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LOWEST TEAMnS OPPOSED. South Fremantle Successful. Fulfilling their final engagement of the season, Sublaco and South Fremantle met at the Premantle Ova: on Saturday. The game was played in excellent spirit, and although hard at times, was totally de void of any suggestion of bitterness. Subiaco, hampered throughout by the lack of reliable forwards, sacrificed any chances of victory in the third quarter when South Fremantle scored 32 points to its opponent's three. The teams were: SOUTH FRBEANTLE.--Backs: Wenstrom, Noble, Dodd. Half-backs: Bowee, F. Brown, K. Miller. Centres: Lewington, White Bradford. Half-forwards: Strang, Jenkins, W. Smith. For wards: Reilly, Poole, Orr. Ruck: Prosser, Rich ardson, E. Hayward (rover). Nineteenth man: J. Doig (replaced Richardson, knee injury, in second quarter). SUBIACO.-Backs: Taylor, L. Daily, Strack. Half-backs: Davies, S. Daily, N. Smith. Centres: Donovan, Brewer, Warren. Half-forwards: Peers, McCallum, Hambleton. Forwards: W. Teates, Mills, N. Stehn. Ruck: G. Browne, Gilbert, R. Yates (rover). Nineteenth man: Edmondson (re placed Peers, hip injury, in third quarter). UMPIRE.-H. Hooper. Sublaco's defence was immediately tested and for the first five minutes had no relaxation. A goal by Orr preceded a brilliant piece of play by Jenkins cul minating in another goal. The pace was fast and the sides evenly matched. In accuracy in the forward lines reduced scoring to a minimum. The best of the followers at this stage, Gilbert put Sublaco in attack and finally broke through to kick his side's first goal. Jen kins, who was covering great distances with his kicking, and Strang were promi nent for South Fremantle, while L. Daily and N. Smith were responsible for many saves on Subiaco's behalf. A keen struggle ensued as time drew on, Subiaco being deprived of the lead when South Fre mantle scored two goals in rapid suc cession. Quarter-time scores were 5.5 to 4.0. Dodd and Davies were alternately called upon in defence until Peers had the mis fortune to hit the post. South Fremantle goaled and disappointment was expressed when a shot by W. Yeates grazed the post. Lewington and Bradford were giving South Fremantle an ascendancy across the centre but elsewhere Subiaco held its own. Behind after behind was added by Subiaco. F. Brown, Wenstrom and Prosser were solid in defence for South Fremantle, and E. Hayward was a fleet footed and energetic rover. He was mainly instrumental in rallying South Fremantle, goals by Strang and Poole be ing the result. L. Daily had been brought out to centre-half-back and it was he who did much towards restricting South Fremantle's scoring in a hectic period; players were scattered in all directions but no serious damage was done. At half time South Fremantle retained the lead with the scores at 7.7 to 5.10. White figured in a spectacular clear ance but the ball was returned and G. Browne, after marking cleverly, scored only a behind. W. Yeates added to Sublaco's dismay when he hit the post again. South Fremantle then made a recovery, Bradford, J. Doig and Jenkins combining to keep Subiaco's defence under pressure. Unyielding for a time, the backs found the task too great. South Fremantle was playing well as a side, the application of weight giving impetus to a match-winning burst. McCallum was offering stout resistance to South Fre mantle's thrusts. Sublaco then lost the services of Peers, his departure further weakening an already feeble division. It was now uneventful, haphazard football. Jenkins, after a quiet spell. stirred him self, and after eluding several pursuers, ran on to goaL At the bell the scores were:--South Fremantle, 12.9; Subiaco, 513. Subiaco had strengthened its ruck but a persistency on the part of its players to spoil one another in the air was taken advantage of by South Fremantle's eager little men. Goals by South Fremantle did not deter Sublaco, whose forwards were combining more effectively and get ting better results than before. Lewing ton was a South Fremantle mainstay. It was unusual to see Strack in the for ward lines but it was he who paved the' way for Stehn to goal. Then came an even period and later Subiaco caused South Fremantle to think seriously Donovan, who was playing well in a forward pocket, narrowly missed with a hasty snap buit Mills made no mistake a minute later. Subiaco's finishing effort had South Premantle worried and much work was thrust on F. Brown and White. Despite two more goals by its opponent. South Fremantle was able to win by seven. points. Final scomys: SOUTH FREMANTLE 14.10 (94 pts.) SUBIACO ...... ... 11.21 (87 pt) Scorers:-South Fremantle: Poole, 4.1: Strang, 32; Orr, 22; Jenkins, 22; Pros. ser, 1.0; Smith, 1.0; J. Dolg, 1.0; E. Hay ward, 0.2; Wenstrom. 0.1. Subiaco: W. Yeates, 3.4: Stehn, 3.2; Mills, 2.2; 'a Daily, 1.3; Gilbert, 1.2; Browne, 1.1; Ham bleton, 0.3; R. Yates, 0.; Peers, 0.1; Strack, 0.1. In a game which was none too serious. Bradford (on the left wing) was South P'remantle's best player. He was always in position, quick to sense a move and quicker still to pick out a team-mate. It was through him and Lewington on the opposite wing that most of South Fre mantle's attacks were made. Strang did well at half-forward.and ably sunported the virile and versatile Jenkins. White, P. Brown and Prosser were sound and safe in defence, while E. Hayward and Orr were eficient rovers or forwards. Many of Sublaco's players were below form or else disinterested. None did bet ter than the hard-working W. Yeates. Whether on the ball or in a forward posi tion, he stuck dourly to his task; had he received more suport in front of the goal a different story may have been told. McCallum was a capable defender and also Dulled his weight as a fol lower. Gilbert did his part well, while G. Browne and R. Yeates had a lot to do as follower and rover resoectively. L. Daily, Taylor. Hambleton. Warren and N. Smith were lesser lights.