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FIERCE PLAY. Big List of Casualties. What will be remembered as one of the most fiercely fought matches in league history took place a$ the Fremantle Oval on Saturday between East Perth and South Fremantle. East Perth had a ,third of its team crippled, cut or semi conscious. When South Fremantle made adetermined challenge in the last quarter one East Perth man tore free from ambu lance men, a blood-stained bandage mask ing his face, to re-enter the fray; another dashed back to the field from hospital. a bandage around his head, but not properly conscious. South Fremantle had fewer casualties, but when it almost had victory within its grasp it was too exhausted to play on. The East Perth men, an amazing example of courage overcoming severe physical disabilities, fought back and won. East Perth's in jured men were M. Ryan, Hall, Starr, Shaw, Withell and Graham. South Frc mantle's casualties were Reilly and Rich ardson. There was uproar among the spectators. Four minutes after the match began M. Ryan received a damaged collarbone and was led off the field. While he was lying on the grass, Hall was down ~t far away, kicked in the head by one of his own men who was going for a mark. Hall remained in the play but was dazed for the rest of the match. He was said to have concussion. Starr became prac tically crippled with a "corked" leg soon after the second quarter began, but he stayed on the ground. Shaw, who as 19th man had replaced M. Ryan, received facial lacerations which were covered with sticking plaster at half-time. Withell and Reilly collided heavily just before half-time, the crack of the impact being heard all around the pickets. Both dropped to the turf and lay there. Ambu lance men rushed out and after both men had been treated for ugly head wounds Withell walked off with team mates while Reilly was carried off on a stretcher. Both were taken to hospital and had stitches inserted, Reilly for a gash in the head and Withell for a torn ear. Richardson was rendered ineffective with a. "corked" leg in the last quarter and then Graham staggered out of a crush with his nose split open. When ambulance men took Graham off it left East Perth with 16 men actually on the field, but at the gate he broke away, cotton wool and sticking plaster almost hiding his face, and returned to the game. It was just after Withell, his head sewn and tied, had walked on again. At this stage East Perth's full forward line consisted of Hall (in a daze), Graham (split nose) and Withell (lzcerated ear aad slight concussion). 'Starr, who had been emergency goal sneak with one leg almost useless, was now well down on the list of casualties and was moved to a half-forward wing. However, Withell did not know where he

was and the East Perth secretary (Mr. F. D. Book) ran on to the field and led him off. Withell and Graham were taken from the oval to a doctor. Seen after the match, the umpire (L. McComish) reported "All clear." Mr. Book said for publication: "It was the biggest butchery I have ever seen. If the umpires' board does nothing about it I will move a vote of no-confidence in it."