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SUBIACO'S GREAT IFIGHT. East Fremantle Hard Pressed. With a characteristic rally in the third quarter, followed by cool, steady play in the closing stages of the game, East Fre mantle defeated Subiaco at Subiaco Oval on Saturday. It was a hard-won vic tory, for Subiaco fought every inch of the way-at times holding its position al though beaten in vital phases of the play. East Fremantle's kicking at goal was unaccountably bad, and at various stages in the game its play lacked dash and sys tem. The Subiaco defence gave a bril liant performance, L. Daily being out standing, and the centre-line held an advantage during most of the game. Lack of experience and inability to steady under pressure handicapped Subiaco, which went down fighting in the face of a good exhibition of the type of foot bahll which wins matches. The teams were: EAST FREMANTLE.-Backs: N. Doig, Stinge more, Sheahan. Half-backs: Fordham. Kingsbury, Briggs. Centres: Clark, C. Doig, Migro. Half forwards: Donegan, Daniell, McGlinn. For wards: James, G. Doig, Kilminster. Ruck: Mar tiensen, Wendt, Truscott (rover). -Nineteenth man: Western (did not play). SUBIACO.-Backs: Taylor, L. Daily, Strack. Half-backs: Davies, S. Daily, Smith. Centres: Warren, Brewer, Donovan. Half-forwards: Mc Callum, Mills, Murphy. Forwards: W. Yeates, Edmondson., Stehn. Ruck: Browne, Gilbert, R. Yates (rover). -Nineteenth man: Peers (did not play). Umpire: V. Sparrow. Poor kicking nullified much of East Fremantle's sound position play and superior pace at the opening of play and

12 minutes elapsed before G. Doig scored 4 the team's first goal-the result of smart I work by McGlinn, who was leading the Subiaco defence a merry dance. Subiaco played vigorously but none of its players were able to get the ball to a man with any degree of accuracy and they lapsed into ineffective scrambling and scrim maging. W. Yeates, a purposeful player with no frills, goaled for Subiaco and, by dint of hard work and persistence, the backs fought East Fremantle off for the remainder of the quarter which ended with the scores at:-East Fremantle, 1.8; Subiaco, 1.3. With Browne dominating the ruck. Subiaco forged ahead in the first few minutes of the second term, Gilbert and S. Daily goaling in quick succession, the latter with a long raking kick of about 60 yards. East Fremantle again kicked badly at goal, fine shots going astray before Truscott kicked truly. Subiaco, playing steadily, and gradually establish ing supremacy in- the air, forced East Fremantle into defensive football and, when W. Yeates goaled again, Subiaco led by seven points, East Fremantle then having kicked 2.11. Brewer suddenly found form in the centre and kicked an amazing goal and Donovan checked Clark, who had been a telling force East Fremantle was outplayed. Subiaco even outpaced its opponents and the backs reduced the East Fremantle attack to a state of impotence, but thp Fremantle team rallied in the closing minutes 'of the term and James goaled. Half-time scores were:-Subiaco, 6.8; East Freman tie, 3.12. After an encouraging start, East Fre mantle again was in difficulties in the third quarter. It missed a chance at goal and then Subiaco jumped into its stride, Donovan leading the team into ttack. W. Yeates ran through a scrim mage to goal and East Fremantle (having kicked 15 behinds in 18 shots) was 18 points down. But it rallied strongly, using great pace and playing vigorously. Goals by Truscott, Kilminster and G. Doig wiped out Subiaco's advantage in less than five minutes. East Fremantle, well served by Martiensen and James, maintained its run, Truscott goaling twice in a short period, despite the brilliant goal-keeping of L. Daily. - Scores at the end of the quarter were:--East Freman tie, 9.20; Subiaco, 8.9. With a typical fast, passing movement East Fremantle scored a goal a minute after the start of the last quarter but Edmondson and Stehn goaled for Subiaco and the game was still not won. East Premantle, however, settled , down to steady, accurate play, being careful not to lapse into sloppy, ineffective scrambling and it ran to a 25-point lead 10 minutes from time, It was much superior in the air and its short-leading nonplussed Subiaco, which fought on gamely. Daniell was brilliant when needed most, but-belhinds were scored when goals should have been kicked. Edmondson, 'with two clear goals, gave Subiaco 'a fighting chance, but East Pre mantle played on, unruffled, to win fairly comfortably.. The final scores were: EAST FRNNTE ..,.. 12.25 (97pts,) SUBIACO ... .. .. ... 12.10, (82pts) Scorers.--ast Fremantle: Truscott, 3.9; G. Doig, 3.6; James, .3.0; Kilminster, 2.3; McGlinn,. 1i; Daniell, 0.3; Donegan, 0.2; Wendt, 0.1. Sublaco: W. Yeates, 4.3; Edmondson, 32; s. Daily, 2.1; Gil bert, Li; Stehn, 1.1; Brewer, 1.0. Two points forced through. In East remantiles defence, which was tried and found wanting in the first half, W. Fordham was outstanding and with McGlinn, the .over, he was the team's best player. He .marked surely, cleared strongly and kicked fairly, well. McGlinn roved with skil and vigour and stood. out- lh scoring movements. The other rover, Truscott, handled the ball a lot but spoilt an otherwise brilliant game by poor kckcking, and a tendency to try and do too much himself. Sheahan played flawlessly in a full-back pocket and Kil minster, a new player, did a lot of good work in attack. Martlensen gave sterling service throughout the game and James was a power in the ruck. Daniell plated a great second half and C. Doig, N. Doig (second half), .'Wendt and Clark were prominent at times. - L. Daily's fine goal-keeping was the outstanding feature of Subiaco's football. His .marking, at times,' was sensational, and some of i?s clearances from the goal ended ? st the.centie line. Brewer was prominent at centre in the first half. On the ball G. Browne (ruck) and Stehn and 2. Yates (rovers) -did' well under difi edlties while Donovan gave an outstand .ng oispay'0.6.he wing., Davies and s. paily-. eah plael four quarters of sound tot0 .al?d . V.ftes, who scoredfour go al.s. J~U l ,elsection He is a #f -ebist ?~yer with more Vthan ? ary pate. Edmondson did well with limited opportunities in front of goal