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PERTH'S LAST EFFORT. Close Finish with Claremont. In the match between Claremont and Perth at the W.A.C.A. ground on Satur day, neither team segmed to show much interest in the issue, until near the end, when the closeness of the scores resulted in a hard finish. Claremont did not seem to be at full pressure during the match and when it tried to make an effort in the last quarter was very nearly too sluggish to win out. Perth, although not having the all-round strength of Claremont, had shown the effectiveness of spirit as against style, and by dogged play had set up what nearly proved to be a winning lead. Claremont, how ever, managed to overtake it and win by ten points. The teams were: CLAREMONT.-Backs: S. Moloney, Batt, Edmeades. Half-backs: Headon, Clarke, Grieve. Centres: Reid, G. Moloney, Hosken. Half-for wards: Julian, Lawn. BO~E. Forwards: O'Reilly, Hopkins, Morris. Ruck: Reeves, Sutherland, Hooper (rover). lNineteenth man: Bee. PERTH.--Backs: Fitzgerald, Love, Harbison. Half-backs: Wormald, Brox-n, Dewar. Centres: IL Davey, Puddey, Trainor. Half-forwards: Toohey, Hetherington, A. Lewis. Forwards: A. Grigg, Gook, Henfry. Ruck: Oliphant, Carring ton, Keightley (rover). Nineteenth man: R. Lewis (replaced Wormald, shoulder injury, in second quarter). UMPIRE.-V. Sparrow. The play in the first quarter was de sultory and without zhuch character. Both sides showed themselves to be cap able of good football, but the play lacked spirit. Although Claremont looked the stronger team, its forwafd work was slug gish. Perth was brisker in attack but was against a more solid defence. Never theless, it made better use of its op portunities, and, despite a flash of bril laint leading from the centre by G. Moloney, with which Hopkins and O'Reilly co-operated, producing two goals, Perth kept ahead by two points, the scores being 3.6 to 3.4. Claremont took the lead by four points soon after the second quarter began, but it was very casual and Perth reaped the benefit of more vigorous play, regaim ing the lead. Its habit of kicking be hinds let it down. Claremont needed only a few kicks to get a ten-point lead, which was reduced to five points at half time-6.9 (Claremont) to 5.10. Claremont, with the appearance of being half-hearted in its play, idled away scoring chances, and then Perth went ahead by seven points. With Clare less playing in bursts and Perth a less talented but steadier and more dog ged game, the lead alternated several times. Perth deservedly went ahead and then two quick goals just before time put it in its best position for the match, with its score 1L13 against 8.12. Claremont was trying harder now but found it hard to get going. It decreased Perth's lead to only 13 points before

Perth increased it to 20 points--the high est margin for the match. However, two quick goals by Morris changed the complexion of the game and Claremont, only eight points behind, began to show life at last. Another goal made the difference two points, but now Perth pulled itself together and took the offen sive, although a lot of striving yielded only a behind. Claremont could make no headway until a sudden burst from Batt to Headon to Reid put it in at tack and Hooper goaled to give Clare mont a three-point lead five minutes be fore time. Lawn kicked a behind and then a dangerous offensive by Perth pro duced only a similar score. Claremont attacked again, scoring seven points, and the final bell rang with the scores: CLAREMONT... 15.15 (105 pts.) PERTH ........ 13.17 (95 pts.) Scorers.--Claremont: Hopkins, 8.4; Morris, 2.1; O'Reilly, 2.0; Boys, 1.2; Hooper, 1.2; Lawn, 1.2; Reid, 0.2; S. Mo loney, 0.1; Julian, 0.1. Perth: Gook, 5.4; A. Grigg, 4.3; Oliphant, 3.0; Henfry, 1.1; Keightley, 0.3; R. Lewis, 0.2; Toohey, 0.1; Hetherington, 0.1; H. Davey, 0.i. One of Perth's behinds was forced through. Although Headon has been seen in more brilliant form, he was the most consistent player for Claremont. Hopkins kicked half the team's score, leading out well and going for the ball on the ground as well as taking it nicely in the air. Batt was very solid in goal, saving a number of times right in the goalmouth. S. Moloney was effective throughout and G. Moloney won in the centre without over-exerting himself. Morris and Reeves were prominent and Reid won on a centre-wing without being in top form. Sutherland did well on the ball; Clarke and Grieve were strong in defence; and Julian showed distinct promise. For Perth, H. Davey won on a centre wing and was the most effective medium of attack. A. Grigg tried hard and did smart work in the scoring area. Carring ton was a strong grafter in ruck, with Keightley dashing on the fringes. O1 plant, Hetherington and Brown shone in patches and Gook did well against odds. Toohey -was very serviceable and Henfry and A. Lewis gave encouraging displays.