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FOOTBALL. OFFER TO F. JENKINS. St. Kilda Club Active. Particulars of an offer made to him some weeks ago to join the St. Kilda Football Club in Victoria, were disclosed last night by Frank Jenkins, the young South Fremantle player and Sandover medallist for the past season. In most enticing terms, the offer referred to the thrill which a young player would ex perience in playing before the huge crowds of Victoria. The offer, which was conveyed by means of a letter written by Mr. T. Mitchell (chairman of the St. Kilda Club recruiting committee), also gave a virtual guarantee of suitable em ployment being found for Jenkins in the event of his acceptance. Asked last night to confirm the rumour that an offer had been made to him by an Eastern States club, Jenkins produced the letter which was dated October 4. He said that he had been approached previously. "In a way I was pleased," said Jenkins when asked how he felt about the offer. However, he was not keen to leave his present club, with which he was on particularly happy terms. Declaring that "you don't play football all your life," he said that he had his future to consider and that unless his prospects could be assured to the same extent in this State he supposed that he


would eventually accept the offer. If he had to leave South Premantle, he said, then he would go to Victoria. At present, Jenkins is employed as an electric welder on the installations of elevators at the bulk wheat depot at North Fremantle. He has been with the same firm on casual employment for the past 18 months. Jenkins turned 20 on August 11 last and has lived all his life .in South Fremantle. "I was born ,in this house," he told the interviewer. His success as a footballer he attributed largely to Tom Sullivan, a former State player, who had coached him since his schooldays. Jenkins played as a boy with the Fremantle Boys' team and on leaving school linked up with the South Fremantle Ex-Scholars. After four years with that team, he played in his first League matches for South Fremantle in the season just ended. In 1936, he won the L. J. Brown medal, awarded to the fairest and best player in the Fremantle Ex-Scholars' Association. The letter to Jenkins from the St. Kilda Club read as follows: "Further on these interviews, I am directed to extend to you a hearty and cordial invitation to join St. Kilda. You will find offiials, players and the general environment of the club particularly pleasing and we, shall do everything pos sible to make you happy and contented. While always keen to secure the services of good players, my committee does not like to encourage boys to St. Kilds unless such change is beneficial to them. Prev tously, several interstate players, includ ing Retell of your club, were encouraged to St. Kilda and all are now employed in lifetime positions, and if given the op portunity we will no doubt similarly place you for my committee is more fortunate than most clubs here in securing suit able employment for players. "Owing to being out of employment, Nash, of South Melbourne-probably the best footbhller in Victoria-is seeking a clearance to St. Kilda and we will imn mediately place him in a suitable posi tion. As there are certain weaknesses in our side which must be remedied, my committee is devoting particular atten tion to securing promising players. Con sequently, a Sandover Medal winner would be particularly weleome. "Of particular interest to prospective playes is the fact that St. Kilda is in the happy position of being able to maintain the maximum payments to players per mitted under the Coulter Law. In addi tion we have devised a scheme which will enable our team to visit periodically all the States. Next season, if arrangements can be made we purpose visiting Western Australia (including the goldHelds) and South Australia. "Of course, the matter of coming to Melbourne is one which must be decided by yourself. If, however, it is your inten tion eventually to transfer to Victoria, I would suggest the sooner the better. I am certain you will not regret coming to St. Kilda and I can assure you of every consideration; so here's hoping you will decide to come over. "Playing before the huge crowds is a real thrill for a young player. All expenses to Victoria would be paid by St. Kilda and, of course, suitable employment obtained for you."