida Lupino and "The Show Off." Watch Saturday's paper.