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Railway freight figures for the week ended March 18 indicate that the heavy wheat and wool traffic is coming to an

end. From October 31 last year until

year March. IS, the railways have carried 194,328 tons of wheat, compared with 355,395 tons last year. Wool carried since June 26 totals 161,864 bales 18.42S bags, as against 128,497 bales i.6,925 bags for the corresponding period last year. Manures carriec since November 1 show an increase ol 993 tons. Figures for the week all show a decrease on the corresponding week in 1932. SHOWERS DEVELOPING The Divisional Meteorologist re ported last nigh"t:-iOn "Monday morn ing an energetic low pressure system was located between Eucla and Esper ance. and had been accompanied in Western Australia by fairly extensive rams of a light to moderate character. Conditions orer mast of South Aus tralia during the day were fine and chiefly dear, with moderate to warm temperatures, some of the maximum readings being 78 degrees at Mount Gambler, 80.6 at Adelaide, 90 at Port Augusta, and 95 degrees at Cook. By TODAY'S FORECAST Fine and nm, with freshen ing northerly winds, but a cod, sfloslhr. soothed^ duuigv soon extending over the western dis tricts and becoming general. the afternoon skies were overcast up to Foarier's Bay. and light rain with the passing of the low pressure centre had reached Cook to the far north west. A moderately intense anti- Cyclone was centred around Tasmania -with a southward dip in its isobars over New South Wales. This checked a -ar distant northerly drift into South Australia, so that the eastern aspect is not ii3al for good rains in this State. The western anticyclone, how e>er 5s moving in steadily, accom panied by fresh to strong southerlies. so that showers should develop fairly generally on Tuesday. AUSTRALIAN KAILS IN LONDON The postal authorities advise that the mails, which left Adelaide on Ifctoniary 22 by the Ballarat, arrived in London on March 25. Mails dis patched by the Jervls Bay an Febru ary 23, also arrived In London on that day. CITY'S FIRST ELECTRIC LIGHTS Rom Mr. T. Ware, son of Mr. A. W. 'Ware, who was Mayor of Adelaide from 1898 to 1901. the Adelaide City Coun cil has received the key used by his mother, who. as Mayoress, tamed on the first electric lights in King Wil liam and O'ConneU streets on January 4 1900. SALE OF LOST PROPERTY A sale of lost and unclaimed pro perty will be conducted by the Gov ernment auctioneer, acting under in structions from the Railways Commis sioner, at the Lost Property Store, Mile-End, tomorrow. A BRIGHT NOTE ?The "Optimist," the official organ of the Tubercular Soldiers' Aid Society, serves at least two good purposes. Although members of toe society are victims of the most grim of wi? penal ties of war, they contrive to see the Best in life. Then* characteristic cheerfulness and courage are reflected in "The Optimist," and its circulation furthers the effort to lighten the burden of suffering. By the sale of the periodical the public is enabled to give modest financial help to the society. The March, number, now on sale at sixpence, is full of informative articles -of interest to members aud the general public. Activities at -ATignnff^hiTin Soste]^ wbich ~fs known throughout the Commonwealth, are Illustrated ?T?-rt described, and there are a number "of humorous contribu tions. Copies are available at the T.frnMpgs soldiers' Kiosk, G.P.O. SUCCESSFUL SOUTH AUSTRALIAN AUTHOR The one-act play, "Wax Museum." which will be the feature of the Aus tralia-wide broadcast from Station SCL on Thursday, is the first locally written play to be accorded the honor of being broadcast in the five States. The play, which is a thriller, is the work of Mr. Max Afford, a young Ade laide writer. It was selected from many others far the Australia-wide re lay. The scene of the play is laid in a deserted waxworks, where two young people seek shelter from the storm. "This type of play is de finitely suited for broadcasting work," said the manager of SCL (Mr. C- M. HosHng). "The limiting of the cast to two people does not halt the dra matic action, while it prevents the confusion of voices, as would hapnen if the cast were large. It also lends itself well to expressive sound effects, which add to the dramatic effect." Fererishness of Infants.—From half to one teaspoonful of "Magnos" in a little milk will relieve the feverishness in children cutting their teeth. ?? THE PROPERTY MARKET RECENT SALES Keith Wilkinson & Co, estate agents, auctioneers end valuers, of 91, King William street, next Bank of AHgia^a report having sold the fol lowing city and suburban properties during the fortnight ending 22nd inst:—A/c Executor Trustee and Agency Coy. of SA. Ltd, 11-rmd. resi dence, Park ter., Parkside; A/c Messrs. Knox & Hargrave, solicitors, on behalf of the mortgagee, 8-rmd. residence, Deeuetteville ter., Kent Town; A/c Messrs. Homburg, Melross and Homburg. solicitors, in the estate of B. Judell, deceased, 9-rmd. resi dence, Northgate st., Unley Park. On other accounts—4-rmd. cottage. Tynte St., North Adelaide; commercial pre mises and dwelling. Flinders st.. City; buCding site, Herbert st, Medindie; 4-rmd. bungalow. Myrtle rd, Seacliff; and a 7-rmd. residence, Nottage ter, Medrndte. The next general auction sale to be conducted by Keith Wil kinson & Co, at the Wool' Exchange, will take place on Wednesday, 26th Aoril, when the first lot hi the cata logue will comprise extensive indus trial premises at Southward, by direc tion of J Kitchen & Sons Pty, Ltd, of Melbourne. ?? BUY IT AND TRY IT ! TODAY "Golden Eagle" Salve for sore feet. (W-E-A.) Adult Educational classes and Free Lecture, see Public Notices.