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WEST PERTH OVERWHELMED. Swan Districts Win Again. Dominating the play in all but one quarter-the third-Swan Districts beat West Perth by a wide margin of points at Bassendean Oval on Saturday. In doing so, it kicked the highest total of its career in league football. West Perth played aimless, dispirited football in the first half, while Swan Districts, with persistent football, amassed a big total of points. In the third quarter West Perth did well and quickly swept away Swan Districts' big advantage, but it could not withstand the determined finish of the Bassendean team. West Perth tried several new players. The teams were: SWAN DISTRICTS.-Backs: Bastow, Avery, Zilko. Half-backs: Buirchall, Sinclair. Andrews. Centres: Mosey, Darmody, Erepp. Half-forwards: Mercer, Moiler, Rosewarne. Forwards: Randall, Gorn, Park. Ruck: Penberthy, McInerney, Sweet apple (rover). Nineteenth man: Chester. (did not play). WEST PERT.--Baclks: Grey, Tetley, Smales. Half-backs: Hill, Buttsworth, Jeavon. Centres: i. Screaigh, P. Walsh, L. Walsh. Half-forwards: Sheridan, Marinko. Lewis. Forwards: Bunting, Tyson, Pole. Ruck: McDiarmid, O'Keefe, Rainoldl (rover). Umpire: L. McComish. Swan Districts, the faster team, domi nated the play in the opening minutes of the game, but its kicking was poor. West Perth, passing accurately and mak ing position well. in the forward line, wasted no chances. Tyson, in good form. and well "fed," scored two goals within three minutes. Swan Districts infused more purpose into its play as the quarter progressed and steadied in its kicking. Rosewarne, Sweetapple and Mosey formed the basis of a fast-moving, short-passing. attacking system, and four goals were registered without West Perth passing the centre line. Quarter-time scores were:-Swan Districts, 5.3; West Perth, 2.3. Largely through excellent play byI Moiler at half-forward and cool, clever handball by Rosewarne, Swan Districts consolidated its position early in the. sec ond quarter, Avery and Randall goaling. West Perth may have scored more freely had it not been so intent on getting the ball to Tyson. He kicked three goals in eight shots, but the partial dislocation of: the attack was not justified by the result. Winning in the ruck and on Mosey's wing, Swan Districts ran to a seven-goal lead, playing a free, open game with ease and precision. For a short period West Perth made a determined effort, but only one goal resulted, and Swan Districts, regaining its balance, scored two quick goals, making the half time scores:-Swan Districts, 12.5; Wei) Perth, 4.8. West Perth threw off its lethargy in the third quarter, and, clapping on pace, overwhelmed Swan Districts. It scored four goals in less than eight minutes. The Swan Districts' ruck was powerless and the backs were defeated. West Perth's passes were finding Tyson with greater frequency, and he kicked three goals in quick succession. Mosey played desperately to pull Swan Districts to gether, but the forwards failed, and West Perth swept into attack. When Tyson goaled (his seventh) Swan Districts led by only 12 points. Zilko (the infallible defender) steadied Swan Districts, and two smashing attacks brought .goals. Scores at the close of the quarter were: Swan Districts, 15,6; West Perth, 10.11. With a spirited rally, West Perth goaled early in the last quarter, but Swan Dis tricts, although in dificlties, maintained its aggression, and goals by Avery and Sweetapple retrieved the position. From a hurried clearance by a West Perth back Dermody gathered in the ball and ran through to goal. Bolding a lead of 36 points, Swan Districts maintained a steady pressure and its tally continued to rise until the close of play. The final scores were: SWAN DISTRICTS .. 22.7 (139pts.) WEST PERTH _. .. 12.15 (87pts.) Scorers:-Swan Districts: Gorn, 7.1; Avery, 4.1; Sweetapple, 3.2; Randall, 3.2; Rosewarne, 3.0; Dermody, 1.1; Moiler, 1.1. West Perth: Tyson, 8.11; Bunting, 2.0; Pola, 1.2; Scresigh, 11; Weaver, 0.1. H. Mosey, the dashing, tireless wing man, was Swan Districts' best player. He held a big advantage on his wing throughout the game, and his determina tion, clean handling of the ball, and great pace did much to keep the team in at tack. Sweetapple roved well, shining particularly in the crushes, and Rose warne's precise, shrewd play was a not able feature of the game. Zilko played his usual safe, dependable game. and Sinclair did well at half-back, without being brilliant. Dermody (although he held on to the ball too long at times), Avery (who was good at half-forward), Moiler and Krepp were also -prominent. In a defence which was given little rest, R. Hill was outstanding, and he was West Perth's finest player. Tetley played fine football at full-back and Buttsworth was prominent at centre half-back. Lewis followed strongly, and kicked well, and L. Walsh had a slight advantage when opposed to Krepp, and gave a good ac count of himself in every quarter. Jeav ons, Tyson, Pola and Marinko were others who were outstanding.