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SUPERIOR TEAMWORK. Claremont's Third-Quarter Brilliance. In a period of systematic, fast play, remarkable for the suddenness with which the players lost their faults and picked up brilliant form and bewilder ing to West Perth in its swiftness and sureness, Claremont scored 7.2 to nil in the last 15 minutes of the third quarter of the match at Claremont Oval on Saturday and did not have great trouble in winning by 18 points. Before that West Perth had looked the stronger side, more dashing and determined, but it be came sadly dashing and determined, but came sadly disorganised when Clare mont made its rush. The defence was riddled and the back men nonplussed by the sharp, methodical criss-crossing of passes by Claremont. West Perth was 31 points in arrears at three-quarter time, most disappointing to its supporters after it had held a lead of 4.7 at one stage in the first term, and it struggled hard though uncertainly to -.recover. Claremont had a marked advantage across the centre and West Perth, obvi ously intent upon keeping the ball away from Reid, could not subdue the brilliant G. Moloney and Hosken. Four men-P. Walsh, Lewis, Morgan and Marinko- were tried against Moloney after quarter time and only when the daniage done was irreparable was he quietened. Fol lowing were the teams: CLAREMONT.-Becl5: Edmeades, Batt, Mait land. Half-backs: Headon, S. Clarke,, Grieve. Centres: 'Reid, G. Moloney, Hosken. Half-for wards: Lawn, Compton, Boys. Forwards: S. Moloney, Hopkins, Julian. Ruck: Reeves, Suth erland, Hooper (rover). Nineteenth man: Mor ris (did not play). WEST PERTH.aBacks: Jeavons. Benton, White. Half-backd:' Hill, Buttsworth, Tetley. Centres: R. Screaigh, P. Walsh, L. Walsh. Half forwards: Morgan, Marinko, Bunting. Forwards: Tyson, Lewis, Pala. Ruck: McDiarmind, O'Reefe, Rainoldi (rover). Nineteenth man: Bridges (re placed Morgan, injured knee, in last quarter). UMPIRE.--G. Owens. Spoiling tactics were adopted early in the game and the play was fairly even. Repeatedly Headon broke up attacks and West Perth then contrived to play past him. Batt, with Lewis to guard, was de fending ably, but West Perth, in spite of too hurried kicking, gained control Changes in the ruck were made quickly, O'Keefe being prominent, and Tetley even opposed Lawn on the ball. Marinko and Pola were now playing fine football and Buttsworth blocked -Claremont at tacks. Inaccurate shooting prevented, West Perth from building up a' huge lead; nevertheless, it drew well ahead. At last Reid was able to make a long runn and Compton finished off his work by scoring.'a goal. At quarter-time West Perth led with-5.8 to 2.1. Hosken and G, Moloney dominated the play early in the second quarter and two kicks by the former 'ed to goals. West Perth was slow in disposing of the ball and Claremont had. gained strength. in the rnck. Lewis was sent to the pivot and West Perth had two loose men, which accounted for Rainoldi's frequent efforts in defence. 'lopkins wvas marking well and he reached his century for the season. Only six points separated the teams and West Perth, winning easily in the air, rallied to score two goals. Clare mont's position was Improved~by Hoo per's alertness near the goal, and at half-tine West Perth had scored 3.9 to 8.4. P. Walsh was brought back to the centre. Claremont's half-backs confused one another and Tyson, after idasing an easy chance, goaled. Claremont's centre line was still strong and Hopkins goaled. Short passing by West Perth was ineffec tive, but it pressed hard and Lewis kicked a goal. Then Claremont came into its own. Lawn and Hooper scored good goals and two points placed Claremont ahead for the first time. Claremont, with its followers backing up, forwards open ing' out and centre-line players passing nicely, forged ahead. Morgan could not check Moloney's dangerous activities and goal followed goal, Whenever West Perth attacked Grieve saved dashingly and at three-quarter time 'Claremont.led with 16.7 to 10.12. ' West Perth moved' away smartly, but` four minutes -elajsed before cDiarmid kIdked' a gboaL Combined play, inP-which Pola. was ,conspicuous,- enabled-? McDiar mid to kick .another. The effort could not be surtained with Sutherland and' Reeves playing so strongly in the ruck and Claremont, still well in front, was not unduly perturbed by Tetley's solid play in the back lines. Excessive hand ball handicapped West 'Perth and many of its passes went astray. Lewis battled hard and the rack men gave the for wards. assistance, with~ the result that six minutes from the end the margin was 20 points. West Perth continued to attack 'not altogether aimlessly, but its next goal was -scored with only 75 sec onds to go. Compton then goaled, mak ing the final scores: CLAREMONTr... s18.,9 (117pta.) WEST rPE?aw .. 1.15 (99pts.) Scorers.-,-Claremont: - Hpopkins. 62;. Hooper,, 4.0; Compton, 3.1;- Lawn, 2.1; Maitland, Hosken, .1 each; Julian, L0; Reid, .Boys, Hosken, 0.1 each. West Perth: Bunting, 4.0; Tyson, Pola, '3,2 each; Lewis, 2.7; cD~iannid, 22; Mor gan, Rainoldi, 0.1 each Clarembnt'g bnost reliable player from quarter to quarter was P. Batt, wfo gave his,. best display of the season in goal, but 0. Moloney, after the flrt quarter, was the 'player who upset West Perth and who directed most of his side's .sys tematic moves. Moloney dominated the centre for the last three quatters and he wis continually making profitable openings. Bait showed excellent judg ment and his kicking was good. On the left wing Hosken had a decided victory and he took care to kick the ball to advantage. Like sev&pral of his team mates, Hooper did not strike form until late. He started to play well towards the end of the second term and in the second half he-was conspicuous as a rover or forward. Hopkins did well to score six goals, battling on when .he missed a mark. Grieve was the best half back, although Headon was solid.. Ed meades was sure in a back pocket from istart to fihish. Reeves played deter minedly in the ruck and Sutherland did great work there when most needed. Against a dificult opponent Comptod was by no means disgraced and Boyd also did some good work at half-fpr ward. Reid had patches of brilliance and effectiveness on the wing and Clarke, though not as sure as usual, saved at critical moments. West Perth had few ten who dis tinguished themselves. As centre-half back in a team beaten across the centre, Buttsworth Aad a dificult task and be did it well. Pola, especially in the inrst half, was a clever rover and few of his passes went astray. He tried desperately until the end. O'Keefe did a lot of valu able work in the ruck and his marking was sure. L. Walsh played a useful game on the wing and Tetley and Hill did not allow their opponents much latitude. Again Marinko started shakily and then struck good form in the ruck and at half-forward. Bunting's kicking for goal was a feature of. the match. Lewis's play would have been good but for inaccurate shodting for goal, and P. Walsh was re liable when on the half-back line. Mc Diarmid, though he has played better, was prominent and Rainoldi did some nice things. Benton, considering his lack of match practice, gave a fair display. Tyson did not have many opportunities.